What is the Strongest Weapon you can Create in Skyrim?

In our latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video we explain the process for making the strongest weapon that you can create.

You will need the Dragonborn DLC, a stahlrim weapon of your choice, 100 smithing, 100 enchanting, and some other perks from skills like destruction. Prepare yourself to have some fun slaughtering with your new super sword!

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Michael: oldberrychew


  • FudgeMuppet

    There are fantastic additions to the process in comments! We are aware of alchemy/smithing potions and black book effects etc to push it all even further, but we just wanted to make the main points; Stahlrim with chaos/frost damage, increasing the enchantment damage dramatically, and Destruction perks affecting enchantments damage. Leaving you with a very powerful sword.Thanks again guys for watching and working together in the comments, it's really appreciated!Regards,Michael, Scott and Drew

  • HMan Gaming

    "Hmm this sounds quite interesting, I might actually go for it in the next PT"Proceeds to make another stealth archer

  • Alexander Stewart

    My cousins out making the strongest chaos sword of all time and what do I get, Guard Duty.

  • kekyoin

    You know what this means? EXTREME STEALTH ARCHERS!

  • Orkar Isber

    dude...you are so wrong you almost left out alchemy entirely...Here is how you do it:Max Alchemy, Max Enchanting, Max Destruction, max Smithing.Now enchant gear to improve alchemy. brew potions to enhance enchanting. Enchant new alchemy gear with the potions active. create new potions with the new gear and repeat that cycle once more you will now have the best potions for enchanting made with you improve alchemy gear.Now create potions to improve smithing and enchanting with your gear and while you are under effect of potions increasing your alchemy so you get the best possible potions for everything.Now drink the enchchanting potions and enchant smithing gear while wearing enchanting gearNow drink smithing potions and equip smithing gear - and improve gear to legendary +Now drink enchanting potion change to enchanting gear and enchant fire and frost damage on weapon (dragonbone 2 handed sword btw...most damage scaling, it will do more damage than your enchantments)and bam....you now have a weapon able to oneshot dragons. In special if you wear gear that improves your skill or physical damage. That way i ended up dealing 1689 damage per hit not counting the enchantments which if i see correctly is about 3 times as much as you do with your puny toothpick

  • My Name Is No.

    The most powerful weapon in the game is giant club.

  • Ejf Akku

    wear dukaan dragon mask for 25% more frost and caos damage

  • David Boyle

    Just curious, isn't this kinda ruined by the fact that Nords have a natural 50% resistance to frost and most of the human enemies you encounter are Nords, also it doesn't do much against Ice wraiths, Ice trolls, Ice atronachs and Draugr.

  • Uomo Pianola

    No you are wrong the strongest weapon is the wood sword

  • mikeunleashed1


  • Daniel

    if the stahlrim sword treats the chaos enchantment as if it was a frost enchantment and therefore affects fire and shock damage as well, then that's pretty much an exploit...

  • Russian trooper

    Stahlrim might be strong to everyone else but i'll stick to my dragon bone sword thank you

  • Turco949

    Imho, the most powerful weapon is a wooden sword soaked in troll piss and then baked with dragon farts.

  • Chibi Mant

    Everybody is talking about the restoration loop, but I'm just wondering why a sword? A mace could ignore 75% of armor. (Plus wasn't it this channel that said don't get the sword critical perks because they're terrible?)

  • Zeto

    Sooo, this is a strong sword... but can it kill Nazeem?

  • Xiper Festrux

    Chaos enchantments are bugged, from the UESP wiki it reads: "For custom enchantments, the damage value shown in the enchantment description is correct only for the shock damage. The magnitudes of the fire and frost damage effects stored in any custom enchantment are always 10, regardless of enchantment strength bonuses, Enchanting skill, soul gem size, or strength slider setting."

  • Rene D

    ...I think I'll just enchant paralyze instead....

  • Feudal Pig

    How to make a stronger weapon1. The enchant-alchemy now has a limit (if im wrong then sorry I have SSE unofficial patch)2. Dragonborn dlc Black books3. Notched Pick4. falmer helmet can be used with a circletBonus (kind of) Make an armor set with fortify 1 handedConclusion: I reached a stalrim mace displaying over 130... because it couldnt show 1300

  • Lucid

    drinking game: take a shot every time he says "percent"

  • GrinFlash

    So many people spell Stalhrim wrong!It's Stalhrim NOT Stahlrim

  • Lord Haberdasher

    3:35 The Stalhrim Effect, sequel to The Butterfly Effect. Coming to theaters on 6 Suns Height 4E 227.

  • Biblo Pogromca Siurumuna


  • Official SeamlessR

    You talkin about weapons 🤣 Just turn into a werewolf duh

  • Nathan

    The forsworn woman in the intro at 0:03 looks so terrified. I've never seen that kind of expression on an npc in the 5+ years I've been playing Skyrim. She looks so scared and sad. It's kinda messing with me.

  • Richard Peterson

    and yeah, anything above 300 damage or so needs an exploit like fudge said. I don't see what the big deal about with or without exploit is, it's not like these loop holes are anything new, and they don't crash the game, and in my opinion, some, like potion loop actually take quite a bit of work and time to pull off correctly. so it's not as much of an exploit as it is an advanced strategy. your simply using the tools your given to it's fullest capacity. if that's cheating to you then stop playing games.

  • Zombie Prodigy

    Biggest clickbait ever. You can get way higher damage than this...

  • Malgath

    u change player name to the STRONGEST WEAPON ? hahahaha

  • Mamiya645

    Catching up on my Skyrim knowledge before the PSVR version nolifes me for real, thanks!

  • Harold Atlas

    Would the Necromage effect help him get a slight increase to the enchanting if he was a vampire?

  • RandomSubject

    Never played skyrim before. Why am I watching this

  • mia Nelson

    There is only one true question, how many hits to kill the strongest enemy?

  • Kyle Stull

    This is entirely not true... You need to use alchemy as well as your enchanting then continue to go back and forth between those two so you can make very high level potions as well as enchant your gear very high...

  • Moo Poo

    If you wear armor that has a total of 100% destruction cost reduction you don't have to recharge your weapons

  • OnlineShopping

    Drinking game:Take a shot every time he says 'enchant'.

  • Kaine Peterson

    Wouldn't a stalhrim dagger be the best? Applying those enchantments more often while only taking a slight hit in base damage

  • rockymonkeyboi 500and1minus1

    That's interesting what I've got is simply a dragon bone Warhammer is enchanted with paralyzing and I've got powerful two handed enchantments on armor which takes it to 359 damage and the chance of paralyzing is for 2 seconds plus when they fall and try to get up. But anyways I like the video

  • Ja Wh

    And here I was thinking my +10 ice damage on a superior ebony mace was good

  • Ur friendly neighbourhood suka

    We've had the Ebony Warrior,now we have the Stahlrim Warrior :D

  • Yomoamus nane

    Even if it's not on the list, my Master sword from the Nintendo switch version of the game, is my MAIN weapon lol

  • bacd 1990

    Gonna need some 20 levels more for this power.

  • Many Several

    This is similar to how i like to enchant my wooden swords, nothing funnier than killing a dragon with a wooden sword!

  • Hamarbi Ljungskile

    Take a shot every time he says "enchant".

  • 감자

    there is also a potion for enchanting improvement.so you have to make enchanting/smithing potion first and enchant your armors and make a potion again and do enchant again and repeat this again and again.after that the % of the improvements goes to limit and now you can make the most powerful weapon in the skyrim.don't forget to use a smithing potion before you improve your weapon.

  • Ant Orta

    i can tell you wuurthud is powerful

  • Connor Green

    Yeah but... windshear is so good though.

  • Chris Rigney

    so did your version of Skyrim not come with the Alchemy skill tree to make even stronger Fortify Smithing and Enchanting potions? that seems like a pretty massive oversight if you're going to make a video about crafting the strongest weapon in the game without mods or exploits.

  • KatozRippla

    Then all you need to do is create another one and then go on a dual wield slaying spree and one hit everyone you see...

  • Yawnos Mannonen

    if you want to properly increase the effects of this, you need to make yourself into a vampire and get the necromage perk under restoration first before you get the perk in the destruction tree as this will amply the effects of all of those perks by 25% it will also do this to all the magic item you equip, and as such your enchanting will be more powerful and so will the weapon once you equip it.

  • Amy Carter

    I would most definitely put that on a bow, since my main is a sniper archer.

  • Your _ death _ 23

    It would be even better with alchemy

  • Camerz

    FudgeMuppet couldn't you of used Blacksmith's Elixir for a 50% increase when upgrading weapons and armour to increase the damage of the sword in general? the sword could've had over 100 damage just without the enchantments. combined with the 300+ damage with enchantments, etc, did you forget about that or didn't it allow you to upgrade it with the elixir?

  • David Connelly

    I don't understand why people dislike just don't watch it

  • Pat From Plymouth

    1.4k noobs who didn’t have the endurance to create Daedric armour.

  • Richard Peterson

    by the way, fudge does work hard on bringing us the best possible content, so be an all star, lend him a sub and a thumbs up if you find such guides and tutorials helpful. it will help keep him in business to keep helping us.

  • PDMxRage

    Without game breaking mechanics, got it

  • Brennen Warnes

    I killed Alduin in one hit with an iron knife

  • Harrowed One

    I’ve always preferred fire soul trap and flames on a Daedric Warhammer because of the preliminary bonus damage because the targets on fire from fire soul trap, then the flames to bonus damage because they’re already on fire. Then I go all out two handed, heavy armour and magic resistance buffs on my armour, plus the lord stone to further negate pesky mages... we’re looking at over 250 base damage without factoring in weapon enchantments here.Of course I always name my hammer Letztes Licht, or Last Light. Best part is it doesn’t require DLC!

  • Ugly Casanova

    Or you can just move the difficulty down like everyone else does. This just makes the game boring.

  • Brian Orr

    Lol, so easy to become a god and do so much damage in Skyrim, this video being one way. Magic also is OP.

  • Green

    Now make a Legend27 skyrim build with this.

  • Rodger_ Snake

    meanwhile my naked nord uses a fork that does 1million + damage XD

  • Z3r0


  • ZetaNiGHT

    so. this is a very cool idea. However I noticed you took the extra effect perk, but did not explain what secondary effect to put on the weapon. Is extra effect even necessary, or is the extra effect just meant to be whatever your preference is?

  • 3Eni

    Equipping the Notched pickaxe will increase Smithing, so that could be something to add.

  • ZHC

    Sad seeing farengar again... He is one of my favorite characters, but in my game, he mysteriously died. I found his remains in an urn in the hall of the dead and I have no idea how he died.

  • Freddygotfingered

    steel weapons are the strongest

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