Skyrim - Top 5 Hardest Decisions

I don't think it's necessary for me to eat him, is it?.. Here, I list my Top 5 Hardest Decisions in Skyrim. These choices will influence what you think were the best endings to a quest, or event, and hopefully you can live with yourself afterwards. I also do other Top 5s, like Skyrim secrets. There are secret locations, even secret enemies and quests to be found. Which usually lead to weird theories or your own fan theory.

Since I'm on PC, I love the Skyrim new mods. There are quest mods and companion mods that are outstanding. They definitely make creating character builds, or looking for rare encounters and mysteries, or even the hardest boss, a lot more fun. Careful of any weird deaths you may have, though.

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  • Madison Lewis-Bennett

    I ate the priest, saved Saadia, killed all three prisoners, let Cicero live, and I refuse to kill Paarthinax. I've also done reverse play thrus. And mixed it up playing ultimate good and ultimate evil play thrus... Wow I've played this game too much.

  • Grigoriy Dubrov

    Well, isn't the hardest decision is about who to follow in the beginning of the game to escape?!Guy from stormcloack or empire

  • Bruz the Chopper

    Anyone who killed Paarthurnax is No Friend of mine and if I was to ever Encounter you. I'd wait till you Die and Spit on your Grave Because anyone who kills this Dragon is no Better than Alduin.  Also #ForTheEmpire #DeathToTheStormcloaks  Also One last thing Any Nord who Joins the Stormcloaks isn't no Real Nord.

  • Dav1d15196

    I think killing Paarthurnax is wrong because he was force by Alduin to fight with people and then he choose to be peaceful and mindful and he want to change dragons to their better nature. "What is better ? To be born good or overcome your evil nature through great effort" - Paarthurnax. Like come on guys he is freaking enlightenment dragon ! :D

  • Maxx Curtis

    Graenolf's hardest decision was deciding whether or not to make another video about BARRELS!!

  • Allen Fox

    Hardest decision ever... Greymane or Battleborn

  • silentXVI

    My hardest decision is whether to be a sexy woman or a badass man

  • Donovan Fry

    The hardest decision marry Lydia or download a mod to marry serana.

  • The Atom Cat

    I thought he was about to say “but damn this chick is hot” about Paathurnax. XD

  • Mr. Jingles

    But what if kematu and the alikr set up a fake urn for the jarls men so the citizens of whiterun dont ask questions on why she disappeared, it was a secret operation and how come hulda (saadias boss) never mentions her disappearance

  • The Crazy Monster

    I killed the Jester for his clothes.

  • Bruno Veloso

    Astrid: "You can only leave here when someone die!"The last Dragonborn, Archmage of the college of winterhold,Dragon slayer,the one who ended the civil war of Skyrim,Harbinger of the companions, champion of all daedric princes, thane of all 9 holds,master of the thu'um,leader of the thieves guild, the freaking, main, character : "is that so?"

  • Danny Feast

    Aha 😂 “we’ve been through a lot with Mario, ugh parthurnax”

  • Kodiak AussieArt

    I tried to kill Paarthurnax, but I couldn't do it. He's just a solid, good dude

  • tanjinpang

    Hardest decision: Whether to lie for Faendal or Sven...

  • antobosss720 xx

    I think killing the gourmet is really sad innocent chef

  • Gustaf Salomonsson

    4000+ hours of skyrim and i have never killed Paarthunax

  • Giggles

    I L L M A K E S U R E Y O U R R E M A I N S G E T S E N T B A C K

  • Mr. Classy

    D A M N T H I S C H I C K I S H O T

  • Wali Adeeb

    With Parthurnaax, the decision becomes far easier once you realise that Delphine is trying to manipulate the dragonborn into doing what she wants.The Blades are sworn to serve the dragonborn and if the dragonborn thinks its okay to keep Big Old Dragon Master around, the Blades need to shut their faces and watch.

  • No Thanks

    “I just met you and you already want me to kill someone” That’s what the dark brotherhood is 😂

  • Get Demonetized

    Deciding weather not to kill paarthinax is easy the greybeards are the most wise people in Skyrim and they think of him as their leader and see him as a good force so killing him would render itself useless

  • Michael O'Dell

    Save priest, kill the Dark Brotherhood, listen to Kematu, and save Parthurnaax.

  • Brandon G

    I can confirm that if you hand over Saadia, you get attacked by some Thalmor later on. One has the note you mentioned.

  • Neko Chan

    I could NEVER kill matter what he’s done. Just being honest, pls don’t hurt me...

  • Gatica

    Killing Alae Quintas is killing 7 people with one arrow, you have now forsaken the six children of this widow to go on without their mother, their only support in this war torn country.Sure, they might be sent to the orphanage, but there's no guarantee of that, and even the orphanage isn't much of a consolation.That's why despite her venomous tongue I couldn't bring myself to kill her, I didn't want to think of hunger or death or mistreatment befalling 6 innocent children because I took their mothers life on a whim over my bruised ego.

  • Jetisan

    Parthurnaax was a very easy choice for me. Yea obviously he used to do horrible things under Alduin but what choice did he have? If he disobeyed he would have likely been killed. And because he teamed up with Alduin he was able to betray him eventually, which lead to his defeat the first time. Then when Alduin comes back he once again helps the last dragonborn defeat him. HE SAVED THE WORLD TWICE!!! Whether that justifies his former actions or not (which it sure as shit does), he may very well be an instrumental part in helping Tamriel in the next crisis. So what, we should kill him because these 2 Blades are butt hurt about him killing people in the past when he was basically forced to do so? Fuck that! Also, when the fuck did the dragonborn take orders from Blades? They are sworn to serve me I don't serve them.

  • Kerem Çelik

    I lost myself when you say "damn this chick hot" to night mother LOL

  • Be Laine Gibs, Son.

    To drink the skooma, or to not drink the skooma? That is the question......I drank the skooma.

  • Viktor Vikeyev

    Hardest Decision i had to make.. is how to make my dumb character look.

  • Scott Boyer

    Hardest decision? Kill the Chicken or no?

  • Seasons Aj

    For the Dark Brotherhood quest, I just killed them all.

  • Salty Aryshia

    I will never kill Paarthinax

  • Amelia Islington

    Want my advice? Don't let Galmar talk you into bed with him. There's a reason they call him stone fists... By Ysmir, it stung.

  • Exp ™

    1) I chose the Imperials cause I played Oblivion.2) I killed all prisoners because of my character build.3) I let Cicero live because he served Sithis well.4) I refused to kill Paarthinax because he 's the leader of the Greybeards.5) I saved Saadia because DAMN that chick is hot!

  • Litintha

    Killed the cannibals, saved Saadia, killed all 3 prisoners, killed Cicero, let Paarthurnax live (screw the Blades)

  • Daedric LordYT

    I ate the priest, saved Saadia, killed the Argonian; (cuz he sounded like a douche), killed Cicero, and let Parthuurnax live. FYI, I ate the priest for all 14 Daedric artifacts

  • Jack Williamson

    Paarthurnax also told the nords the way of the voice so that they could defeat Alduin with the dragonrend shout so I would keep Pathurnax ALIVE

  • TAFJ Productions

    Graenolf, talking about Astrid DAYUM THIS CHICK IS HOT.Yes, she is. Literally speaking

  • Pedro Ribeiro

    making the decision to kill cicero was very easy, because I really liked the astrid and he attacked her and her husband

  • Derek Griffiths

    5. Killed Verulus. Felt guilty, and I felt the need to leave my followers out of the quest so they wouldn't judge me.4. I normally save Saadia. In one of my playthroughs, I actually married her.3. I feel better killing Vasha than the other two but... better safe than sorry.2. Cicero gets to live. Once he's my follower I tell him off a bit for being mean.1. I kill Paarthurnax, but feel bad about doing it. I wish I could have introduced the Blades to him personally so that they would realise he's turned his life around, but ultimately, Paarthurnax does say it's wise not to trust a dragon.

  • MasterGagnon

    in terms of Parthurnnax... even though he commited crimes long ago, i believe that he truely regrets his past decisions, and has redeemed himself.... BUT- for me, theres just too many benefits in killing him: if u leave him alive and get support from the greybeards to find all the shouts, then the greybeards (and parthurnax) have no further use... at that point, kill parthurnax and join the blades, cause u can get an army of your favorite followers in blade outfits and together you can go around slaying an unlimited amount of dragons in skyrim. :) #ProTips

  • Bob Johnson

    The burial run for sadia is because her character is taken out of the game, any time a character dies or is deleted the urn appears in the same spot, the devs added it to add a little more detail to the game because Bethesda is awesome

  • skarai plays

    Memorble quotes : "Damn this chick is hot"

  • Akula Doctor

    Most people thinks killing Paarthunax is more like betrayal. Killing him is not just about justice, but about safety. You are the LAST dragonborn. Stated by several person, and some powerful entities such as Hermaeus Mora daedric prince of knowledge. Alduin cannot resurrect dragons killed by you, because you take their souls, but when you die those souls are released. Letting a single dragon live means the risk, that after you. Dragons will be super serious threath. Beside their strength they are able to resurrect each other. What if Paarthunax only helped you to take over after you, and Alduin are gone?

  • Kiyoshi Kirishima

    To be fair, most of these aren't really decisions you can make. You're forced to do them in order to move the quests along.

  • DJ MK

    You can get both 500g from Kematu & Saidia

  • shana Alexander

    #SavePaathurnax comment this if you agree

  • Rene Villarreal

    The contract was on Astrid anyways lol

  • Genevieve Elloy-Hollings

    I ate the priest killed saadia killed all of the people with Astrid watching killed Cicero and didn’t kill paarthunax

  • Mori Angel

    I saved the priest, killed both Kematu and Saadia, killed all three prisoners and Astrid, let Cicero live and kept Paarthurnax alive

  • Samuel Holt

    Stormcloak vs imperial

  • Quadrenaro

    Hardest choice? That's easy. Sven or Faendal. Do you get an easy sacrifice for Boethiah or a free archery trainer?

  • Simon L

    DAMN this chick is hot

  • Vital NL

    Ok , i subbed after that mario reference , im curious how many people wil get it though.

  • Miguel Sales

    Hardest Decision in Skyrim:Imperial Or Stormcloaks

  • Jessica Burnham

    I the dark brotherhood quests I kill all three and let Cicero live.... sweet and simple.

  • Ethanyol Lee

    Skyrim logicHmmm... do the right thing...Or... bang...Bang.slaughters all of Whiterun

  • Bo Ek

    Hardest decisions? It's Skyrim, the North! Kill them all! Bring your wrath on to the world until there are only blonde house wifes and sweet children around. Then you are safe.

  • Krenelion43

    was expecting the choice of going with Ralof or Hadvar

  • Plox

    Paarthurnax wasn't a hard decision , who cares if he killed 10-10.000 people, in probably less than a year ingame time I myself sacrificed a companion, ate a priest, ate the people who told me to eat the priest, killed a priestess for the black star, killed a museum owner, about 1000 Bandits, the emperor etc so why blame him for crimes he did hundreds of years ago ...

  • Clevername209

    Meanwhile my hardest descision is what build I wanna do this time

  • James Jones

    I have armor that has 100 armor I've already completed the game.

  • El Topo Flanders TM

    I killed Cicero with FUS RO DAH!!

  • Asther Phoenix

    delphine can suck on this dragon blade

  • Carol Habicht

    I could never kill Paarthurnax. Because DAMN that drake is HOT!

  • Tekk Solstice


  • Ali Jenks

    I ate the priest, sided with the Alik'r, I killed all the prisoners, let Cicero live, and killed Paarthirnax.

  • Paul Snelling

    For The Quest With Saadia, In It: Kill Kematu, And His Men ; And Save Her Life.(This Is The Good Way To Complete It)

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