The REAL Women of Skyrim - Skyrim Mods - Week 232





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Sommer Ray by Skyla
Real Women of Skyrim - Texture Overhaul CBBE UNP by Gearhog
Decoration Basket by orin04
Floating Damage by Felisky
  • Wut No

    SOMMER RAY'S FOLLOWER MOD?????guess it's time for another playthrough boiz

  • Isagail

    Unattainable weapons? In a MOD? What has the world come to?(I like it)

  • 2E the first

    4:09 that batman is my waifu

  • 2E the first

    vikings did have makeup, especially males, who were expected to wear it when going on voyages

  • Hemming

    You should react to some World of Warcraft trailers and maybe play a little. Legion has some epic story and the next expansion can get you hyped and shit.For the good old MMO days! :)

  • Skyla

    I know I'm late to the party! But I screamed out loud when I watched this! Thanks MXR, enjoy Sommer hehe ;) Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️

  • Bloqikuez

    I wonder what he faps to.

  • Immersive HD

    Immersive Merch is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Eugene InLaw

    3:38 get it? because MXR is part asian, roflmao

  • Drew Shook

    11th playthrough? What kind of casual do you take me for?

  • 0mega Zer0

    I can't stop laughing at the jiggle physics. The real women mod looks just the stardard vanilla skin for the vampire with a darker tan.

  • Deon Spates


  • DJ Red

    Probably the best episode you ever made! Keep it up MxR!

  • Darzack

    Well, I'm sad. I was hoping he would feature my voiced follower that made it into the top 3 of the month :c But I guess that a big bodied generic follower is the way to go.

  • Ignis


  • FireWolf

    I need more information about the image at 4:18 please <3

  • Despiro

    oml the boob twitch XD i died

  • Tricksterking

    The 'Real women of Skyrim' Mod actually looked really cool. I like mods that try to add to immersion but my only complaint is that some of them looked high...

  • Relton

    MxR, you are the immersion lord, you must try the ultimate immersive experience of Skyrim: Skyrim VR

  • Tommy Eliassen

    Fun fact: The Vikings actually used a lot of make up, even the men. The more you know

  • ScrollsZ

    Notification Squad... Waddup!?

  • Adrian Amundsen

    wtf that Sommer Ray looks terrible in comparison to the real one wtf

  • O.F. HeadOne

    Floating Damage is a must. Will be getting.

  • Trehek

    1:40 Holy physics explosion, Batman! I recommend the new version of Bounce and Jiggles. It has completely fixed that issue. No more twitchy TBBP, no more infinity warp-ins on cell load, no more invisible female spawns. If you grab the mod, use one of the TBBP only versions. The belly versions seem to have some issues (version 7.8b at the time of writing).

  • Jon Targaryen

    Anyone else shit in their hands the and put it on the side of the toilet to make less noise?

  • shiro

    Hey i got ads, theres hope for your channel.

  • SomeSikGuy

    MXR videos make no fap November really hard...

  • Adonis D. Williams

    Maybe it ain't Maybelline

  • Cassenger

    I follow Sommeray on Instagram and Skyrim is the best game I've ever put time into and I love life now

  • Creed The Komendante

    Make poland great again

  • J. Summerz

    I Follow SOMMER RAY for sometimesNow someone makes her as a Follower !? GOD WOW

  • Ocean Gaming

    A MakeApp for Skyrim? Noice

  • Jlovedown McHoedown

    That is one motivated booby

  • RadiatingPrawn4

    I genuinely laughed for most of the video, to bad this is most likely demonetized

  • Amazing AMV

    I just downloaded it for a lesbian orgy

  • Sam Nich

    11th playthrough? Bro, more like 70th

  • Meloncolliepoet

    The modder who made the follower mod is hotter than the chick she made the mod of. <.<

  • Darth Revan

    Can someone actually explain the appeal of atractive female follower mods like i get their hot but whats the point, are you just trying to save the few seconds it takes to open an incognito browser like i dont get it.

  • Sam

    Damn, I literally got a Google ad on this video

  • Mazzel Toff

    Does anybody know the follower mods name from 04:22 ? I would really appreciate it... for scientific purposes only of course

  • FatalZ


  • Dickey Dickson

    FINALLY, it took so many years until someone finally made floating damage MY GOD.

  • Vtel 'Zolam

    Is it just me or is Alecs looking hornier every thumbnail?

  • Adam Crawford

    I've gotten too used to his voice coming from Alex's mouth man. Lol.

  • WRC Uno

    like that hodgetwins reference XD ALL KINDZZZ

  • Rosetta Dodson

    Whaat, that's my character at 4:18! ^O^ Not sure why she's in the vid, but hey! I'm happy! :D

  • Mazzel Toff

    Does anybody know the follower mods name from 04:22 ? I would really appreciate it... for scientific purposes only of course

  • Gathoblaster

    11th playthrough? Dude I have like 20x that

  • Snooda Miller

    He sounds a little like pewdiepie

  • Mobius

    The outro voice sounded like the Recorder follower voice. Hmm...

  • Mayi for Mayor

    you need a better intro like the fallout one

  • Throttle Kitty

    YouTube comments? Not a great place to chat? Naaawww! It's not like YouTube is a safe space for precious little snowflakes who call "Free speech" when anyone tries to enforce YouTube's already thin and barely existing Terms of Service to get them to stop harassing everyone they dares disagree with them!

  • FireLight

    Yo boy I'm missing the walking dead for this. You better not let me down

  • Shadowflux Lobster-dong

    Theres pornstars that show more and are hotter than Sommeray. She aint nothin special. The follower based off her thoooooooo

  • Gator Guy

    There is 100% nipple in that thumbnail

  • bob harringson

    This video is sooooooo.... demonitized. Poor you.

  • Karsten Suzuki

    Yeah I totally want to download a skin mod that makes every woman look like Steve Buscemi

  • General Penultimo

    Which mod does the bow at 9:17 come from ?

  • alymuni

    OFFTOPIC:MxR when LMG(Linus tech tips) open there Floatplane for othere YT'bers you should join/apply. It's kinda a YT alternative so to speek but much more better.Untill then we watch and click on allll the adds.

  • alymuni

    The NPC at 3:03 looks really nice <3

  • Luigi Mario

    Real women of skyrim il kinda like Bruma, where men are men and women are men

  • hEnjoi

    yay Maplestory mentioned ^^

  • ZeroFiveSeven

    The lord of clickbait.

  • Simon André

    Hey you should switch to reviewing Skyrim SE again since it probably has more players and will be undoubtedly be more popular in the long term

  • Wertimmm

    U can See da tiddies in the thumbnail

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