Sam's Story Time : Draw My Life

It's a real goddamn sob story i tell ya what.
Brandon's Channel:
  • Erik Draven

    One of the only "Draw My Life" videos that I've seen that wasn't depressing

  • DingoWaffle

    I swear, Sam is one of those people (top of my list) who deserves way more subs than PewDiePie

  • NELSoN

    i died when he said milk silos

  • Watchyourprofanity.

    Yeah.....our family's first computer looked like it was painted in smokers teeth white. Piece of shit couldn't even run Runescape classic.

  • Crazy_Biscuits

    I still have a cream coloured PC. :/

  • mitchel scharf

    i spit water on my screen when u said big ol' milk silos

  • Bob Jones

    The story of how you and Abby met s so romantic and inspiring.

  • Wat

    There is no way this is two years old. Damn I remember watching this on the day you posted it. Add "married" to this, nerdsauce <3

  • MultiLelde

    Ive never watched any draw my life videos, because they're a stupid youtube trend, but i'll watch yours sam.

  • Mushroom Smuggler

    Do another series with abby Sam. We want

  • mong morg

    The General lives in the same state as me... my life is complete.

  • Billy Calkins

    Sam you should remake the vids of you trying the Cracker Barrel food. And the one of you and Abby playing Dead Space 2. 

  • Thee Ol' Boozeroony

    You and your community is the best thing on YouTube since years.

  • TubbyGeneration135

    "My hero Geoff from Achievement Hunter" Sam, I love you. 

  • Spencer Diaz

    Nice Napoleon dynamite music.

  • Kai michage

    Well you know what they say the internet is for maybe thats why the early pc's were CREAM colored HEHHHHHH

  • ZombieDeadPOOL

    Top people that are not shitty in my point of view. 1. General Sam123 or General Sam for short. 2. The Scatsbury or Lord Scatsbury and 3. Soviet Womble. These guys that you should see and buy their merchandises.

  • Yaydolf Sniffler

    reported, left-handed, uncultured swine.

  • ShadowHunter120

    Oh awesome I feel less alone about being left handed.

  • Core Voltage

    Did he ever finish middle school?

  • John Matthew

    Amazing job Sam, 0 Dislikes.

  • bobwert5

    Enjoyed it. Finally a draw my life that wasn't depressing.

  • Twisted Streams

    you sir, have made my nipples swell with laughter, you have earned a sub :D

  • skelvator1

    I am sad to say, I took a shit in the urinals once.  I really had to take a shit so I ran to the restrooms in 1st grade and I almost shit myself so I threw my pants down on my knees and shat in the urinals.  I had no idea what I was thinking.

  • JEGV

    Sam ure my favorite Youtuber  :D :D :D

  • Heleching Ya

    Why do you swear so much you swear 1000% more than pewdiepie

  • I Smoke Irit

    I popped a chub when I heard you say kar98 from cod 2

  • Danny Bates

    I watched this "TAKING A SHIT"(¤_⊙)

  • Zack Ablett

    So big womb, Golden eye dad, Diablo 2 ,tig ol' bitties and a YouTube partnership .... Sounds like a pretty good life

  • Christian Magno

    Hey look at that we're both left handed

  • Aaron Hanson

    I'm a little disappointed you didn't use the word 'shekels' in this

  • xXMinniNinJaXx

    There was a mystery urinal shitter in my school as well. Maybe the cases are connected?

  • Jess Monica

    Oh he's left handed?

  • PleaseDavid


  • It's just Driver

    spoiler alert you and abbey are still together, and you dont get hole in the shower one night.

  • Adolf Shitler

    my nipples bled after watching this masterpeice

  • blarghinatelazer

    :D That Achievement Hunter lookup though

  • Howiethief

    Can't believe you didn't mention me :o First sub you played with! Good video ;D

  • edbeaner 5

    re-watched this shit and the jew lord hasn't changed except his vids are a bit better

  • HDCrazzy1

    Sam you're a sexy beast! ;)

  • Der Kaiser

    Wow you look so Jewish in the thumbnail.

  • lightertaylor

    You're left handed O.o That's the first thing I noticed... I have no problem with that but I really don't understand how that is possible... left hands O.o It just weirds me out.Great vid btw. ^_^

  • Memelord Meyer

    I like how the music is from Napoleon Dynamite

  • Fabian Brown

    At 0:22 I thought he had drawn his own torso, right before he drew the baby

  • Jack Ferris

    Wat u know Geoff Ramsey I never knew that

  • Hailey \TheTroll\ Elizabeth

    can I like it twice???

  • Really, really, really long name that is really pointless but you are still reading it

    I have a cream colored PC.... even though when I bought it, it was black. Weird..

  • #GrappleGang Ascendant FlaK

    Hmm watching this in 2020

  • Mat Martin

    Been here since pre-skyrim interesting places, and damn pround of it.

  • Magnun Kobiashi


  • izzie soto


  • Timothye But the e is silent

    im watching this in 2016, he has not changed one bit, still a greedy jew(skyrim vid)

  • Sam

    6k to 500k what a journey

  • 5’6 Tyler1

    4 years later and now look at his channel

  • the true meme king

    Imagine general Sam joining the let's play family

  • Noah Herdman

    Sam is left handed apparently!

  • XLBZ

    im watching cause i wanted to see if wrangler star was your secret dad

  • Google Aids

    That first joke about having a lot of room was on family guy.

  • Aleksey Pershin

    So he married the gal he dated since like 14 years? that IS neat

  • Christian Van Iten

    For those actually wondering; PCs were all cream-colored because they were supposed to be non-intrusive in offices. Eventually, companies like IBM and Apple stopped caring about office codes and released black colored PCs. All other manufacturers soon followed suit, and now you can't even buy a cream colored PC.

  • Shameless Autism

    "I don't have that gamer blood in me"

  • Josey

    520,000 subscribers later...

  • Barrett Tieman

    These days I can finally have a ketchup colored modern pc.

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