The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim but it's in VR

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is quite the immersive experience

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  • Eko Fever

    Kevin you are a sorcerer.

  • Sweetheart Sona

    Now play the other 7 million releases

  • ChuckSharts

    As much as I love Skyrim, they are really milking this game

  • Kim Jong Unhealthy

    So whats next? Skyrim on the calculator?

  • HappyMaskSalesman

    Yeah I don't want to know what falling off mountains or having the flying giant glitch is like in this game...

  • Mick Boontjes

    consider my jimmies russled

  • Jack Games.

    Love is a burning thing

  • Hacobba

    Have you tried Skyrim on the microwave yet? Truly revolutionary

  • Ricky

    One day there will be a newsarticle saying "Irish youtuber went on killing spree in town."

  • Soulie

    Next time, we see if Kevin learns to put his weapon away when talking to people.

  • TacticalNuclearMuffin

    It's actually Jeremy Pickens controlling the character and Kevin is his basement slave.

  • Kebabkarl 'o'

    >putting bucket over merchant's head>doesn't steal all of their stuffNot a real Skyrim man

  • valazor

    Ah yes, Skyrim. The game that has been released 20 times over the past 7 years but still has all the bugs it started with.

  • Peyton Mcclain

    anyone else think Kevin deserves more subscribers?

  • Zap Actionsdower

    NPC isnt bothered by a gigantic dragon blowing up the grounds...realizes kevin is playing and immediately tries to back away in terror

  • TacticalNuclearMuffin

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? More like Bore: RagnorokEdit: Peeps it's a dead joke yes, you don't need to tell me that.

  • HappyMaskSalesman

    Yep, this looks like a VR game that Bethesda Would've published Jesus fecking Christ Bethesda

  • SanneARBY

    I’ve been loving your videos, Kevin!

  • Justin Dyer

    skyrim? more like drawn out joke that died long ago, am I right!

  • Picture_of_a_Swan

    "I tried to find a tutorial on how to join the Dark Brotherhood and came across a video I made on it years ago" I lost it

  • Sober as a Clover

    10:39 When you're an introvert and you see someone you know in walmart

  • Susie

    getting a call me kevin notification is the best part of my day

  • Cactus Skeleton

    This is awesome 😀 I wanna get this in VR 💚

  • TheWarriorWraith

    You are so amazing Kevin, even though I found you just a couple months ago, you are already one of my favorites!Love you Kevin!

  • Tactics Tim

    "My name is Kevin" How do we know that for sure?

  • Fireblade78

    Congratulations on 400,000 subscribers

  • Enoro

    Another 60$ version of Skyrim! Yeeeeaaaah!

  • meme queen lexi

    someone stole my sweet roll :(

  • Benico Bigl

    C O N S I D E R M Y J I M M Y S R U S S E L E D

  • epwmolter

    i was hoping the giants would make you join nasa

  • bugatti921

    i dont know if to buy this for the vive or fallout 4

  • Scott Wales

    (insert fan text here)

  • Tye Tass

    Moans in Bore Ragnarok

  • Blake Foster

    KEVIN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT YOUR WEAPON AWAY! After watching the rest: OMG he actually figured out how to.

  • EpicSpaceDorito

    oh my god yesss skyrim i LOVE SKYRIM

  • SasjaAnne

    10:40 this game's more realistic then I thought

  • Ano ni Muse?

    I used to be an adventurer just like you... Until, Bore: Ragnarok

  • NorwegianNoLife

    You're a terrible archer, Kevin. 90% of VR games are archery so... eeeeh....

  • Teréze

    Blank more like Ragnorok

  • Dracyan

    OMG I SUGGESTED THISAlso Kevin I found Your WikiIt is Awesome.I USE THE SAME WEAPONS AS KEVIN!Also 92% of my Favourite characters are dead so stay safe Kevin(Not a death threat Kevin is my favourite YouTuber)

  • Axel Persson

    Elder scrolls? More like elder bores

  • Danielle Davis

    Yess!!!! Best part of my day <3

  • Chameleon Gaming

    oi kevin boy play farcry primal

  • cSym

    Consider my jimmies rustled.

  • Pig King

    So... he does know he can sheathe his weapon right?

  • Krystal Madness

    REVIVE SKYRIM!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tutoi 3

    « Ho god dragon, dragon!Wow you’re a beauty! » Kevin 2018

  • Metzli

    4:13 "I'll go Elsweyr" no you're not Kevin, you can't leave Skyrim xDAnd it's Sheogorath :D

  • rzepek2pl

    It's not the "realism" and "immersion" that make me want to buy a Vive. It's the sheer goofiness. :D

  • Scorned Scorpion

    2:42 A Legendary Pokemon! Lmaoooo

  • Angel Jewett

    You should seriously consider making a TV show or something, youre so funny I can't handle you sometimes.

  • TheVideoGameDomian

    I think you just made a copyright infringement on Sora and Shiro........

  • Clark Cuevas

    23 Views 68 Likes Brilliant

  • MrSewageRat

    Serious Sam sometime :D

  • skegzy

    Your my favourite gaming youtuber Kevin keep up the hilarious antics dude

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