Skyrim: Another 5 Criminally Underrated Mods for The Elder Scrolls 5 (Skyrim SE PC/Xbox One mods)

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has a massive modding scene that pumps out dozens of mods daily. After six years the modding community on the Nexus and still shows no sign of slowing down, however with so many mods to choose from, every now and then we're bound to gloss over some real gems. So today from DLC Sized Expansions to small retextures, we take a look at 5 more criminally underrated mods in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skryim.

Breton Paladin Armor:
Skyrim Special Edition -

Skyrim Legendary Edition -

Shields of the Holds:
Skyrim Special Edition -

Draw - A Dueling Mod:
Skyrim Special Edition -

Skyrim Legendary Edition -

Project AHO:
Skyrim Special Edition:

Skyrim Legendary Edition:

Hold Riders:
Skyrim Special Edition -

Skyrim Legendary Edition -
  • Donkey Quality

    How do i make a comment good enough for nate to pin?

  • Mohenjo Daro

    Nate: A war hammer known as SkullbreakerMe: Looks at text...Can't even pronounce "crusher" right 10/10

  • MajorMoron

    Paused the video at 8:27, went to Nexus, checked out the AHO, after watching the trailer I downloaded and installed it immediately.THANKS for bringing this jewel of modding to my attention, it´s exaclty the kind of things I´m looking for to make the Skyrim gaming experience more diverse (while staying lore friendly).Awesome vid again, Natethemate!!!

  • MakesYouSick

    My problem with most weapon/armour mods (including the Paladin set featured) is that the mod authors are so intent on making them as HD and as clean as possible that the end product just doesn't look right in Skyrim. Some of the mods end up making the weapons/armours added look like they're made out of plastic rather than metal, and others just don't fit at all. And before anyone is like 'durrrr, but sirrr, not all mods have to be realistic to the game setting and lore friendly retarrrd', let me say that there are mods I've seen that are lore friendly but that aren't so clean HD that they look completely out of place.

  • Baxton

    Murdered to death never gets old

  • 88Kieys Elliott Spenner

    4:12 "Murdering someone to death." ;)

  • Coconut of Doom

    Hello, nate. I am kvatchcount, the owner of Hold Riders.I passed by this video when I saw it, not really thinking of the contents because it was for SSE and I currently do not have the hardware requirements to play SSE. But tonight, as I was bored, decided to go and watch it. Suffice to say, I was pleased majorly by what I saw. I am honored to have been featured in one of your playlists, and I feel happy about providing nostalgia for the old days. Despite its small presence within the world (it may get bigger, when and if I decide to add more patrols. Still currently toying with the idea. Have already added a Dawnguard Rider.), I am proud by what I have done and the more videos I see of it, the more content with my hobby choice I get. To keep myself from rambling, as I am one to do, I would just like to say thank you for downloading it and featuring it. You made my day! Please keep doing what you're doing, too. You've taught me A LOT about the little things we've never noticed in the frozen land that is Skyrim.

  • Don't Subscribe

    I think skyrim is nothing without mods, once modding, you never stops

  • JennyM1998

    I feel like Inigo is a criminally underrated mod. He did get some attention when he first came out but very few people ever took time to fully review him, put him on their "top mods" lists or otherwise integrate him in their videos. (Presumably because he isnt a slutty female nord)Inigo is the absolute most amazing follower mod I have ever installed and I cant imagine a playthrough without him anymore!? I've had both him and Sofia follow me on my current game and Sofia started annoying me after a few hours, I had to lock her away in my house.Inigo never gets annoying or boring, has great combat behaviour, a brilliant quest that I feel will be absolutely epic once 3.0 is out, and is the first follower to feel genuinely real. I've never cared so much about an NPC in a game.

  • Gabriel Thorpe

    If anyone is wondering, in Project AHO, once you get your freedom (which you need to get due to the magical amulet oppressing you) you can say "To Hell with the story" and massacre all the slavers, like my angry, angry Nord is currently doing

  • bleachmon1

    I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you on the shields. If they were in constant use at the time then their owners would have been meticulous in the upkeep, as their lives depended on their shield. And no self respecting guard would go on patrol with a crappy looking shield like they do in vanilla as that would reflect badly on them and their lord. "Gaurds these days don't even take care of their equipment, don't they know their lives may depend on that sheild someday?"  or "Jarl balgruf is such a skinflit, won't even spend a septim to make sure his guards have proper shields." If old shields in museums have that look then that is because they haven't been taken care of in centuries. Making them even more battered actually breaks immersion.

  • Kimberling Cumberland

    What about Schlongs of Skyrim?

  • ExoticRPGs

    I think you are one of the only people on this earth that call it "The Elder Scrolls 5."

  • ShufflingShrek

    Skip this comment, there's nothing to read here, honestly.Why did you look here, I told you there was nothing, Go read someone else's comment.

  • Oliver Cane

    Has anyone made a mod which replaces Partharnax's voice with Mario/Luigi/Wario/Waluigi's voice or at least an impression. (They all have the same voice actor)

  • Divine Potato

    Nateification squad where you at (yes I meant to spell it like that)

  • Isaac Patrick

    Anyone else notice the voice crack at 7:37?

  • TinyHatMogul27

    Hey I gotta joke, what do Bethesda and Charles Dickens have in common? It takes them a while to publish a new chapter lolololol

  • Herman De Vries

    Hey Nate I don't know if you've covered this yet but I have a tiny detail for you for a potential video. I noticed that when talking to Daedric/Aedric Lords, you can't skip the conversation. I've tried with Herma Mora, Molag, Boethiah, Dagon etc. Not only can't you skip the conversation, you can't pause the conversation either with the pause menu or even the command menu.

  • Vermithrx

    They would have repainted their shields and replaced the worn down ones all the time. Professional armies and soldiers did that kind of thing, even way back when. I know, I know fantasy and what not.

  • Garcha Mayne

    Yet another 5 more criminally underrated, secretly interesting, misunderstood hidden details you have likely missed, but could have potentially seen depending on circumstances

  • FluffyPlatypus Gaming

    i love using the brawling mod to mug jarls

  • Zelstice53711

    please more underrated mods, I love adding these to my game! Also 42nd

  • Joe Nesvick

    I first got the special edition for PS4. On December 30th 2017, I bought Xbox One & Skyrim. On February 23rd 2018, I killed the legendary dragon to never play vanilla again, one must unlock achievements.

  • Tom Danner

    Dude several of these were mods of the month, that's not underated at all

  • CruzaComplex

    I will never understand why people assume wear and filth are part and parcel for fantasy settings. Even the most impoverished urchin has pride. Armor and weapons are expensive, and people took the best care of them they possibly could. Worn shields aren't "realistic," they indicate a lazy wielder. The only damage that would persist on a weapon/shield would be single huge gashes that can't be repaired, which would typically warrant the item being replaced if the individual was in the employ of a professional military group like a hold. Even more so considering the shields are wooden. It's not like it's hard to replace the whole thing.

  • Emily Neko

    I just finished Project AHO and I absolutely love it. It's an amazing mod.

  • NOPE

    horses are too expensive for those in skyrim, theres also a civil war so all the horses go to that, thats why people dont ride horses

  • Dakota CM

    Yahs... another SKYRIM VIDEO!

  • IoKnight

    I think the Breton Paladin armor looks silly and out of place.

  • NOPE

    You should do the loading screens with extra sarcasm mod, as someone whos read all of the loading messages 800000 times the mod is a god send as it adds in hundreds off funny new messages

  • Jacob Nicola

    What's the news from the other parts of Tamriel?

  • AIR

    are they avalible on the ps4

  • RobADobFlob


  • Wilhelm The wolf

    You wanna know something really cool about Hold RidersIts also available for the Ps4

  • Bryan Manuel

    killing Nazeem with out consequences bye i got to settle a few scores.

  • Max

    Last time I was this early, my girlfriend left me

  • Trent Ake

    Project AHO is so glitchy it ruined my save I was level 42 on

  • Tom Hyden

    So could you use the duel shout on Miraak to make the fight way easier?

  • Davy Koenen

    I think the mod named Tel Nalta II should have a lot more appreciation and endorsements. That mod is simply one of the best mods ever made. You can build your own telvanni island with a lot of awesome features. Still haven't seen everything after all these years of playing Skyrim.

  • Justin Y.

    Great vid m'aiq approved

  • Drew Bywater

    I can personally attest that Project AHO is AMAZING

  • Ender_king2002

    hey Nate I know you might not see this but I know not many mods can be put on PS4 but I was thinking of adding a mod or two got any tips on what would be best for a bit more fun in an already fun game? much love from a constant watcher.

  • CrusaderJak

    I love retexturing specific rugs. Like you know that one rug in that burned down house? Thats my favorite.

  • Arbiter

    You don't have time to go over the details of a mod featured in your own video about mods? Why not? What's stopping you?Seems really lazy dude.

  • Pedro Talons

    You forgot to say "skyrim is a preety big game"

  • clueless ben

    Hold riders is also available on ps4

  • Kakapac

    "Murdered to death", I was eagerly awaiting it

  • Devin Coon

    Is the Breton Paladin Armor mod on Xbox?

  • Tyler


  • The Nightavenger

    #NotifactionCrewNewbie lol

  • Leonidas Nerevar

    Where are the links in the description? It would be really helpful to the viewers.

  • WarriorD13

    I don't mean to preach paranoia but I wouldn't trust anything that comes out of Russia to be put on my computer or my system after the last three years of what's been going on in cyber warfare even if it was a game mod

  • David Harris

    Ahh the Hold Riders in Oblivion!

  • Josh Dews

    Paladin armor looks awesome if they make elder scrolls 6 that should be in the game

  • Captain Gaming

    Will Nate favorite this comment? The world may never know...

  • Monikan Cultist

    The armor would have been good if it wasn't for the helmet, I don't get the reason why they have to implement improved enclosed helmets feature. Very disappointed tbh.

  • 3Dsfails

    Wtf about the PS4 mods!?!?!

  • Valas Darkholme

    Installed AHO. The Orc never shows up to start the quest after I say okay to the message at level 15, and I could not for the life of me find a way to make it happen. All I can figure is it has terrible compatibility, and I'm not invested in it enough to shut off all my mods and start a new game all over again.

  • Goblin Slayer

    The Great legendary Dragonborn lv.+300 who defeated Alduin, the vampire's lord and Miraak ends up being captured by a couple of weak ass bandits and sold off to slavery just for the sake of the plot ?I need to check this mess out !!

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