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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Skyrim Special Edition Easter Eggs video! I hope you thoroughly enjoy it and learn something new!

Time stamps & links will be below this sentence:

00:01:23 - 300 Leonidas Wolf / Sabre Cat
00:01:59 - Alduin / Níðhöggr / Nidhogg
00:02:32 - Honorhall Orphanage / Annie
00:03:00 - Rebel's Cairn / Sword in the stone
00:03:12 - Lady of the lake / Excalibur
00:03:39 - Lady Stone / Lady in the lake
00:03:57 - White Stag / Arthurian Lore
00:04:16 - Barbas / Marbas / Sandman Comics / Barbosa
00:05:31 - Bearded lady Draugr
00:05:56 - Gaston Bellefort / Beauty and the Beast
00:06:36 - Beowulf / High Hrothgar
00:07:01 - Beowulf / Wulfgar
00:07:21 - Sovrengarde stars
00:07:58 - Sovrengarde / Hall of Valor / Asgard / Valhalla
00:08:22 - Sovrengarde moving statues / Weeping Angels
00:09:39 - Mysterium Xarxes / Bucket
00:10:23 - Silus Vesuius / Fallout NV
00:10:53 - Kolb & the Dragon
00:11:13 - Cicero / Marcus Tullius Cicero
00:11:36 - Cicero / Adoring Fan
00:12:39 - Chris Kluwe / Loate
00:13:20 - Dirge / Gambit / X-men
00:13:42 - Mirmulnir / Mjölnir
00:13:56 - Embershard Mine / Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
00:14:46 - Rahd Longhammer / PAX D&D
00:15:31 - East Empire Company / East India Company
00:15:55 - Erik The Slayer / Erik West / Immok the Slayer
00:17:10 - Drahff & Hewnon Black-Skeever / Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser
00:17:44 - Festus Krex / Fallout NV
00:18:06 - Festus Krex / Saint Sebastian
00:18:43 - Troll SLaying / Finntroll
00:19:15 - Promises To Keep / Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening
00:19:26 - Frost / Robert Frost
00:19:36 - Frost / Sleipnir
00:20:07 - Funny potions
00:21:02 - Galaxy Quest / Nelacar
00:21:32 - Thonar Silver-Blood / Game Of Thrones
00:22:14 - Giant glowing mushroom
00:22:55 - Big nirnnroot
00:23:11 - Gisli, Eirikur, Helgi / Icelandic Folklore
00:23:32 - Charon's Obol
00:24:12 - A Night To Remember / The Hangover
00:24:39 - Moira / Golem
00:25:14 - Esmeralda / Hunchback Of Notre Dame
00:26:00 - Moira Brown / Fallout 3
00:26:38 - Headless Horseman / Legend of Sleepy Hollow
00:27:20 - Lexicon / Hellraiser
00:27:54 - Hidden QUest
00:28:27 - Hreinn
00:28:40 - Belrand / Hunt The Wumpus
00:29:26 - Fortune & Glory - Indiana Jones
00:29:50 - Babette / Interview With A Vampire
00:30:26 - Mercer Frey / Caesar
00:30:49 - Falmer Statue / D&D Handbook
00:31:14 - Anders Nystrom / Katatonia
00:32:07 - Klimmek
00:32:52 - Kodlak Whitemane
00:33:06 - Farkas / Vilkas
00:33:18 - Bard's Leap / Assassin's Creed
00:34:02 - Whiterun / LOTR
00:34:21 - Gildergreen / White Tree of Gondor
00:34:31 - Eowyn & Eomer
00:35:04 - Legolas & Gimli
00:35:38 - Dwarf Kings / Snow White & 7 Dwarfs / AVP
00:37:02 - Smaug / Hobbit / Vulthuryol
00:38:33 - Sauron / Narsil / The One Ring
00:39:30 - Giant canis root
00:39:49 - Arcadia / Love Potion No. 9
00:40:21 - M'aiq The Liar
00:40:57 - Madwoman / Calipers
00:41:43 - Frozen Mammoth
00:42:09 - Mammoth Skull / Darth Vader
00:42:46 - Moby The Mammoth
00:43:15 - Masque / Horned Helmet
00:43:42 - Notched Pickaxe
00:45:35 - Oghma Infinium / Vegvísir / Hidden Map
00:46:25 - Pac-Man
00:46:56 - Poltergeist
00:47:22 - Hamelyn / Ratman's Notebook / Pied Piper
00:48:09 - Planes, Trains & Automobiles
00:48:25 - Poetic Edda
00:49:00 - Aia Arria
00:49:23 - Skuldafn / Skuld / Norn / Valkyrie
00:50:08 - Portal 2 / GLaDOS Potato
00:51:25 - Brynjolf / Princess Bride
00:51:52 - Pumpkin / Oblivion / Fallout 3
00:52:38 - Ring in Well
00:53:12 - Rocky IV
00:53:32 - Romeo & Juliet / Totem to Peryite
00:54:09 - Romeo & Juliet / Jon & Olfina
00:54:31 - Shadowmere 666
00:55:14 - Enthir / Shawshank Redemption
00:55:48 - Alice in Wonderland
00:56:11 - Stanley talking grapefruit / watermelon / pineapple
00:57:01 - Fishy Stick
00:57:23 - Red Dwarf / Dave Lister
00:57:59 - Fallout Ghoul Smoothskin
00:58:32 - Army of Darkness / Evil Ash
00:58:59 - Temba Wide-Arm / Star Trek
00:59:21 - Cirroc Lofton / Jake Sisko
00:59:40 - Garak & Bashir
01:00:25 - Luke Skywalker / Wampa cave / Star Wars
01:01:07 - Spectral Assassin / Disturbance in the Force
01:01:26 - Uncle Owen Lars
01:01:57 - Three Billy Goats Gruff
01:02:45 - Tsun / Módgud
01:03:09 - Windhelm Memorial Wall
01:03:42 - Book of Fate
01:04:00 - Ysgramor's Soup Spoon
01:04:10 - Ulfr the Blind
01:04:32 - Ulfberth War-Bear / Ulfberht Swords
01:05:10 - Whirlwind Sprint / Hell hath no fury
01:06:25 - William Tell apple
01:06:47 - Zelda / It's a secret to everybody
01:07:20 - Bugs in jars solved!

Easter Eggs Playlist: https://goo.gl/77qUDJ
  • Camelworks

    Welcome to the ultimate Skyrim Easter Egg video! Hopefully I've found them all and hopefully you'll learn about some new ones!Time stamps:00:01:23 - 300 Leonidas Wolf / Sabre Cat00:01:59 - Alduin / Níðhöggr / Nidhogg00:02:32 - Honorhall Orphanage / Annie00:03:00 - Rebel's Cairn / Sword in the stone00:03:12 - Lady of the lake / Excalibur00:03:39 - Lady Stone / Lady in the lake00:03:57 - White Stag / Arthurian Lore00:04:16 - Barbas / Marbas / Sandman Comics / Barbosa00:05:31 - Bearded lady Draugr00:05:56 - Gaston Bellefort / Beauty and the Beast00:06:36 - Beowulf / High Hrothgar00:07:01 - Beowulf / Wulfgar00:07:21 - Sovrengarde stars00:07:58 - Sovrengarde / Hall of Valor / Asgard / Valhalla00:08:22 - Sovrengarde moving statues / Weeping Angels00:09:39 - Mysterium Xarxes / Bucket00:10:23 - Silus Vesuius / Fallout NV00:10:53 - Kolb & the Dragon00:11:13 - Cicero / Marcus Tullius Cicero00:11:36 - Cicero / Adoring Fan00:12:39 - Chris Kluwe / Loate00:13:20 - Dirge / Gambit / X-men00:13:42 - Mirmulnir / Mjölnir00:13:56 - Embershard Mine / Dungeons & Dragons Podcast00:14:46 - Rahd Longhammer / PAX D&D00:15:31 - East Empire Company / East India Company00:15:55 - Erik The Slayer / Erik West / Immok the Slayer00:17:10 - Drahff & Hewnon Black-Skeever / Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser00:17:44 - Festus Krex / Fallout NV00:18:06 - Festus Krex / Saint Sebastian00:18:43 - Troll SLaying / Finntroll00:19:15 - Promises To Keep / Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening00:19:26 - Frost / Robert Frost00:19:36 - Frost / Sleipnir00:20:07 - Funny potions00:21:02 - Galaxy Quest / Nelacar00:21:32 - Thonar Silver-Blood / Game Of Thrones00:22:14 - Giant glowing mushroom00:22:55 - Big nirnnroot00:23:11 - Gisli, Eirikur, Helgi / Icelandic Folklore00:23:32 - Charon's Obol00:24:12 - A Night To Remember / The Hangover00:24:39 - Moira / Golem00:25:14 - Esmeralda / Hunchback Of Notre Dame00:26:00 - Moira Brown / Fallout 300:26:38 - Headless Horseman / Legend of Sleepy Hollow00:27:20 - Lexicon / Hellraiser00:27:54 - Hidden QUest00:28:27 - Hreinn00:28:40 - Belrand / Hunt The Wumpus00:29:26 - Fortune & Glory - Indiana Jones00:29:50 - Babette / Interview With A Vampire00:30:26 - Mercer Frey / Caesar00:30:49 - Falmer Statue / D&D Handbook00:31:14 - Anders Nystrom / Katatonia00:32:07 - Klimmek00:32:52 - Kodlak Whitemane00:33:06 - Farkas / Vilkas00:33:18 - Bard's Leap / Assassin's Creed00:34:02 - Whiterun / LOTR00:34:21 - Gildergreen / White Tree of Gondor00:34:31 - Eowyn & Eomer00:35:04 - Legolas & Gimli00:35:38 - Dwarf Kings / Snow White & 7 Dwarfs / AVP00:37:02 - Smaug / Hobbit / Vulthuryol00:38:33 - Sauron / Narsil / The One Ring00:39:30 - Giant canis root00:39:49 - Arcadia / Love Potion No. 900:40:21 - M'aiq The Liar00:40:57 - Madwoman / Calipers00:41:43 - Frozen Mammoth00:42:09 - Mammoth Skull / Darth Vader00:42:46 - Moby The Mammoth00:43:15 - Masque / Horned Helmet00:43:42 - Notched Pickaxe00:45:35 - Oghma Infinium / Vegvísir / Hidden Map00:46:25 - Pac-Man00:46:56 - Poltergeist00:47:22 - Hamelyn / Ratman's Notebook / Pied Piper00:48:09 - Planes, Trains & Automobiles00:48:25 - Poetic Edda00:49:00 - Aia Arria00:49:23 - Skuldafn / Skuld / Norn / Valkyrie00:50:08 - Portal 2 / GLaDOS Potato00:51:25 - Brynjolf / Princess Bride00:51:52 - Pumpkin / Oblivion / Fallout 300:52:38 - Ring in Well00:53:12 - Rocky IV00:53:32 - Romeo & Juliet / Totem to Peryite00:54:09 - Romeo & Juliet / Jon & Olfina00:54:31 - Shadowmere 66600:55:14 - Enthir / Shawshank Redemption00:55:48 - Alice in Wonderland00:56:11 - Stanley talking grapefruit / watermelon / pineapple00:57:01 - Fishy Stick00:57:23 - Red Dwarf / Dave Lister00:57:59 - Fallout Ghoul Smoothskin00:58:32 - Army of Darkness / Evil Ash00:58:59 - Temba Wide-Arm / Star Trek00:59:21 - Cirroc Lofton / Jake Sisko00:59:40 - Garak & Bashir01:00:25 - Luke Skywalker / Wampa cave / Star Wars01:01:07 - Spectral Assassin / Disturbance in the Force01:01:26 - Uncle Owen Lars01:01:57 - Three Billy Goats Gruff01:02:45 - Tsun / Módgud01:03:09 - Windhelm Memorial Wall01:03:42 - Book of Fate01:04:00 - Ysgramor's Soup Spoon01:04:10 - Ulfr the Blind01:04:32 - Ulfberth War-Bear / Ulfberht Swords01:05:10 - Whirlwind Sprint / Hell hath no fury01:06:25 - William Tell apple01:06:47 - Zelda / It's a secret to everybody01:07:20 - Bugs in jars solved!

  • FudgeMuppet

    This video is 11/11 <3 Pure eggcellence ;)

  • Marta Tarasiuk

    Perhaps, the human skeleton inside mammoth skeleton is a reference to the scene in The Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo and Luke hide inside a creature's belly in order to survive a freezing-cold night.

  • Kotirosvo

    Btw the bathroom with the Enhanced stamina potion had also a lusty argonian maid laying next to it.

  • FeyWinter Fox

    OH...UGH! ACK! The puns, the puns, they hurt! 🤣🤣🤣Good video man, like really good! 🤔 but to be fair you did put a lot of Easter Eggs in one basket....

  • Averno Garro

    "Did you know Cicero was named after Cicero?" - Wow, perceptive. :P

  • Mr Commentary

    Why would this have dislikes He put so much effort in it ?!?!?!!!!???

  • Smitty Werbluntjaegermanjensen

    So Eric rests eternally in peace.. in Skyr----Ad starts playing, guitar strums

  • Kalgert

    Oh yay, Slovenia's been noticed. And here I was worried that it's invisible to the rest of the world.

  • Death Incarnate

    So, for those confused about the meaning of "to the pain," allow me to explain. To the pain means the first thing you lose is your feet, below the ankles. Next, your hands at the wrists. Then your nose. The next thing you lose is your left eye, followed by your right. Your ears, you'll get to keep. This is so that every shriek of every child at seeing your hideousness will be yours to cherish. Every babe that weeps at your approach, every woman who cries out, "Dear God! What is that thing," will echo in your perfect ears. That is what "to the pain means." It means you leave your opponent in anguish, wallowing in freakish misery forever.

  • Dush Dj

    I'm kinda surprised he didn't mention the famous quote from Sheogorath, "You know, I was there for that whole sordid affair. Marvelous time! Butterflies, blood, a Fox, a severed head... Oh, and the cheese!" Which were ALL references to different events from TES IV Oblivion. Butterflies is a reference to the sequence of when the player first enters the Shivering Isles. Blood is referencing the blood of the Daedra and Aedra the player must retrieve for Martin. A Fox is referencing The Gray Fox, the leader of the thieves guild. A severed head references the severed head of Mathieu Bellemont's mother. And the cheese is referencing the several quotes about cheese during the Shivering Isles quest line, and may also be referencing the cheese you use to draw in rats to the khajiit village during the daedric quest for Sheogorath.

  • Rebelzize

    Holy shit, the amount of effort that you put into this is amazing.You get an A++ my friend!

  • Sir Blade

    Erik the Slayer, may your sword strike true, your shield be braces and your back be guarded by a fellow Shield brother, may you rest in Sovngarde in the halls of valor, brother!

  • Daniel Frank

    Helgi exists in the game!!!! She is the ghost girl who died in a fire in morthal in the quest 'Laid to rest'.

  • Lewis Brantley

    The bucket transformation is probably a reference to it being Dagon's bucket list.

  • drippin wet

    R.I.P. Erik. I'll see you in Sovngarde

  • Blondedmess

    I really feel for the guys who've wasted years trying to crack the "bugs in a jar" conspiracy. Then again it's kind of funny to think of some greasy nerd having a mental breakdown when he finds out that after making a fucking website dedicated to it, they mean nothing haha

  • Thomas McGarry

    the arrow sound effects tripped me out as i was playing skyrim while listening to this and kept thinking i was being attacked. finally was able to ignore it and then i actually got shot by arrows XD classic

  • dantespaladin

    Skyrim literally has five bugs that prevent you from completing a specific quest

  • Eric Lavric

    Did anyone else notice that the video is 1:11:11 long, and skyrim was released on 11/11/11. Coincidence? I think not

  • Anubis

    I shouted at the orb in blackreach, I thought I could knock it around. The dragon surprised the hell out of me.

  • Affian Rage (Alex Nelson)

    Not gonna lie, follower wise, Erik the Slayer is one of my more favorites. Especially when I put him in charge of my homestead.

  • DoYou KnowDeWae?

    Man, the Eric easter egg is pretty sad... but he must be pretty happy to see his own character in one of his favorite games up in heaven

  • Shit Nukes

    V2.0 is much better than the previous video. Good job, Camel.

  • Junghwan Baik

    Camelworks is one of the ONLY youtubers that actually do proper research and effort for his videos. Lets turn off adblock and watch ads for him, it doesnt take as much effort as he puts in his vids.

  • Soma

    I don't know... Some of these seem kind of contrived... Why would would an awesome game like Skyrim reference a terrible movie like Love Potion #9? How do we know these things are true? I'm really asking..

  • kosmas chrisos

    The dislikes are from people that had theory videos dedicated to the bugs in jars.

  • Rezrn

    Probably the best Skyrim related channel I have ever seen.

  • SydnoX

    Just stretched over the ten minute mark...

  • Solomon Wyatt

    Hermaeus Morah is a direct reference to azathoth or nyarlathotep of hp lovecraft stories

  • Communication, effort.

    If you ever read septimus signuses writings, at first glance it seems like a bunch of crazy ramblings, but hes actually describing the 4th wall.

  • Xeoron

    Finally someone who also noticed the similarity of Whiterun's culture to Rohan's from lotr.

  • Rik Matthys

    the gildergleen has also an elder ancestor tree (the eldergleen) just as the white three which is a seedling of nimloth and nimloth is a seedling of telperion one of the to great trees of valinor

  • Ethan Légère

    There is a Helgi in Morthal

  • catchDeZ Hanz

    Who else watched the whole thing

  • Anime Bear

    It's also funny that the Portal Easter Egg is found near the portal to Sovngarde.

  • RandomName

    First one to reply is gao

  • Derpylugnut

    Thank you, just thank you.

  • Jack Maikranz

    Gotta love camel he really strives for great content and isnt some panzy trying to pump vids out every seconds

  • FenrisRM

    i kinda love and hate the bad jokes tht camel makes at the end of some eastereggs xDkeep up the good work (and the terrible puns!)

  • Dunmeri Secret

    I always thought Festus Krex was a reference to Uncle Fester from the Addams Family. He describes himself as 'the cranky old uncle no-one talks to' and he mentions killing his wife over a bath. In 'Addams Family Values', Uncle Fester's wife Debbie tries to kill him in the bath.

  • Rorik one- eye

    came 4 puns stayed 4 easter eggs

  • Sharp Shogun

    My favourite race in the elder scrolls is the Shwoodelf! Anyone else?

  • Cainyoyo

    ~10:20 "...Most others pale in comparison to." He says in the pale of Skyrim. I see what you did there. There's probably more inside jokes like that in the video but I caught that one.

  • Your pal Yoshikage

    1:08:53 I prefered the explanation that came with Inigo. Regardless of that, this is now can0n

  • Eric C

    Well.. I didn't plan on watching this entire video, but your soothing narration was just too good for me to move on from.

  • sevenbilli0n

    the best easter egg video ever made (unless you're gonna make some more)

  • Time

    Wow those statues are creepy

  • John Ellis

    Oh Damn somehow I never saw Festus like that on the Tree. I never knew what happened to him.

  • TheLongestNameEverStartsWith

    Maybe they were try to say how Sh** Oblivion was by turning that Paper with the Oblivion symbol into a sh** Bucket :P just a thought.

  • PixelArrowProductions

    Question: Do YouTubers get more money if you watch the ads all the way through?P.S. great job Camel.

  • Ailefo

    Over an hour of Camel and about skyrim? Oh yes thank you!

  • ItsYaBoiNavajo

    Now I feel bad because Erik died fighting some imperial soldiers

  • Scout Robinson

    Could Calixto's House of Curiosities be a reference to Calypso in Pirates of the Caribbean/Greek mythology?

  • AH Stephenson

    30:49 ... mercer talking about dice and an aditional AD&D reference ... had me thinking of matthew mercer and his voice actors over at geek and sundry. Thoughts?

  • Madison Myers

    I love Sam! I loved the quest a night to remember! Sam was my pal! That was my favorite quest! Too bad he turned out to be a Daedric prince and I never saw him again.

  • Nate Mize

    Camel, you missed an Easter egg with the Ogma Infinium. It's a reference to The Necronomicon, they both give the reader for forbidden knowledge, makes the reader die from mysterious circumstances, and we're made by demon gods of forbidden knowledge. Come on man, how could you miss it!

  • InboundsCupid

    I've been playing Skyrim for 6 years. 5 different consoles. And STILL 90% of these I didn't know/notice while playing. And I thought I did everything that game to offer. So surprising to see easter eggs showing up after so long. If only all the work they put in to the easter eggs were put to something resourceful. I.E Fixing most of the bugs :) Great video. I was intrigued and interested the entire way through. I watched the first one you did before I watched this and You've made a massive improvement. You got a subscription from me.

  • Bryson McLaughlin

    Best binge watch of my whole life

  • ClareBear

    the ring in the well in whiterun makes me think of the film, The Ring, where Samara comes out of the well

  • Christy Alan

    So the reference of the book interview with a vampire there is also a movie that is pretty old it came out in 1994

  • JuiceHead


  • Katie Summers

    23:30 Could this be the Helgi mentioned by Anise's letter? We never find out what happened to her or who she even was, and having a witch in the family might be the reason Erikur and Gisli are so successful at all. Maybe she was run off after Erikur became a Thane? It's definitely not Helgi the little girl in Morthal.

  • Jonowl

    This is above and beyond the call of awesome.

  • HolyPastrami

    Vulthuryol translates into english as "Dark King Fire" ... so, a king, in darkness... like say, a king under the mountain? That is a pretty obvious reference.

  • Alexander Domushchey

    Great video, as always!About that talking dog, Barbas. I think the closest cause of its name is yours second guess, the cartoon one. The main reason is that this name used to be a very popular among Russians, who often called stray dogs «Барбос» (barb’os) back in 90s.

  • michael huss

    At 23:10, you mentioned Gisli, Erikur, and Helgi. Helgi in fact DOES exist, she is the ghost child from the Morthal quest Laid to Rest.

  • KefkeWren

    Why do you keep saying it's open to interpretation? It's literally not! They're intentional references! Someone made them. Someone knew what they were referencing, how, and why. There is a correct answer!

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