Skyrim: 5 More Hidden and Unsettling Facts That You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game that can get quite disturbing at times. Between a civil war, and dragon attacks, the people of Skyrim have a bit to fear. However, even amidst this chaos, sometimes we can be surprised at just how spooky this game can get. So be it moving puppets, or evil children, today we'll be taking a look at 5 unsettling facts in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

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  • FatSkyrimNerd

    Idk man, your voice is more unsettling than these facts.Sorry

  • Ventric Dual

    Bows down Thank you for telling me about those mannequins. I hate inanimate objects that shouldn't move (i.e Weeping angels, animatronics etc...) I shall now be sleeping under the stars of Skyrim from now till Sovengarde takes me!

  • Effeffia Gonalick

    "You can remedy this by interacting with the mannequin or leaving your house and going back inside."OR YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HOUSE AND JUST NEVER COME BACK. I LIKE THAT OPTION.

  • Plamen Dobrev

    "However, these scripts were poorly implemented"Yeah... it's a Bethesda game alright.

  • The Crimsoness

    No one can kill Jarl Ballin'

  • Silent xXXx

    If you approach Arondil as a female character he utters something along the lines of "Another lady for my collection?" (something akin to that)

  • Gergely Simon

    The first time a mannequin moved in my house it scared the shit out of me xDD I hope you will get better soon!

  • joshua kim

    Hey Nate, here's another fact that i bet you don't know:EVERY word wall with a Shout word details an entire eulogy in dragon-language writing, with every single one telling a different story. Kind of crazy to put so much detail into something that almost no one would be able to even discern.

  • Adam Case

    Whenever I kill Grelod especially with an evil character, I always make sure I have an empty Black Soul gem on hand. For Arondil, in the last one, if you steal the soul gem on the pedestal next to him, the ghosts will turn on him.

  • Eric Lutzow

    with the cook who cooked dogs, i say "so?" he's using the meat he's provided. it's not like he's preparing the human combatants as the courses

  • AJ Tomeček

    I like your voice. Don't die, but don't get better! :P

  • Damjan P

    The almighty Jarl Ballin' getting killed by a pack of rabid children? C'mon...

  • Matt Kacar

    Am i the only one concerned that that kid in the first dark brother hood quest probably skinned his dead mom to do the black sacrament

  • Junghwan Baik

    bruh thats racist man, what's wrong with dog meat we eat it all the time :(cats are better thojkjk its a joke im asian

  • CtrlAltPhreak

    You should have been wearing a necklace of disease immunity, broseph. JK. Hope you feel better soon!

  • 재현ASMR

    Arandil says "another plaything to play with" instead, if you use female character

  • Clax

    I swear to god, everyone on earth is sick. Almost every youtuber I watch is sick, I'm sick, the whole rest of my family is sick, all of my friends are sick. What if this is one of those sleeper sicknesses that seems like the common cold, then BOOM Ebola.

  • Soviet Wanderer

    Merry Christmas! - Bacteria

  • Ur mum Gay

    If you go through the wall in the whispering door quest you can see that the whispering door is a chest of draws

  • Amurskaya

    The Night Mother, hands down, unsettled me the first time. I was NOT ready for that.

  • Wolf Woods

    You want disturbing? Look at Cicero’s internet history!

  • Mr Hale

    You know who it is when you hear:“HOW’S IT GOING GUYS”

  • Ryan Kunst

    What's morally wrong with eating wolf/dog meat? What makes them different than any other animal we eat? I think the only reason people generally don't eat canine meat is that it isn't very good meat, not that I've tried it (Though I'd try wolf meat to confirm my theory if given the opportunity). Notice almost none of the mammals we eat are carnivores. We don't eat wolves or big cats; bear is sometimes eaten, but not very commonly, and bears are not dominantly carnivorous either. I guess it is unpleasant to think you are eating the same species of animal as your companion, but I have chickens as pets and it doesn't stop me from eating KFC.

  • Glampsam26

    Rumors has it that as long as the game lives, this list shall continue...You will have alot of work bro

  • xX Veymorak Xx

    Hia Nate! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas :3 I hope everyone else also had a great Christmas!

  • Xaveston

    I kill Grelod everytime, doesn't matter if I am playing a Paladin or Serial Killer, far as I am concern Grelod is no better then the bandits I kill all the time. Since you can't deliver justice by handing her ass to the guards, the only other way is to kill her (To this day, I still can't believe there is a mod on the Nexus where someone made Grelod sound innocent and pretended killing her makes you a monster. Riight..). Same with the guy in Roirkstead who hits his daughter and gets his second daughter to hit him too.

  • louis remi Jensen

    The last one changes his dialoque if you play as a women, would have been worth adding as a bonus fact :)

  • George Buckland

    I've played Skyrim loads but I have never come across the whispering door quest, how do u activate it.

  • Jargon Madjin

    The mannequin glitch has never happened to me like ever.. And I've played the game A LOT..

  • c.davies 21

    Skyrim: 5 more reasons why having a sick voice Is better than...

  • tail feather

    For the Mephala quest, one of the children was also supposed to kill Karinda, Dagny's horse. Karinda isn't present in the game since that part of the quest was removed, but you can spawn her with the console. She's marked as essential thanks to her unused role in Mephala's quest, so she's completely immortal (won't take damage and has infinite stamina). Before I started using horse mods, I'd almost always spawn her.It's too bad Bethesda didn't release the extended Whispering Door quest. The vanilla one is pretty short.

  • GreenTea

    I don't blame the last guy, he finally made his own harem :D

  • R3miz

    The most unsettling fact is that you H A V E N ' T H E A R D O F T H E H I G H E L V E S

  • Zosphus

    man i really love the high elf voice impressions"Attack my lovelies!"

  • Sai Hitaku

    I kid you not, i've seen mannequin's stalk me in the soul carin back when i played on ps3. At one point i saw on up near one of the purple crystals just looking at me. I looked away and looked back and it was gone. had several other encounters as well, albeit brief ones. Please tell me someone else has seen those creepy fuckers in the soul carin, i know im not crazy.

  • namikejohnson

    The drug den being used as a blood house for vampires...that surprised me at first.

  • Drew Forchic

    I was watching my sister play Skyrim once, and as she was walking through her house, one of the mannequins we could see at the far end of the room literally teleported directly in front of her. No warning, it just filled the screen, armor and all, in an instant. Nearly gave us both heart attacks.

  • deadcraft gaming

    Lol weeping mannequins

  • BDW

    They absolutely should have had the kids kill the jarl. It would have been about the only interesting part of the game.

  • PopTartGamez 360

    3 views and 4 likes you done good YouTube

  • Just a Planet

    with the last one if your a girl he says something like "another one to add to my collection" or something

  • RuinZ_ UndeaD

    Were you already at 80k last episode either way good job :)

  • Stumack

    Hmmm so that means that necromancer is more like a ghost buster xD

  • Mazon R3dd

    Hello Nate =] great video as always! Love ya #nohomo

  • kekkk lmao

    How to milk a game that should be dying 5 :)

  • Marmer

    My Lakeview manor Mannequins move all the time

  • Giselle Pritzlaff

    Why is eating dog so taboo?

  • ragnard lothbrok

    adding a fact if you steal the soul gem next to arondil the ghost will turn on him

  • Falcon X gaming

    I was once walking in my solitude house I went down so I can put some armor away and I walked away mannequins were still where they were I turned around when I went to go up the stairs from the basement and I had a mannequin with my armor right behind me

  • iiAmFrosty

    Watched at 4am. Nothing better to do.Also please give me a list of yer mods, thanks!

  • DragonTardis

    One time in one of my family's games, there were six mannequins in a house. Almost Everytime you went into that room, the mannequins would be walking in place. Then they just stop and act like nothing happened. Sneaky demons.

  • regina tyree

    You a damn dark elf lover

  • Sakurai Tomoki

    I got a streptococcus bacteria too

  • memes and yees

    nothing is scarier than those giants chasing you and you cant look back

  • Extra Deluxe

    4:38 "The Jungle 2" looks great.

  • Bendy Plays

    If you open the whispering door before the quest there will be a dresser right behind it called the whispering lady

  • S T Ξ Λ L T H

    I knew all of this, don’t tell us obvious facts

  • al fwwarbic

    Well it explains alot about the mannequins

  • Tom Lloyd

    Come home to a brand new Skyrim vid. What a great end to a great night! Love you, Nate! <3

  • JoJo is not an anime

    I always kill that kid

  • khaza1wolfgurl

    0:00 dude, me too!!!! I caught Bacterial Bronchitis that lasted for weeeeks before I could get to a doctor....T-T Thank GOD for antibiotics (specifically the kind I'm NOT allergic to lol)

  • Nathaniel Briggs

    I shot the control soul gem off the pedestal with an arrow. Ghost vs wizard. Close fight

  • Invidious

    The most terrifying of all. So there you are, in a den of religious assassins. The leader of this dark coven orders you to hide in the coffin of the order's mummified matron to spy on a seeming mad jester. So you follow your orders, and become entombed, darkness embracing you as the mummified woman stands ridged right against you. Then her eyes and mouth glow, as you hear a female voice inside your head. Oh yea the first time I had to spy on Cicero only to come across that scene, only time in the game that was unnerving.

  • TheGeek1984

    If your sneak is high enough, in Arondil's chamber you can steal the soul gem next to him and the ghost will turn hostile towards him.

  • Super_Joltik 02

    I have a question about macaques (anyone can answer) I want to know if this is a glitch and if anyone else has experienced it. In the harthfire dlc you can make macaques for your home. I originaly had some thieves guild armor on it but onec I out leveled my Nightingale armor I but it on that same macaque and stored the other in the cabnit under it. Now when ever I come in my house it is wearing the guild braces and a whole new set of guild armor is in the inventory of the macaque. Not going to lie I have 20 and counting thieves guild armor and waiting to sell it if it is not a glitch. Some plz help

  • Vlad Popovici

    What graphics mods does he use?

  • Pie Pierrot

    God, I hate Grelod. I hate all child abusers, really. I mean there are some bad people out there and they have my ire too but child abusers rank up there on my list of despicable people. I kinda wish you could do more to her, like lock her in her own dungeon... then again, if you were to do that, I suppose you'd be no better than her, huh? So maybe not.Edit: Faldar's Tooth, eh? Alright, that's it, time to go kill some animal abusing motherfuckers! T.T I love wolves. I also have mixed feelings about the cook using the dead wolves' meat to make meals for the bandits. On the one hand, it seems terrible to do to the poor wolves' corpses, but on the other, if those bandits were to learn what they were really eating, it'd be sweet, sweet, revenge. XD

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