Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 3)

Skyrim is a game rich with things to do, as are all Elder Scrolls and Bethesda games. However, even six years later, Skyrim still offers a lot of potential opportunities and activities that many players have yet to discover. So today, we’ll be taking a look at five more things you (probably) didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim (Part 3).
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    Aye big dog can I get a pin?

  • Hides_From_Sun

    That netch jelly one is GOLD! I'm definitely trying that next time I'm in Skyrim :D

  • Doc Possum

    "Magical Parachute that doesn't slow you down" would be a hard thing to market.

  • Matthew Hilliker

    "Is it a bug or a feature?"Bethesda: "Yes."

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    I’d be a lot warmer and a lot happier with a belly full of these videos.

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    I prefer the Lightning Spells so I can say "UNLIMITED POWER!!!"

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    I'm going to have to try shooting the soul gem with an arrow to see if that causes the revolt

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    I'll be collecting Netch Jelly now. XD

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    Khajiit loves when he say "How's going guys Skyrim here and Nate..."Oh no tooo much skooma again.

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    Been looking for you, got something I’m supposed to deliver. Your hands only. Looks like a detail, and a lot of videos. Oh and, sorry for your loss.

  • Fletcher

    Been playing Skyrim for a few years now, still don't know a ton of things about it. Part of what makes Skyrim a masterpiece imo.

  • 47most SOON

    Hey you mix details right? Can you brew me a video?

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    I was murdering netches to life, now I’ll murder them to death, thx for the tip

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    6:23 Ewwh, only man you need to marry is Sven.

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    Next episode of 10 tiny details you missed in Skyrim"That symbol on the video game cover is actually a dragon"

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    I came here to watch Nate’s Skyrim facts and chew bubblegum....And I’m all out of gum !

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    Some may call it bugs. Me, I call them features

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    Netch hate him! Click the link to see how to get paralyzed in one second -> 6:43

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    Hey Nate thanks for putting me on the thumbnail!!! I’ll be here all week!!!!

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    I miss the wilderness mammoth outro.

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    Thank you Nate, trust you to keep finding more things out that I do not know :) love this series :)

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    This guy went to my high school in freshman year and we had a 40 minute lunch, every day he used that time to run 1 mile to taco bell and buy 2 chicken wraps, then proceed eat them while running back. Please confirm Nate.

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    Yo, Nate give me a heart brother!

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    How to play Skyrim:1: open the console2: type TGM3: do whatever the heck you want

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    Could you just shoot the soul gem off of the platform?

  • Dylan Lafreniere

    Eat natch jelly right after you whirlwind sprint. If you are over some hills or high on top a building you get some funny instances.

  • Alpha Sapphire

    Holy crap, that paralysischute. I'm litterally pissing my pants laughing.

  • Tanner Vineyard

    Me:finds a bug"Is this a bug or a feature?"Bethesda:"Yes."

  • Prince Sheogorath of Madness

    „The Isles, the Isles. A wonderful place! Except when it's horrible. Then it's horribly wonderful. Good for a visit. Or for an eternity.“ I liked the last one, let’s try the „bouncing parachute“

  • Jettus 14

    i killed arondil for the first time by sniping him withe the wabbajack No fight...He just turned into a pile of goo and was labeled dead so i guess i win? HURRAY FOR RANDOMNESS

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    I'm going to throw myself off the Throat of the World, but before I hit the ground I'm going to eat Netch jelly.

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    I'm just going to become a bouncy ball with netch jelly now. Thank you.

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    The first time I ate the notch jelly I thought I killed myself, scared the hell out of me honestly lol I was so confused

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    Hey you've done the first one before!?! EXPLAIN NATE!!!

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    That Netch jelly thing is perfect

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    Hey Mate have you ever thought about making a top 10 list for Oblivion?

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    What school of magic do you study to keep fabricating these facts? damn you must be a real mage :p love it

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    The four things that will survive the end of the world:1. Roaches2. Twinkies3. Nokia phones5. 5 things you didn't know about Skyrim

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    Shoot a arrow at the soul gem to knock it over, only true thieves think like that.

  • Alpha Maze

    Nate, you arent playing the closing music. No Mammys.. Im sad

  • Alexis

    I’m currently playing the fuck out of Skyrim. Literally never played any ES game and I’m really getting into it! Having people post videos about it still after how many years late I was to it makes me feel sooo much better! Glad this game is still very active even after all these years already

  • Jayden Ander

    Just found out something interesting! Please try this if you haven't. Drop some items in front of the old beggar in riften, next to the dark elves food area and the civilians will do something crazy! It's pretty awesome!

  • Joe Nesvick

    It’s amazing how much you can find new to you after all these years.

  • Scat Pack Tony

    Wife: Can you stop playing so we can watch a movie?Me: I can’t I need concentration, Nate found 5 things I have to explore then on my own.Wife: Please, we can snuggle?Me: FUS-RO-DAH!!!😗💨

  • Mr. Pablosek

    You can actually kill Grelod by just stealing an item through pickpocket. If you want to know how to do it go and watch my only video. It must be done under certain circumstances, because it won't work the other way. P.S: This isn't an advertisement to my channel. I barely have anything on it.

  • trekfall

    "murder netches to death"

  • Rosh Fragger

    The Netch Jelly exploit ROFL. It's kinda similar to Ark Survival Evolved where you can dismount the tamed dino/creature just before hitting the ground and no one takes fall damage :D

  • Sam Hem

    Oh I dunno if you've said this before, and it's kind of small, but the other day I stole a bowl in the Ragged Flagon in front of everyone and nobody cares. They do say some things, but nobody attacks you. I don't know what I expected to happen when I did that.

  • Spray Paint

    Pronounce pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  • Matthew Musco

    When he kills Sigurd it says “1000 bounty added to the rift”

  • kathy camilleri

    When you join the stormcloaks and try to take to take Whiterun, when you enter dragons reach and defeat the jarl and make him stand down, all of the nord Whiterun gaurds you did not kill will infact turn into imperials! so before that they were Nords and after you take Whiterun their voice Changes to imperial!

  • ThePortalGeek

    I decided to go on a massacre after finishing the bards recruitment quest line in Solitude, and I noticed one of the guards fighting me spawned with dual wielding Skulls of Corruption. Rnjesus or some little Easter egg/glitch? Someone explain

  • Cedric Baccay

    Can someone port fallout new Vegas on the switch!!!! 😭

  • Jason Hazell

    “Y” is pronounced as “I” so it’s said “Ing-vild”Otherwise, good job!

  • Leah MacDonald

    I really need a shooting stars meme mod for when you get killed by a giant

  • CatMiner

    One time when I was using flames I was my right flame was a lot bigger than the left one, and I was really confused. I thought it was a glitch or something.

  • Téo

    Esse canal é minha religião favorita

  • the stone angel gaming

    Wow, i have been binge watching this video series, your voice is entertaining and amazing by itself. Have you ever done voice acting or anything, it just sounds great

  • Scott Wells

    I can't wait to try the death one

  • Firefox9546

    Nate, If you travel to Pinewatch and then travel South, you can come across a burnt-down shack with teo burnt corpses. INside, a note has been written to the authorities, stating about a nearby dragon.                                       Another detail is that if you keep going south, there is a waterfall. Under it, the body of a kajiit lies there. Above that waterfall, there is a forsworn cave, so it seems there was a traveller that got too close, was taken prisoner, and then the Forsworn. You can add these to your next 'Tiny Details' video.

  • Kasumi Ninja

    Blablablablablablabla dislike

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    ..Downloads skyrim again lol...

  • Birb

    You can actually do the first one with all novice/holding spells.I believe you can even do it with Pacify/Frenzy

  • Hadi 107

    Dear TheEpicNate315, Thanks for streaming your skyrim.I love skyrim so much for 2 years since then!And please show more skyrim of your video about other DLC. GOODBYE✌

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    Nate i dare you to Pin and/or Heart this comment

  • Revan The Dragon

    The first one --- it actually increases the amount of projected light around you as well! I remember doing this a veeeeeery long time ago in the early parts of the game because it was so dark!(At least I'm pretty sure it does? Unless that was a different spell, but I'm pretty sure it was the basic flames one!)

  • Obi-wan Kenobi

    Or murder netches to deathMakes sense I guess

  • im a comment J

    fun fact you can level up destruction by jumping in the black smiths forge in riften i know this cause i was board one day and jumped in his forge for about 20 min seeing how long it would take to kill me all i got was 1 level more and a full health bar im guessing it works in others to i just never bothered to try (just remembered i have done it in other forges)

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