Skyrim - Top 5 Hardest Decisions

I don't think it's necessary for me to eat him, is it?.. Here, I list my Top 5 Hardest Decisions in Skyrim. These choices will influence what you think were the best endings to a quest, or event, and hopefully you can live with yourself afterwards. I also do other Top 5s, like Skyrim secrets. There are secret locations, even secret enemies and quests to be found. Which usually lead to weird theories or your own fan theory.

Since I'm on PC, I love the Skyrim new mods. There are quest mods and companion mods that are outstanding. They definitely make creating character builds, or looking for rare encounters and mysteries, or even the hardest boss, a lot more fun. Careful of any weird deaths you may have, though.

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  • Madison Lewis-Bennett

    I ate the priest, saved Saadia, killed all three prisoners, let Cicero live, and I refuse to kill Paarthinax. I've also done reverse play thrus. And mixed it up playing ultimate good and ultimate evil play thrus... Wow I've played this game too much.

  • vMercyy

    Hardest decision for me was choosing between magika health or stamina after reaching level 2

  • Kermit the Frog

    how is killing parthanax hard, its simple, if you kill parthanax uninstall the game because you clearly cant make the right choices

  • Solomonisms

    I think that the killing Paarthurnax decision could have been better by having him not fight back. Imagine, you’ve made the gut-wrenching choice to kill the dragon, and as you raise your sword, he does not flinch, but looks you in the eyes as your blade falls on his head. And as you hack away, he does not retreat, but simply talks to you about his regret for the things he did, and an understanding for your actions. He talks about disappointment that he didn’t get to make up for his crimes. And as you strike the killing blow, he whispers his final words: “Sky Above, Voice Within. Goodbye, Dovahkiin.”

  • X

    You killed PaarthanaxSecret Achievement Unlocked: What's wrong with you?!

  • Maxx Curtis

    Graenolf's hardest decision was deciding whether or not to make another video about BARRELS!!

  • bradley hall

    Should i kill every guard that mentions sweetrolls because I don't want them to discover that I'm actually the sweetroll thief

  • Red Wyvern Emperor

    I could never kill Paarthurnax. Heck, I am Dragonborn, Blades are supposed to serve me, not the other way around. I would never kill one of my own kind that helped save Tamriel multiple times and taught first warriors how to use Thuum. Screw Blades, if they want Paarthurnax, they have to get through me.

  • May Mezz

    "What is Better, to be born good? Or to overcome your evil nature through great effort"

  • Pogostic09

    Never kill Paarthurnax.The way punishments are supposed to work is to make people regret their crimes. In some cases people are put into prison just to protect others, but mostly to give them a new chance.Paarthunax obviously used his chance to be a good guy, so no punishment needed. And in Alduins times ALL Dragons served Alduin. If he stood up against the others they would probably have killed him or something like this.

  • Lazy_Panda65

    In my many years of decision making, never have I had a greater regret then when I killed Paarthunax. There should’ve been a quest to kill the blades I wouldn’t mind that

  • Noah R

    I would never kill Paarthurnax. He was my favorite character immediately when I met him and his actions are justified.

  • Peter Fyll

    I wanted to kill Cicero the moment he appeared

  • ichigoeater

    I hate to eat the priest, since I like his personality, but the Ring of Namira is too beneficial to pass up. I always give Saadia up simply because her side of the story meshes less than her pursuers. If she wanted help, she should've been completely honest, since she was out of options and trusting a stranger anyway. Since she was clearly not entirely truthful, she had something to hide. Maybe she wasn't as guilty as the Redguards made her out to be, but she was certainly guilty of something.I kill all three prisoners, as a mercy killing. Whoever survives is always stuck in that shack the rest of the game anyway; they don't disappear, always remaining tied up. You can't actually free them. If you could, the choice would matter more.I let Cicero live, since I don't find him all that annoying and actually agree with most of what he says. Astrid's leadership led the Dark Brotherhood to the dump, and the fact that she always betrays you, regardless of your choice, means there's no point in being loyal to her, hot chick or not.As far as the Paarthurnax dilemma goes, the big guy himself said it best: "What is better? To be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?" He didn't just go through ten years of community service, he went through centuries of it, truly reforming himself. Besides, what the Blades are basically doing is tracking down and attempting to kill the retired lone general of an opposing army from a battle that concluded before their great-great-grandparents were even born. The Blades don't care about avenging the lives lost because of Paarthurnax. They don't even care about honor, or they'd do it themselves. They just see him as a black stain in their history, and you're the janitor they hired to clean it up, and you're not allowed to play in their clubhouse anymore until you do. Talk about ungrateful and dishonorable after you killed Alduin ALONE. Hands down, no matter how you look at it, keeping Paarthurnax alive is the moral thing to do.

  • OpenWorldAddict

    the hardest decision i found is whether or not to kill Madanach and his men in the Cidna Mine during the Forsworn conspiracy questline. The Forsworn are known murderers and raiders, and if you help them escape the Mine they will leave a path of bloodshed through the city of Markarth. However, while talking to all the forsworn prisoners is the mine you learn of the horrors and the hardships they've experienced thanks to the Bear of Markarth and the Silverblood Family. It's like you're damned if you don't but you're damned if you do. Instead of a clear right and wrong, there are all sorts of shades of gray in this decision, and you have to weigh the choice based on your own values what the correct action should be.

  • The Third Crusader

    During "In My time Of Need" if you turn Saadia in, you see her ashes in the Hall of the Dead.But did you know that every killable NPC in Whiterun has ashes in the Hall if they die. So it could just be something the Devs forgot to take.

  • Jack Williamson

    Paarthurnax also told the nords the way of the voice so that they could defeat Alduin with the dragonrend shout so I would keep Pathurnax ALIVE

  • Jenny

    miss me with that paathurnax killing

  • shana Alexander

    #SavePaathurnax comment this if you agree

  • Gatica

    Killing Alae Quintas is killing 7 people with one arrow, you have now forsaken the six children of this widow to go on without their mother, their only support in this war torn country.Sure, they might be sent to the orphanage, but there's no guarantee of that, and even the orphanage isn't much of a consolation.That's why despite her venomous tongue I couldn't bring myself to kill her, I didn't want to think of hunger or death or mistreatment befalling 6 innocent children because I took their mothers life on a whim over my bruised ego.

  • Vladimir Lee

    Skyrim logicHmmm... do the right thing...Or... bang...Bang.slaughters all of Whiterun

  • Nightwalker170

    Lets see.. I ate ate the priest, then slipped on the Ring of Hircine and changed into a werewolf so I could eat all the cannibals. >.> As Champion of Hircine and an apex predator I don't take well to competition for my food. Astrid caught up with me shortly after. So kind of her to provide me with a three course meal. Saadia? Saved then married her. My redgaurd waifu makes sure my bed stays warm at night. Cicero... The funniest thing about him was his taste. Finally Paarthinax .... This wasn't 'community service'. He worked together with the goddess Kyne herself to gift mankind with the gift of the Voice, helped shut down Aldiun the first time which freed mankind from the rule of all dragons, THEN founded the Way of the Voice which turned the Dragontongue from a tool of power and war into a thing of meditative contemplation and worship. -_- The only reason I didn't finish off the Nazis err I mean Blades myself was because Skyrim won't let you...

  • Nikita Kazakov

    10:29 4,5 thousand years of community service

  • William Robertson

    hardest decision i ever made was NOT killing astrid... I wanted the Dark Brotherhood quests so badly but her literally abducting me REALLLY got under my skin. Was kinda hoping i could incinerate her

  • Kaan Cantürk

    5- I ate the corpse,4- I killed Kematu instead of Saadia,3 - Killed three of them,2 - Let Cicero live,1 - Kill Delphine instead of old dragon. (You can't kill Delphine unless you change her essential with code.)

  • KayleeDaGamer

    Paarthurnax is awesome. I would never kill him. I think that quest is stupid, AND he is voiced by the guy who voices Mario. 😂

  • Ledge Buoy

    Unlike the murderer in the allegory Paarthurnax was not caught and punished with community service. He instead overcame the most base nature of his entire species and chose to make amends of his own free will. And he has been doing this for far more than just the lifetime of the current Blades or the Dragonborn but ever since the Merethic Era, meaning long before Skyrim was actually called Skyrim, before the Blades were a thing, hell before the Empire and 90% of the lore we know were a thing. If you kill him at this point you are not bringing back the many people he killed and undoing his atrocities. You are however undoing all the good he would have done by teaching man and mer to protect themselves and teaching Dragons to live alongside them.And even if someone were to claim that Paarthurnax is really some evil mastermind that might turn on everyone after getting all those dragons under his control it wouldn't make any sense. After all it's not like he could become a new Alduin, even if he did become the new head honcho of the dragons. The only dragon that could bring him back if he died is now dead and he helped you do that, and you know the Dragonrend shout designed to kill dragons, which he helped you learn. Not only that, the Dragon War ended in the creation of Dragonrend and Alduins banishment and even gave man and mer a fighting chance in the current day because he betrayed Alduin at a time when it would have been considered suicide to do so. Considering dragons are terrified of the concept of mortality because it was never something they had to fathom it would make no sense for him to give the dragonborn the tools needed to kill him and then turn against him.

  • DonkeyMan USA

    My hardest decision was how to kill Nazeem. Hardest decision ever.

  • David Meyer

    5:12 - The correct person to kill in the third instance (the Dark Brotherhood one, the With Friends Like These quest) is Vasha.Don't believe me? Go do the quest and before killing anyone, stand back and cast Clairvoyance.

  • Rene Villarreal

    The contract was on Astrid anyways lol

  • TemplarsCreed

    Sorry but your lame comparison to Paarthunax was outrageous! "Its like someone commiting 10 murders then serves community service" eeerrrr... COMMUNITY SERVICE!!!??? Its more like killing 10,000 people but saving the ENTIRE WORLD TWICE!!! Thats billions who are alive and everyone that is yet to be born saved at the expense of killing a mere handful in comparison. Thats very different. The 10,000 was also on orders from Alduin, the very Dragon King Paarthunax was planning to betray for the world's salvation. Kill Paarthunax? Never. I will cut off the heads of the oath-breaking traitors who call themselves The Blades.

  • Electron Gaming

    Are you really not gonna include becoming vampire or not, killing the weird miner dude, frame Brand Shei or not, become a Werewolf or not or even become a Vampire lord or not?

  • tanjinpang

    Hardest decision: Whether to lie for Faendal or Sven...

  • Charmader Orange

    Maybe Saadia died in trial and had her remains sent back to the city where she had friends.

  • sesshomaru880

    I killed and eat the cannibals as a werewolf the irony was to good for me.

  • The Exonerator

    On my first run through I killed the priest because I thought "why not?", then she asked me to eat him and I was like HELL NO. So, long story short everyone died. I love this game

  • KayleeDaGamer

    I have played through skyrim quite a few times and I could never bring myself to kill paarthunax.

  • Vili Nurminen

    Thanks for telling the redguard womans name now i can bring her to the guys who seek her muhahaahahhahahahahhahahahahaaaa

  • Jessie the book nerd

    This was the first video that started me along the path to the Mighty Oyfum.Let us take a moment to reflect upon that...

  • marissa anderson

    Parthanax didnt have a choice he was under Alduins control hes innocent!!!!!!!!

  • Danish LaVigne

    I got attacked by the Thalmor later in the game, I never figured out why, though. This now makes a lot of sense seeing as I have done literally NOTHING ELSE that could've irritated them.

  • Erica :/

    "should i pick eyes #1 or eyes #5" this speaks to me on a deep and spiritual level

  • Amanda M

    You’re videos are the BEST because of your humour and vast knowledge in Skyrim and theories. Not to mention your voice..... my goodness hot damn

  • Meri makkara

    it dosent matter if parthnaax killed some nords remember that people of skyrim arent the nicest and parthanaax is good guy now and if he would not have helped you alduin would have killed even more people

  • Papa Frank

    What if Cicero either knew or was related to Lucien Lahance

  • Sans Undertale

    What I did for the Saadia and kematu decision is, I led her to kematu, kematu pays me then I kill kematu and loot his bodyI’m a simple man. I just want money

  • Wali Adeeb

    With Parthurnaax, the decision becomes far easier once you realise that Delphine is trying to manipulate the dragonborn into doing what she wants.The Blades are sworn to serve the dragonborn and if the dragonborn thinks its okay to keep Big Old Dragon Master around, the Blades need to shut their faces and watch.

  • Aspero_YT

    I killed Canibals, caught Sadia,Killed astrid but most importantly I abandoned the kill partharnux Quest

  • Intense Gaming

    I need to complete my Heavy Dragon armor set and I couldn't find any dragon's to kill soooo i thought to myself i know where I can find one for sure long story short rip Parthunax.

  • Layton Lipke

    1. kill paarthinax bc OH DAMN IS DELPHINE HOT

  • Vili Nurminen

    My hardest desicion was to send Nazeem to cloud district or let someone else like giant do it

  • Bruno Veloso

    Astrid: "You can only leave here when someone die!"The last Dragonborn, Archmage of the college of winterhold,Dragon slayer,the one who ended the civil war of Skyrim,Harbinger of the companions, champion of all daedric princes, thane of all 9 holds,master of the thu'um,leader of the thieves guild, the freaking, main, character : "is that so?"

  • Lenny Summers

    On the dark brotherhood one I killed Astrid

  • Tammera Craft

    Team #damnthischickishot! That is what my character is..a super hot chick! Sadly I start all the quest and refuse to finish them because I get distracted by exploring lol. Oh my beautiful skyrim. The jester had to die cause I am scared of clowns!

  • J C


  • Studentlive & More

    There is an mod i think it’s called the paarthurnax dilemma. So you don’t have to decide 😅

  • Plox

    Paarthurnax wasn't a hard decision , who cares if he killed 10-10.000 people, in probably less than a year ingame time I myself sacrificed a companion, ate a priest, ate the people who told me to eat the priest, killed a priestess for the black star, killed a museum owner, about 1000 Bandits, the emperor etc so why blame him for crimes he did hundreds of years ago ...

  • David Peters

    I always just kill saudia lmao then I go steal the redguards swords. Have you seen those curved swords from hammerfall? They're curved

  • LadyTarasque

    I don't think the cannibals one is that hard of a choice... for me I don't take part because that's just wrong x.o I don't care enough about the daedric weapon to do it... (meanwhile I keep thinking of doing a chaotic run of killing everyone lol)the redguard one... I've done both sides. I left the soldier guy alone, killed the Khajiit, left the mother alone... as much as I hate her, hate to leave her kids orphans. Though.. too bad I don't know anything about how she's been raising 'em and how well they're behaving o-o if they're anything like her, guess better off killing her..Killed Cicero first time, spared him second time.. didn't know he could become companion when first played o: he does have amusing dialogue.. Spared Paarthanux cause to heck with the Blades and their set minds...

  • Juan Frate

    00:36 easyest decision ever, just kill the canibals. The ring isn't that great aniway and none of those characters are likeable. 2:27 i never take the mission, it is such a boring chore. But if i take it i take the side of the Red Guard warriors. 5:08 Astrid, because she is an idiot for not taking away your gear. Unless you want to do the DB quest, then the Khajiit is the obvious choice (although he is the only one likeable there) Or just kill everyone. 7:40 fuck Astrid, leave the little guy live (if not you will have to take care of the old hag in the coffin? i dont want to oil that thing.) 8:58 no... Just, just no. Fuck the blades.

  • Mr. Jingles

    But what if kematu and the alikr set up a fake urn for the jarls men so the citizens of whiterun dont ask questions on why she disappeared, it was a secret operation and how come hulda (saadias boss) never mentions her disappearance

  • Zevinox

    I always hear that the Redguards might be the bad guys because you can find Saadia's burial urn... what if she was rightfully sentenced to death? Literally the first thing we get to see in Skyrim is how easily you can be executed, hell, we weren't even on the list!Edit: On Paarthurnax - If u take a murderer who killed 10 people and then, years later, he rushes to help you stop a different murderer who's going to kill thousands, without ANYONE telling him / sentencing him to do so, even trying to convince other "natural murderers" that their actions are wrong, that actually makes up for his crimes imho. btw, isn't it JUST Alduin who has to have the Dovahkiin kill him? Couldn't the lazy-ass blades take care of Paarthurnax themselves?

  • Lil' LilliGal

    My hardest decision, that I still haven't done yet, is which follower will die from the sacrificial blade for a daidric artifact. I don't remember the name of the quest. I helped them and they trust me. And I would have to make them follow me blindly and betray them? No! But I want the daidric artifact..... 😓

  • Heinz Guderian

    Saadia's quest is explained well by ESO. The burial urn appearing doesn't mean much and can be put down to a scripting error. You failed to mention that the Redguard leader gets pissed at you if you kill Saadia after she is paralyzed. So no, not a hard decision.

  • fueselwe

    Saadia‘s burial urn appearing is probably just a bug, when in skyrim a character file gets removed (usually because they‘re dead) their burial urn is automatically placed in the catacombs, so after the quest her character probably just gets removed and bethesda forgot to change it, the thalmor explicetly telling you that you interfered one of their spys though...

  • B0RD3R M4N

    My hardest decisions: Kill Erandur or let him live, Follow Ralof or follow Hadvar (which is part of being Stormcloak or Imperial and Gray-Mane or Battle-Born), Parts of the House in Hearthfire, Dawnguard or Volkihar, whom should I kill for the Boethia's Calling quest and finally should I play Argonian, Dunmer or Imperial?

  • Isaac

    Next Video: Top 5 Damn Hot Chicks in Skyrim

  • Austin lee

    Who is still playing skyrim? Xmas 2018

  • Some guy

    Damn that chick is hot

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