The Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody - FULL SERIES

It's about time I did this I guess :) so here it is. Every Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody episode welded together into one long string of laughter and badassery! Enjoy! (For Easter Egg locations please see individual episode descriptions:

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  • seanzoz

    For all you binge watchers out there, I finally made it easy for you. As for the Fallout 4 parody, I should have part 4 out in a week or so :). Enjoy.

  • ronaldojam

    This is fake! This isn't skyrim! We all know that loading screens are way longer than this.

  • Aiden Phoenix YT

    I’m quite surprised there is no reference to “skimpy armor mods”

  • Bluesimine

    Breathes fire"Whoa whoa man, take it easy!"Breathes again"Actually I take that back, it's freezing out here"That always made me laugh for some reason

  • Rose Vampire

    The dark brotherhood door part cracks me up every time. Like I’m rewatching this for the 300th time and it still kills me.

  • Swaggy N'wah

    Just an entire series of the Imperial and the Stormcloak, trying to attract volunteers whilst insulting each other, would be awesome.

  • james poole

    How can 41 minutes feel like 10 ?

  • Unwoven Sleeve

    I love the little details, Like when the Spriggan jumpscares dragonborn and he accidentally shoots an arrow upwards, that's the same arrow that kills her.

  • Davide Bonvicini

    "Apparently I've mixed too many bloods" Hilarious

  • Sierra Davis

    “Did you just give me 100 gold? Is that some kind of down payment?”

  • thesuper hellminator

    Fun fact: The elder scroll in skyrim is not an actual scroll, its listed as a book

  • SB João Victor

    The gay marriage one had me pause the video and laugh for 3 full minutes.

  • David Dixon

    You may have just made me want to play Skyrim again

  • Captain Cairo

    Although to be fair, even thou they are rare, you might want to prepare for the werbears there..Dead

  • Izaya137

    Honestly the best animated series for skyrim

  • The Law

    We let them become dragonsHow do you do thatWe just give them a torch and lead them to the nearest imperial camp

  • Blizzic

    "It's just a bad neighborhood""No it isn't."

  • Jared Young

    "you look like the lead skater in Alduin on Ice" literally my favorite joke

  • Virose 645

    Never have I ever felt so spiritually connected and never have I ever laughed so much from joke after joke, after joke

  • Scarlet Panther

    Person: I hate skyrim. Me:................." Muurdeer Tiime."

  • CrazyFluttershy

    I love the armour progression from ancient garbage to steel then ebony then daedric then dragonbone and NO STALHRIM

  • Stephen Webb

    "What your mama never leveled your speech craft or something?" Classic

  • Vіka G.

    Tolfdir's summary of the college questline is accurate af! My brain filled in all the nouns lol

  • Spedskey

    "Or a Brothel Temple?" "You mean a Bremple?" Killed ME

  • True G

    Can you make an extra episode with the ebony warrior?

  • Mackenzie Grier

    I could watch your videos all day! Oh, I’m sorry I meant all week

  • WolfydaWolf129

    i like the Dragonborn's voice in this

  • VRtual Boy

    This definitely is great. I came here, saw the video length and knew I wouldn't stay for the whole thing on a bunch of fan-made cringe worthy videos. I'm already halfway in without turning away and I'm loving it. The humor is actually very witty, and it hits on so many truths with someone who owns four different copies of Skyrim and has played the shit out of it. Amazing job.

  • Lordrevan 777

    My life time bounty in all holds is over 200,000 because I just go around killing people and I feel like the crimson nirnroot would love me

  • Cole Heckwine

    I wish you did a series about Oblivion

  • LieutenantKhaos

    8:47"Taproot (1) Added"Think ya'll know what went on there.

  • Mr.Music Ninja

    This VIDEO is the BEST one I have EVER SEEN. BEST.SERIES.EVER. :)

  • Hatterspring

    You missed nazeem on the kill list

  • PayaM Sh

    Now if only some of the NPCs in skyrim were nearly as fleshed out as this, I could get myself to finish it 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Soviet Chickens

    Can this be on Netflix?

  • Mr. Headphones

    I want to see the recruiters in the next Elder Scrolls game

  • mistergod3

    they really need to remake skyrim and add either a third faction, or a dlc that enables you to fight against the thal'mor as imperial and finally have all out war against thal'mor.

  • Marcus Cintron

    You know, this is so accurate and funny that it scares me. Filled with great Elder Scrolls memes

  • Whiteboard

    3:09 I can't say that stormclocks have freedom of religion. Becuase they started as the markath nord militia, killing forsworn that fight back because of the nords killing them because of them worshiping demons. The reach was stolen from the forsworn.

  • Martin

    15:37 next thing they attack and they walk through a boulder which rolls and kills you instantly.


    I want the rainbow glow enchantment.

  • Mr Fr1g

    I hope you do these videos when Elder Scrolls 6 comes out. I'm a fan of your animations.

  • Edospher

    Nooo it's perfectly safe COUGH !! " coughs up blood "

  • Bailey Kupisiewicz

    It's such a shame though, that games like this don't let you side with dragons, such a letdown for me

  • xavier beckwith

    Best 41 minutes and 12 second of my life

  • That Random Trash Demon That Killed Vol'jin. HA!

    I just got the hammer/gamer joke, with the kid who was having trouble in school xD (about 14:30)Hammer.... elves are called "mer." Ham + Mer = pig elf. Gamer... oh god. Gay-mer...

  • A Garnet's Advocate

    "You're not talking your way out of this loading screen" 😂😂 lost it at that part

  • Mia Moreno

    While manslayer is really good at editing the characters, its not necessarily related to skyrim. But you...You know how to make this related to skyrim. Well done.

  • Ryan Wilkinson

    This is actually amazing, good job on making these parodies, they are hilarious and they certainly cheer me up on a bad day

  • Yakobed vanPraag

    20:45 gets me every time I see it... murder time! I fuckin love that line. This has to be my 50th time watching this and it never gets old. Thank you sooo much🍻

  • Black Ice

    When the nirn root said murder time.....I lost it 😝

  • DoryuXD

    This is by far the best video i've ever seen!

  • Rissa Renee

    The end is beautiful 😂 I don't know how I'm just stumbling upon this now but I love it.

  • That madScientist

    Kill list 1. Nazeem2. Ulfric3. Every dragur4. All guards that interrupt you

  • alien gaming

    Me has full dragon bone still hasn't gotten that horn for the gray beards

  • Hwelse

    I would pay good money to have a rainbow Daedric outfit and a moaning/barking sword.


    "You humans, all you do is kill things""and why do you think we do that?""because its in your set me up for that"😂😂😂

  • TheGamingPanda

    Honestly this animation is on my top recommendation for people it's just so funny ,"I like watching things die" I love watching plants die now after I watched this a ton of times. Plus the start is so funny but it took a bit to understand the duelwield enchant so frickin funny 10/10 animation keep this animation train Rollin ok

  • therealboss97

    this is masterpiece, half way though i had to open up my old Skyrim save and started playing while i was watching. keep up the amazing work!!!

  • GDC Studios

    I wish dragons were really that easy to impress!

  • koi 23

    30:00 can you actually buy one

  • Commander Colt

    "Although to be fair, even though their rare, you might want prepare for werebears there" nice, made my day..

  • Rafael otaired

    So I've been playing Skyrim like 400hours, and still, I didn't choose any side for the War yet though.

  • Selicer S

    "Basically we are giving them a torch and a map to the nearest imperial camp" oh sht i am dying lol


    Puts on masque of clavicus vile GIVE ME 220....Seems fair

  • Jack Kilidjian

    How am I back here again? And still wanting to make ANOTHER new character?

  • mousek801 Mousek801

    This is the best thing on YouTube.

  • AneyAris Gaming

    OMG I LOVE THIS! XD I feel this on a spiritual level.

  • Jo Tuyor

    "two handed wielding enchantment? Can you even lift a Greatsword?""Greatsword? I never tried it, just helps me when I tinkle!"most underrated joke in the whole series.

  • Crash's Underwear

    Stormcloak Dude: "I mean, who would want to live in a miserable marriage?"Empire Dude: "Exactly."I feel like I'm the only one who gets what was being implied there.

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