Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details That You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 13)

Skyrim is a game with no shortage of Easter eggs, hidden secrets and clever references. It has so many of these, that despite six years since it's launch and around four re-releases, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim just might still be hiding things from us. So today we take a look at yet another 10 tiny details that you may still have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5.

Outro Song: Good Ol' Days - Martin Landh

    Its the year 2077, the world was ravaged by the bombs decades ago. The remnants of mankind just now managed to form communities and rebuild civilization. Few places have electricity and even fewer have computers. But those who do, formed a communication network to help them rebuild, not unlike the internet of old. To their surprise, the survivors just received a video from an unknown sender titled: Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details That You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 475).

  • LeTheGenD

    I love how alive this game is even after so many years!

  • Jack Mehov

    I got a small detail I didn't notice until this weekend when I started playing again after 3 years. Inside fort Dunstar is a Tavern called Stumbling Sabercat. After entering the Stumbling Sabercat there is a fireplace, Sabercat on the wall above fire, head cocked sideways and a bottle of Alto Wine in it's mouth.

  • afert

    9:24 it's a tauntaun , Nate , a tauntaun

  • Tenko van der Kuip

    Were there actualy people that hadn't killed Alduin before the DB DLC?

  • CaelanQuart

    Damn what amount of episodes of this series yal think he we reach

  • Patryk Rogala

    Hey, how's it going Nate, it's guys here.

  • MrLightningZs

    Link to tinder haha 10:13

  • Kay •

    It’s serANA, not SerENA

  • TheKrcko

    There are more dialogues on Miraak when you meet him.He can also say: Yes, you have slain a great many dragons, and yet...This triggers if you have lot of dragon souls absorbed, but not Alduin defeated.

  • Dominik Greene

    Was so close to ripping Nate a new one over the Fallout "Ghosts" part... Realized he corrected himself right then and there. Or did he?... Was it intentional? To troll the observant viewer? Only the grains of thyme will say for sure. For now.....LET'S GET HIM!!!

  • Florian

    I want you to never stop making these. unless you get a burnout and don't want to make them anymore

  • poodermun

    I think the mammoth and skeleton is a reference to the bible Story where Jonah is swallowed by a whale/big fish for 40 days and nights. But this guy forgot to pack food.

  • MaiizePoNd

    Affland Nate i think you mean alftand

  • Sephra Reyes

    If I remember correctly, hermaeus mora appears differently before and after you download the dragonborn dlc. Before, I think he just appears as a purple swirl, but after you download the dlc, he appears green with bubbles and tentacles. Anyone else experience that different and can back it up?

  • MrLightningZs

    I didt realize how early i was until half way through the video I checked and saw only 1 view...

  • Johnnythefirst

    Dude, still you're finding stuff I never saw. Pretty impressive to be honest.

  • KatelynNeko

    4:25 SerREna?! Seriously Nate? You, of all people, should know her name is SerRAna.... Shame shame shame...

  • Chicken Little

    After killing Grelod the Kind, the children will run towards the body and cheer you on, and say things like,"Yes, Grelod the Kind is finally dead!",and,"I can't believe it! Grelod is dead! She's really dead!", and," and so on and so forth.But, if you kill Constance Michel, they will run away from you and say things like,"I hope monsters come and eat you.", and,"I hate you!", and,"Get away from me!".I thought this was a neat little easter egg showing their hate for Grelod the Kind and fondness over Constance Michel.Like so he can see.

  • Jake the Mealer ,

    If you kill a child’s parents, and wait long enough you may adopt the childP.s a good example is with the Carolina or whatever her name is in white run and her child

  • HotaruRed

    when I heard "smooth skin" from the crazy khajiit I stepped back and went: "wait, wrong game."

  • Remix71

    I haven't seen all of the previous videos so I'm not sure if you covered Hermaeus Mora mentioning you defeating Miraak if you do the Ohgma Infinium quest after Dragonborn.

  • ZHC

    My female character was killed by arondil. Everyone would probably have been really disappointed to find out that the Dragonborn, who was beginning a journey to save the world, had been killed and raped by some dude.

  • Bill Jacot

    somebody arrest this man. this is too much.

  • IDarkIV

    I need to ask you to stop.. These.. Details! Are making people hyped to play skyrim again..

  • Deli S

    Never run out of tiny details!

  • Ballin Balgruuf

    I had the dead thrall spell, When i killed arondil i made him my dead thrall and kept him naked and everytime he dies or when im in a mood to kill him, i just raise him again. he's a good training dummy

  • Gamer Core

    10:10 nice hole in the lower leg there.

  • Rae Orsolino

    That madwoman ran to me whilst I was running down a Mountain... she was fcking yelling "wabajack" continuously... I freaked tf out

  • chomage

    When you enter the Yngvild throne room there is a soul gem on a pedestal next to Arondil. If you sneak and steal that it cuts of his control over the ghosts and they attack him. It's a small bit of justice for those unfortunate women.

  • Z is for Zorua

    Skyrim to other people: Large but limitedSkyrim to this guy: SKYRIM IS A HUGE GAME.

  • ShadewDonger

    who still plays a male character in 2017? lol

  • EdgyDoggo902

    If you attempt to do the Stormcloak quest line prior to beginning the main quest line, then Balgruuf will state that there will have to be a brief peace until the dragon problem is dealt with. You will have to kill Mulmurnir (I don't think I spelled that right) before you can complete the quest, "A Message to Whiterun."

  • Thelatvian Gamer

    About J'darr, i think his speech changes, when you enter as khajiit.

  • Erik Bolivar

    In hollyfrost farm east of Windhelm there are a couple of dogs with unique names

  • Revan The Dragon

    Vore is now canon in Skyrim

  • ChasmaHyena

    What's wrong with pet cemeteries?

  • Carol Habicht

    Those dragon shout word wall eulogies are a fantastic detail! These are the kind of things that make me love the Elder Scrolls series. It really shows the effort they put into things that most players will never even notice but the ones that do are thoroughly impressed by how much depth it adds to the world. I hope to see more of this in future installments of TES.

  • LouderthantheDJ

    Please keep going if you can, my dude, I love these videos

  • Comrade Pootis

    At 0:39, what's the mod that adds the little event thing in the top left hand corner? It looks cool!

  • Noah Toy

    “Calipers are basically over glorified tongs.” Nope. Tongs help you hold things and calipers help you measure things.

  • Famix

    4 re-releases? Whatchu smokin, man.SkyrimSkyrim Special EditionSkyrim Nintendo SwitchLegendary edition wasn't a re-release, if that's what you're talking about, it was a bundle. Even with it, we only get 3 re-releases

  • Meister Master

    I like the one with the CHEESECAKE.

  • Gopnik The destroyer

    Another detail you may have not yet noticed is that when riding a dragon when attempting to target something but there is nothing to attack there is a chance the dragon may refer to you by the name of the dragon priest mask you are wearing I know it works with krosis I learned this when riding miraak’s dragon

  • Pregnant Fallout

    Can someone explain what is obvouis? For the ones we dont speak a correct english thanks? at minute 3:58

  • Peregrination

    You can still find Irileth and follow the new Riverwood guards even if you stay with Balgruf. The next time you near the Whiterun entrance the Irileth's scene triggers. I don't fast travel usually, but I wouldn't be surprised that if you fast travel between these events the Irileth scene won't trigger.

  • EmperorZarikar

    "4 bloody re-releases!"Wait what? That makes 5 releases total! Skyrim...Skyrim Legendary Edition and SSE....I only count 3, which ones am I missing?

  • Pseudowudoh

    Still waiting on that Tinder account, Nate.

  • Bill Schmalz

    1:11 you missed a small part of that, the wood pile outside of town, south side, turns into a fire with sleeping bags are set around it for the guards.

  • Rafael Carreira

    I really like minecraft easter egg (the pickaxe on the top of that huge mountain that i don't remeber the name XD)

  • Khalil Heron

    In the pond in shadow green cavern there is the skeleton on a mammoth who somehow squeezed through the opening of the cave but couldn’t get back out but if you look closely at the bottom of the pond there is a skeleton with a sword and shield and a few health potions who seemed to have some trouble fighting off the mammoth

  • Supreme Britain

    I'm curious is Nate British?

  • Armyguy 47

    You should do a other 10 secrets in fallout 4

  • sir1junior

    There was a Dwemer flying Machine found in Morrowinds Bloodmoon DLC

  • Exploji Daawsome

    Decides to post a video about another 10 tiny details in Skyrim while im sitting here playing Oblivion

  • EmperorZarikar

    I always get sad thinking about J'darr, gone mad and still talking to his now deceased brother...WHY does something so depression have to be part of the main quest? Why can't I just ignore it and play through the rest of the game?

  • Myuni

    3:22 perfect retribution for this guy is if you sneak up behind him and steal the Soul Gem on the pedestal next to him, all his ghost slaves will attack him

  • Windhelm Guard

    actually irileth and the guards walking the distance is not an outlyer, all the stormcloak soldiers you save from imperial soldiers or thalmor agents will actually attempt to jurney to windhelm, few ever make it tha tfar because they are usually killed by the local wildlife (because they aren't wearing armour) but if you follow them arround and kill any hostiles before they get to him, the stormcloak soldier will, eventually reach windhelm.same happens with malborn if he manages to escape the thalmor embassy alive.miraaks introduction also changes when you have slain a lot of dragons, he drops the "a few" if you have killed more than ten dragosn and he adds "many" if you have slain more than 25.

  • Nickey is Bored

    The swallowed skeleton could be a refrence to the midget who was swallowed by an elephant after being shot out of a cannon.

  • sedriensmorgasbord

    10:12 Mmmm... Now I know why this armor is one of your favorites.

  • hatsjer

    At 0:35 were there some notifications in the top left. Which mod is that?

  • Koark

    If you join the thieves guild and attack the one girl who basically runs Riften, can’t remember her name, it will say “You have assaulted a member of the Theives Guild”. This implies she is a part of the thieves guild, but the thieves guild hates her.If part of the thieves guild quest line, then I didn’t remember this.

  • tear of randomness

    What is the mod he uses to make the game look better



  • Tsanko Nedelchev

    Do you like have a condition and can't remember any names cuz i don't think i've ever heard you pronounce a single name correctly in any of your vids

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