Skyrim: 5 Surprisingly Complex Characters Who Are Hiding Something – The Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game filled with a plethora of characters. However not all of them may be what they seem at face value. Some of Skyrim’s seemingly normal inhabitants, may in fact be harboring their own dark secrets or surprising pasts, unbeknownst to all but the most observant of players. So today we look at 5 of Skyrim’s most surprisingly complex characters, that you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5.

  • Houndkönig

    ...and the scrolls foretold, that this comment shall be pinned...

  • Vtel 'Zolam

    I'm beginning to think you've ran out of tiny details... no, no, perish the thought

  • Ninfreak95

    This makes me wish there wasn't so much "automatically attacks the player" NPC's. I want a chance to talk to these people, interact maybe in ways that benefit me, etc. It could get that way as you become famous as the dragon born, since you obviously kill any group that tries to attack you.

  • Zachary Fluke

    Bethesda should have made "the lusty argonian maid" a one handed skill book. Anybody else agree? Or is that just me lol

  • Ikcatcher

    A list of complex character and no mention of Mai’q? For shame

  • Eternalhuntress

    Gonna be serious for just a moment, I fucking love this fandom. Nate’s awesome.

  • Danky Spanky

    Nate - A fellow reptile person Me - Zucc is in this game?

  • Ahsan Zaman

    "Reptile person"? That's gotta be racist in 2018.

  • Voodoo Baby

    About the «pit key»..weren’t it suppose to be an arena in Windhelm originally, but got cut? Maybe the key was suppose to be to the arena pit? And she was one of the trainers or something?

  • Nathan Wilson

    Have you heard of the high elves?

  • Xitlaly Cruz

    My favorite part about the Ulffur bandit quest is that I was raiding the cave as a werewolf and Ulffur answered me as a werewolf. "Yup, it's me" and I was on my merry way.

  • Allen the Fallen

    "Surprisingly complex characters who are hiding something" "And here we have a guy who sleeps all day."

  • Justin Hellfighter

    The Court Wizard in Riften (the unorganized one) has a special dialogue if you have Alchemy or Restoration above 50 ( only skills i have ) just like farengar

  • Sabpot

    The only lists YouTuber I actually like watching.

  • Alpha

    "5 Surprisingly Complex Characters Who Are Hiding Something" Includes Snorreid

  • Ebony gamer

    you a damn dark elf lover

  • NoJusticeNoPeace

    Fultheim at the Nightgate Inn is also clearly more than he seems, since he wields a Blades sword and the bartender whispers that he's trying to "drink away unwanted memories."

  • Farr4_Moon

    That "blind" guy is not blind cuz if u attack him he stands up and attacks u head on... he just seems blind he's a genius!!!!

  • Deadirty

    there is a guy in solsteim with a unique weapon called the Stag's Bow, always thought he was kind of shady, maybe a vampire?

  • Bernler75

    I pronounce Niranye's name as "Niir-an-yeh" not sure if correct. But sounds more beautiful to me. :P

  • David Furor Curser

    i find it mostly irritating whenever you act like Dawnguard was a regular part of the game.

  • Stewart Bates

    Further complexity to the bandits in White River Watch is that two former members are now in a bandit group as part of the quest "The Pale Lady", paying key roles in the background of the quest :D

  • Khajiit

    Thank you ! May your road lead you to warm sands!

  • TT TheEmeraldSword

    Talen could be descended from the last Talen and given his grandfathers name?

  • Moszous

    If you wanna up your sneak level fast, go in sneak mode and leave a rubberband on behind Ulfr, as long as he doesn't detect you. You're welcome. I'm pretty sure everybody knows this, though.

  • aysseralwan

    I wish bethesda would care about their lore as much as they care about those nice details.

  • zane burnett

    "Murder everyone to death" haha😂

  • Evan Liebl

    what if a nibba came up and doodood on u

  • The Serene Doge Of Venice

    Can you make a video of the mods you use?

  • Technical Phoenix

    If I had to guess I'd say Darkwater Pit was the name designated to the cut Windhelm fighting pit, and she must have had something to do with it, and Bethesda just forgot to remove the key.


    I got that secret chest in winter hold and I'm level 37 so there was some good stuff and the best thing I took was a steel water breathing helm so I destroyed it at my house in wind helm and put it on a diamond gold necklace I'm a khjiit if u wanted to know

  • Pulse Fel

    wait if oblivion was 200 years before skyrim...does that mean the whole series before skyrim took place in 50 years?

  • Evan Liebl

    woah woah "reptile person" nate? your mother and i raised you better than that

  • Daken Scholz

    This was great! I had no idea about Talen Jei, I love the connections to older games: even if they're few & far between. I'd love to see another video like this!

  • Evan A

    Ulfr's mother was a falmer

  • Dolaxian

    Love your vids just started watching and it’s so fun to find this stuff out

  • ConvexSpys 8335

    is it possible to do the battle for solitude before seeing the execution in solitude in skyrim and would the person still be alive sense the stormcloacks would own solitude

  • nuke018

    is lusty argonian maid book about mark zuckerberg's wife ?

  • JennyM1998

    I've never been so early but I have nothing clever or funny to say :( Anyway, awesome video, keep 'em coming! Wondering just how many more details could possibly be in this game but somehow Nate finds them all

  • Love Gestapo

    @5:11 Is just me or... Do I even need to finish this sentence?

  • Moa the Wolfcub

    I always gets super excited when I see you posted something new ^_^ I once listened/watched while having dinner with my SO and he laughed on several occasions because you say and describe things in the best possible way :D

  • :-:-:-:

    Can you grant me a good death

  • The silant gamer

    How have u been able to do so many vids on this game t thought we discovered everything

  • GhostShadow1030

    Did he just say Arena took place 250 years before skyrim?........ lol

  • NeonBlue

    what mods do you use for your npcs?

  • ShufflingShrek

    The darkwater pit key may be the key to the area where you find derkeethus in darkwater crossing, the altmer may have hated derkeethus and locked him in their for the falmer to feed on him. Although, that probably wasn't the case as she likely would've been brutally murdered by the falmer living in darkwater crossing while locking derkeethus in the pit. Just a thought, very likely it is not true, but whatever.

  • Raze Ninjato

    The Sleeping Nord 24/7 365, and Nirayne's Secret Door is something I never learned. Wow.

  • Kay •

    There it is againthat same phrase, over and over again...

  • David Ramos

    Why are your dunmer flesh-colored and not grey-skinned?

  • xX Veymorak Xx

    "His behavior serves as an inspiration to us all" xD

  • saba agniashvili

    Aaaah, murdering someone to deathI was beggining to fear it wouldn't arrive

  • Trainer Green

    Sevan Calendas. Legate in riften

  • InvaderTwinz2

    Snorreid is me at work

  • precure blossom

    Bring back the mammoth 🐘

  • Kay R

    Hi Nate! Love your vids, made it early for once

  • snakecharmr123

    5:43 and i quote "assuming you didnt murdered everyone to death"...? have you ever murdered someone so much they get so hungry they take an arrow to the knee..

  • Mr. K

    "Seawing the deal" ??

  • Jane

    IDK why youtube keeps recommending your videos to me i am not subed , but i love every video i watch i guess its cause i watch so much skyrim/tes6 stuff

  • Flint County to Markarth

    I'll never stop loving this game.

  • LOLZpersonok

    Ysolda is secretly a drug dealer.

  • Ballin Balgruuf

    Jeez nate its 2018 you cant say reptile person

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