Skyrim's Cut Content: A Further Look at What Could've Been in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 5)

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim at the time of its release, was one of the largest games available. However, Bethesda at various points in time had intended for Skyrim to be even bigger as The Elder Scrolls 5's files are a host to a variety of unused quests, characters, items and more that never made the final version of Skyrim. So today we take a look at just a few of these instances, as we view 5 more pieces of Skyrim's cut content.

Cutting Room Floor Mod:

Video of unused dialogue by Publick Gamer:
  • Laura James

    Saadia was probably meant to spawn in at a random inn location, so they had various voice actors record the line 'Saadia, wake up dear', dependant on where she was. I guess In My Time Of Need was to be able to take place at any of the randomized locations, but Bethesda ultimately decided on just Whiterun.

  • Tenko van der Kuip

    Actualy "Saadia wake up dear!" is a code that activates the killer sinth that you are without knowing. It was supposed to be said by every NPC every once in a while so people would start murdering eachother to death

  • MajorMoron

    Such a plethora of things left out from the game...

  • Torpzun

    Nazeem: Saadia, wake up, dear. We're going to the Cloud District.

  • kaelmato

    The dragonborn is actually a young girl named Saadia lying on a hospital bed in a coma. The phrase "Saadia, wake up dear" is just her subconscious trying to wake her up.

  • KFSquid

    No dying to death today? D:

  • Danty Manis

    I think Saadia was supposed to be constantly on the run, infiltrating several inns and settlements in an attempts to escape from the Alik'r.

  • Stephen Burnell

    In my opinion the college guards would have been a good feature as almost every time I visit there is a dragon attacking and sometimes even killing npcs in the college.

  • Gurgles N' Gargles

    I used to be a mage like you, then I took a Spectral Arrow to the knee.

  • CtrlAltPhreak

    I work for Belethor, at the general goods store.

  • Tardis Guy

    "... graduating with crippling debt and in finalcial ruin "You made my day.

  • Phillip Rubio

    I say Saadia was meant to be a hoe considering that everyone was telling her to wake up

  • Kozv

    Part 5 of cut content, lets face it papa bethesda cut content because they wanted an 11.11.11 release

  • pidrome punch

    Saadia get up dear is probably just because people can take over the inn after Hulda dies. Who took over the inn most likely suppose to be radiant.

  • Rose Chee

    Recruiting giants would've been awesome!

  • Conformist Bastard

    Love how this dude mispronounces the name, plays a clip correctly pronouncing the name, then goes on to repeatedly mispronounce it afterwards. Then plays a clip where more characters say it right, then continues to say it wrong lol wtf

  • Michael Prins

    Could Bethesda not have thought to use some of the cut content as content for the creation club?

  • Rue B

    Maybe they made Saadia and her quest before Hulda and so they didn't know which voice actor would be needed for the owner of the Bannered Mare.

  • Attak Zak

    I still remember when there were rumors of a third big expansion where the Dragonborn would head to Stros M'kai to fight a resurrected Dragon and meet the ghost of the protagonist from Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard Cyrus.

  • cptjfike

    If I was a billionaire I would pay them to put in the extra work for an even bigger, better game lol

  • dogjoy

    Just a heads up, Cutting Room Floor on NexusMods actually allows you to have that non hostile conversation with those bandits in the Riften Ratways. I didn't even realise they were supposed to be hostile until I saw this video. Great mod, and great videoEDIT: Just realised you mentioned Cutting Room Floor at the end of the video :^(

  • Joost Damen

    I think Saadia might have been intended to live in a random location (so you'd actually have to search for her during the quest.)

  • Hannah Heintzman

    I notice that "Saadia, wake up dear!" only happens when you sit town at the Bannered Mare. I always thought it was because she wasn't paying attention & is the only waitstaff. She's supposed to offer you a drink/meal (she'll run up to you and ask you) when you sit down but is preoccupied. Hulda is saying that like a "come on Saadia, you have one job" kind of thing, but Saadia's mind is always elsewhere bc she's worried about being discovered, hence the startled "yes mum!" line.EDIT: Confused Hulda with Haelga. Idk how I even did that 😅

  • Sophena

    That comment about crippling college debt and financial ruin sounded rather personal...

  • The YouTube Channel

    A Ham sandwich is Definitly better than a balongie Sandwhich.

  • Benjie Abbas

    All the things they had to remove to meet the 11.11.11 release. I like that they're being quiet about anything relating to TESVI if it means fewer or no cut content in the final game.

  • a guy named me

    You know, I was eating a toaster strudel while watching one of your videos and now I can't help but think of toaster strudels when watching your videos 😐

  • chris leb

    for the sadia wake up dear maybe there was a quest where you played as her reliving her past in a dream.Then after a certain amount of time the innkeeper would speak her line which would be spoken by the nearest npc at the time.

  • Donkey Quality

    This series is pretty cool it shows me how much more badass this game could have been

  • Julia Faye

    How do you mispronounce Saadia, Faendal and Alik'r when they are all said several times in game? You do mispronounce common things in every video which makes it seem like you are reading a script someone else made and you never actually played Skyrim.

  • David Tilling

    Collage in Sweden are Free and there are no securities.. I didn't even know schools in the US had security

  • Valandar2

    Re: Saadia. I say the line was effectively a 'warm-up' line... Basically, they say the line in character to help them get into character. Those normally aren't recorded, though... Also, those two thugs in the Ratway are an Easter Egg, they refer to Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, a team from the classic Swords and Sorcery books by Fritz Lieber.

  • Mary Bun

    Crimson Nirnroot: Saadia, wake up dear. It's MURDER TIME

  • xXMoonFluffXx

    My day is instantly made better by a notification that Nate has uploaded a video!

  • Sparkle8205

    3:50 I think all the voice actors recorded that line, as a way to test the game mechanics with talking npcs.. just a thought though.

  • Aelarr

    You know what's said when it comes to Elder Scrolls and its lore ... If it's boring, then it's wrong. So, there absolutely MUST be some conspiracy about Saadia! XDThe more boring (and therefore wrong XD) reason is that Bethesda is just sloppy ... as usual.

  • TotallyARussian

    Also its not pronounced sadia its saadia seyydia

  • Sora Jones

    or the Saadia line was actually the voice test stuff

  • SuperRavensblood

    Best I can figure the college guards were cut for balance reasons. Seeing as how they'd be the only non-essential (and therefore kill-able) NPCs guaranteed to be wearing wearing master robes and wielding powerful staffs that would make any low level mage very happy.

  • ClaritySeries

    Perhaps Saadia could've been escorted to safety of another, freely chosen, inn. And the line being used when you sit down on the chair at inn. Innkeeper ushering Saadia to serve me a cold one with the boys.

  • Soul_Reaper1303

    The saudia or how ever you spell her name could be because she had night terrors when she sleeps due to the fact she's being hunted down and that when ever one of the NPCs went into the bar and she was sleeping they'd say that

  • Xtremegaming123

    Saadia controls the minds of Skyrim just as Miraak did on Solstheim, and Hulda/Alik’r are the only ones who know her true power

  • Jarrod A

    I think school guards were cut because of unbond deadric quest(But might be wrong because my unbond deadric glitch his way middle school yard and started attack thalmor agents and no one else)P.s. I nickname unbond deadric that glitch into middle yard tobby

  • Tsamorye

    I wish they hadn't cut the content that would make Nate pin my comment. 🙂

  • Jhin the4

    Ain't notification needed im always on youtube XD ~•_•~ noodle arm<3 nate

  • sexyamerianodude

    Do an episode on whether there was gonna be a 4th dlc I always thought that there was and they changed their mind perhaps cause of PS3 dlc issues

  • Malik Bradley

    Why do your redguards look like nords?

  • ShockDoctrin

    It's almost like Saadia was originally intended to flea from Whiterun when the Red Guard mercs show up and the line was to alert Saadia when Kamatu shows up for her in her sleep and start a chase or combat where ever she ran to in Skyrim.

  • Caleb Chaney

    Obviously you've never used a trainer at Winterhold if you're complaining about a lack of debt.Also, maybe the Saadia line was used as a warm up line for the actors and someone thought they belong in the game. Or maybe it's a line each NPC in the game has to make sure they recite dialogue. Both are technical theories, but still work.

  • Someone You Don't Know

    With the Saadia thing it was probably the put with generic dialogue thing because there are actually a good deal of lines like that in the game files if you look.

  • WarriorD13

    Keep doing videos like these and make it more a frequent thing!! 💪💪😎🤞🙏😊

  • Xeno87

    TIL american colleges have guards. Never seen something like this in a european university.

  • Moobo

    2:23 why does that redgaurd have so much makeup on? He looks like a fruit boi

  • Derp Master

    It’s been awhile since I could say that I wasn’t addicted and 😂 I literally thought of stained as soon he said it’s been a while

  • Grey Studios

    KEEP UP THE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan Reed

    Put your outro back in vids

  • Mary Bun

    Saadia: Saadia, wake up dear. Wait what?

  • Locke Cole

    Ever have a dragon jump you in the collage? The staff is freaking armed.

  • Bingle Bangle

    Disliked because you artificially lower your voice in every video

  • Ricky

    i despise your inflection

  • John Henderson

    What I find funny is that Skyrim is Scandinavian and they have massive subsidies for education... so... accurate? Granted, Skyrim is medieval and the College is self funded.

  • Gerard Ferrer

    Wtf with the graphics?

  • AeiGee S

    2:20... he had a kawaii moment lul

  • Saro Bedourian

    at first,the commanders were unkillable even after finishing the civil war quests,and even after finishing the main quest(i know it doesnt have to do with it)but i dont know why,when i tried again killing the imperial commanders(as i am a stormcloak)they basically died.can someone explain??

  • Perry wolf

    Hey mate i found something really weird via spawning i found a strange npc called sirgar who says things like i heard there's been a scuffle in Skyrim and I wonder if our steel is going into the war effort i don't know if he's in the game of not but just thought it's interesting to you please read!

  • alexandria Lecompte

    I don't understand why they don't add some of the almost finished cut content in the creation club.

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