Skyrim - How to get Visage of Mzund + Kagrumez Resonance Gem Location Guide

This Guide shows you how to obtain the following items:

Visage of Mzund
- a unique Dwarven helm that has the highest base armor rating for any helm available.
- Fortify Stamina: 60 points
- Power; Breath of Nchuak - a scorching blast of steam is released from the helmet which deals 15 points of damage per second, at the cost of stamina upkeep.

Stalhrim Shield - Light armor
- 15% Magic resistance

Kagrumez Resonance Gem
- Needed for puzzle video coming soon

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  • Phantom Zone 40215

    The shield is randomized I know because I got a hide shield of waning shock at level 58 :(

  • Julio Urbina

    who else thinks that his fight against the sphere sounded cute (0:56)

  • A Stupid Hawk A Stupid Hawk

    It was bone mold for me

  • ehdollet

    4:53 "Ballista penetrated armor" Man I wish I was it, I would love to penetrate that armor :}

  • PurpleBread

    I got a chitin shield instead of a stalrhim shield

  • Oscar Gonzalez

    Stahlrim shield...have met my friend spell breaker?

  • Gloom Genetics

    you sure this isnt by level? im not believing that theres dragonbone weapons for any level char

  • Panther 124

    I got an elf shield of dwindling shock at lvl 61

  • Resident_Savage

    +ESO please share the links to all your female skimpy armor they are really great.

  • Kegan Anderson

    it gave me a damn hide shield -.-

  • Clint BeastWood

    What Level do you need to be in to get stalhrim stuff?

  • Jonah Newman

    Is stalrim heavy or light

  • Blaze

    What is the gem used for?

  • Chinfu

    Wtf my shield was chitin shield of waning fire I didn't get the stalhrim one

  • arthur lovings

    thanks but mine wuz an elvan shield not stahlrim   

  • solid - vape 5

    its a hide shield for me

  • FishBoy

    i think if you but the helmet on while being a kajit you can wear it with a dark brotherhood hood

  • JoshEpicGamer

    +ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides ik u wont listen but can u tell me if the dragonborn dlc is free? and maybe can u tell me if the serana or harkon or whatever its called dlc is free? thx

  • Gabriel Delgado

    Where can we find the other Kagrumez resonance stones

  • DJ Neil

    Can we have this in a  not so fast way please.

  • Kendall Gill

    Wtf I’m level 50 and got a hide shield 😢

  • Lorin Hansen

    Idk if this is a special edition thing but instead of the shield I wanted I got an Elven shield if waning magic and instead of the that bow I got the stalhrim now if banishing, I did get the helm thought good thing too cause that's the only thing I really wanted

  • Connor Colbeck

    Got a hide shield of major blocking at lvl50

  • Ür Bøï

    What bow where you using

  • Caveman5445

    So I've raided this place before for the Kagrumez Gem, but I didn't know about the helm and completely missed it. As for that Shield that's supposed to be on the cog, well, for me I can see just the very edge of the shield as it grounds around INSIDE the cog. Woe is me.


    if your level 30 or higher and completed the theirs guild quest returning the skeleton key theirs a small chance that a that a theif with glass armour will appear kill it to get glass armour

  • Inspiron Gamer

    The shield depends on your level

  • Gage Moore

    Just so you all know you don't need the gems to get through Kagrumez all you need are a few plated and the whirlwind sprint shout and you can just glitch through the doors

  • latebkr

    For all wondering, the shield is not unique, it's random. I got the one in the video, but lots of people are gonna get something else.

  • David Westmoreland

    Shoot them with Magelight. I shoot the spinners with mage light. The first meeting Katria it was easier than arrows.

  • neoflo22

    The shield was not in the location you specified. I tried reloading and even different positions of cogs. Same results. However the helm/crystal was at the end. Not sure why the shield didn't spawn there but still a helpful video.

  • simeon converse

    man, just went through this on my own a day ago and got the gem and helm but didn't know about the stupid shield! ugh now I gotta go back lol

  • dodaime18

    that is NOT a unique shield, you can literally make one and enchant it with a far stronger magic resist enchantment....

  • Winters Flames

    Why was your file corrupt? How did you reload it if it's corrupted?

  • Zachary Lucian

    Is there any other place to get the stalhrim shield I got a Elven shield

  • gaëtan de almeida

    The stalhrim shiel is a non unique random shiel, so you can get something else.

  • Hunter Meadows

    Hey man thanks for this vid I had a real hard time with this

  • daniel dixon

    none of those items were there when i arrived, just an elven shield... would this all depend on player level? if so any recommendations where i can find those items else where?

  • Energy Bros

    I got I hide shield 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Adolf Hitler

    the puzzle was to easy I guess my brain just thinks dwemer stuff.

  • Tomasz Willmington

    Level 82. Elven sield of dwindling frost. Must be a random spawn.

  • Koolaid Kiddo

    I think you have to be a certain level to get a stalthrim shield, because I am level 24 and I found an elven one, but everything else is the same

  • Levi Samom

    so the helmet is not in the old skyrim...right

  • Aesir Ibarra

    Do u need the dragon born dlc for this cuz I have it

  • Noah Phillips

    Oh my gosh, I can't believe I pressed the right button, I didn't even know

  • Dylan Jarrell

    I got a hide Shield of waning fire at 53

  • Archer Hill

    hey thanks for making this it was really helpful i tried it before but i got stuck on the bow puzzle

  • V0R3TX

    +ESO-Fallout & elder scrolls Guides for me it was a bonemold shield even doh i was level 51

  • Ben A

    It amazes me that there are still things in skyrim ive not found....

  • Alison Beetroot

    i got a nordic shield xDDD I'm just whaaaat. but then i realised it depends on your level: the higher level you are, the cooler stuff you get!

  • Kilova

    anybody notice he kept swapping what hand his weapons were in

  • Admiral General Aladeen

    what armor mod is he using in this vid?

  • Mila M

    Its not always a stalthrim shield its just an enchanted leveled shield mine was a hide one of flames

  • Sam Woodward

    Your grammar is terrible.

  • KingG

    What level should you be to do this? Ive followed the previous videos and I'm level 16.

  • Diamond Rocks 22

    When I tried to get the Shield it was elven

  • AkoSolius

    the shield isnt on the cog where else

  • Damian Ochoa

    the shield wasn't there for me

  • JA'crispy jA'crispy

    That's why my friends. If you can't find something that should have been there use "Editor Smokes Test Cell" to find what you're looking for. That's how I get the things I can't find after a day of searching over and over again.

  • Calum beresford

    I found a chitin shield of dwindling frost, no salhrim shield

  • Heather Hoisington

    I wonder if u have to be a certain level to obtain it

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