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  • Hermaeus Mora

    Sam, that was a knee slapper. That was a hoot. I chordled 3 times

  • Loki

    Sam that was a knee slapper.That was a hoot.That gave me-I chortled, 3 times.

  • Austin Molnar

    You know.. you only need to eat something once to learn its effects. You didnt need to eat every damn thing in the cupboard

  • Thenakedthrall

    Sam that was a knee slapper

  • savannah henry

    Sam you're quite the optimist.  Every time you get screwed by something on this game you look on the bright side or dismiss it....

  • Scarfaceman77

    Uses a spell called Slay Living on an undead enemy and wonders why it resisted it.... Oh Sam, you silly goose.

  • Mike 2011qwerty

    Nice long video Sam! And on my birthday! Awesome!

  • Born2Boogup

    Sam, that was a knee slapper. That... That was a hoot. I chordled 3 times!!

  • MickMaan

    It still hurts when watching Sam waste all of those ingredients. You only have to sample them, he went full on stoner munchies.

  • Obsidiron Pumicia

    Bleak Falls Barrow? More like Bleach Falls Barrow!Your move, Sam.

  • Pineapple

    Sam, that was a niece slapper, a hoot, so to say

  • Zachary Tan

    That was a hoot. Now I have aids what do I do Sam you ding dong

  • The Duke

    Sam that was a knee-slapper. That was a hoot. I chortled three times

  • R C

    Sam that was that was a knee slapper. That was a hoot. I chortled 3 times.

  • Saki Yoshida

    only the most alphas high elves wear fedoras

  • LightningNC ate human flesh, Sam...

  • ISE Gaming

    That was a knee-slapper. I was dying with laughter on this jokey-joke.

  • James Randomizer

    That was a knee slapper...

  • MDgamersUnited

    Sam, that, that was a knee slapper. That, that was a hoot.

  • StridingBear

    Sam, that was a knee slapper! That was a hoot! I chrotwjwkayw three maafakin times!

  • Dubbel D

    Sam, that was a knee slapper. That was a hoot. I chordled 3 times.

  • RoaneyRoan

    turns ancestors ashes into a potion classic sam

  • Porkchopw 7

    good one bleak falls idon'tcarow

  • jayden grey

    wtf is a chortle??? haha

  • MRK 141

    Hooray for 30 min episodes!

  • showtimeman17

    His ability to own property and collect taxes on it is a mod I'm assuming?

  • coolio Jumjoolio

    Sam that's still a knee slapper

  • Lemon Lime

    Years later and I'm rewatching the saga. Because pewds is a cringe , markipler is a money whore .And samwise is just a timeless classic . Thank you always general Sam

  • Quintin Langford

    It really annoys me how sometimes he forgets to save his game and doesn't even realize until like twenty episodes latter where he's like 'Didn't I already do this' or 'It's funny how far I've gotten in other quest lines but not the main one' well sam you did do that quest, you even did the one that releases dragons throughout skyrim

  • Firstname Secondname

    Sam that was a... That was kneeslapper that was a hoot.

  • Jman RG

    Sam that was a noose grabber

  • Nephilim Drayko

    I just have one question for you sam, what mod do your have that allows you to loot Draugr Armor, i cant find anything that allows me to do that

  • Reiko Reseñas

    Sam, that was a knee slapper, i ROFL

  • Max Heptonstall

    Sam that was a hooters

  • Slush Puppie

    +General Sam tinfoil theory all the guards in whiterun are were dragons thats why he had guard armor that or he was planning on getting himself a disguise so he could assassinate the jarl XD

  • WOD

    Top KEK! Much laugh! Sneppy Bone! Real Cheese Niblets.

  • Wayne lee

    I really don't think that you get enough cred for these gut busting funny play throughs you do. Gets me through everyday on this base in Korea. Props from your friendly not so much neighborhood across the world airman.

  • TomeOfBattle

    Well done, Samantha. I Chorrrol'd thrice. See wut I did thar?

  • Icehead

    Sam, that was a knee slapper. That was a hoot. I chordled 3 times

  • ThoseCrazyGuys11

    Sam, that was a knee slapper. That was a hoot. I chordled 3 times

  • Isosceles Triangle

    5:05"Sam that was - that was a knee slapper, Sam that was a hoot - that gave me - I chortled three times... that's... that's what I want you to say."Have I appeased you?

  • Ryan Asschomper

    Hey Sam, I wanted to tell you of a mod that has cool beards, hehe. Look up Dwemer Beards and DL it, it's funny as hell. There is also a Dwemer (Dwarf) Race mod you can get so you can play as a dwarf! Look them up please! -Asschomper

  • Norse Vortex

    That was a kneeslapper

  • jacob moran

    there's two more secret chests

  • oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

    sam that was a knee slapper thar was a hoot

  • HyperWolf 3955

    That was a knee slapper

  • Nicholas Carvell

    Sam , that was a knee slapper , that was a hoot . I chortled 3 times .

  • nothing

    watching this 2017 and that was knee slapper shit actually made me laugh 😂

  • Brandon Smith420

    Thanks for that knee slapper of a hoot joke Sam. I chortled three times.


    that was a kneeslapper

  • J U S T S O M E G U Y

    That was. a kneeslapper

  • Justin Kaltz

    Sam that was a knee slapper

  • Tyler Workman

    that was a hoot a real knee slapper

  • Redd24Hundred

    Sam that was a kneeslapper

  • Renen Rudolf

    I got scared when I saw Tommy, thanks Sam!

  • Galmar Stonefist

    Why not just try 1 of every ingredient??

  • Sean Morrison

    That was a knee slapper, that was a hoot! I chortled 3 times

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