Skyrim: 5 More Secretly Interesting Characters you May Not Have Spotted in The Elder Scrolls 5

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game loaded with a plethora of characters, many of which seem dull and rather basic. However, a handful of Skyrim's seemingly dull NPCs are actually hiding some major secrets and the subjects of some rather cool Easter Eggs. So today, we'll be taking a look at five secretly interesting characters in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • zed aye

    You CAN give the letter to sapphire and she'll give you a special gem as a reward

  • Ed Fagan

    '5 More Secretly Interesting Characters whose names you May Not Have mispronounced in The Elder Scrolls 5'

  • TJ True Justice

    Where was the murder to death? At least we got the mispronunciation.

  • Henriko Magnifico

    Why do Khajit have hair? They already have fur... 🤔

  • Ian

    How long did you search for the key in mzulft ?

  • Naatturi

    You can actually give the letter to Sapphire, and you get an exquisite sapphire as a reward.

  • MajorMoron

    Maven holds power over politicians and criminals alike...That´s a little redundant, since they´re the same thing, even in Skyrim I´d wager

  • Silent xXXx

    I came across a VERY interesting fact the other day while playing the game that might make a good addition to either another episode of this, or facts you may have missed. During the quest to find the pieces of Mehrune's Razor, Silas gives you a book called Keepers of the Razor. In the book lists the name of the parents/ancestors of the NPC's. If you look at Drascua's page (the Hagraven), it says she's the daughter of Cairine, who is a beggar in Markarth and lives in The Warrens. Just something I came across, I don't even think this fact is on the wiki.

  • Anirudh Sivakumar

    5 More Another top 10 details you may not know about characters who were murdered to death you may not have spotted in elder scrolls 5

  • Joe Duffy

    You can give Glovers letter to Sapphire, you get a sapphire worth 5000 gold from her as payment. Although nothing else happens

  • skullpull 101

    DØ yöU GËt to THe CLÖÜD dißtrict VËry ōfTen

  • Pepe the Frog

    You CAN give the letter...did you even do any research...

  • Notice me Senpai

    In Skyrim Tiny Detalis you can put Ysgramor Axe it have a really badass design when you meet him in Sonvgarde if you look with atention. Looks like design of Daedra

  • Liam Samuels

    For the 3rd time I'd like to ask for your load order please? I'll give you a cookie.

  • Oggie

    I’ve delivered the letter to sapphire tho and she gives you a flawless sapphire gem stone which is worth loads. I do play special edition on PS4 so maybe it’s different?

  • Aelarr

    Show me a half decent Khajiit that does NOT hate the Thalmor.

  • Sean L.

    Memoir. Mem-wire. Nice lol

  • Dunmeri Assassin

    Hey I just wanted to say, you can give Sapphire Glover's letter, but only after you complete the Shadr's quest. After that you can give the letter to Sapphire and she gives you an exquisite Sapphire for it. Also awesome video!

  • Jesse Miller

    I do remember that Sapphire had a little more dialogue, something about being "used" by bandits for a long time before she killed them and escaped.. I think the dialogue option shows up after joining the Thieves Guild and without helping Shadr with his "debt" with Sapphire..

  • Divine Potato

    Legend has it, if you comment early enough.. Epic Nate will replyEdit: damn it works :o

  • Oliver Queen

    You actually CAN give the letter to Sapphire, and you get exquisite sapphires as a reward, but it doesn't have any plot significance. (Sorry if someone else said this and I'm spamming, comments wouldn't refresh). I think you can talk to Glover about the letter too and he confesses everything

  • MickMaan

    Hold on. I'm sure you can give that letter to Sapphire. I think she gives your some insanely valuable gem in return .... that no merchant in the game can afford to buy.

  • Samantha G

    I miss the outro music with the mammoths walking serenely by - wish you would bring that back

  • Joshua Kemmett

    Sadly i've never actually been to the cloud district. :(

  • Tehya Lmao

    Pin me daddy nate im first nyeheheheheheheheHEHEHEHEHE

  • Avelyn Cady

    I swear I was able to give that letter to Sapphire. I don't think I had any mods at the time, so I don't think it was through a mod that it happened. I remember there not being a quest objective of any kind though, I just kind of stumbled upon it. I forget if there was a reward or not, but I do recall her thanking me for it. Then nothing else to my memory. Idk, am I crazy? Was it a mod and I'm just misremembering?

  • Starling Paws

    Notification Sqaud!!! Hi again!!!

  • Derp Lord

    i bet in 3077 Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details That You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (part 10284)

  • - kalebtheplayer64 -

    Sapphire is in a very small side quest, that takes about 2 minutes to beat. You get some one elses money back and that’s it.

  • Jacob Fatseas

    Sorry but I have to disagree on that characterization of Sapphire. Sapphire actually does have dialogue options. After completing Shadr’s mini quest you can find her in the Cistern where you ask her what her real name is, she tells her about her past; that bandits killed her family, kidnapped and abused her. She tells you that one night she killed the bandits and escaped, which may lead to that reference of her joining the Dark Brotherhood. In the end she refuses to tell you her real name. In Dragonborn after you find Glover Mallory’s letter you can bring it to Sapphire letting her know she still has some family left. However, in the letter her own father refers to her as Sapphire, showing that there is no trace of the person she was before her life was turned upside down. She thanks you and gives you a unique gem: an Exquisite Sapphire.

  • Just A Random Idiot

    You can give Sapphire the letter, and you can engage in dialogue with her.

  • Icapturethemoment

    HiSorry for the bad English

  • __ Harambe

    Pin me or I will play skyrim until I am broke.

  • Alex BLAH

    Dude it's cringy to hear you apologise in almost every video. Just say the names to the best of your ability, who cares if you mispronounce. You're only human and anyone who needs perfect pronunciation for made up names is a loser lol.

  • Lord Peanut Butter

    Lilith also is the name of the mother of the demons and Adams wife before eve

  • Maddox3791 maddox

    Hey nate, I am pretty sure no one has seen a shell bug. Kind of found it myself a few days back.

  • Charlie Nightingale

    I have this feeling you knew that you can give the letter to sapphire just so you get comments 👀

  • tyler bandin

    I want a mod to help rune with his name you can actually find out about sapphires past after you join the guild and in the inner part of the ratway and she mentions her family being attacked and she mentions the dark brotherhood

  • Kathryn Free

    Annnnd now I'm re-installing Skyrim.

  • Moszous

    I was actually able to have a conversation with Sapphire. There was an option that says something like "So, are you actually going to tell me your real name?" and she says something like "Maybe another time, just not right now." And she also tells you her back story. She lived on a farm with her parents and one night some bandits raided their home and killed her parents, and they "took turns violating [her] like some [object(or trophy, I don't remember]". I don't know if you need a certain level of speech or something related to the thieves guild like sneaking or something, but I had a dialogue with her. And, no I hadn't completed the Thieves Guild main quests. I had already read the letter and met the guy in Solstheim already. I don't know what triggered it but you do get to talk to her and she tells you a little of her backstory.

  • joe dh

    There is dialogue options with sapphire you can ask her about her about her name and she'll tell you that she lived on a pig farm and was kidnapped by bandits.

  • Quey gaming

    Great video as always nate, keep it up dude p.s hello from Manchester England.

  • Lakiss Kettle

    6:25 Yeah, you can give it to her. She gives you some unique dialauge, as well as a unique sapphire

  • szabok1999

    Actually there is a dialogue option with Sapphire, and another when you give her the letter.

  • Ninepines

    It's U-ah-lay, not Wallay or U-whale kek

  • Fedor Romanenkov

    Sapphire explains that her home was attacked by bandits I believe, as a child, and... dirty things were done to her. She killed the bandits and never returned home.

  • king gaming

    How do u manage to still find hidden things in this game?

  • Skylar Price

    3rd:(and thanks foor the new vid

  • Ethan Gick

    You can have conversations with sapphire, you can learn her sad backstory were she was captured and raped by bandits until she eventually killed them all and ran away

  • Upgradehoriz0n6

    You can give the letter to Sapphire and then she gives you a flawless Sapphire

  • Chess Nitemayr

    If you go to Riften for the first time, listen to Sapphire and Shadr talking, then help Shadr with Sapphire, you can later see her in the cistern, give her the letter, and it gives you dialog options. Also, if you have the "marriage all" mod, and marry her, she is one of the few who will actually go to your house, and uses the marriage dialog. Seems to me like Bethesda originally had a plan to make her eligible for marriage, but scrapped it.

  • Jordan McGarty

    "people that go to the cloud district often" gotta say man, i love the scripts for your videos, always interesting and in depth without getting boring, keep it up nate!

  • David Kampmann

    You can give the Letter of glover to her

  • GuillotineLaw1

    Isn't it OO a lay?

  • Jaime Moyano

    You can actually give the letter ro sapphire and she will give you a special sapphire worth 5000 gold

  • Supreme Britain

    Make another part, I really enjoyed this!

  • Q

    On the ps3, Sapphire told a story about how she was kidnapped by bandits then raped. She's goes on by saying she killed all of them at night

  • The Meapster

    I just jumped of the emotion of being murdered to death! Thanks Nate

  • Stunday

    You can return the letter back to sapphire after you become the Guildmaster

  • Adam Daly

    4:48 "The player has no dialogue options with her" WRONG.You can talk to her and she'll talk about how she was kidnapped as a child

  • Velvexic

    Actually, after you become a full fledged member of the thieves guild, you can ask sapphire if she will tell you about her real name. She then tells you that she was kidnapped by bandits who violated her as a teen and killed her parents, revealing more about her dark past.

  • Atronx 7

    You can talk to sapphire about Shadr’s debt

  • Emma Debenham

    During a quest with Sapphire, where you bribe or persuade her into dropping a dept for a guy that works in the Riften stables (forgot his name) you can actually talk to her about her backstory and she will tell you a rather harrowing story then proceed to thank you for giving her someone to listen to. However, once this quest is finished, I believe the option to elicit that dialogue out of her is impossible. Love your vids and keep up the awesome work!

  • Abakaxi 2D

    For the 10 tiny details you could feature the guards that say "hey pss!! I know who you are, hail sithis" when you join the dark brotherhood!!!!!!!

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