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  • tenchewbaccas

    I'm skipping football practice and watching your videos.

  • twilightreaper X

    I gotta say I was a little disappointed Sam. Such a great quality video, top tier I might add, but 10 minutes long? I remember being able to grab some foodz and come on youtube and watch the whole video while stuffing my face in delight and finishing before the video ended. Other than that great work

  • savannah henry


  • Wrath of Armand Christophe

    2:49wtf. seriously. wtf sam. what was that noise? the sky doesn't look that good... does it?

  • DanielForrest

    The CSS clip was awesome at the end

  • DragonMaiden77

    Every time you mimic Belrand's voice, I can't help but laugh.

  • AnOKgamer

    i would watch scopey dopey doo each  week every week

  • Slightly Intrigued Jammin' James

    What mod gives the guards cloaks

  • Juan Diego


  • Austin Hendricks

    My good sir I would like to nominate you for this years king of web and funniest gaming badass.

  • Evan Fischbach

    Loved that little Counter Strike clip at the end there. I do that all the time :P

  • Kieran Dwyer

    you've made skyrim a frame killing machine with those mods doe.

  • ibanezadam

    Even though it hasn't even been the length of the video since it was uploaded lol

  • Lord Toast

    Sam, how's called the HUD mod you use?

  • Logan Florez

    at about 7:00, i believe the name you were looking for was.........MARK NUTT!!!!!!!

  • RedPhoenix Fledgwing

    I want a chardolf sitler mod that has him come with armour that looks like hitler's outfit when he was chancellor of Germany.

  • Riznat Nakh

    Is it possible for belrand to die ever coz on my character i killed him :/

  • MikePlaysIt

    No... Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again".. :) lol

  • Moderately Social Potato

    I was wondering; do wards stop the arrows from a conjured bow?

  • dfsadf sdafdsf

    Are you black or white or somewhere in the middle, its bugging the crap out of me since i can't tell. pls reply.....................pls.

  • BasedLemur

    Damn dude, that cliffhanger ending tho

  • Dritto

    Lol I found that assassin of old when I first played the game and didnt even know about the token!

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