Skyrim Funny Moments

A compilation of the funny things that have happened to me in my Skyrim adventures. If you enjoyed the video please take .377213487 seconds to hit "like" have a good day :)
  • SirFoxIII

    This is really only funny for people who've never played Skyrim before because if you have played Skyrim this is just the usual for you.

  • Gerald

    Holy shit i never knew you can drop a gargoyle on the princess during the marriage ceremony i always just massacred everyone there

  • Darky

    5yrs of skyrim and i never knew about the gargoyle

  • Illuminati

    I’d give anything to be able to experience Skyrim for the first time again

  • Jessica Hakala

    One time, I found the courier naked in a river, being swept away by the rapids. I ran up to rescue him, and he told me he was busy and that I should go away. After that, I watched him get swept over the waterfall, never to be seen again.

  • izzAbizz

    "Really? You had to take the armor? Leave me with a little dignity"I laughed so hard xD

  • VokunKendovJosh

    I get the feeling Cicero is a necrophiliac.

  • Ketu Dedeffo

    Maiq does tell the truth when he says "Maiq is done talking"

  • Chronicle C

    "I've got a message for you." continues getting taken by a dragon

  • Exkuto

    I actually like walking in the lands of Skyrim instead of using fast travel.There's always some random event that makes it interesting.Last time I walked from Whiterun to Rifton, something pretty funnny happened. I saw two Alik'r who talked to a redguard women and just before I got there, a screaming Cultist came out of nowhere and killed all of them. I don't know if that was supposed to happen or not but I had quite the laugh when I saw it.

  • Osa

    I died when you put the basket on the dudes head XD

  • DanIsTheName

    I felt really bad for that fox :(

  • koga kaze

    I ran into a scared woman who was going to send me to kill some bandits that had been keeping her hostage. Before she could update my map, she got mauled by a sabre cat.

  • Paradoxilicious

    One time, I was breaking in Maven's house, and I noticed she performed the Black Sacrament.I lost it there.

  • M'aiq The Liar

    M'aiq is done talking.

  • Hideus_Ex

    >"Skyrim Funny Moments">Playing on console.Oh I get it.

  • Red Knight RJ

    I fast traveled to a giants camp and when I spawned a mammoth fell from 5+ stories and was fine

  • kudjo24


  • Rex Galilae

    9:10 A normal day in the life of a courier

  • Brynecite

    M'aiq is done talking

  • MusicFanatic

    "I'll carve you into pieces!".............................. looks around"dude, you talking to me? cause there's nobody else here... You just gonna carve me into pieces with your death glare or what?"

  • Virgo Heart

    This wasn't very funny. =/More like casual gameplay? Maybe the dragon taking the guard out was worthy though

  • SPMG

    The fish just wanted to be a bird

  • Frname

    The Katria's thing just disturbed me a lot LOL I just imagined myself being a ghost and seeing the body who once was mine, but not being mine anymore. Just WAY TOO MUCH DISTURBING

  • SilverWolf 16

    not exactly sure how this is funny but....

  • Nonarei

    The guard trying to arrest you with a dragon attacking and then the courier running in was hilarious.

  • Tony Ramirez

    8:34 the effects of a skooma overdose...

  • MalSoMalSo T

    what spell is that at 1:05?

  • TurbanatorGamer

    I can't be the only one just binge watching Skyrim content on YouTube in anticipation for October 28th!!!! MY BODY IS READY!

  • Irfanny Hanif

    "What a waste.." 1:06 xD

  • MistahSquishy

    "Mai'q is done talking" :^)))))) kill me

  • Christina Kwon

    I don't care what anyone says, the original Skyrim (not the SE) still looks awesome.

  • Izices

    I've had that (6:30) bug with three Pentus occulotus Agents in a tower in Solitude. It was awesome cause' I could taunt them about their dead emperor.

  • Gage Brooks

    congrats on 6000 subs!

  • Willmington W

    9:13 He handled that situation with immense composure.

  • Vanta Black

    Did you know that you can marry a guy in skyrim o.o

  • Ken Renzo

    5:09 DID SOMEONE SAY SNIPE?!Kills Grelod

  • HyPeR_Death

    ,I Used To Make Skyrim Videos Like YouThen I Took Arror To The Knee

  • Gabriel Brennan

    "The skies of Skyrim are so clear - you can see forever..."actually pretty good last words^

  • Tesla Carver

    best friends forever :3

  • Gregory Porter

    What spells were you using at 0:50?

  • 7th Seeker

    after witcher 3 I cannot play skyrim ...

  • Nelson Pham

    My favorite moment in Skyrim was being in Sovngarde about to kill Alduin and a courier shows up to give me a message about a will that a friend of mines had died (I had previously murdered her to get her plate Armor for Lydia) and I gotta sayTheir dedication is amazing

  • Gu the Tanuki

    "I've been looking for you, got something i'm supposed to - "*Dragon swoops down and snatches the guard and messenger* lol

  • Xxxsorrow

    I don't know why I find 3:57 so funny. The way they both silently looked at mc is just.... >_<

  • J0J0

    Dood, 12:27!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • GA DU

    2:14 what magic is this?

  • Connor Kenway

    One time I decided to get married in Skyrim, so I attend the wedding at the right time and everything when hired thugs come, so after I kill them off everyone gets pissed off at me and leaves. My husband (I'm a girl irl btw :P) says "How could you do such a thing? You broke my heart." and walks off. So then I try getting him to forgive me for I don't even know what again, I attend the wedding at the right time and everything, when a dead Lydia appears and crashes the wedding, apparently it's a glitch.. still a better love story than Twilight.

  • Paul Snelling

    What'd You Use Against The Wood Elf Shop Keeper?(1:00)

  • Zander Schoeman

    guys he stole all of these clips from TheScatsbury,look up his channel and check out his "skyrim randomness" playlist!!!!!!

  • CatholicPrincess15

    The woman singing in the background at Vittoria Vici's wedding is Pantea Ateia, right?

  • Paul Snelling

    4:00: Did You Find The Hidden Telekinesis Book Under All Of... "That"...?

  • murda squad

    Is there a invisibility spell??

  • Erik Muniz

    How do you get your armour like that in the first clip?

  • Cojultad

    I like the part where the husband and wife who run markarth silver blood inn are arguing and the wife is complaining about the crappy furniture attracting bugs and the guy says you should show them your face and they will scurry away

  • mitch f


  • MeGa NaGiB

    7:28 Russian accent. (я русский сука блять)

  • Lunnika - Horo

    OH MY! I didn`t know that I can take golden claw so easy!!!! XDDDDD

  • Arcturus

    I think you meant "Just another day in Skyrim"

  • A Can Of Lesbian Pepsi

    What's the name of the quest in the second one

  • Phoebe Gibson

    11:25 when someone asks me whats in my history

  • Tinocut

    what is the spell that you used to make that dude have a delayed death

  • The Feels Train!

    The Lusty Argonian Maid: V1, V2checks room ...JACKPOT

  • Timefall l

    10:50 and like that, the dragonborns legacy was at an end

  • Ward Bouslough

    dragon born, Nightingale, werewolf, assassin leader, killer or the emperor, thieves guild master, champion of all daedra and keeper or their ancient artifacts, savior or skyrim, slayer of dragons, tide-changer or wars, defeater or Alduin, master of the thum, aider of the damned, Qahnaarin, master smith, arch mage, badass walkks through townGaurd: C i t i z e n

  • shadowy shadow

    I CAN'T be the only who has tried the jump @10:43

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