Skyrim: 5 More Hilarious and Absurd Glitches and Bugs You May Not Have Seen - Elder Scrolls 5 Facts

Skyrim has never been a game known for its stability, or polish. Six years after The Elder Scrolls 5's release, such a truth remains. Skyrim is filled with a variety of glitches and bugs, many of which are enraging, but others can be quite amusing. So today, we'll be taking another look at five of these hilarious glitches that make us laugh in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
  • SpongyVirus

    I heard Nate pins early comments

  • Valandar2

    I once saw a giant fighting a dragon, chase it, fall off a cliff, and end up standing on the dragon's back...

  • Boris Just Boris

    I was an adventurer once but then i got beheaded in the knee

  • The Funny Dovakhiin

    Hmmm weirdest thing ive seen fall from the sky.....let's go back to oblivion with the flaming dogs......thank you sheograth

  • Rookie141

    i once killed a dragon and went on my merry way, walking the lands, but when i stopped the next time and turned around, the skeleton was behind me. i fast travelled to another location and the skeleton would be in front of me. i travelled to whiterun and the skeleton lay on the gate. i fast travelled again, somewhere to the country side. looked around, no skeleton. just when i wanted to take a step, the head of the skeleton slowly started portruding from the ground in front of me and the whole thing ascends like some hell spawn. it was funny before, but that last bit had me in tears

  • Serena The Ninja

    The weirdest thing I saw in skyrim was a dragon WALKING in the sky instead of FLYING. 😂

  • kvohlu - the masked hero

    The headless stormcloak once fell from the sky

  • Raven Scar

    I decapitated Sven, his head still floats. He is alive. He talks, his floating head moves.

  • Werewolf Lover

    I saw a mammoth get launched into the sky, then it landed on another mammoth, and then that mammoth got launched into the sky and landed on the other one, and so on and so on. The mammoth juggling continued for about 5 minutes. This particular instance happened at sleeping tree camp, after killing the white stag, speaking to hircine, and fast travelling there.

  • JR Dortch

    I killed a dragon and got their soul and loaded the save and they were alive as a skeleton dragon and gave me 2 souls lol

  • SpyderDoesGaming

    Wierdest thing I saw fall from the sky was some whiterun guards

  • Sam Silber

    The most hilarious bug that I've experienced in Skyrim (multiple times even) is when I shoot an animal or person with my bow and arrow, the camera goes into the cinematic kill-cam mode, and then the arrow completely misses its target. Happened a number of times, and I'm on the ground laughing every time it does.

  • Sorch Xox

    I laughed so much " my nephew trying to ride my German Shepard" 😂😂😂

  • The Funny Dovakhiin

    The empires tasty nachos will be mine..... Ulfric Stormcloak

  • Grigoriy Dubrov

    Its all NOTHING compared to a glitch that happens when you kill an NPC with freeze shout or something that paralyses them, when they fall from a mountain they actually may not land and just start flying randomly and even elongating to enormous sizes. I want to call an exorcist to my computer when such thing happens XD

  • Muffin Cat

    It's very rare, but it you paralyze something and kill it at the same time, the weapon will freeze in the air while everything else runs the sane. 😂😂

  • Tominati

    The wierdest thing i've seen fall to the sky? My virginity

  • pyromaniac000000

    Sheogorath....I wish I was making that up. Thought it was normal, its what he does...

  • Motaz Fawzi

    About the dragonriding giant you can do it yourself not with dragon but a bit more peaceful things like dragonflies butterflies flying bugs... that's if you found one on the ground or a rock and managed to stand on it. I didn't try it myself but I saw it.

  • Rose

    I once started a game, and the cart at the beginning just went so out of control, that it spun out of the map with me dying in it. When the game started up again (after a travel to a weird menu screen with smoke but without the dragon logo), I was in a weird debug world were I was stuck in a guard saying "Stop." in a test loop underneath the map on a sea of dirt. Got two men riding horses near me, one galloping in place and the other slowly advancing at a walking pace (still galloping), and there was also two dead horses on the side, one with an arrow in its torso, and in the distance, I could see the cart from the beginning laying on its side. Got me frustrated because I couldn't start the game no matter how many times I restarted it, but a quick desinstallation and another got it fixed. Had cold sweats thinking I couldn't get it working beforehand, though.

  • Anonymous Banter

    I'm convinced that you are basically an elder scrolls encyclopedia.

  • Silver Heart

    A dragon fell from the sky dead once and I didn't even kill it

  • Harrowed One

    2:00 why no Sperm Whales or Bowls of Petunias?

  • Philip Truman

    Nazeem fell out of the sky and died, bought whole town ale.

  • Camillla

    "The action is pretty gorry all around, so showing it may get me demonitized" shows Stormcloak getting head cut off literally 5 seconds earlier LUL

  • Deucey D

    "guess it couldn't take the heat.." unsubscribes and wipes recent history

  • Camp Master Noob

    1:17 As fearless in death as he was in life.

  • Trippy Please

    I honestly don’t remember why I found this so funny but one time I walked into an inn and the own worker was glitched through the ground and only the head was showing and they were talking to me and I was just laughing so hard. its the little things in life I suppose

  • Velvexic

    Actually, the carriage ride glitch is usually caused by the carriage tripping over the bunny hopping past on the way down.

  • Matthew

    actuality a few years back when i played skyrim on my xbox i had a dragon do that such thing ( let me absorb its sol before i had killed it) i was really taken aback by it, anyway i didn't kill it because i was having (im not great with law or whatever ) i was having a dragon battle with whatever that dragon is that you can summon at the near the end of that game, so they were doing there thing, anyway the dragon i was fighting eventually became invisible, which at that point was fairly low on health, and after a little while longer became invisible putting an end to the fight and me having to just run away, so i manged to start a fight with at first a normal dragon, which then became a skeletal dragon WHICH then became invisible THEN INVINCIBLE, it was a wired fight...

  • Chris L.

    "Do you get to the cloud district very often? What am I saying, of course you don't. I'll have you know there's no PUSSIEEEEEEE–"

  • s h o o k

    this isn’t a glitch i think but my shadow mere ( a horse ) killed a dragon on its own when i wasn’t looking for a sec lol it was great.

  • catherine marshall

    ah yes, the infamous furry glitch

  • Eetu The Hunter

    Once when i came out of breezehome in whiterun i freacking saw Ysolda fly across the town. Im sure thats the funniest thing i have seen fall from the sky in Skyrim

  • Jeff Boy

    Almost every time me and my brother see a mammoth it has fallen out of the sky.

  • krudmonger

    I've had Meridia kill me by dropping me to my death on more than one occasion.

  • Potato Kitty

    It actually rains cats and dogs in skyrim

  • Ilbenaattori

    I had a mod installed that allows the player to rip the heart out of a kneeling npc's chest.Well, Utgeherd attacked me, i did that and even accidentally decapitated her.Then Utgeherd didn't have a head and had a giant hole on her chest.

  • Harrowed One

    0:55 Christopher Walken has come unto Skyrim!

  • KiPatDoesGames

    Ysolda dropping out the sky and saying "it's a fine day with you around"

  • Anni S

    Skyrim wouldn't be Skyrim without the glitches ❤

  • ลรђmลร†eya663

    the wierdest thing ive seen falling from the sky was at a raider camp, it was part cave and i had lydia following me,i went in the cave, looted up and then left. when i left the cave i saw a raider and lydia, both falling, they were further away from each other while falling. when they "landed" the raider died, but lydia took NO DAMAGE!!! CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN HOW PLZ!!!???

  • DragonKing

    One time I transformed into a werewolf while holding my bow and it glitches so I had the upper body of a werewolf, but could still access my inventory just fine. It also scared the shit out of me.

  • Mri ssi

    I saw a giant fall from the sky but that's not the weirdest one weirdest one was I saw a child fell from the sky my son

  • Benji Da Boi

    i saw an dragon fly for some odd reason

  • Watts

    I've had like a thousand dragons falling from the sky on me and killing me!

  • Alyssa the awkward skat

    One of the most creepy and funny glitches in skyrim is when you ride a horse and you stand up on the horse as you ride it that glitch is the one that i get almost every time i play it is so annoying

  • Yourname942

    Man it's hard to believe Skyrim came out seven years ago

  • Maiq The Liar VII

    I’v seen a giant once kill the dragon it was riding then fall to its death. Saved me the time

  • shade kade

    I didn't see an animal but I seen, a steel great sword fell out of the sky

  • Travis Mudd

    I once accidentally used the clear skies shout on a falmer, punched him with my shield, and killed him. But he was stuck in a "backing away" animation. And I could still search him.

  • Daedrean_TV

    I'm doing a necromancer play through with - at least - Ordinator and Andromeda, and for some reason I get random corpses spawning next to me at random times. Usually completely naked. Sometimes it's just an unnamed character of a random race, sometimes it's a bandit, sometimes it's a soldier, and other times it's some random animal. The best part about it is that I use the Ritual Stone with Andromeda, so this glitch basically gives me free undead soldiers.


    Killing the dragon and not absorb the soul....

  • A d0gg0

    One time a horse flew out of the ground, into the air and hit my headOh yeah and once a dragon picked up a wizard from the college and he landed on the top of the college completely fine and he ignored the dragon and acted as if it had never been there

  • Goggles Tigerkhan

    i've had a glitch happen where a dragon fight took place, but the dragon was t-posed the entire time. i couldn't stop laughing and i died before i could land one hit.

  • Plasma-gamer 280

    Giant chicken fell from the sky

  • A C

    1:15 Imagine it’s somebody’s first time playing Skyrim and this happens

  • Gen_Zirrir

    Once saw an imperial soldier run from stormcloaks near Riften. After being shot in the leg he started levitating and then walked up into the sky. The stormcloaks watched up, completely awestrickenThe other time I absorbed a dragonsoul from out of nowhere near Morthal... Only saw a glimpse of his skeletal tail as he flew off. Never saw it again.

  • Julia Lang

    this one tume i just could not start a new game because i would always get stuck at the beheading part where alduin never came. the executioner was just standing there ready to fall but alduin is nowhere to be found. the only solution was to always load the save just before character creation. i have not a clue what caused this bug.

  • Squably

    For a while there was an elk glitched into the ground outside of the dark brotherhood which only it’s butt sticking out of the ground. It was apparently “dead” but would still gallop here and there. My brother and I decided to name him “Thicky Ricky”

  • General Gorilla

    I had giants randomly come down from the sky.

  • yuki sanada

    now we can be the headless knight Dulhan

  • TheCommunistDragon

    for the skyrim intro bug,you could also get an alternate start mod that just bypasses that all together.

  • yuki sanada

    a gaiant dragonrider that actually sounds badass

  • William Townsend

    I recently started playing Skyrim again from the beginning and in my game there is this one chicken outside whiterun that doesn’t stop floating

  • Mr. Fluffers

    a funny glitch that's happened to me is when I was doing the quest to decide whether to kill Parthurnax or not, and since it was my first time doing this quest I just decided to go up to him and kill him. However he was essential so I would just lower his health to basically nothing, so I just left. Then several in game days later I walked out of the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary and a dead dragon fell from the sky. I went to loot it and found out that the dragon was Parthurnax. I have no idea how or why this happened, but maybe someone else can explain it to me.

  • DigiHazard

    One of the funniest things I saw was when I walked out of Understone Keep. I just finished turning in a bounty, and I was exiting to go drop off some loot I wanted to keep. As the city loaded, a hoard of 20-something guards spawned about 15 away as one fell from the sky and died. Every single one of the guards were saying the "I'll find who did this." And the other sayings they say when they see dead bodies.

  • Luminescent Light

    I was walking to Whiterun from Riverwood in the very beginning of one of my games, and I just see one person half a mile in the air and then fall only to discover it was Sven, I couldn’t stop laughing

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