Skyrim Best Weapons – Keening & Secret Unique Spell Location!

Skyrim Best Weapons – Keening & Secret Unique Spell Location!
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  • Lu Dej

    Fact: Keening was crafted by Lord Kagrenac, Chief Tonal Architect of the Dwemer, during the First Era. He developed two additional tools, a hammer called Sunder and a gauntlet called Wraithguard, which were integral to accessing the Heart of Lorkhan. You can use it in TESIII: Morrowind to defeat Dagoth Ur.For those of you who haven't played Morrowind, Dagoth Ur is the antagonist of the main questline and builds a new Numidium, called Akulakhan, under the Red Mountain of Vvardenfell. The Nerevarine (your character) uses the tools to destroy the Heart of Lorkhan, killing Dagoth Ur in the process. Btw, you can meet the only Dwemer "alive", Yagrum Bagarn. He's in the Corprusarium and still there thanks to the Corprus, the illness created by Dagoth Ur that makes you immortal in exchange of pain.

  • Divergent Droid

    Thats a good theory but the real truth is the Dwemer moved because the local Walmart closed down.

  • classydays43

    Dragonborn: What do you want me to do?Arniel: Yes.

  • Liquidated

    Ironic this madman insults your intellect AFTER you have become the Archmage of Winterhall and could expel his sorry ass clear to Hammerfell for his insolence.

  • _Dylan- _James2018-

    I wish this was a sword instead of a dagger :)

  • Azraile Kiras

    BRILANT LOGIC! Experiment that made there entire race disappear..... lets do it!

  • Gerbil13

    this quest was bugged to all hell

  • Amanda Goodman

    Fun Fact:Arniel is making a giant dwemer automaton.

  • bakermacgyver _

    If you have to finish the college quest to get to the end of arniel's quest, why is the eye if magnus in the background at around 19:40?

  • PhineasGaming

    3:05 That guard wants a fist pump.

  • l benjie

    does anyone else thinks keening's blade looks a lot like stalhrim from the dragonborn dlc?


    I watched the hole thing and didn’t even do the quest 😂

  • Red Gryffindor

    Well I guess I have to do the mages guild quest line🤦‍♂️

  • szonja urbanics

    23:29 but it told you that the spell was added!

  • Dorian Gjevukaj

    What's the mod hes using in the video for the texture. It looks very realistic!

  • Myriad

    "Check your inventory because you will find a secret spell has appeared, the game doesn't even mention to you that this spell was added."23:31 Summon Arniel's Shade Added

  • MTAnarchistCol

    2018 Anyone know how I can fix my game after gathering the Dwemer Cogs I then proceeded with the mission and gave them to Arniel when I asked if he needed more help he gave me the mission but every time I talk to Enthir he says “To Oblivion with the rest of them, save yourself”

  • Made to Watch 18 videos

    Blue waffle. was I close?

  • Quirky Mender09

    even though the game is 6 years old it just keeps on giving

  • Austin Powers

    The crown is better because you can bug it to give you 3 stones not just two

  • Amber Buckley

    I did do everything in the tutorial, but the dagger did turn out to be quite a disappointment, for its damage was 9.I was level 30, but still can be useful.Thanks!

  • fnafguy fnaffan

    Is no one going to mention that you can't use the enchantment

  • WeirdVideos

    Or you write help "keening"And some codes will pop up Write the weapon codeplayer. additem [add code] then press space and tipe 1There ya goAnd to open the command menu press [~] on your keyboard

  • ELM-Z

    Was Arniel important for something else

  • Valiant Thorson

    I avoid hanging out with mages. It lowers a man's testosterone levels

  • emily dunbar

    why cant i finish the rest of the quest even after eye of magnus quest

  • William Bercier

    Wait calcemo is an elf??

  • KG5Gaming


  • Alpha catz .... meow

    I played un-modded Skyrim today I lasted 9 seconds

  • Invader Jet

    Dagger is useless literally only works once and cant ne used

  • MrAnimater

    He still hasn't told me to get him cogs he just keeps asking me to get him soul gems

  • Jiggybaba

    The dwemer are superheroes disguised as chickens. That's because the chicken notices crimes.

  • No

    I guess in this episode you were diseased.

  • Alan Williams

    Red x or eggs not sure which he said haha

  • The The

    3:07 Markarth City Guard wants to fist bump the Dragonborn.

  • Zach Gould

    Is there a way to acquire the sibling dagger that he mentions?

  • Eternal Dad

    It mentioned the spell was added at 23:29 lol

  • Travis Baley

    "The game doesn't even tell you the spell is added"-ESO, right after a notice saying arniel's shade is added

  • James_hardin

    I think they were bounded into the dwarven creatures

  • joon bomi

    (Finding Calcelmo)Now you turn left...but turns right XD

  • Noah Peterson

    Is this only if you have the DLC?

  • feniu10

    Of course there is something I haven't done in this game yet. God damnit, will I ever finish skyrim? It's been like 4 years

  • Thomas Lambert

    Why not get permission from the wizard by killing the spider in the excavation site at the keep

  • sohaib ibraheem

    its so sad bcoz i thought they were hiding and in es6 i would be able to play as dwemer.uhh

  • Kieren

    Red X. Enjoyed the video. new to skyrim and enjoying your videos.

  • Tee Bee

    It was at pinepeak for me aswell

  • mateo alexander

    It isn’t on the floor for me

  • Tylor Bronson

    RED EGGS do make an extended version on that explanation/theory

  • Patrick Star

    Best weapon in the game... Keening, are you kidding me?, if this video was 7 years old i would have said, okay, they didn't know, but no, not now, this thing is absolute shit with an abysmal amount of drain on it. Just make your own stuff, far better.

  • Thurein Tun

    How's the dagger without the mod you mentioned?

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