Skyrim: 5 More Hilarious and Absurd Glitches and Bugs You May Not Have Seen - Elder Scrolls 5 Facts

Skyrim has never been a game known for its stability, or polish. Six years after The Elder Scrolls 5's release, such a truth remains. Skyrim is filled with a variety of glitches and bugs, many of which are enraging, but others can be quite amusing. So today, we'll be taking another look at five of these hilarious glitches that make us laugh in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
  • SpongyVirus

    I heard Nate pins early comments

  • Valandar2

    I once saw a giant fighting a dragon, chase it, fall off a cliff, and end up standing on the dragon's back...

  • Anonymous Banter

    I'm convinced that you are basically an elder scrolls encyclopedia.

  • Sam Silber

    The most hilarious bug that I've experienced in Skyrim (multiple times even) is when I shoot an animal or person with my bow and arrow, the camera goes into the cinematic kill-cam mode, and then the arrow completely misses its target. Happened a number of times, and I'm on the ground laughing every time it does.


    Killing the dragon and not absorb the soul....

  • zed aye

    The headless stormcloak once fell from the sky

  • Robson Matheus

    3:47 "the two can be combined"Like Tucker did with Nina when he creates a chimera?

  • elaine munro

    3:04 well sometimes sheogorath gets bord

  • Ryan Ashley

    You left out The Nearly Naked Courier

  • krudmonger

    I've had Meridia kill me by dropping me to my death on more than one occasion.

  • Oggie

    I’ve seen my fair share of mammoth droppings

  • Maiq The Liar VII

    I’v seen a giant once kill the dragon it was riding then fall to its death. Saved me the time

  • Speedy Kitten

    Came across a glitch where Parthurnaax dies randomly after i hit him with a spell from a mod during the battle with Alduin at the throat of the world. During the battle he had frozen in an animation so I reloaded the cell and as soon as i got there I absorbed his soul. I revived him with a cheat spell and he was alive but completely invisible. Man I love modding on Xbox.

  • Ryza Wolf

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... It's a giant....riding a dragon.0.0

  • rockcandylove123

    The decapitation bug happened on one of my saves. It played the cut scene of my character getting decapitated, but I somehow didn't die after it finished playing. My character walked around with a gash all around their neck and every once in a while their head would roll off. It would still be "attached" to my character though so there would be a glitchy string connecting my characters neck to their head.

  • The Funny Dovakhiin

    Hmmm weirdest thing ive seen fall from the sky.....let's go back to oblivion with the flaming dogs......thank you sheograth

  • Catac1ysm

    One play through i walked into a seemingly empty bandit camp, about 3 seconds later bandits rained from the skies.

  • Random Person

    I once saw a Khajiit caravan jogging in the clouds then they fell in a cave and were all killed by a troll. Guess the Divines are just feeding trolls cats now...

  • Gage Niedert

    Anyone know how healga obtained daedric boots ???

  • SuperKityyGamer123! aka AmAr and Vintrivious.

    It's very rare, but it you paralyze something and kill it at the same time, the weapon will freeze in the air while everything else runs the sane. 😂😂

  • High Jarl Helje Fell-Claw

    I got to say my experience of floating creatures was a giant that was outside of Rorikstead fell from the sky I laughed so much when I first encountered that

  • Nickey is Bored

    I also had on pc where an headless dancing army of naked imperials were floating across a field, it was quite disturbing! They wernt interacting with me just doing this weird movement was as scary glitch to say the least, but also funny! I find the pc glitches to be funnier and more occuring than in xboxone.

  • SpyderDoesGaming

    Wierdest thing I saw fall from the sky was some whiterun guards

  • Stoob

    Can't say I've ever seen the dragon riding beasts, or personally experienced the decapitated running around.

  • Sean Wisniewski

    I didn't care that much about the falling npc bug because free loot is the best kind of loot

  • Boris Just Boris

    I was an adventurer once but then i got beheaded in the knee

  • Motaz Fawzi

    About the dragonriding giant you can do it yourself not with dragon but a bit more peaceful things like dragonflies butterflies flying bugs... that's if you found one on the ground or a rock and managed to stand on it. I didn't try it myself but I saw it.

  • Chris L.

    "Do you get to the cloud district very often? What am I saying, of course you don't. I'll have you know there's no PUSSIEEEEEEE–"

  • Turtle Fox

    I’ve seen a dragon fall from the sky. I don’t know how it died but it fell from the sky.

  • ImmersiveAs Fuck

    Dragons. I have had dragons fall from the sky in and near all of the cities in skyrim. And my character once turned invisible without a potion.

  • Serena The Ninja

    The weirdest thing I saw in skyrim was a dragon WALKING in the sky instead of FLYING. 😂

  • JR Dortch

    I killed a dragon and got their soul and loaded the save and they were alive as a skeleton dragon and gave me 2 souls lol

  • Sencilia

    Awww, your nephew tries to ride your dog? How cute! It's only a minor glitch but sometimes during the execution during the opening of the game, the head box won't spawn and the Stormcloak's head will just roll where ever.

  • Werewolf Lover

    I saw a mammoth get launched into the sky, then it landed on another mammoth, and then that mammoth got launched into the sky and landed on the other one, and so on and so on. The mammoth juggling continued for about 5 minutes. This particular instance happened at sleeping tree camp, after killing the white stag, speaking to hircine, and fast travelling there.

  • elaine munro

    4:50 and my creepy uncle trying to ride me... or buffalo bill trying to ride a fat guy

  • Tominati

    The wierdest thing i've seen fall to the sky? My virginity

  • Anni S

    Skyrim wouldn't be Skyrim without the glitches ❤

  • ลรђmลร†eya663

    the wierdest thing ive seen falling from the sky was at a raider camp, it was part cave and i had lydia following me,i went in the cave, looted up and then left. when i left the cave i saw a raider and lydia, both falling, they were further away from each other while falling. when they "landed" the raider died, but lydia took NO DAMAGE!!! CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN HOW PLZ!!!???

  • Alyssa rainbow skat

    One of the most creepy and funny glitches in skyrim is when you ride a horse and you stand up on the horse as you ride it that glitch is the one that i get almost every time i play it is so annoying

  • The Funny Dovakhiin

    The empires tasty nachos will be mine..... Ulfric Stormcloak

  • Ilbenaattori

    I had a mod installed that allows the player to rip the heart out of a kneeling npc's chest.Well, Utgeherd attacked me, i did that and even accidentally decapitated her.Then Utgeherd didn't have a head and had a giant hole on her chest.

  • Matt Vill

    I always thought the flying mammoths was because giants launched them in the air like they do when they kill you

  • PlayerFORgamev


  • Kyle Abbott

    Pick a tone man! Why must you speak like someone's occasionally kicking you in the stones? Christ dude

  • Raven Scar

    I decapitated Sven, his head still floats. He is alive. He talks, his floating head moves.

  • Deucey D

    "guess it couldn't take the heat.." unsubscribes and wipes recent history

  • Sorch Xox

    I laughed so much " my nephew trying to ride my German Shepard" 😂😂😂

  • Watts

    I've had like a thousand dragons falling from the sky on me and killing me!

  • Matthew

    actuality a few years back when i played skyrim on my xbox i had a dragon do that such thing ( let me absorb its sol before i had killed it) i was really taken aback by it, anyway i didn't kill it because i was having (im not great with law or whatever ) i was having a dragon battle with whatever that dragon is that you can summon at the near the end of that game, so they were doing there thing, anyway the dragon i was fighting eventually became invisible, which at that point was fairly low on health, and after a little while longer became invisible putting an end to the fight and me having to just run away, so i manged to start a fight with at first a normal dragon, which then became a skeletal dragon WHICH then became invisible THEN INVINCIBLE, it was a wired fight...

  • Velvexic

    Actually, the carriage ride glitch is usually caused by the carriage tripping over the bunny hopping past on the way down.

  • Aaron P. Moore

    im unsubbing just for that joke at the end

  • Robert Norris

    I've had doors to nowhere appear in the sky.

  • Silver Heart

    A dragon fell from the sky dead once and I didn't even kill it

  • Nickey is Bored

    I hate when i defeat a dragon and the soul doesnt come out of the dragon! So annoying!!!

  • Joe Nesvick

    I never experienced the chicken effect for NPCs. I have seen NPCs falling from the sky. Never encountered the carriages maneuvering like that before. Lydia wolf, that sounds awesome. Giants know the bend will shout?I’ve also noticed people sitting in a chair, by it’s like they phased through it like they were Shadow Cat of the X-Man.

  • Prince Sheogorath of Madness

    The answer to your question: a dead dragon, at least I got a soul for free :)

  • Elder Maxson

    Omg my ribs hurt xD 5:18

  • Dominik Greene

    Well, yeah. A carriage would go head-wonky if it was overloaded with mods... Simple logic...

  • MStar98

    fun drinking game, take a shot everytime he talks about copy right or not being monetized

  • Abhiram Boralkar

    Giants are secret dovhkiins

  • Yourname942

    Man it's hard to believe Skyrim came out seven years ago

  • pyromaniac000000

    Sheogorath....I wish I was making that up. Thought it was normal, its what he does...

  • Benji Da Boi

    i saw an dragon fly for some odd reason

  • Ivan Ritz

    I can’t count how many times I’ve seen mammoths falling from the sky

  • jennipurr waters

    this isn’t a glitch i think but my shadow mere ( a horse ) killed a dragon on its own when i wasn’t looking for a sec lol it was great.

  • Marta Tarasiuk

    Sometimes, while switching the language of the game, a glitch will occur that prevents all NPCs from speaking. This is especially game braking when starting a new game because it stops scripted events from taking place and the cart you are on can never reach Helgen. Even re-installing the game won't free you from this bug. The only way of fixing it is to edit Skyrim's .ini file.

  • Laura James

    One odd glitch or something happened to me. You see, I always give my character lycanthrope. I was in some dungeon or something with Serana and we were fighting some enemies( I was in werewolf form at the time), and a purple glow surrounded me and text appeared in the corner saying Your Vampiric powers weaken as you feed. When I changed back to normal, I found I was somehow a vampire. I reloaded several times, and it kept happening. So I reloaded again, and before the fight, I took the Blood potions out of Serana's inventory, and that solved the problem. For some reason, her drinking them was turning me into a vampire.

  • that_kid nobody_notices

    I've gotten random dragon skeletons spawning out of no where. They're always empty.

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