Skyrim: 5 Interesting Characters That Bethesda Removed - The Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game loaded with a plethora of colorful characters, both friend and foe. However, buried deep within TES: 5 Skyrim's game files, are a huge number of unused characters that were never implemented into the game itself. Some of these characters were meant to be used in cut quests, others simply were used for testing purposes, but all are quite interesting. So today we take a look at 5 interesting characters the Bethesda removed from Skyrim.

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  • ReDaCtEd UnHiNgEd

    Brilliant vid mate. Of course, I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve come to expect the best from you!

  • Tacomaholic

    I once knew a guy who was murdered, but not to death.

  • Ruben

    A developer once tried to delete M'aiq the Liar.M'aiq the Liar deleted the developer instead.

  • EJ Downs

    I use Cutting Room Floor and it adds Herebane to Meridia's Shrine. He's always hostile for me, though. :L

  • MrAndersonLP

    "Skyrim is filled with a colourful cast of characters" why must you begin the video by LYING to me!?

  • Kay

    At the start I thought you said imperial genitals

  • LadyZubat

    Clearly the award goes to.... DO NOT DELETE THIS!

  • FakePale

    Do Not Delete Me — needed for export to work is best girl

  • NCR Elite Riot Officer

    I wish Herebane was a Follower. ;( He Sounds interesting and skilled.

  • Caizer

    Do you get to the cloud district very often? Oh what am I saying, of course you don’t.

  • Khajiit

    Khajiit does not know why is he commenting on video insted of watching it!

  • MajorMoron

    My proposition for the next Skyrim remastered: Just put in everything into the game u cut out during development, implement it fully and smooth all the edges and bugs. Pls Bethesda!Since we still have to wait for TES6 for a few years...

  • pew -250

    6:08"murdered to death"You meed to put that on a shirt

  • Sponge_LvL_One

    Great video but 4:22 listen for the voice crack

  • The Black Knight Dark lord of the universe

    wait why isn't malacath an orc they could have used an orc model

  • Foo foo cuddly poops

    I kinda wish that Malakath was left in! They can't go wrong with daedric princes!

  • Gage Niedert

    How do we know how to make Dragon bone and daedric stuff did we wish upon a star and got the schematics ???

  • Mason C

    86 likes 1 dislike Mate why dislike

  • Dice Knight

    Hmmm... a high elf woman? prophetic dreams? farseer? I THINK WE HAD A WARHAMMER REFERENCE IN THE WORKS!

  • Kay R

    Your game looks so good with mods, and that moment when I realize I’ll never be able to have that....#ps4problems

  • PlagueDoctor

    On another note in the Malacath one I have read Namira's voice was in other room and was a female bosmer, quite fitting considering their thing for not wasting any kind of meat of the ones they kill

  • Young Outlaw

    The 1st one could had been a half breed

  • Saviik Walker


  • Dirty Mashups Done Dirt Cheap

    My favorite is the invisible naked man who holds your plants in your home

  • Shawn Marino

    The 5 dislikes are from the removed characters

  • Lord Shaxx of the Vlka Fenryka

    No matter what you say the very word FARSEERER will be a WH40K refrence for me.

  • Tonts

    Castor the Puzzlemaker sounds like he could've been a fun, villain to hunt down and kill. Likely setting up puzzles and death traps you'd have to escape, and probably finding him dead. Part of one of his puzzles, might have even been a spell to revive dead bodies, including his own, to kill the player. But that's just speculation.

  • CrumpetsRGood4U

    Anyone getting murdered to death? XDMany of these cut characters are restored with the Cutting Room Floor mod. When my sis and I first encountered Herebane, we were both utterly confused hahaha. Anyway, keep up the great work, man! :)

  • Squidly

    Nate you seem a bit.. epic...I’ll go home

  • Dustin Daugherty

    That isnt a high elf voice

  • Greg Walker

    If you have the "Cutting Room Floor" mod, Herebane shows up on the balcony of Meridia's shrine and attacks you for no apparent reason.

  • 375halomaster

    Murdered to death! He said it!

  • Subtotal Aljar

    I’m judging imagining that caster wizard as “there is no way an adventurer can make it past all my puzzles.” Then when you get to the end he’s dead because he eithier is killed by his puzzle or is trapped because the way out is blocked by the traps.

  • Zosphus

    Herebane was a hostile NPC that would attack you whenever you exited the first section of the Temple of Dawn whenever entering the second section. I remember that when I killed him I was like "woah whats a random imperial doing here lol".

  • Somesh C.R.

    Pin this natePin this natePin this natePin this natePin this natePin this natePin this natePin this natePin this nate

  • Marcus Badenhorst

    Bethesda: "Don't finish doing anything"

  • B

    This didn't show up in my subscription box. Luckily it was recommended to me repeatedly.

  • Smith 9081

    The imperial corenthian style helmet can be found without consel commands during the quest that gives you the dawnbreaker sword

  • ThatOneDoge

    If you spawn your own character you can talk to them. They use the voice of the "Throw voice" shout. So you are basically insulting yourself whenever you talk to them.

  • Eden West

    Everytime he says 'murder to death' I can't help by giggle 🤣

  • Pata Crêpe

    actually, NPCs such as Meridia and others, of whom you're only supposed to hear the voice, are really present and spawned into the map.they're just put in a cell room outside of the world, accessible via TCL.

  • Aaron Millager

    6:09 I know I hate it when I get murdered to death 👎🏻

  • Johnny K

    Murdering them to death

  • Zachary Coleman

    That voice that Herbane uses is not elven, that's one of the Imperial variants. The imperial in Ivarstead has that voice, and actually so does Nazeem.

  • Spooky Cutie

    0:19 *pause, transition to shirtless man. Slow zoom out, never shows face of said shirtless man*.Is this one of these interesting characters that you speak of? Because I can certainly see why they're interesting HmmmMMMM

  • Ariel

    that's not the male high elf voice, that's MaleCondescending.

  • Donkey Quality

    10 septims says you dont pin this.

  • Connor The Mystic Hound

    4:28 he must be the guy who sends you those letters.

  • Kid NIL8

    Will you ever show us your mod list?

  • Tehya Lmao

    I'll LOVE to see you do a playthrough of skyrim!!

  • Dallas Upchurch

    I feel like the players firend npc was ment to play a role much like senguine. He is a dark brotherhood assasin that was ment to befirend the dragonbon and take them to the abandoned caben to be tested, thus the name "with friends like these"

  • yeetussheetus 69

    What is your mod list? I'd like to know because I want to do a realistic Skyrim play through.

  • TABgaming

    your mods look cool. can you make a guide about how to have those? i've been wanting to play with mods. just never knew how to and which could fit together.

  • Cory Connell

    I lol everytime you say murder to death.

  • Whiterun Guard

    Herebane’s helmet is obtainable without the console but if u go to (I forgot the name)’s shack, climb the mountain and there will be a shrine of talos next to it u will find an imperial sword stuck into the ground and there will be a helmet and it is called ‘Imperial Helmet’

  • Pedro Cubas

    Your Chanel is amazing, please kep doing this awesome videos

  • Sencilia

    Soooo... what happens if you delete Do Not Delete Me?

  • Nathan Reed

    You have flaw in description. Dislike

  • TJ True Justice

    If you want Nate to do a Skyrim playthrough, like his next video or dislike it if you are a troll that should be banned from the Internets.

  • Quentin W.

    What’s this about Nate shooting people in the knees??

  • vargen1414

    1:37 he might be a half elf

  • KudaKeileon

    That certainly does explain the name of that Dark Brotherhood quest. It's almost certain you were originally meant to kill someone you were allied with, but they found it redundant to the Ebony Blade.

  • Aura Fox

    The placeholder for the whispering lady is an end table that is hidden behind the door until actually opened.

  • Elena Michaels

    "Murdering them to death"......... Am I the ONLY ONE WHO IS BOTHERED BY THIS

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