BETHESDA HATES US - Skyrim Special Edition Mods - Week #2

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Total Character Makeover by Scarla
Imperious - Races of Skyrim by Enai Siaion
Bring Out Your Dead by Arthmoor
Diverse Dragons Collection SE by opusGlass
Realistic Lighting Overhaul SSE by The Realistic Lighting Team
  • Tevran

    I hate that achievements are disabled when mods are active, can someone make a mod that stops that?

  • ydin9

    Looking for a face mod that leaves old crusty people looking like old crusty people but improves textures and makes some of the females more female like.

  • TheAngriestGamer

    DUHH most devs hate modders because they do a better job than the devs at fixing bugs, balance, and making content that doesn't suck/isnt boring...this problem isnt limited to just bethesda though.

  • Serah Deadsong

    But but but! Where did potastic go?

  • Trey Freeman

    I really think Skyrim: SE is made for modding. Having done a bit of reading, it uses a 64-bit engine, which is more stable than a 32-bit engine, which means less crashes and better performances for mods.

  • TeoTeoTeo

    What would mod channels do with an early copy with no mods

  • Nial Iwakura

    I like the way you pronounce it. Sloot.

  • Hasatanel Belial

    Great variety of dragons in that mod, yet they are still all wyverns.

  • Vakaria

    "Way to go, racist standing stones," hahahaha

  • Renske050

    MXR! Where is Potastic? I thought this was going to be her series :(

  • beast mode

    is it just me or is all the titles of his videos like porn ads? "her first time" "Bethesda hates us" I'm just saying... sorry bout my spelling lol

  • Craig Barlow

    The Bethesda pigeon what was sent to MxR took one look n thought "oh It's that wanker" and flew away .

  • Joynal Miah

    Skyrim Special Edition looks like butt

  • Heptik Feed

    Console mods? Can't find them in the Xbox mods search.

  • Bulging Battery

    The faces are still shit no matter how many mods you install to improve them. I'm hoping that The Elder Scrolls VI gives us faces with the same quality like what was seen in the 2001 CGI movie, Final Fantasy The Spirits Within. Fallout 4's faces were orders of magnitude better than Skyrim's, but still nowhere near what I'm imagining. the vanilla Skyrim faces look so bad it's like they've been crudely carved out of wood and then painted.

  • Seth Field

    Yes Bethesda hates us, but we love them.

  • Bill Wiltfong

    I would have played Skyrim about 9 hours without mods. With mods, I'm at 400+ hours, and it's the reason I keep buying Bethesda's games.

  • Luca

    can you please display on screen which consoles these are available thanks MxR

  • Good Hunter

    love your videos mxr and your intro is amazingly nostalgic. miss the feeling of playing skyrim for the very first time.

  • UltimateGeek

    what happened to female mxr

  • Jaeho Choi

    So who's the girl (or the mod she's from) on the thumbnail?

  • Inferius

    That girl from thumbnail? Follower or a preset?

  • Nulak

    They don't hate you, but you don't sell games on release, dumb reviewers do. Because if there is serious tech issue Gopher and you, gonna warn us about it, complain, etc. That's "bad" for sells on release week. They likes you to sell more copies in the long run with mods. But not on release.+ the people who usually watch your video gonna buy any "open world game made by them" anyway , they want new customers like jimmy 12 old years old who'd never played skyrim before.

  • jaketheplumber16

    They actually gave certain modders the game early. You know, those who actually make mods not people who only review them. ahem

  • JuruX SayokaX

    wheres ya girlfriend mxr

  • 10 cent gamer

    to be fair Bethesda likley give there game early to reviewers so they can tell people to buy the game. now if they send the game to one of the modders all they will say is this mod fixes a bug this 1 makes the game more immersive this 1 puts in a feature that Bethesda forgot so on and so forth. so in short reviewers say buy game it looks greatmodders say this game needed alot more things in it

  • Kzimzim

    Have you completely stoped the skyrim mod weekly series for the normal skyrim edition ???

  • Oh Its Me

    Why would they hate modders they literally code the game to be missable and talk about it all the time

  • Perry MGS [Stealth]

    mods do not extend the life of a game an rpg like skyrim,,, your mind for roleplaying does

  • Islet of Langerhans

    Bretons are resistant to magic because they are French.

  • Londo

    they dont hate modders at all. they just want them to use their platform as opposed to third party platforms as it helps grow their name and "in theory" makes it simpler for people who dont know what they are doing.

  • Excellent Elucidator

    Skyrim remastered with mods don't even compare to original Mxr modded skyrim.

  • weglarz

    You didn't get it early because it's their policy now to not give out copies early.

  • zosimostwo

    MxR, its an outreach thing everyone who watches this channel has already bought 5 copies of Skyrim and including Skyrim remastered edition for all platforms. and since this channel is a skyrim only thing, they see no point in promoting it. they can promote it on other channels who have a variety of viewership to bring in more people into the skyrim world.I can name 1 person in particular, total noob at skyrim never played it for more than 5 hours yet has thousands and thousands viewership. This person got remastered version and has since done a single playhthrough.but lets be reals, noone gives a shit the game can wait, us hardcore fans have already seen skyrim at its best, thanks to mods. skyrim remastered lol pls.

  • erik mulderij

    Where's Ambriel the lost Princess part 3?

  • hovsep56

    lighting overhaul gets a lighting overhaul....

  • N7 Lemon

    I might never buy this game but my god are you entertaining

  • Massimiliano Luisi

    Wait, if you kill all the villager, who put them in the grave?

  • MamaMax

    Yes, Bethesda hates us.Fallout 4 was proof of that.

  • Julian john

    skyrim without mods is like french fries without salt its gotta be modded!

  • Juib Morrowind

    I cannot find "Realistic Lighting Overhaul" in the Mods list of Special Edition.

  • invisible253

    Is there a Mod that makes Camilla NOT a Whore?

  • [Strymon]

    if Bethesda hate modders, they don't who's keeping their game alive

  • Sebastian Ungerer

    I don't think without mods (showcased from Modders) the game wouldn't get as much attention as without representers from mods.... it's 6years old man. MxR brought me to buy this game on PC.... I played it 3 years ago on XBOX

  • Black Collar Kings

    hahahahahahah………gOoOoOoOoOOOOOoOoOoOd! ANAKIN!…… GGOoOoOoOoOd! :)

  • Evgeniy Plotnikov

    the same eggs only in profile

  • Pazuzu Deamon

    MxR Mods AlChestbreach hates ES. He like Fallout and other games. Plus you need to have all the dlc to even get it. Heck I use sluthie mods too and I got it.

  • Aski [Fin]

    "Nobody gets an early copy of our games.. We want everyone to experience the game at the same time"Except we handpick our supporters who are guaranteed to say something positive about the game.The whole move is to avoid bad reviewers.. Now journalists need to rush their review, reviewers no longer get to see more than first couple hours of the game, which usually are the most polished part.That is why you didn't get the copy, you were a loose cannon as was the majority.

  • Mark Langton

    Mods made fallout 4 playable

  • Pear Pie

    Some WoW music again. lul

  • Taber McFarlin

    Bethesda loves the modding community your point is a little silly lol

  • joe vernarsky

    Aww what happened to the girl from last week I liked it

  • welbrookk djd

    5:25 I like the Hodge Twins reference ;)

  • Eddie 2P

    you don thave to buy it. would you rather they didnt release it?

  • Neptune 304

    "Bosmers are the hippies of Skyrim, who also enjoy eating people." As a Bosmer player who knows more then I should about Bosmer lore, a sentence has never been more true.

  • WildGuardian

    My Thoughts: Im pretty sure you didn't get a copy of SE because all your fan base already plays Skyrim. They know we are already going to get the game. They wanted other players to get into the game so they go to other gaming channels to appeal to potential new players.

  • Tallaa Alqadeeri

    Are these mods available on console?

  • Zohan Bozz

    2:49 I am that player ☺️Legendary challenge ftw :p

  • Tyler Petrus

    I friggin wish I could listen to that full version of skyrim's theme song in your intros. Can you point me in the right direction?

  • President Memer

    Lol, the courier was dying, bleeding out on the ground, and spent his last dying breath delivering a letter.

  • MaskedHero

    Realistic Lighting Overhaul has a bug with ambient lighting. Will be fixed in their next update 5.0.The author of that mod wasn't hard for darkness, it's an ambient bug created by SSE.

  • Westwood

    Bethesda hates mods? hahahah Sure you are salty for not getting it and so are other ppl but don't be a delusional fool. Saw only the start of the video and laughed, the very reason so many people are still playing the game are the mods! What now Mr.Salt? Are you going to delete this comment because you think I hate you too? hahaha

  • SacredSage

    I'm sorry but special edition is just not worth it, skyrim is old now and the base skyrim on pc with mods already still are better, and it will take time for the mods to be added to the exact same game, provided modders are even motivated to do so, i still question why bethesda did this, instead of you know, an actual new elder scrolls game.If it wasn't for the fact it's free if you already have the game, i doubt many people would bother. and i sure as hell would not dream of paying 60 bucks for the same game that came out in 2011, but just looks more pretty.

  • Demi ThePodling

    MxR the maker of SkyUi has stated he won't be updating it for SSE

  • Aaw Wach

    Bethesda is probably just salty about people not likely their whole "paid modding" thing they set up with steam.

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