Skyrim: 5 Most Evil Things You Can Do and May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game that offers the player an abundance of decisions to make that often times have considerable consequences. Most of the choices offered in The Elder Scrolls 5 are rather morally ambiguous, with no clearly defined “right” or “wrong” answer. However, a handful of the options we’re given in Skyrim are downright evil. So today we’ll be taking a look at five evil choices you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Miklós Szabó

    I didn't see, "Not punching Nazeem every time you see him" on the list. 0/10

  • Sauce Dripp

    I stole 1 sweetroll. got caught, told the gaurds I'd rather die, and now I'm a mass murderer who's wiped out 7 cities already. Things escalated pretty quickly...

  • Kat McCormick

    My own funny experience with Faendal: In the beginning I chose to help him with Camilla, but later married Camilla myself, totally forgetting the whole Lovely Letter quest. But even though he would say mean things when he saw me, I could still make him my follower. Which I never did. But I noticed he started to pop up randomly, like at my homesteads or cities or even dungeon entrances. So I fast-traveled to Labyrinthian one day, and guess who was there? FAENDAL. And he ran off the fight the trolls and of course ended up getting himself killed. I thought it was funny, but just went about my business. So a bit later I fast-traveled home, and a courier gave me a letter of inheritance. From who, you ask? Faendal! I guess we had a weird relationship

  • MrC0MPUT3R

    Not thanking the carriage driver

  • Conor Finn

    Not giving a beggar a septim

  • LUKA

    Killing Paarthunax is THE evil choice in all of video gamesAdd it to the list

  • redjess0625

    Killing Nilsine is even worse if the dialogue you choose before killing her is: "Can you hear that? It's the sound of your sister, screaming in the Void."

  • AJ Willis

    So there is an event in which your child may bring a pet home. Should you choose to let them keep it but kill the pet after, your kid will say "I'm never speaking to you again." That should have made the list xD

  • Amberlynns Nonexisting eyebrows

    The worst thing you can EVER do in Skyrim is to abuse Meeko

  • Ez

    I love how you manage to mispronounce every second name in a game even though the NPCs audibly say them on a regular basis.

  • RepublicofEthan

    You ever notice how as the protagonist you can murder people to death, frame people for crimes they didn't commit, but it's the Night to Remember quest that makes you want to tell everyone "no, I'm not a bad person, I swear I would normally not sell your goat or mess up your temple, I was just drunk I tell you!"

  • einherjar 81

    So, in one of my Skyrim playthroughs, I decided I really wanted to adopt Svari. Only, she's not an orphan... So my Dragonborn took matters into his own hands - killed both her mother and father and offered to take her in. I thought all was well until one day she made a comment about me killing her mama and papa. So, yeah...

  • Robert Pilla

    I once slaughtered an entire village. The game glitched and I was being attacked by 5 dragons at once. At one point I must have killed a villager's chicken by mistake. The Villagers started to attack me while I was battling the dragons. Shadowmere and I eventually defeated the 5 dragons and the entire village. The only people left standing were NPC's which cannot be killed. This is when it get's evil. I stripped all the clothes off the dead bodies and made a pile of them in the center of town.

  • Celavi retard

    Year 2519 The elder scrolls : 6 top 10 pixels

  • Noblesse Obligee

    You can make characters commit suicide???? Give me a list of all those options! For.... science, of course.

  • Noblesse Obligee

    Most evil thing you can do- getting dawguard dlc, recruiting a BATTLE PUPPY, taking it to your house to see your family, letting your adopted daughter who may or may not be related to your most recent Dark Brotherhood contract, pet him and ask if they can adopt him, saying no, then killing the puppy in cold blood to show your children to not pester the god of all dragons with their silly mortal concerns before they cleaned their goddmamn room. Alternatively, going to any funeral, and casting Mayhem. Oh, I'm sorry, were you gathering all your loved ones to mourn the death of someone dear to you? Well, I hope you don't mind if I fill your mind and the mind of everyone here with the overwhelming desire to murder each other until it stops being funny.... Whats that? Did you say you DO mind? It's a little hard to hear you over the sound of your grandma trying to strangle you to death before little timmy throws a fireball at her face. Speak up, please.

  • Enter a name here

    That thing with the child adoption isn't necessarily evil in all cases. There's a family in Rorikstead: Lemkil and his two daughters - Britte and Sissel. I've always felt sorry for Sissel - Britte constantly bullies her, and their father hates them both. All the other villagers consider Lemkil a terrible person for treating his daughters the way he does. So in one of my playthroughs I killed Lemkil and adopted Sissel, so that she could live in a family that would give her the love she deserves. I let Britte stay in the orphanage for being a terrible sister, but she is still better off there than with the father who didn't care about her at all. I mean, I still had no right to pass judgement on that family this way, but I'm trying to say is - not every situation is as black and white as Nate would have you believe.

  • Xxxtensioncordxx

    Is there a conjuration spell to bring back Stan lee :(

  • Noah Hillman

    I don't care if you're a storm cloak or a an Imperial. Vampire or Dawn Guard. Join or Destroy the Brother hood. No choice matters, but if you kill Paarthurnax. Then you don't deserve any love in your live at all.

  • Nurra Kugy

    Shooting an adventurer in the knee...


    I think the most evil thing you can do is do the Dawnguard DLC, convince Serana to cure her vampirism, have her trust you, and then you Fus Roh Da her off a mountain.

  • Invidious

    #3 the jilted lover trying to kill you. that my friend is called an easter egg. Also the cannibal thing really isn't that bad, if you become a vampire it's not really cannibalism, and if you're a werewolf you eat people all the time. I'd say something far more evil is the magical way you go from being a vampire to mortal. Requiring a filled black soul gem the implication is clear, you send a mortal soul to the Soul Cairn to reclaim your own. If you have been to the Soul Cairn you know what you have condemned the unfortunate person to... if you used a person's soul.

  • clara sanchez

    #1 not buying flowers from Sophie

  • MrSand 666

    You forgot that when you you complete the dark brotherhood quest line and get the 20 000 septum’s you can run away and never be seen again

  • Sinesgaitz

    The most evil choice? The choice made to make the thing of Meridia a random drop, so every player that started every new game would have to hear her annoying commands sooner or later.Every time I find the thing of Meridia, I close the loot window and walk away slowly.

  • Michael Gleghorn

    How about the ebony blade where you have to kill 10 companions to reach its full power?

  • Jenna M.

    "MURDERED TO DEATH" is going to be a quote I will have for the rest of my life. Its going as my quote for the end of high school😂

  • Elephants Are Cool

    You know the dark skinned cannibal girl in tribal looking warpaint? That's not her character design in my game. In the copy I've got she is a white girl with one of those evil looking white blind eyes and no face paint at all.

  • Grigoriy Dubrov

    There is still no worse sin in Skyrim than to kill or lose Meeko... I had to start my game over again when I found Meeko dead in some old location by spawning there using console X((((((

  • KagenNoTsuki

    To be fair about #4, going to Rorikstead, killing Lemkil and then adopting Sissel and leaving Britte to rot in Honorhall could actually be seen as a very good thing to do lol

  • Grigoriy Dubrov

    Imagine how could you feel if Skyrim was a newer game just like RDR 2, where I actually feel stupid when doing something bad. I wish these real feelings will be in TES 6)

  • The Chainlink Fence Studios

    Man shoots batman's parentsBatman: "why tho"Man: "you're my child now"

  • Eric Vaughan

    The Namira quest is good if you're playing a traditional Bosmer and honor "The Meat Pact".  Bosmeri will eat both their own dead, and the dead of those they vanquish. Also, since they never pick a single herb or flower, it's a real challenge since alchemy is very helpful in the game with the various potions. So the graces from Namira come in handy.A mild evil is marrying a NPC, making sure to keep a small constructed home with no steward or houscarl only to see how long it takes for the kidnapping rare quest.

  • Domarik Stardusk

    All of the Choices (even some you didnt mention like the 3 People in the hut for the Dark Brotherhood Questline) I did do them. They all are funny to me i like to make the "hero" of the game, a fking psychopath. I even did use frenzy on a child to it kills their Parents, While laughing my ass of.

  • Michel van der Linden

    "he doesnt deserve to die here!"I beg to differ. Any NPC responsible for giving me yet ANOTHER fetch quest to drag me away from the plot needs to die.

  • Kyra Sanchez

    I think the only exception to the kill to adopt rule has to be with those twins in rorikstead. Their father is actually terrible and possibly abusive.

  • Amberlynns Nonexisting eyebrows

    Like so Nate sees this.Please do a video on the dark brotherhood pond (If you clip through the ground, you can find a corpse there!)

  • David Lane

    Here's5  more evil things you can do.  Complete the quest for Mjoll the lioness, then sacrifice her to Boethiah.. She is the self proclaimed protector of Riften Use the ebony blade to kill all of your followers then eat them using Namira's ring . Kill all the town guards during a dragon attack then hide using muffle and invincibility spells.Use the mayhem spell during Vittoria Vici's wedding.After completing companions quest line and becoming the leader of the companions go werewolf and kill an many companions as the game will let you, or alternatively kill them using wuuthrad

  • Chibi Blaziken

    Not simply stealing Argonian Ale for your poor drunk bro Brenuin from the tavern in Whiterun

  • Noekii* Groenewald

    Hahaha* this was a pretty cool video, I enjoyed it and learned a few things in the process*😁*I recently did the quest with Orthorn and the books and I did set him free, but when I got to the Caller she didn't offer me the deal (I didn't even know that she will give you the deal until this video) so I ended up having to fight her, but sadly after the dust settled and I turned around I saw that Orthorn had fallen in this battle*😔* I even tried reloading the previous save to see if I could save him, but I kept getting the same result so I just accepted it cause after like the third time it started to feel like I was torturing the poor dude*🙊

  • Animaniac0451

    You CAN tell Camilla that they are both dishonest. Got Faendral and talk to him, getting his fake letter. Go show it to Sven and he'll pen a fake letter. Now Pickpocket Sven and get Faendral's letter back. Now you can show both of them to her and she'll hate them both, freeing her affections for you to marry her.

  • Whiterun Guard

    Top 10 evil chickens next

  • Krieg Psycho

    Besides the fact that I sent Lidia flying with a Fus Ro Da every fucking time i could, and then reloading the game, (which is not really evil, but actually stupid), I completed the Namira`s cannibalism quest for the achievements and and the Molag bl quest just because the mace looked good

  • JohnnyReborn665

    Kills both targets, marries Muiri, I see no issue here.

  • Bongtasia

    lol, a buddy of mine kept trying different ways to kill their spouse

  • Jackpot 95

    I made all of them except for one

  • Ellie Willis

    They (can’t spell the names ;-;) will actually both have that negative disposition if she dies by your hands too. I accidentally took a potion from the store and she turned hostile and I left, but my follower stayed and killed her :/ now whenever I go back there they’re just like hey ass wipe gtfo and st first I didn’t even know what happened until I actually walked back into the store

  • Andrew Matthews

    One of the most evil things I did in this game was watch a hapless villager of Dragon Bridge fend for themselves during a bear attack, reanimated their corpse, went into their family home and listened to the family grieve while their loved one stood as a zombie right in front of them then disappeared into ash in their house. Then reanimated the bear that killed them and did the same thing.

  • Julaina Morin

    The one Daedric quest I hate the most, and will never finish, is the "Eaters of the Dead"-becoming a cannibal after betraying a priest of Arkay. I won't even go in and clear out the Draugr-whether you do it before the quest is given, by exploration, or after the quest and the 'feast'. Once done, you become Champion of Namira, whether you like it or not. Afterwards, you will have random encounters with one of the cannibals, who has just killed someone. He hails you as Namira's Champion, and as such, offers you 'the first bite'. That is just too much!

  • Super Skrub

    Let me guess? Someone gets murdered to death

  • TDB prod.

    YOU DID NOT SAY IT 11:15

  • Crish Crash

    I had the dragon born take part in that cannibal ritual. Given it's not cannibalism if the dragon born isn't human.

  • A Tree

    Killing parthurnaax is the stupidest thing ever

  • Demonic 61636 Gaming

    Damn, I never knew about the kid thing. That is evil lmao


    So, we're admitting our evil doings as Dragon Borns here ? Alright, I occasionally ease forward into Braith while she'sberating me so she shuts up & says ouch.Oh, also I soultrap entire bandit camps & mage castles that have killed one of my horses, then I go down to the soulcairn & wait for them so I can torment them for eternity.

  • Etang Bose

    Not killing narfi god that guy pains the whole village

  • BlueJay

    Clan Shatter-Shield? More like Clan Slit-Wrists

  • TheAlmighty Blob

    Number 1 should be killing Parthunax

  • Lt. Derp25

    I could care less if you're with or against the Dark Brotherhood, or even if you're a vampire or part of the Dawnguard; if you kill Paarthurnax, YOU ARE DEAD TO ME.

  • Phanbot01

    I once killed the farmer in Rorikstead who hates his 2 daughters and then later adopted them. If there was a legit way of taking them off his hands I would have done it.

  • Cosmic Gamer

    The blacksmith in Riverwood, he and his wife died when I was fighting a dragon, they ran infront of me so I hit them and the dragon just killed them, I adopted the daughter XD

  • macaryl95

    Stole thousands of septims... Right under their noses... heh... heh.

  • Maiq The Liar VII

    Might I suggest a video topic? 5 characters with interesting consequences when they are murdered to death

  • A Tree

    Please say oyfum i need this crossover

  • ogi sijak

    I saved orthorne but he died before we made it to the sorceress so yeah not my fault he died.

  • StarlightMasters

    I want to orphan the twin girls in Rorakstead and adopt the nice one

  • Sander Oppeel

    can you murder someone to life too...?

  • blackroseduelist

    Excuse me, killing that abusive jerk Lemkil in Rorikstead so that I can adopt his daughters is probably the noblest act in the game!

  • Shinigami

    Not even gonna lie....I absolutely love EpicNate's voice.

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