Skyrim Dragonborn : Snowclad Ruins & Hrothmund Barrow

Let's Play Episodes:
1. The Beginning is Never Easy:
2. The Shittiest Dungeon Ever:
3. Helping Out Elmus:
4. Snowclad Ruins & Hrothmund Barrow :
5. Hrodulf's House & Unearthed (pt 1):
6: March of The Dead :
7: Wreck of The Trident Squall:
8: The Final Descent:
9: Served Cold:
10: Unearthed (Pt.3)
11: Deathbrand

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  • MickMaan

    - Guy tells the Dragonborn not to show his face around the hall anymore- Dragon immediately attacks the hallWhy do i think Hrothmund has it out for that gang of chumps?

  • CanadianSpYrO

    he was so triggered when mirrak stole his dragon soul XD

  • boldbearings

    I liked all the menial tasks and side convo's.....Some Youtubers play it out in full, and then cut the vid a 2nd version for their viewers who don't want to watch everything. Eh?

  • Omar Elsayed

    Those were bears are freaking rare as heck

  • Galaxy Tinch

    What's that dagger thing in the dlc ( I'm new)

  • boldbearings

    Ohh, that intro music was lovely. Your's?

  • Jonesy4101

    Does he were heavy or light armour?

  • DR productions

    i have 40 (some what) dragon souls

  • PauSeen Phasefaller

    Exactly how I feel about Miraak... Bastard

  • Ethan H

    You should just use candlelight, it creates a magelight orb that follows you around so you only need to cast one every minute instead of like 5

  • Agnt Prometheus

    Can't believe you helped those milk drinkers get back their mead hall, you should have helped the reiklings slaughter them.

  • ExplodingBean

    how do u get teleport spell

  • Thee Ol' Boozeroony

    God damit if you search for a faggot talking to every NPC and doin some grind work and smithing and shit then there are quite a million vids covering that on YouTube. But sam is incredibly funny and garrulous and he narrates a few mods he has and sort of that. I personaly prefer that style of an playtrough actually.

  • General Sam

    most mods expand gameplay, making it more difficult or immersive, i don't know anyone that actually uses mods for cheating. but in all honestly, having played both versions, i'm sticking with the notion that pc is leaps and bounds above the console version. all bethesda games were made with the pc in mind.

  • Robbie Williams

    I think it is really stupid that people like PC better because you can cheat and mod... i honestly think that defeats the purpose of the game, it isn't fun when you can kill everything with one hit and you have millions of coin.... just my opinion

  • Naxo Share


  • General Sam

    So, i'm an idiot because I talk a lot and I don't assume people want to hear me banter on solely about the mission? Wow, what a huge cunt I am. I seriously doubt anyone really wants to watch a video of someone completing a mission with nothing but game-focused talking. That shit would be like watching paint dry man.

  • T. Dahle

    steel club? 3:33 is it a mod?

  • Conor Wallace

    Is the teleport spell a mod?

  • mikeee331390

    people that dont play skyrim dont know that...

  • unclejalepino

    Sorry but neither is that input

  • Jogo

    That wasnt necessary...

  • unclejalepino

    Everyone knows you mong

  • Jogo

    Sam, next time you level up get the zoom in perk on the bow, it slows down time and makes you aim more accurately.

  • FuZion1988

    how do u get this quest

  • mnraper

    Those missed meteroids landed in Russia!

  • General Sam

    def pc. i'd never go back to console....except to play skate. all three skates are fucking awesome.

  • Zach Brooker

    What do you prefer, skyrim on xbox or computer?

  • General Sam


  • General Sam

    i hated the rieklings broken ass english.

  • General Sam

    i just switched it to 240p to see what it looked like. it's looks like there is a constant gaussian blur on it. i will pray for you and your shitty internet connection.

  • Brandon B

    fucking computer is garbage only to watch is at 240p.. nty..

  • Nick

    Hey Sam, awesome stuff, I suggest hiring Teldryn Sero from Raven Rock (usually at the inn). He's a light armored beast who's also great at destruction and restoration. Plus he has the most sarcastic voice ever and he just doesn't care about anything. I recommend trying him out, unless of course you want to keep your current one :)

  • TheHalofreak98

    Anyone else hear Sam say 122 when he ended the video?

  • Chris P. Bacon

    How did that guy get crushed at 4:55? Did the temple fall on him lol?

  • Wolfykins

    Your graphics look fantastic but I wish you'd lose the darkness thing. It's difficult to see anything.

  • General Sam

    Well, since i started recording it by quest instead of as a playthrough it's been much more enjoyable. i've already dipped my nuts in 4-5 more episodes.

  • PaperJohnny

    As long as you continue to say things like "sexual Tyrannosaurus" then I will be pleased.

  • Frogfather

    I like when you're meesing around but what ever you say :)

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