Skyrim Best Weapons – Keening & Secret Unique Spell Location!

Skyrim Best Weapons – Keening & Secret Unique Spell Location!
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  • Hy'dra of The East

    Fact: Keening was crafted by Lord Kagrenac, Chief Tonal Architect of the Dwemer, during the First Era. He developed two additional tools, a hammer called Sunder and a gauntlet called Wraithguard, which were integral to accessing the Heart of Lorkhan. You can use it in TESIII: Morrowind to defeat Dagoth Ur.For those of you who haven't played Morrowind, Dagoth Ur is the antagonist of the main questline and builds a new Numidium, called Akulakhan, under the Red Mountain of Vvardenfell. The Nerevarine (your character) uses the tools to destroy the Heart of Lorkhan, killing Dagoth Ur in the process. Btw, you can meet the only Dwemer "alive", Yagrum Bagarn. He's in the Corprusarium and still there thanks to the Corprus, the illness created by Dagoth Ur that makes you immortal in exchange of pain.

  • Gerbil13

    this quest was bugged to all hell

  • L B

    3:03 - The guard was trying to pound it, but you left him hanging. Very un-brolike of you.

  • The Skink

    Now this is the kind of video that’s 0% fake clickbait! I never would of known about this so thank you!!! 😃😃

  • _Dylan- _James2018-

    I wish this was a sword instead of a dagger :)

  • l benjie

    does anyone else thinks keening's blade looks a lot like stalhrim from the dragonborn dlc?

  • Liquidated

    Ironic this madman insults your intellect AFTER you have become the Archmage of Winterhall and could expel his sorry ass clear to Hammerfell for his insolence.

  • Bill Blair

    Top left it does say its been added 😳

  • Bert Jones

    I watched the whole damn thing. One of your best.

  • Bill Blair

    So that means some guy can summon all the dwarves

  • Kane Hart - Let's Plays

    Thanks mate for this. I started playing ESO and checking your guides and their quite good. I'm really enjoying ESO even started my own LP Series on it. can't wait for more ESO content from you in the future.

  • PokemonBoy 6356

    My game glitched so it was hard as hell

  • The Skink

    The dude had me scared shitless! He was hitting the crystal with a war hammer but thankfully he dropped the dagger and it was all good! 🤷‍♀️😃

  • Destroy TheHuman

    What happens if you hit the crystal while it was still there too ?? Would you follow Arnie ?

  • the challenger

    So that's how they disappeared?.

  • Valiant Thorson

    I avoid hanging out with mages. It lowers a man's testosterone levels

  • Myriad

    "Check your inventory because you will find a secret spell has appeared, the game doesn't even mention to you that this spell was added."23:31 Summon Arniel's Shade Added

  • MTAnarchistCol

    2018 Anyone know how I can fix my game after gathering the Dwemer Cogs I then proceeded with the mission and gave them to Arniel when I asked if he needed more help he gave me the mission but every time I talk to Enthir he says “To Oblivion with the rest of them, save yourself”

  • knight ostrich

    I don't know if you'll see this not sure if you play skyrim anymore but there was a mod called realistic werewolfs or heart of the beast where is this mod it was great sound and look of the wolves were awsome,in on console and everyone I know wants this mod, along with moonlight if you know anything

  • Alpha catz .... meow

    I played un-modded Skyrim today I lasted 9 seconds

  • Blue Midget

  • ELM-Z

    Was Arniel important for something else

  • Peter

    Why are people putting red x in the comments? (Red EGGS)

  • Gabriel Napoleao

    It’s not letting me start this quest, I did the under saarthol quest and I found him but there isn’t an option to start it

  • KrispyKridder

    Red eggs? Read x? Either way, I watched the whole video and enjoyed!

  • AdvancedPop Corn

    Really really red eggs

  • Paul Snelling

    So I Have To Do Is Go To Markarth, That Involves Stealing, And Get That Quest Done?(That's Going To Be Hard For A Khajiit, That Isn't That Much Stealthy)(The Character I'm Talking About Is K'zar)

  • Amanda Goodman

    Fun Fact:Arniel is making a giant dwemer automaton.

  • Stormbringer Mornblade

    one dozen red egg's it is lmao

  • Calvin Beckett

    Red x is that what you said??

  • the official kebaber of armenia

    You actually are notugied if the spell it said so in the top left of the screen when Arniel disappeared.

  • Liquidated

    I watched it all, great stuff. Oh and lore is fine!

  • The biggest kek of the year

    So I can't get arniel to give me the quest. I only have the option to ask is there any college business I can assist with

  • dont click my channel dont

    Can u get keening without doing the quest?

  • The The

    3:07 Markarth City Guard wants to fist bump the Dragonborn.

  • Stoned Monkey

    Game does say spell is added.

  • Abud Shirt

    Red eggs cause why not

  • Watercraft Creations

    is a skyrim lengendary edition right? for xbox one

  • Connor Tyler

    While possible that the Dwemer were bound to the golem (not gonna even try for the name), I think that Arniel is more of a unique case, due to a number of variables: 1) He is only using one of three specific artifacts made for that task. Lacking Wraithguard alone probably makes him vulnerable to unforeseen consequences. 2) He isn't using Lorkhan's Heart, he's using a soul gem. Obviously lacking the power of a piece of the god who created reality, soul gems are made to pull the soul out of a living creature, and store it; since that gem is warped, and can't store souls, it may have only pulled Arniel's soul out, and the Dragonborn absorbed it instead. 3) As Arniel says himself, he's not a Tonal Architect. I watched a video a while ago, explaining why the Dwemer were so powerful, and it talks about what Tonal Architecture actually is. Basically, the Dwarves didn't use magic like other races, they literally re-wrote the way the world was supposed to work. They practically bent reality to their will, and used Lorkhan's Heart as a power source. While possible Arniel ascended like the Dwemer, it's more likely that the experiment killed him, and ripped out his soul.

  • Biotic Cactus

    "red eggs" was it..?

  • Dzayer Gamers

    You mentioned the legendary level in your videoIs the skyrim level adjustable or there is a part i don't understand about skyrim

  • Modernwarhero

    When the thumbnail looks like a dope spear but is just a small dagger

  • Joseph Laungus

    Arniels shade is boss I use him and that mage in rift in because that mage is pretty powerful too or that witch in a tower dungeon she's boss too

  • s. s.

    I used to be an arch-mage like you, but then i took and keening in the head

  • Rachel Osran

    literally screaming that I can get Keening in this gamewish I could get Sunder too, but man still eggs my dude

  • Hypnotoad

    "The game doesn't even tell you that this spell has been added" 23:30, top left corner, derp

  • TheSingingFoxy

    red eggs.actually this kinda connects to this one theory in my head that had little evidence but could be possible, that is that the dwemer possessed their automatons seeing how your likely to find a soul gem on them. probably not the case, but still probable.

  • Kride

    Magesguild member. Still using torch.

  • wolfcub 868

    In the thumbnail it looked like a sper

  • DeAnn Young

    Is this with the mods or is this just Skyrim. Also is this particular to the Xbox, Ps4, or both? Please let me know.

  • Daniel Pedro

    Red eggs, actually I would love it if you actually would do the video on the lore

  • alondra gonzalez

    Red eggs and damn this was a good video!!!

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