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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game loaded with a colorful cast of characters. However, many of Skyrim's villains aren't very well fleshed out, lacking cohesive backstory's or reasonable motivations. Despite this, not every bad guy in The Elder Scrolls is entirely without some redeeming qualities or reasonable intentions. So today we take a look at five of these bad guys who may not be so bad.
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    Don't know if this is popularly known. But after you and Serana get out of Dimhollow Crypt, don't take her back to Castle Volkihar right away. Instead, bring her back to Fort Dawnguard, although she won't follow you in Dayspring Canyon. You can tell Isran that you found a vampire woman in the crypt and she wants to go home. Surprisingly, Isran won't tell you to just kill her. But he wants you to keep playing along and see what the vampires want.Maybe that'd help the next time you're making another detail video?

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    Next up, Skyrim: 5 Names I Can't Pronounce ;)

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    Dragon Preist are pretty cool beans

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    Can you do a video on your complete mod list? I know you've don't graphic mod videos but me and many more would like to see your full load order.

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    Up next: Top 5 people that need to be visited by the Dark Brotherhood and of course Nazeem will be in the list for some reason.

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    YOU! Yeah, YOU! You there, scrolling through the comments, let’s talk about the Altmer & the Thalmor together! Any and all thoughts and perspectives are more than welcomed here. Before you read my thoughts on those so-called “Elves” and (inevitably) get upset, please understand that I’m going to analyze the Thalmor through a psychological perspective, and I will present my own opinions. So if you typically write off different opinions as “fake news”, and can’t engage in a simple debate, this won’t be a post for you. You know who you are. Now, The Thalmor aren’t evil in my honest opinion. We humans (actual humans, not TES humans) just don’t naturally sympathize with the elves, more specifically the Altmer, since they present their beliefs in a way that makes it seem like they hate humans just because they aren’t Elves. In reality, we just don’t, nor can we understand their perspective without a bit of empathy. The High Elves 🧝‍♀️, not even just the Thalmor, are in all ways “superior” to the races of man. That includes the Nords, Bretons, Redguards, and Imperials, along with any other races of men that are, or ever were. They aren’t filled with any more hate than any other race. They see themselves as literally BETTER than the young, petty, squabbling, hot-headed races of man, and why shouldn’t they? They are simply a healthier race than any other, likely due to the DIVINE BLOOD FLOWING THROUGH THEIR VEINS thanks to their ancestral relation to the Aldmer and the Original Spirits (also called the Et’Ada in case you don’t read lore books everyday), and have been documented (in many cases) to live for a MUCH longer amount of time than any human, including the Bretons. 1000 years is normal for them, while humans can’t even consistently make it to 10% of the way there. Additionally, they have a magical affinity that cannot be comprehended by men. Their culture is based completely around the pursuit of perfection (not too far off from the Bretons’ culture in that respect) as well as logic, and their inborn drive to always do better leaves them constantly dissatisfied with everything. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, created by anybody of any race (including Altmer) is up to the standards of the High Elves. And you’re going to tell them that an Imperial-created “Empire” is going to be calling the shots? A human, sitting on the Ruby Throne, is going to tell their betters (in every way) to just sit back and accept it? After all of the High Elf blood that they spilled in their blind and fearful pursuit of power? Nah sir, I don’t think so. I wouldn’t be too happy with men either. Think of it like this. Humans in the Elder Scrolls look down at Goblins for example, because Goblins are a constantly warring, territorial bunch of horrible, mean creatures that can’t speak nor understand the common tongue. Men and elves are simply far superior to the Goblins, and they know it. Nobody disputes that. But when the elves say that they are superior to humans in that same way, and refuse to be ruled by those inferior animals, why does it suddenly become so blurred for the races of man? Because objectively, that’s just how we are. We are an emotional, prideful, and territorial species that has a primal superiority complex in ALL respects. I’m not saying that the Thalmor are right, nor am I saying that the humans are wrong for feeling that way. In reality, I’m just sharing another perspective, and took the hour or so out of my day to write this comment, because I care about this community and the greater Elder Scrolls community, and I want to hear what you guys think too. Peace guys, everybody have great rests of your days! ✌️😎

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    Love this series . Skyrim will never die

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    The Thalmor aren't just evil for the sake of it. There's actually a deep lore behind it. (not being rude or anything to you Nate)

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    the 6th misunderstood bad guy: Nate for not pinning my comment.

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    I love your videos so much your my favorite YouTuber and you have been since I discovered you about 2 months ago

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    I love Skyrkms villians. And I think that alduin actually has much more story than just bieng hungry. I mean seriously he is the first born of Akatosh and was originally made to end a kalpa and start another and yet he wanted to rule the world instead of ending it. Aside from that alduin has caused chaos in many stories in skyrim. But I think the best aspect of alduin is how and why he betrayed akatosh and how he went out of his way to create such ruthless dragons to rule humans and even helped made the dragon priest. He is truly an evil villian but similar to a satan. He was made for the gods will and yet he wanted more.

  • Dr. JB h.c.

    I always had a personal theory that Valok attacks you because he notices you are a Dragonborn and he has only ever known of one such person, Miraak. I think that when he wakes he thinks that you are Miraak, that somehow Miraak has returned, and so goes to continue his battle against his ancient foe.

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    No one know what it's like to be the bad man.... to be the sad man...

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    One that comes to mind is a necromancer woman in Ansilvund who just wants to bring her dead husband who died in a war back from the dead.

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    0:50 Shroad Hearth Barrow

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    The Thalmor are trying to restore the elves to godhood, this involves genocide to the humans. Also I'd say Ulfric is a pretty complex villian

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    You forgot miraak! All he did was leave a cigar burning in his home when it burnt down, and he wants to just know how to get his revenge! You fool

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    My last playthrough, after reading Rigel's letters to her dad, I refused to kill her. I snuck through her camp at night, completed the quest and stole her armor and weapons while she was asleep. This was in the hope that once she woke up naked in a cave full of dead bandits, she would give up her life as a useless Skyrim bandit and patch things up with her dad.I need a life.

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    The thalmor hate men because the man who cost them there immortality is a god in the pantheon of nords.

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    Well I mean Nazeem isn't hostile and he ended up dying so... I don't see what's wrong.

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    Skyrim belongs to the Nords.

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    I don't think it was the potion that drove Wyndelius crazy. If you examine the story of Halldir's Cairn (I think that's the right location,) the three bandits that camped inside suffered a similar fate; hearing voices that compelled them to defend the barrow/dragon priest inside. Also Kolborn Barrow on solstiem had a similar effect on Ralis. My theory is that remaining inside the barrows for extended periods somehow possesses the people that stay. Perhaps that's how the draugr populations replenish, slowly transforming anyone who tries to take shelter in them?

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    Thalmor hate humans because they think they're better. They came from the aldmer which were Gods and the altmer believe that the worship of the mortal gods is why the altmer are mortal

  • Sacred Destroyer

    Alduin wasn't just hungry. If he wanted to end the world he could have simply done so, the whole reason why he revived the dragons was because he wanted to RULE the world, not destroy it.

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    That dark elf had the ES version of a stealth boy

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    I gave the amulet of talos to Ondolemar stealth murdered him to death took the amulet back and put it back where I found it. And then I got a letter of inheritance from him.

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    Hey when Skyrim together comes out who wants to play with me?

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    Was half expecting Madonach or Orchendor to be on this list, but I guess you'll probably end up doing a part 2, also Miraak kind of should be as well considering he led the revolt against the dragons

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    Nazeem is an ashole , does he count as a bad guy?

  • Roderic Kingfield

    The Thalmor are a lot deeper than you're giving them credit for. For starters, they don't just hate humans for 'some reason'. For one, they see humans as this overly aggressive specie that have drowned Tamriel in blood for far too long. Second, there's Tiber Septim's genocidal conquest of Summerset Isle and the subsequent 400 years of human rule. Keep in mind that the Altmer are long-lived, so many who lived through the conquest are still alive at the beginning of the fourth era.Furthermore, there's also Alessia's uprising against the Ayleids, and the Nords' xenocidal wars against the ancient Falmer. All things considered, they don't have much reason to love the humans.

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    Drelas. He doesn't like visitors but going in to his house in intruding on him. Although with bandit camps all around him it's almost understandable that he thinks someone oming in is there to attack him.

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    lol. Eating planets is Alduins job. That is how the next cycle comes into being. Alduin chose not to do what he was supposed to do, so that he can rule mortals.

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    8:10 "murdered to death", I think it's safe to say Veloth's assistant isn't alive...

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    Hey, I'm commenting from 2025 and this series is still going

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    Rigel was far from as ugly as her da suggests, for me.

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    I Can Easily Say: Personally I'd Count The Dark Elf, That's Calling Herself "The Caller".(You Can Just Take The Books Instead Of Killing Her)

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    "murdered to death"

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    First EpicNate video where I knew every entry to some degreeSo proud of myselfPS:Where u throwing spectral arrows at Ildari? There´s more effective ways to kill villains. But the finishing move they implemented for her in particular is one of the coolest scenes in Skyrim. Very Mortal Combat-ish X)

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    Wow that thalmor agent one blew my mind after 6 years of playing

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