Being a Jerk in Fallout 4

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  • Blue Frog

    1:16 the zoom on it 😂

  • Nik02003

    I feel bad just by watching this video

  • KW Entertainment

    1:18 "Sold. Kid, I found you a new home. "I lost it

  • 26magicman26

    To be a Real jerk I helped Sheffield with his alcoholism/cola addiction and let him work for me...... As a bartender.

  • Stephen Whatley

    I've paused this video halfway through. I'm replaying fallout and I'm torn between how fun y this is and experiencing them for myself.

  • Yeet that Skeet

    “Ashes go home! Erin misses you!”pulls out flamethrower

  • Fryerstarter.

    If you kill the cat, pick it up and take it back to her, she thanks you and you complete the quest.

  • hazeman671

    2:45 only in Bethesda games

  • RussRedCloud

    Lmao! It's funnier because he says everything in such a calm, trusting tone..

  • Sentient Potato

    2:28 is it just me or does she look like she was smiling after she heard her husband was dead?

  • Xx_YungHentaiGod_xX

    2:41 I like the emotion and the facial expressions matching... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Walaba

    *dog meat dies* UNSUBBED

  • Robert Henderson

    2:50 no chill lmfao and he said it with a straight face

  • KingBrimley

    "Yeah. I got shot in the ass last year, long story."

  • Chris Hansen

    I disliked because you were being a jerk

  • TheSRT8driver

    >first scene is letting Dogmeat fall to his deathDownvotedUnsubbedReportedBanned

  • JustKill Gamez

    You know what would be the strongest enemy in the game be?Answer: child with a gun.

  • _ItzHax_

    I feel bad for the people in the game but I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • Justin XD

    0:23 best part to watch andddd.... 7:06 too xD

  • huiledesoja

    i love how the guard just casually interrupts talking about his ass

  • J.W. B.

    And they say choices don't matter in Fallout 4.

  • Deathstorm117

    Ashes to "ashes" xD

  • Jordan Olives

    7:25 when you see a Tommy gun in PUBG and you see another guy rushing on you 😂

  • kodeki

    I love how whenever they go to fight him he just floors them so bluntly

  • Olizarz

    lol, "Paul's dead" and yet she just smiles.

  • settawut leenavong

    this makes me physically hurt

  • Erik Red

    In fallout 1 i killed kids with rocks

  • Dr. Hughie L Mungus M.D

    As Norm Macdonald would say, "you know, this guy is a real jerk"

  • Depressed Artjpeg

    presses download for killable children mod

  • The Woozies

    I kinda feel bad, not even in games I can be at THIS level of assholeness 😂😂

  • Exotic Narcotics

    legend says the boy is still diggin holes to this day

  • Funny Dank

    Turned ashes into ashes

  • Skeleton!


  • Sheogorath 66

    I can't be a jerk in video games or in real life lmao

  • The Raging Ballistic

    To this day ashes is never come back to Erin

  • PAPA SMURFdollar sign !!!!!!!!

    I like how much you level up and get XP after being such a jerk

  • Jordan Olives

    3:51 What if I dont tell you...where to blow up megaton

  • adam thiel

    why did he have to do that to the dog

  • James Kindrick

    The kid who wants her cat back, if you don't ask for money, she'll give you a fusion core for finding her cat, the most valuable of the potential rewards from that quest. Unless you value xp more, then the charisma checks are better.

  • Morty Smith C-138

    I guess ashes turned into ashes🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hottest man alive

    Why is there no emotion in their faces

  • Triamgoat

    Try number 1:"Ashes go home, Erin misses you.""Alright, then lets do this the hard way."

  • Solar

    >he's dead>I killed him

  • jake from statefarm

    Sad bathesda apparently half assed this game. The game is really good, not saying its bad. But it could’ve been a lot better. Including graphics

  • Nash Klein

    Basically what happens in this video:1: Being a huge jerk to children2: Telling wives that you killed their husband

  • MrRestrictor Pokémon

    This is the worst video to ever be uploaded to YouTube ever in existance. Not in a quality way but in a AAAAAHHHH way

  • ILuvFortnite

    Everything was ok except the part with the synth Shawn I would never let him die I’m not that mean

  • kumail hasan

    Greedy jerk 4:36 lol😁😁

  • Fake 4u

    8:10 Erin misses you Kills cat RIP

  • Sir Rex

    I find this hilarious for some reason.

  • Nationalist Hilpy

    “I got shot in the ass last year* long story

  • T 88

    Stupid person im a cat lover

  • ObzTicle

    How to get out of doing a quest or conversation. I killed him.

  • MadHatterMooCow

    I loved all of them except for the one where you wanted that little girls money and she gave you a heart locket from her mom.

  • Darkest Aurora

    "Why should I let you live?""Whaaaat if I don't tell you"

  • Witch Hunter Tyrus

    1:05 Full Libertarianism Achieved

  • MrMattyPlays

    I had never seen some of these because I play the good guy normally. Funny stuff!

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