Skyrim Secrets - WHAT HAPPENS if you Assassinate a Dark Brotherhood Target Early?

Skyrim Secrets - Dark Brotherhood
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  • Álvaro Lopes

    I wish I was one of those Dark Brotherhood targets so I could meet the Dragonborn.And so I could die, of course.

  • Kay

    I already killed her before I started the quest lmao, I didn’t know what the DB was because it was the first time I booted up the game lol

  • The Funny Dovakhiin

    Child: Someone killed Grelod The Kind!!!!Me: Yea it totally wasn't the assassin looking adult with the sword in our orphanage

  • Restless Wretch

    I was expecting to see what would happen if you killed all of the Dark brotherhood named targets throughout Skyrim before joining. Just turn in assignments as they became available, see if there's some "Wow, you really ARE good." from whatshisface. That's one thing I haven't done yet. Instead, it's just a video of the fastest way to get into the Dark Brotherhood - kill her before reaching Aventus, from whom you immediately get the reward and have access to nearby usable beds to get yourself kidnapped. The percentage of people who take the time to go to Aventus first, then to Riften, then BACK to Aventus, must be so small that this video is legitimately pointless.

  • M'Aiq The Honest

    Many tried to assassinate M'aiq, but none are succeed which is make M'aiq curious

  • Coma

    5:00 "This is the other bedroom right?" ( Opens torture chamber )

  • LoftierElf1

    I thought he would kill a different target, killing grelod always starts the dark brotherhood mission no matter what, because you get recruited after you kill her without being part of the dark brotherhood, seeing what would happen if you actually killed any other of the target would've been the interesting thing we all wanted to watch.

  • Yoda

    MustMakeVideoTen Minutes Long

  • Menito Bussolini

    I would be upset about the obvious clickbait and obnoxiously long video, but I have adblock on anyway

  • Just a Planet

    WAIT i just realized there is only Nord children in the game.

  • Lenny Lynch

    I was expecting a video on what happens if you kill one of the targets you are given once you join, but without actually joining, eg. Narfi. This is just the shortcut to joining the brotherhood and one line of extra dialogue that you could have just explained the context of in 30 seconds

  • ConvexSpys 8335

    My question is how did a kid get from riften to Windhelm with bandits and dragons running around

  • MrHood1313

    "Secret Target," in the thumbnail. 10 minute video for 2 lines of dialog.Can't dislike enough.

  • Johannes

    I like how everyone in Skyrim seems to know that an orphan boy is plotting to hire an assassin but no one bothers to intervene

  • Cloned Sheep

    The most disturbing part about Arentino is the fact that a child ran from Riften to Windhelm (Screw that, even as dragonborn), and somehow "found" a human heart on his way...

  • Thamesmead Gaming

    This video is extremely stretched out

  • Commander Wolf

    It's a torture chamber not a toilet ESO XD

  • Mijjlw743

    This actually happened to me when I recently joined the dark brotherhood. I can’t remember the target but I got the quest from nazir it completed it and I got my money without doing anything.

  • Bastian Jerome

    That's cheating! Grelod is so easy to kill early, where as if you kill the first three contracts before joining the dark brotherhood you'll break the game.

  • 10 cent gamer

    Thumbs down for misleading title. That is NOT what happens is you kill "A" target that's what happens if u kill the first target. Others you get less gold because you can't do it in the special way the npc planned. Love your channel man but this title is wrong

  • pyromaniac000000

    Its nice to see Riften at a higher fps than 8


    half a dozen kids were just taught that murder is a great way to solve problems

  • R Lester

    more places have toilets, mostly old forts, etc. by toilet, well... bucket and sometimes a bottle of true shot :D

  • BA

    Yeah I just randomly found the boy doing the sacrament first, then killed the old hag. Then I killed Astrid when she abducted me in my sleep, let all three captives go, then went and killed the DB.

  • NimbleShadow

    "it takes games to the next level of immersion" - plays as a woman.

  • philipp plein

    Too much useless rambling, this vid could be 15 sec long

  • Vlaka

    Nope. Shouldve killed a different target that's an actual target later on

  • Her_ Gose

    Eso!! make a video where you configure out whats better, to kill dark brother hood or team up with them.

  • averagejoe455

    What happens if you kill all the minor contract NPCs before taking the Dark Brotherhood quests?

  • Kaelan Everett

    "He just tripped over himself" Me

  • Sugar Reaper 14

    I killed her without the quest too, I was trying to make a profile without any killable NPCs.

  • Bard Loves Chimes

    This was a ten minute video to see a unique dialogue option....

  • Sparks Legends

    I wonder what would happen if you killed all the Dark Brotherhood targets before starting the Dark Brotherhood Quest Line?

  • George Z.

    Late fun fact, Constance doesn't stop running around and screaming even if you hit her with a calm spell or scroll.

  • Thomas Lowry

    You didn't need to be sneaky to kill grelod because she's hard coded to not give you a bounty.

  • NiggaSpaghettiSex

    This video would be 5x better if your face wasn’t in the corner

  • esteban juarez

    btw you can kill Grelod anytime with no consequences. I walked up to her and killed her with a punch, then walked out and i had no bounty. One of the Riften guards actually thanked me for it

  • VixNeko

    Nice video, I like killing her before the quest. By the way, the "toilet" you found next to Grelod's bedroom is a closet where she used to throw the kids into. If you look again, you'll also notice the shackles mounted to the walls. The fact that there is straw on the ground could also be meant as bedding. I imagine the kids aren't always shackled in there, which is why I think the straw doubles as bedding. The first intended purpose, in my opinion, could be to provide a barrier for people going to the bathroom in there. I'm not sure where I heard this or from whom, but I know there's at least one NPC who'll mention the closet punishment thing. (Maybe it was one of the kids?)

  • AdonisGaming93

    i thought you were going to do the targets in the dark brother hood quests, should rename it to just killing grelod early not the targets.

  • Casper Söderberg

    You don’t have to sneak when you kill Grelod, no one will care!

  • kostas titos

    i actualy killed grelod before i even knew about the dark brotherhood......i mean who wouldnt!

  • Delsin Solly

    That wasnt solely a toiletry room. That is theorized to be a tortue room that Grelod calls the dungeon, and has chains on it to hook kids to the wall. This is prooven by a dialogue grelod will say, saying she will through a kid in the dungeon

  • Commander Wolf

    You have to kill her early so can join the BrotherHood so that's not an actual target XD

  • Gorgo Borgo

    I always do this to get INTO the dark brotherhood don't know how to get in , in any other way also pewdiepie look a like.

  • Alyssa the awkward skat

    I killed her early by accident and i didn't know about the dark brother hood until i got bored with skyrim and looked it up

  • Lachlan Bold

    Me and my friends made a game of killing Grelod in the most creative ways. Thomas won, by using the Wabbajak to turn her into a chicken, killed the chicken and put it in the fireplace.

  • Megi Qn

    Bro! Who is your buddy you got with you? I sooo want him as my companion.

  • Sophies World


  • Codence S

    The answer is at 9:00 so you can save yourself all of that time where he does nothing

  • Emo_burrito 93

    My brother killed the bandit leader ex boyfriend before the quest started so he couldn’t get the extra reward

  • Spazmatsm Playz


  • DeeShaun Randahl

    I though he mentioned like killing Narfi early or something like that,I kill Grelod before I ever get the mission everytime

  • MrBoriqua2000

    Damn dude, your face is extremely distracting down there. I prefer your other video style. No offense.

  • Fomod

    Pretty much what happens is: If you kill Grelod The Kind before starting the quest, you'll get some unique dialogue and that's it.

  • Nathan Key-No

    Why does this guy always seem so high?

  • BigSpongebob


  • #YourIQDoesn'tMeanShitToMe

    What if you kill all the targets before joining it?

  • Very Rare Savage

    How do you get that follower in full chitin

  • Dat _ Squid

    Whats the name of the sword

  • The Last of Us

    Hey I know who you are. Hail Sithis

  • TheBlackCat viewerAccount

    I always kill her on my first trip to riften. Mainly because she disgust me.

  • Respect Is Needed

    It’s not a toilet lol, it’s a torture room.

  • Sophies World

    They have the same last name!

  • Alex Maurice

    I remember a few years ago i had killed her b4 i even knew about the quest haha. I cant believe i fell in love with this game all because of a free download from getting a new xbox 360😂 i thought the game was mainly for hunting tbh lol

  • LittleFireHD

    How do you make your character

  • Limitless Beast

    greold is a nicer woman than my mom, I am not kidding. She was very abusive.

  • Goldenboy 867

    Ok stop submitting thats so funny im cracking up

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