Skyrim : The White River Gang

Tracking down Eisa Blackthorn's whereabouts in Morthal and her previous gang in White River Watch.
If you want to see me rage, go to: 10:04
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  • Ian Murphy

    "What are you a sling shot from Angry birds?!?" General Sam 2013

  • HoiPolloiNtertains

    Don't launch him off the edge... YOU LAUNCHED HIM OFF THE EDGE! Best reaction ever haha.

  • The Magic Potato

    I think Ulfr's Book is the best thing I've ever found in Skyrim.

  • Squires

    Now I have an image burned in my head of Balgruuf looking out a window making eye contact with that bandit while casually beating his meat and just being like "What's up?"

  • Mehrunes Dagon

    what happened to ulfr the blind? Dudes probably still chilling there wondering why nobody is answering him.

  • Andre Aguilar

    Anyone here from sams new video????

  • Hanbanboy

    haha who watching in 2018. lol he sounds way diff

  • lor05

    10:04 I watch that part over and over again.  I couldn't stop laughing.

  • Max Misner

    Fill my cream hole with your meat tube

  • Mephistopheles

    OMG 10:20 one of the funniest moments i have ever witnessed XD 

  • ISE Gaming

    Sammie Boi, how come you deleted the Zephyr bow and Pale Lady vids from this series? :(

  • Rhabbys Hawkmoon

    "What are you a sling shot from angry birds?!!"

  • Lord Miraak

    your hitting puberty Sam

  • Mike Boudreau

    I told myself I wouldn't watch this video. Not because I don't like it, I do. Its like the 4th time i've watched it. But because I know I'll get addicted to Skyrim again.

  • W. Miguel

    really sam it wasn't lydia who throw it was the the other follower..never felt soo sorry for lydia like now


    I dont Know Why But your just hilarious

  • brandon pickle

    thank you for making my life better

  • JayWaddy

    One of my favourite Sam vids. It still bothers me though that Lydia gets the blame, when it was Marcurio who knocked him off the edge lol.

  • W. Miguel

    waking in the morning and taking breakfast while watching Sam adventuring on skyrim. relaxing and makes the rest of the day worth it =D

  • zack perkins

    I sat for 20 seconds before I realized the music was from dark souls...

  • Username 1

    4:06 what does you character say

  • FetchQuestAssigner4423

    Dude the music u used is the exact same music used in this videogame thats also a book its on google play lol

  • Mitch Gamer

    Gosh darn disestablishmentarians...smh.

  • Hat Simulator

    35 Lydia’s disliked the video

  • Agnt Prometheus

    Glad to see I'm not the only one that tosses the bodies in the rivers xD

  • The Charm

    What spell is that that lets you float? And what mod is it for A?

  • demongunner24

    wanna know something wrose thene that cave that close to whiterun, if you go to the other side of whiterun run along the wall and somewhere along the way you will come upon a bandit camp, not right along the wall alittle ways away

  • Laarjimm631superkid NUGGET

    nope ..... the water ATE him

  • DeAndre' Truesdale

    Hi sam your are my favorite youtuber , you have great content ,and you shouldn't stop making vidos

  • Tiffany VanBuren

    hi, im kaia, this is trixie van burens daughter. i just wanted to say you are the best youtuber i have ever known in my life of watching skyrim youtubers. good luck and great job!

  • Caleb Hilton

    "You knocked him off the edge!!!" Ahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahhahahahah

  • Notorious JayW

    It was Marucrio that knocked the dude of the ledge right? Not actually Lydia.

  • Jackson Murphy

    What is this music? The intro music is so cool!!!!

  • Ebi

    She probably died by that dragon

  • Austin Lehman

    my favorite part is when you follower launched that guy

  • jesse baldwin

    I know where iron hand's brother

  • Very Rare

    Dark souls music in a skyrim game. I’m surprised you haven’t triggered any fanboys yet.

  • The Mexican Assassin

    what shader do you use

  • FatterBassilisk5

    What mod is it where it tells what they cast and which lets companions heal you

  • Chief

    what armor are you wearing?

  • The Drifter

    ill take an order of sam with a side of chairdolf please and to drink ill take a large skyguy

  • CorroTBST

    The Lydia launcher tirade

  • FetchQuestAssigner4423

    If u crouch and walk around the blind guy u can max sneaking that way

  • Striplæif

    Sammy what armor are you wearing in this one

  • Trevor Roy

    what is the 4th game shown in the tv thing near the end of the video

  • Koltonishere

    whats that one marblle game he always shows at the end

  • jiggy sons

    I used to hate you, then i found out you were white

  • Apollyon Devila

    firelink shrine music in Skyrim? disgusting

  • Pahk the Cah in Hahvahd Yahd

    Ever console kill a dragon?

  • Dian V


  • greatermotowns

    going off on lydia when marcurio did it lmao "dont lauch him off the edge!"

  • Vinyix Productions

    Uhhh dude you are kinda dumb Lydia didn't threw him was the guy with the magic,aka Marcurio

  • LoyalZero29

    I did the same thing, and look into the book. I was on the ground laughing my a** off

  • zack jackson

    Well at least you know he's dead

  • Kyle Krummen

    I about died when he said what are you a slingshot from angry birds

  • Al Wheelman

    Did u edit the Dark Souls music or is it an ambient mod?

  • FlamingSquirlLauncher

    Well really, you were the one that pushed him most of the way, marcurio just launched him.

  • Danny Jansson

    best moment is from start to 1:30 hahahahahaha

  • Fox Star

    You do know it was your mage follower with his fire ball that knot him off

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