Skyrim - Top 5 Bandit Bosses

Really, the Dragonborn isn't the person you want to steal from... Here I list my "Top 5 Bandit Bosses" in Skyrim. Some of these may feel like the most powerful enemies of this category of villain. And some may even feel like rare or weird encounters when you find them, tucked away in their secret locations. I've made videos before on Top 5s, like Skyrim secret enemies, or fan theories. All the way to things like disturbing locations that uncover sad deaths. So. Sew buttons.

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  • Mr.Smiles

    When listening to you I always find myself putting in Skyrim. Every time even if it's been a long while...Thank you:)

  • Jack Herman


  • MinecraftRocks97 - Gaming, Vlogs, And More!

    Dude I love the storytelling way you speak in these Skyrim videos. It's truly a very unique, refreshing, new thing to YouTube, rather than speaking monotone into your microphone, "Helloeverybodytodaywewillbelistingthetop5soulgemsinskyrimnumber5..." boring as hell. You? You actually go into telling a story with each one. Very, very nice.

  • Jonathan Mendoza

    You did a top 5 barrels for both skyrim and fallout many moons ago, well how bout a top 5 beds?

  • Scott Caslow

    You stole my wife? Red lightsaber time...

  • EEE_Philsy


  • Samus Knight

    Here's an idea for lists in Skyrim, Fallout 4, or some other game.- Most annoying, pointless, or quests where the reward wasn't worth it.- Most unexpected plot twists or endings to quests.- Most surprising encounters.- Most mysterious citizens and their secrets in a particular game.- Most confusing details that contradict lore in past games for that franchise series.- Most helpful and/or interesting companions in a particular franchise series.And for fun...- Most strangest places to find a type of object in a particular game.- Most random stories you can put together based off of a person's home in a particular game.

  • Rena Ami Akai

    In all my hours of playing Skyrim, I've never had my spouse taken. Must have been hard to get that quest to start.

  • ryan fall

    You married a minor isnt that illegal?

  • Shayan shojahi

    These bandit bosses would have had a better chance at defeating the Dragonborn, if they just hid in barrels.

  • Amy Ice Rose

    Rochelle kidnapped my husband Vilkas so I was there like "how?"

  • lubby league

    My boy Graenolf with some more quality content.

  • Arielle Sowle

    I love these videos. Especially the barrels. They may be hidden... But I will them find. And I will worship them.

  • BananaBoy Banana

    My first experience with pinewatch was great... I was playing ok survival mode and It was very early in the game for me. I only had steel weapons and fur armor to protect against the cold. I was hungry and tired so stumbled in to the nearest building to me; pinewatch cabin. I went in and I immediately heard the man speaking below and the loud winds ( loud for inside a house). I murdered the man and slept in the bed to regain my strength. I spent about two days in the cabin before I decided it was time to move on. I gathered up my things and started walking up the stairs until I remembered the note I had read about the wine behind the cabinet and I realized that the wind was there for a reason. I began to search for a way to open the cabinet until I happened upon the button and it swung open revealing a dark cave. Instinctively, I scrambled in prepared for a fight, and I fight I got. I dealt with all the enemies down there and I felt at rest again. It scared me that I had slept right above a tribe of murderous savages without even knowing it. I ended up with a large profit for my troubles and never came back.

  • Asumeira

    lol only 14 seconds in. i see you running around with light sabers and a random bandit saying: "im not impressed!." and im like: that's actually pretty impressive. HE HAS MASTERED FORCE! NO MAGE CAN STAND AGAINST HIM!

  • Sarah McClain

    Love the video. I really enjoy your story telling abilities. They give a wonderful image and add a lot to your videos. Well done

  • Kyle Fratini

    I never knew that your spouse could be kidnapped. Wow, just wow.

  • Jazz A

    Wahoo! Glad to hear from you Graenolf!

  • Canedo

    Number 15: Burger King foot lettuce....the last thing you'd want in your burger king burger is someone's foot fungas.

  • Shadysidebeast

    Your storytelling is always fun to listen to.

  • sithis36

    When I killed Deeja, I raised her and had her fight her brother, the brother won but was fatally wounded and was able to be killed with ease. Never double cross a master necromancer, especially when your family is involved

  • Constellation -*

    I just killed krev at level 32. And for me she was a girl.

  • Lucas Johnson

    4 likes1 commentNo views Seems legit

  • Connor Richard

    The Skinner boss is sometimes a woman or man.

  • slaNt slicky

    Yay im not the only one who married sylgia

  • Windhelm Guard

    My wife got stolen but she was standing on the deck and I "rescued" her. That was probably the easiest rescue mission ever.

  • Shiny Umbreon

    I am a simple person. I see Graenolf, I click.

  • Procrastinator Extraordinaire

    Honorable mention to Mistwatch

  • Techhunter Talon

    Important Bandit Life Lesson #1: DO NOT ABDUCT THE WIFE OR HUSBAND OF A LEGENDARY HERO. Especially if said hero has the backing of at least a pair of the dragons who they can call at a moment's notice, have multiple Daedric Artifacts in their possession, and are able to kill just by Shouting at their enemies.

  • one departed

    First view, first like, first comment. True brigandry, wouldn't you say?

  • Gryzzly

    0/10 no Solidus Snakeus references

  • Tim Ruberts

    I feel like I'm watching a tv show or documentary. I love your commentary style man keep it up its really entertaining

  • JonatasMonte

    Wow, I don't think I needed to see a semi naked argonian

  • bowtie Merp

    Wake waka thx for uploading

  • FaILen pug

    I kill bandits in 5 seconds no lie #OYFUM

  • PlayboyBert

    Please do another “Deep Talk About Life”

  • VictoriumStudios 78

    Love the vids plz do a top 5 Raider Bosses fallout 4 plz

  • BDD

    Fun Fact : Krev the skinner's gender is random,but Aela will always refer to her/him as "she"

  • Jay Ferguson

    Graenolf: “I thanked him, then shoved my sabre does his throat!”Me: 😧

  • Motaz Fawzi

    I feel like brandishing the power of OYFEM... 8:39

  • PriceField Forever

    YEAH! More Graenolf! You should do top 5 hardest dungeons or hares cities to kill everyone in!

  • fnafguy fnaffan

    Notification squad where you at?

  • R.J. Penfold

    Does he have a Star Wars mod on or something? Ah who cares. All I know is this dude would make an EXCELLENT DM

  • Stephen ROG

    Does anyone else feel that the guy is getting more insane with each video

  • Shoe Anklerest

    These stupid bandits they never thought of barrels?

  • ItsJustNate

    Is this skyrim's natural bueaty or is there a graphics mod if anyone knows pls answer i love the graphics

  • Nathan Sarkady

    alot of the mods he has with armor are literaly armors from the witcher like the shaman boots(and the gloves) at 8:56 ar Iorweths

  • Wolfspirit 0719

    10:29 that dodge was amazing espically the kill.

  • The Gaming Guru

    9:02 Lets move his body somewhere stupid. Haha, you both look like nincompoops!

  • Elesa Brooks

    Funny story for me with Captain Havgar. Falk Firebeard gave me a side quest at the Broken Oar Grotto where the Blackblood Mauraders were, so at some point I went there and did that quest, only to notice I was near the Lighthouse for Lights Out! Well, it wasnt until I killed Deeja the next day and saw that her brother went to Broken Oar Grotto that I read Havgars Journal and noticed the names of the people he worked with. I then proceeded to walk through my previous kills to find Jaree-ra alone.

  • Ender Gaming

    You are, without a doubt, the most immersive Skyrim youtuber I've ever seen. You single-handedly got me to reinstall Skyrim and its attendant mods. Impressive, considering that it's been upwards of a year since I played it.

  • Rosehj

    I've only gotten that 'we have kidnapped your husband' quest once; and the time it happened, I killed the bandit before I knew anything of it and wondered why there was only the one. And then found the note on their body and read it. When I turned around to be on my way to tear them all to shreds and get him back, surprise! My wonderful Ronthil had slaughtered them all himself, apparently, as he came sauntering up to Lakeview Manor greeting me cheerfully as he began tanning leather on the rack. As if nothing had ever happened. I can only imagine all the blood he spilled, ripping into those bandits who dared attempt to kidnap the vampire husband of the dragonborn. :)

  • Abbie Clough

    Did you know that when you got to the exacutioner before talking or doing any of the argonian quest line. He would tell you to hunt down the captain and when you kill him and all his mates and return to the exacutioner he would pay you 1000 gold and he would become your companion and you can do the argonian quest line after and only he would be in the cave where the captain was

  • Gray Fox


  • NGT9

    Is there a mod where that annoying-game breaking-insta-potion healing can be altered? Man,that sucks!

  • kittytoast 58

    hey guys have you heard about that guy who kills bandits for fun and eats dragon souls? well what about if we kidnap his wife

  • Mr.Finn

    Ждём, когда Inda Games сплагиатит этот ролик) ||| We are waiting for Inda Games to alloy this movie)

  • EpicTrixx

    i married aela the huntress in my latest game XD

  • katiebug080592

    “Crazy enough to STEAL THE DRAGONBORN’S WIFE!” Yeah not great idea was it?

  • Tristan Halbert

    Forgive my stupidity but could someone explain the oyfum meme?It's still funny, but I'd like to know what it is.

  • Gabrial The Demon Saiyan

    Hey man love your vids

  • Brittney Nichols

    When I played Skyrim the Skinner boss I went up against was a she, not a he. :/

  • GruffKibbles89

    Jarre-Ra is my archery farm I go to the bridge and use then sprint shout to get to where the commander ambushes you sneak and shoot

  • Jose Partida

    That’s never happened to me, my wife being taken I want to do that quest I love killing bandit pricks

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