Skyrim Best Weapons – Keening & Secret Unique Spell Location!

Skyrim Best Weapons – Keening & Secret Unique Spell Location!
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  • Lu Dej

    Fact: Keening was crafted by Lord Kagrenac, Chief Tonal Architect of the Dwemer, during the First Era. He developed two additional tools, a hammer called Sunder and a gauntlet called Wraithguard, which were integral to accessing the Heart of Lorkhan. You can use it in TESIII: Morrowind to defeat Dagoth Ur.For those of you who haven't played Morrowind, Dagoth Ur is the antagonist of the main questline and builds a new Numidium, called Akulakhan, under the Red Mountain of Vvardenfell. The Nerevarine (your character) uses the tools to destroy the Heart of Lorkhan, killing Dagoth Ur in the process. Btw, you can meet the only Dwemer "alive", Yagrum Bagarn. He's in the Corprusarium and still there thanks to the Corprus, the illness created by Dagoth Ur that makes you immortal in exchange of pain.

  • Gerbil13

    this quest was bugged to all hell

  • classydays43

    Dragonborn: What do you want me to do?Arniel: Yes.

  • Azraile Kiras

    BRILANT LOGIC! Experiment that made there entire race disappear..... lets do it!

  • PhineasGaming

    3:05 That guard wants a fist pump.

  • l benjie

    does anyone else thinks keening's blade looks a lot like stalhrim from the dragonborn dlc?

  • bakermacgyver _

    If you have to finish the college quest to get to the end of arniel's quest, why is the eye if magnus in the background at around 19:40?

  • William Bercier

    Wait calcemo is an elf??

  • szonja urbanics

    23:29 but it told you that the spell was added!

  • Ebin Burington

    You know for being in the middle of the eruption of red mountain and lasting for hundreds of years keening is in pretty good condtion

  • Divergent Droid

    Thats a good theory but the real truth is the Dwemer moved because the local Walmart closed down.

  • King Nedya

    So, if you have the Twin Souls perk, can you summon two Arniel's Shades?

  • Made to Watch 18 videos

    Blue waffle. was I close?

  • Red Gryffindor

    Well I guess I have to do the mages guild quest line🤦‍♂️

  • nelson junior

    dafuq, 2019 and i still figuring out stuff from skyrim

  • Dorian Gjevukaj

    What's the mod hes using in the video for the texture. It looks very realistic!

  • fnafguy fnaffan

    Is no one going to mention that you can't use the enchantment

  • David Davison

    Skyrim has weapons that always kill in one shot, when killing is possible. These are crafted at the forge.

  • GaMzEe_MaKaRa PlAyS_hUmAn_GaMeS

    Red x dude I just had a thought at the end of this what if Bethesda had a new game called es (random number) dwemer which starts you in morrowin but (forgot name of that giant) summons the dwemer race and it leads to a war between the dwemer and the inhabitants or maybe they could be secretly alive at this time seeing as this took place in a volcano who knows if when they. Tapped into the heart the gods protected them and put them in the heart/statue until red mountain settled and then they continued to work to resurrect. That colossal thing making it yet a boss in the game .......i should work for Bethesda with all that I said XD

  • Ambz Rambz

    I did do everything in the tutorial, but the dagger did turn out to be quite a disappointment, for its damage was 9.I was level 30, but still can be useful.Thanks!

  • Azad Avul

    you asked for me to say Red X so there u go

  • Samuel Chappell

    Red Eggs - If Keening was used to bound the dwemer race to the heart, then wouldn't using the other dagger, or both at the same time, create a way to converse with the dwemer even in their god - like state? What would happen if you had both daggers , and you used both on the heart? Would you bound whatever species your avatar is to the numidium as are the dwemer? Could the ghosts of the dwemer come back to Nirn? Just a thought, but you guys at ESO opened the flood gates. Cheers. LOL.

  • Ryu Oozmaki

    ❌👍 well I know what I'm gonna do next time I play

  • Myriad

    "Check your inventory because you will find a secret spell has appeared, the game doesn't even mention to you that this spell was added."23:31 Summon Arniel's Shade Added

  • firekiller 127

    eso: this will probably take more than one sittingMe:IS THAT A CHALLENGE!

  • WrongHouseFool 27

    Dumbo me tried to do what he did and did nothing

  • Alpha catz .... meow

    I played un-modded Skyrim today I lasted 9 seconds

  • Quirky Mender09

    even though the game is 6 years old it just keeps on giving

  • Jeffrey Labbe

    Still one of my favorite videos by ESO, great job man! How Fucking epic is that glimpse of the lore we get, and we can even recall Ariel from Aetherium temporarily. The implications are that conjuration might be the key to contacting the dwemmer some day. Plus Falion, the master conjurer, claims to have communed with the dwemmer, if I remember correctly.

  • This statement is false Nothing is true

    Is there a like two handed mastery quest like there is with spells I haven’t done any of that

  • King Nedya

    Why does your map look like that? I'm gonna assume it's mods, because some other things I noticed being different included the lighting, blood, dwemer cogs, and many other things. And, somehow, you were moving at the normal speed while overencumbered. Also, red X, because why not? I made it to the end.

  • master moose

    When arniel dissapeared he didnt drop the dagger, RIP glitches

  • CT. Jay

    Or you write help "keening"And some codes will pop up Write the weapon codeplayer. additem [add code] then press space and tipe 1There ya goAnd to open the command menu press [~] on your keyboard

  • The The

    3:07 Markarth City Guard wants to fist bump the Dragonborn.

  • spess explorur

    Yes, the spell is very powerful, but Anriel's Shade gives almost no boost to illusion skill as far as I know

  • emily dunbar

    why cant i finish the rest of the quest even after eye of magnus quest

  • Invader Jet

    Dagger is useless literally only works once and cant ne used

  • Liquidated

    Ironic this madman insults your intellect AFTER you have become the Archmage of Winterhall and could expel his sorry ass clear to Hammerfell for his insolence.

  • Austin Powers

    The crown is better because you can bug it to give you 3 stones not just two

  • Ender Wolf

    Red x! 😆😆 I know this video is over two years old, but it is an absolute gem! It's so in depth and over all well made, covering something that I never even knew about in all my years of playing Skyrim. This may be some of the most interesting lore/theories in TES! Truly well done, sir! 😄

  • Z Lemons

    What happens when you hit the gem with keening?

  • Paul Herko

    Where do you have to be to summon dragon

  • Jiggybaba

    The dwemer are superheroes disguised as chickens. That's because the chicken notices crimes.

  • Felipe Diniz

    Dammed red eggs, pretty good lore speculation man, wish we'll solve this mistery in any of the elder scrolls games.

  • Hughe Janis

    Red eggs! Of course I'm going to stay for the lore! Especially when I'm listening to you.

  • Roland Morrison

    Red X. I like the theory that you have come up with for this occurrence of the dwemer. It actually makes a lot of sense and honestly, since the dwemer were so very incredibly smart, I think lorkhan would've wanted them to ascend to God hood, so as not to enslave the entire world. Which pretty much happens with every being trying to gain forbidden knowledge and power. I myself am actually one to think that this theory is what is most likely what happened to the dwemer. It's neat and it's logical.

  • dinoface4

    Red X. Sucks that I can't improve Keening

  • meme jesus

    mages guildare you sure about that

  • Travis Baley

    "The game doesn't even tell you the spell is added"-ESO, right after a notice saying arniel's shade is added

  • connor parsons

    Hey dude my keening has cold feet or something and says it has insufficient charge

  • Stay cold

    What if you take keening and atack the soul game like this guy?

  • Keoki Kealoha-Kaauwai

    Do you know how to get rid of the armor mannequin glitch in Skyrim?

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