Skyrim - How to get Visage of Mzund + Kagrumez Resonance Gem Location Guide

This Guide shows you how to obtain the following items:

Visage of Mzund
- a unique Dwarven helm that has the highest base armor rating for any helm available.
- Fortify Stamina: 60 points
- Power; Breath of Nchuak - a scorching blast of steam is released from the helmet which deals 15 points of damage per second, at the cost of stamina upkeep.

Stalhrim Shield - Light armor
- 15% Magic resistance

Kagrumez Resonance Gem
- Needed for puzzle video coming soon

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  • Julio Urbina

    who else thinks that his fight against the sphere sounded cute (0:56)

  • Phantom Zone 40215

    The shield is randomized I know because I got a hide shield of waning shock at level 58 :(

  • A Stupid Hawk A Stupid Hawk

    It was bone mold for me

  • PurpleBread

    I got a chitin shield instead of a stalrhim shield

  • Panther 124

    I got an elf shield of dwindling shock at lvl 61

  • Andy

    you sure this isnt by level? im not believing that theres dragonbone weapons for any level char

  • Kegan Anderson

    it gave me a damn hide shield -.-

  • Clint BeastWood

    What Level do you need to be in to get stalhrim stuff?

  • FishBoy

    i think if you but the helmet on while being a kajit you can wear it with a dark brotherhood hood

  • JoshEpicGamer

    +ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides ik u wont listen but can u tell me if the dragonborn dlc is free? and maybe can u tell me if the serana or harkon or whatever its called dlc is free? thx

  • Oscar Gonzalez

    Stahlrim shield...have met my friend spell breaker?

  • solid - vape 5

    its a hide shield for me

  • Resident_Savage

    +ESO please share the links to all your female skimpy armor they are really great.

  • Chinfu

    Wtf my shield was chitin shield of waning fire I didn't get the stalhrim one

  • Blaze

    What is the gem used for?

  • Jonah Newman

    Is stalrim heavy or light

  • ehdollet

    4:53 "Ballista penetrated armor" Man I wish I was it, I would love to penetrate that armor :}

  • arthur lovings

    thanks but mine wuz an elvan shield not stahlrim   

  • latebkr

    For all wondering, the shield is not unique, it's random. I got the one in the video, but lots of people are gonna get something else.

  • Christopher Krug

    stahlrim shield was not here..i got nordic shield of fire abatement,also dragonbone bow was not there,i got hunting bow of binding,i am lvl 55..thanks for the help but wish i got what i was supposed to have

  • Unknown name

    this video lied. the shield wasnt Stalrhim when I got it. it was eleven. liar

  • Calum beresford

    I found a chitin shield of dwindling frost, no salhrim shield

  • GamerCat Gaming & more

    thxi needed this guide

  • Snake

    Why is the helmet considered the best in the game?

  • CGaming 86

    The reiklings sound funny

  • GrooselandsNL

    I was doing this, not having started the main quest yet at all. Whirlwind sprint. gr88

  • eowsley8

    what armor is this guy wearing? like the one he wear in all of these videos

  • Hunter Meadows

    Hey man thanks for this vid I had a real hard time with this

  • joyce cordova

    I still can't get past that puzzle its such a pain in the ass. HELP

  • Nova 3107

    You can bypass all of that by going to the exit and clipping through the gate with a wooden plate and whirlwind sprint

  • Howitzer Bobcat

    All I got was a hide shield.

  • Winters Flames

    Why was your file corrupt? How did you reload it if it's corrupted?

  • Sunlles24

    My shield was bonemold

  • Grenademan 200

    Got a bonemold shield so I'm pretty sure it's random or levels

  • [MFS] MarineOP69

    I got a Elven Shield Of Waning Frost even though I'm level 58 :(

  • Nitroband

    Mine was a hide shield of blocking what the crap if it's not guaranteed don't put it in the title

  • Ellienn Shouse

    What bow were you using?

  • the gekko man

    its not always stahlrim it can be different i got nordic wich im not complaining ;)

  • Kei Heltemes

    For me that shied was Nordic

  • Samuel Stimpson

    Who else is here from tank build

  • chuchuBlahh

    amazing my shield was stuck inside the damn thinh

  • CollideOverMeOfficial

    Coming out of the boilery at 4:43 on the video, I do not have the lever switch on the right like it shows in this video. Wtf

  • Kendall Gill

    Why wouldn’t you put a frost resistant enchantment on the shield...

  • Adolf Hitler

    the puzzle was to easy I guess my brain just thinks dwemer stuff.

  • NoVa x Ghostz

    How did you get that armor for your character? Or what is it at least?

  • simeon converse

    man, just went through this on my own a day ago and got the gem and helm but didn't know about the stupid shield! ugh now I gotta go back lol

  • Anya Hill

    hey thanks for making this it was really helpful i tried it before but i got stuck on the bow puzzle

  • Darth Marr

    It was chitin for me instead of stahlrim

  • gaëtan de almeida

    The stalhrim shiel is a non unique random shiel, so you can get something else.

  • Energy Bros

    I got I hide shield 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Gage Moore

    Just so you all know you don't need the gems to get through Kagrumez all you need are a few plated and the whirlwind sprint shout and you can just glitch through the doors

  • Karina Vazquez

    I got a chitin shield instead and omgggg i took the gem and left the helmet thinking it was an ordinary dwemer helmet


    does anyone know how u use the stream on the helmet?

  • V0R3TX

    +ESO-Fallout & elder scrolls Guides for me it was a bonemold shield even doh i was level 51

  • Darvos Ethral

    ESO I got a Nordic shield and a stalhrim bow with chaos, I think it is random

  • Kato

    what armor are you using in this video?

  • JA'crispy jA'crispy

    That's why my friends. If you can't find something that should have been there use "Editor Smokes Test Cell" to find what you're looking for. That's how I get the things I can't find after a day of searching over and over again.

  • Diamond Rocks 22

    When I tried to get the Shield it was elven

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