The Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody - FULL SERIES

It's about time I did this I guess :) so here it is. Every Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody episode welded together into one long string of laughter and badassery! Enjoy! (For Easter Egg locations please see individual episode descriptions:

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  • seanzoz

    For all you binge watchers out there, I finally made it easy for you. As for the Fallout 4 parody, I should have part 4 out in a week or so :). Enjoy.

  • ronaldojam

    This is fake! This isn't skyrim! We all know that loading screens are way longer than this.

  • Jordi Boogerd

    3:23 "Gay marriage?", "well yeah who would want to have a miserable marriage?". I see what you did there

  • Jimmerz 117

    The children would be useful in the war, I mean they are literally indestructibleEdit: man I love these ideas, child armorChild cannons, Child cannon fodder. I love this community

  • Tra ins

    Don’t worry. We’ve all tried to kill the children...You are completely normal.

  • jeff jackson

    EXCELLENT! Sums up the entire Skyrim experience:"did you go to that cave and talk to that guy?""Yeah""and did you go to that other place and do that thing?""Yeah"LMAO!

  • Stephen Webb

    "What your mama never leveled your speech craft or something?" Classic

  • Bernardo Lima

    Gamer...Gaymer...Gay mer...His son is a gay elf (mer) Edit: Hammer... Ham mer...Ham is pork meat thus pig elf.

  • Lauren Lindberg

    “You look like the lead skater in alduuin on ice”

  • BatMuffin Viviane

    Oh Oh my god i just realized they're useing the old definition of gay meaning happy instead of gay as in homosexuals..... wwwwwwwwwwow it took me several years... how long has this video been out? I don't remember when i first watched it.. i at least know it's been a few years at least ooooooh god i'm so slow...

  • Valentino Reid

    So black soul gems aren't filled with redguards?

  • SB João Victor

    The gay marriage one had me pause the video and laugh for 3 full minutes.

  • Snarky Mark

    Shows Stone of Berenziah, caption: "f*$k these things." Lol.

  • Jhon So

    2018 A.N.Y.B.O.D.Y DECEMBER? 2019 JANUARY? A.N.Y.B.O.D.Y?

  • Legendary Bob

    New year, and I still play Skyrim. 2019 will get good.

  • Teddinson Bobby

    Ps. They put door combinations on the back of the claws on purpose. Because the doors aren't meant to keep people out, but they're meant to keep things in.

  • james poole

    How can 41 minutes feel like 10 ?

  • Malachi Martin

    "I'm going to lose all of my benefits..." "I'm going to lose my one pair of clothes."Accurate AF

  • Krissy Khionix Sastore Tomoe

    I have the Crimson Nirnroot's "Murder Time" as my ringtone and it cracks me up every time my phone rings

  • Connor Mcdonald

    Jzargo is blind but he can read?

  • SupahGaminNerd

    Miraak: Hermaeous Mora Back me UpMora: I'm the Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Secrets, not outright Lies, if you wanted Lies, you should've joined BoethiahMe: God, imagine that DLC

  • WolfydaWolf129

    i like the Dragonborn's voice in this

  • Izaiah Rios

    Wow this is my 4th time watching this and I finally realized the gay marriage joke. That went over my head

  • Thor Boysen

    Would be cool to see an Oblivion parody in that style...!!!

  • elijah potts

    This never fails to get me back into Skyrim

  • Uruz Chubun

    The empire & stormcloak dynamic is my favorite

  • Saintanic Crusader

    Watching this in almost 2019 and that 'Kill List' at 8:55 is still relatable asf XD

  • grilled cheese

    gaurds in skyrim:doesnt care if someone steals your sweetroll, but when YOU steal a sweetroll all the gaurds in the city are after you

  • Griffin Geb

    Wow duude. This is epic. I loved this its funny and cool at the same time.

  • Black Ice

    When the nirn root said murder time.....I lost it 😝

  • Sam Blanken

    26:16 look at the doors hand

  • Emeraldtaskic

    For arch mage, you can take soul gems for free, also, you can freely take all of the things from the garden! Just free stuffs

  • Aren Sereathy

    You dare insult my stalhrim?IT MEANS ICE IN ICELANDIC.

  • CrabMeat

    “It’s gonna make your jaw hit the floor...”I just got that.

  • That Random Trash Demon That Killed Vol'jin. HA!

    I just got the hammer/gamer joke, with the kid who was having trouble in school xD (about 14:30)Hammer.... elves are called "mer." Ham + Mer = pig elf. Gamer... oh god. Gay-mer...

  • EMP TiBeR

    Dear God I need more.... Can you do Oblivion 🤣

  • Beezechurger Ponkipoo

    This video made me buy Skyrim

  • hue manatee

    Best armor set is enchanted ebony mailStats are superior and so is the look

  • Blizzic

    "It's just a bad neighborhood""No it isn't."

  • Terreliv

    32:35 That vampire-werewolf-dragon thing actually exists in another game and is called a "Dracowerepyre".

  • michael holycross

    20:12 "oh he is so full of shit" best part

  • nevarea battiste

    smacks table smack smack fus ro dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr.Music Ninja

    This VIDEO is the BEST one I have EVER SEEN. BEST.SERIES.EVER. :)

  • Feral assassin

    Will never forget how funny this was to watch

  • Logan Hiner

    This video was so relatable, I actually thought it was real gameplay for a second.

  • BOBO

    I'm not Vain and don't spend all my day in front of a mirror so you're saying I do of course not you don't even have a reflection lol probably my favorite joke

  • Wuschel1990

    I am watching this for the third time and only now I realise that the dark brotherhood door changes the handsign at 26:17.

  • HellSpoon

    I want the rainbow glow enchantment.

  • Gerami

    Wait, people quietly hunt elk? I just charge em on a horse and take em down with a sword

  • TheFlyingLampPostGaming

    I’ve watched this like five times I love it!

  • Maveriack-sucks

    This is the best thing ever you have Jizz Zargo

  • General KenoBOI

    The combination being on the key isn't as big of a deal as you think since the doors were made to keep Draugr in and not keep people out... Then again the door is pretty useless, not speaking gamewise, as Draugr that can shout can just shout the door down.

  • Hwelse

    I would pay good money to have a rainbow Daedric outfit and a moaning/barking sword.

  • Fazerecker 27

    This is freaking great and so many people can relate❤️😱

  • Hedgehog0zero

    I need a "protagonist buys a house" video for fallout 4, where the sole survivor buys "home plate"

  • Sebastian Stanton

    Although to be fair, even though they're rare, you might want to prepare for the warebears there. 10/10... o.o dayum

  • KosmoGamer

    *Dragonbron has joined the chat**Acient Dragon has leaved the chat**Legendary Dragon has joined the chat**Dragonborn has leaved the chat*27:48

  • Zrs2

    I’m quite surprised there is no reference to “skimpy armor mods”

  • drdino2002

    I watched this before I got skyrim, then I played it and rewatched this and it all started to make sense

  • cold wind

    You walk at a normal human speed in skyrim when encumbered. It's not the worst

  • Minh KinZ

    don't worry. We've all tried to kill the children... :D

  • Bluesimine

    Breathes fire"Whoa whoa man, take it easy!"Breathes again"Actually I take that back, it's freezing out here"That always made me laugh for some reason

  • Jhon So

    In wish you will make season 2 cause I keep rewatching this

  • Nebulous Vendragon

    God, I love thisFirst off: The Stone of Barenziah loading screen is PERFECTSecond: The "Fus-Roh-Dah" at the table sums up the placement of items for absolutely everybody, I love this video so much. The loading screens are all one hundred percent accurate and each one of them crack me up xD

  • Luka Heart

    Favorite scene is where the guards were like "oh, ooohhh I see what you're saying" dragon born "oh I don't think you do" had me rolling XD

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