4 Awesome Mods to make Vampires in Skyrim SUPER FUN!

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In our latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video we show you 4 of our favorite mods to make Vampires super fun in Skyrim.

Better Vampires: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1925/?
Better Vampire NPCS: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/9510/?
Fangs and Eyes: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6842/?
Sacrosanct: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3928/?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth main installment in The Elder Scrolls series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011.

The game's main story revolves around the player character and their quest to defeat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. The videogame is set two hundred years after the events of Oblivion, and takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim. Over the course of the game, the player completes quests and develops the character by improving skills. The game continues the open world tradition of its predecessors by allowing the player to travel anywhere in the game world at any time, and to ignore or postpone the main storyline indefinitely.

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  • Mike, from Texas

    Now do Werewolf Mods!!!

  • Your friendly Neighborhood Faggot

    I guess you could say... these mods suck

  • Aɪdeɴ

    Imagine being a immortal vampire almighty and powerful and then you suck on someone that has aids.

  • Youngerhampster

    ughh. Don't use better vampires and sacrosanct together. using better vampires basically disables most of sacrosanct and cuts it down to just a perk tree, which is a such a waste of a much larger mod. Pick one or the other.

  • Connor Creighton

    Only a commie would choose vampires in skyrim -Gandhi

  • Sebastian Myburgh

    I want a mod that changes the appearance of the Vampire Lords depending on race

  • robert f

    Unmodded vampires are beyond awful, Bethesda severely dropped the ball even with the vampire improvements of dawnguard. Literally unplayable without mods. Vampires are more of a player enjoyment aspect of the game, seeing as there's no reason to be a vampire whatsoever. you don't even notice 25% sneak bonus since sneak is the most broken attribute in the game and any stealth character worth playing will use illusion anyway so the added spells are useless. Hence why you need mods to make it worthwhile and to offset the disadvantages.

  • Nighthearted

    Sacrosanct isn't really compatible with Better Vampires. There's a patch for them to work together, but what it does is give you all of Sacrosanct powers at once (which feels like a cheat) and gets rid of all the roleplaying aspects of Sacrosanct - which's what makes Sacrosanct so great in the first place. And even with the patch, the experience still feels wonky and glitchy (they're different vampire overhauls after all). So just pick one or the other. To me Sacrosanct is better because of the roleplaying - which was largely neglected in this video (probably because the uploader's using said patch anyway). I like Sacrosanct's spells/perks much more as well, plus it's much lighter on the scripts and has a better compatibility overall (both of which are essential for people using many mods).

  • Wirr Ling

    Mhm. Nice. Really. It just feels..somewhat strange to be a vampiredragonborn. Something like a burning icecube

  • JokeReloader

    The Khajiit's ability is probably the worst one of them all, I wish they could have something like using their claws absorbs a small bit of health or magicka even in the vampire lord form. That would be cool

  • James Garratt

    vampires are a challenging build in my opinion especially from a role-playing perspective

  • Nelox

    Can you make a Necromancer Mod List.

  • Sir Sir

    I really wish I had a pc that could handle Skyrim and mod the shit out of it.

  • The Glass Warrior

    You know what I'm going to say.

  • gottfrid grubb

    oh im erly let me tell a joke o i know creation club....

  • Crappy Gamer Kid

    wowi just started a vampire characternoice

  • Adonan the Stoic

    I thought the garlic fearing thing was a myth?

  • TheTombstone1973

    Sacrosanct is not compatible with better vampires, the patch gets rid of just about everything outside of vampire lord form.

  • logan hammered

    i’m assuming a modded vampire build is coming soon..

  • sk8legendz

    i wish they had kept the whole people attacking you when you are blood starved with the dawnguard.. that alone gives incentive to feed. otherwise its like why waste the 100% frost resistance

  • Tatsusama

    Is there a mod that makes you sparkle in the sun?....

  • ShadowmarkReturns

    Is there a mod that adds more vampire factions, like the three different ones in Morrowind and being turned by them gives you bonuses depending on the faction that changed you?

  • Kate Devils

    It makes no sense to me that vampires would be strongest when they're starving. I despise it. I always look for mods to reverse it.

  • OG Haze

    We need a mod that can allow us to turn our followers into Lords/Werewolves... I wouldn't mind if bethesda put it in the CC

  • Ghost Zorro

    One thing you forgot to mention about sacrosanct is that you feed on powerful mortals to gain new powers (the last one being daywalker)

  • Manuel Hernandez

    I want you guys to do a Zelda build in honor of Skyrim releasing on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow.

  • Gamer Personal

    I want a mod where you can turn your followers into a Werewolf or a Vampire Lord, and be able to command them to transform into a beast or human in any time.Or even the regular NPC... A mod where you can build your own Vampire Lord or Werewolf pack, ask the citizen if they would like to join to your pack, and then starting a ceremony where you're welcoming a new member of your pack.

  • ryotigergirl

    werewolf mod would be cool.

  • TykeishaDoYouLoveMe

    Better Vamps is dog shit compared to sacrosanct

  • Deryl Lovecraft

    New roleplay build idea Dark DragonbornIf this is already a build that I don’t know about please tell me

  • Bomb_Boy567

    RIP me, PS4 life is hard

  • kokichi ouma

    hang on aren't sacrosanct and better vampires incompatible enai said it himself

  • Nathan Vander Loop

    please do modded "is it worth it ?" videos

  • Devin Romero

    you guys are one of the best channels on youtube. I only found you guys a month ago but I've watched ever video. I love your skyrim videos the most. I've played so many of your builds. you'll always have a fan in me. keep up the badass work!!

  • Mental Cow

    You uploaded this video a day after i start my modded vampire run...... are you psychic?

  • lara unggo

    Werewolves > Vampires

  • otakureiss

    I am playing a full mage high elf and coming up to the dawn guard stuff but I still don't see a reason to become a vampire. I hate the micromanage of sunlight and feeding so you can enter towns. Werewolf is just guards say you smell bad and you can't sleep.

  • White Flags Fly

    Play at 0.5 speed and he sounds drunk

  • Nick Moore

    Is there any mods which add to the different types of vampire in the lore? Like you could come across a little girl who turns out to be a wood elf vampire from that one clan you made a build on.

  • ItzYoBoiSatan

    First mod and last mod don't work together

  • AValiantSoul

    Question: will these mods interfere with each other? Cause it seems like the first and last mods would...

  • gage yaple

    Please do a worth it? Perk series for ordinator perk overhaul

  • Kos4Evr

    Ah modders, the ones you make skyrim great. Not great again, mind you as whole it was fun it was not great.

  • MrWhosaskin1

    Better Vampires is an absolute essential mod for me when playing a vampire. I would also highly recommend Grimoas Vampire Lord, which makes the vampire lord form look way better. And for those without Special Edition, there's also a version of Fangs and Eyes called BVFE by the same author, but they only come in red not the other colors in the Special Edition version.

  • Ankhu

    Boi have you ever played Daggerfall? You gotta feed to keep your sweet bonuses there. xD This reverse progression thing didn't pop up until Oblivion.

  • Kyle McManus

    What one was the big vampire lord mod

  • TheCowshow

    Could You Do a werewolf one ?

  • JokeReloader

    Does these mods exist on Xbox 1, I would really like an answer

  • Never Nevernerfed

    Vampire race should have "suggestion" to use to lure people to the shadows for feeding.

  • Nathan Green

    I cant tell you how badly i want you guys to do a new, ultra modded, mega immersive, possibly vampiric, role playing lets play!

  • Gordon Weintraub

    7:08 You're welcome

  • moise roberto

    being a vampire in skyrim is fun and it got more attention than WEREWOLF so this section can really use some upgrades (more than 4 for sure)

  • Scott FS77

    I have the Better Vampires mod, and yeah, never going back to vanilla Skyrim anytime soon, but I can't get the Vampire Lord Overhaul mod due to conflicts with my other mods that I already have installed. I had to delete Alternate Start because it kept breaking my quests. I also have very little modding experience, so it could also be my lack of knowledge on how mods work.

  • tjdiddy

    Sacrosanct is so broken. Wouldn't recommend.

  • Paljit Singh

    Are these mods available on the Xbox One?

  • Diana The Best

    Oh , I can smell your blood !!

  • AValiantSoul

    I love the trolliness that Sacrosanct addss to kahjit, since cats are trolls... it just fits them

  • Mr mean

    can u do oblivion builds

  • Bronas

    Great list, are you going to do the same thing for werewolfs?

  • MrDino

    Do one for werewolves!

  • Angry Devil Gamer

    Vampires are only good at being mages or assassins.

  • Clyde Young

    Do a skyrim remastered VR build

  • Razvion

    So in other words those mods will make your vampire ''suck'' more ?

  • DrIvanRadosivic

    that i great and all, but what aobut Dawnguard getting some cool stuff too?

  • rusty stealberg

    Are better vampire and sacrosanct compatible?

  • Quentin Murdoch

    Hello friend, you want a real snack eh ?.

  • Jordan Bishop

    Y'all should do a play through with these mods

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