Skyrim: 5 More Extremely Rare and Secret Items, that are Useless in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 3)

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is littered with dozen of rare and secretive items for the player to get their hands on. But most of Skyrim's rare objects are rather powerful unique artifacts that players know fairly well. So what about the rare and secretive items in Skyrim, that aren't so useful? It's these that don't get much attention, that we'll be covering today as we take another look at 5 rare and secret items that are utterly useless in The Elder Scrolls 5 you may have missed.
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    "You have to read it for yourself, like a peasant."Reading is a skill only nobility, merchants and other rich people learned in a medieval society like Skyrim´s, SO DON`T BELITTLE IT!!!Sry, i´m a book fan. X()

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    Actually, Cyrodilic Brandy is NOT the only alcoholic beverage in the game marked as a potion: Stros M'Kai Rum, Velvet LeChance, White-Gold Tower, Argonian Ale, Balmora Blue and Cliff Racer share this trait

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    It's actually surprising that there are so many rare items in Skyrim that are actually pretty useless!!!

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    I'm starting to doubt whether you actually do research before making these videos bro. - cyrodilic brandy can also be obtained during the quest diplomatic immunity. If you choose to ask the wood elf for a drink in order to cause a distraction he may give you a bottle of cyrodilic brandy. - fur trimmed coat occasionally spawns in the radiant raiment.

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    The blades of the holds you get as Thanes. Come on, you know you never use them.

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    5:09 “Or pickpocket the outfit if you’re a pacifist”needs to do the dark brotherhood questline

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    Goddamn it why can't you not make a mistake in one video you can optain cyrodilic brandy in the thalmor embasy and you can optain firebrand wine throughout a seller in the middle of the city of solitude

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    Before the quest to get the Firebrand case, I randomly found it in an animal cave at some unmarked location. So maybe there's actually three spawn places or I somehow stumbled across a broken part of my game.

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    I am now tempted to make a character,a thief,that will go all arrond Skyrim,Solstheim etc to look for these items from ur videos.

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    Firebrand wine spawns in the Dragonborn DLC. Captain Veleth tells you to find it because the guards drink it and get horribly drunk. Once found you can take it and drink it

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    5:52 that sack of apples is freaking out under the table wtf

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    You don't need to murder the guy that carries the Cyrodilic brandy, it wont even register as a murder or assault anyway. Just tell him you will relieve him of his valuable possessions and the guard will turn hostile, now punch the two nobles and watch EVERY single npc take on arms to murder them for you. Apparently everyone in Skyrim are secretly commies simply waiting for an excuse to murder nobles :]<.Also Cyrodilic Brandy in Skyrim Special edition is now correctly listed in the Food section, someone lazy is taking information directly from the un-updated wiki apparently?, shame!.

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    Wench clothes is also a rare item...Unless you download immersive wenches mod

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    Don’t need to bribe that lizard in the thieves guid quest if your persuasion is high. The mod Tailor's measure may give you those clothes, I’ve found the outfits I had the NPCs change into on their dead bodies

  • Louis Easton

    What about Balmora Blue?

  • AntiSkillshot

    Few things. The quest related Firebrand Wine Case is zero weight and zero gold. The non-quest related Firebrand Wine Case has two weight and a value of 137 (according to the wiki).

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    Thought I'd you that Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events stole your line. Yeah, the second season dropped on Netflix today, and they used the "murdered to death" line. Thought I'd say something.

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    Someone needs to make a mod that allows you to compete against Maven Black-Briar, selling rare wine and brandy

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    See I used the fur trimmed cloak on my mage character and just enchanted it, I just killed Briley after she became non essential after the dark brotherhood. I just liked the look.

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    Hey can anyone tell me what mod he uses to retexture those drinks? I would love to use it in a new run. Thanks!

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    rusty arrowstraining arrowsthe remaining of the guy in dawnstars lighthouseall the special items from the thiefs guildmystic glovestolfdirs destill

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    "Murdered to death"

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    In Sovngarde you can also get a roasted cow head which can only be obtained there and it's completely useless too

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    I either drunk or sold that cylodilic brandy 😅

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    To get the brandy get it from the main quest when you go to the thalmor embassy

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    You can get two bottles of Cyrodilic Brandy from drink vendors at Elenwen's party.

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