If There Was One Mod You Must Download For Skyrim SE... - Skyrim Mods - Week 235

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TERA Armors Enhanced Textures
https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim /mods/88502
Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
Animated clutter
and Adoptable SSE
  • Old Channel! See Final Video For New Channel!

    I started watching your channel back in October of 1996 a month after Tupac got shot. It was my way of coping with the pain. Watching your Skyrim Mod reviews for these past 21 years has been a fantastic experience MXR. I hope you continue to put out Skyrim Mods Weekly for another 21 years afterwards!

  • connor daniel

    This channel is just one giant sexual innuendo

  • Qilue

    I started watching around when everyone thought he was black. Seriously, his face reveal was a shock.

  • Jacob knapton

    oh god why is that child wearing the tavern wench outfit

  • RexusprimeIX

    I remember subscribing to you like it was yesterday: The year was 1916, I was in the trenches at the time, just got my left foot amputated because I got trench foot. The only way I could cope with the war and have the motivation to continue to fight was thanks to your videos. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most. Thanks to you I survived the great war.

  • Izzy

    Been here since 2012 boi.And yes, I do love opening crevices and sticking things inside. Especially if they are my crevices. If I own them, I love sticking things inside.

  • John Smith

    I've been here since 2013, long before anyone knew you were Asian.

  • Pandora Arts

    Boi I was done the second you started talking about opening and stuffing things in holes 😆

  • Dannyaf

    Anyone notice wrath of the lich king music just before the skeever test

  • JuJuJetastic

    Cool, didn't know PewDiePie had a secret third channel.

  • Mao Sama

    Jessica alba? * Lights a cigarette * it's been years since I heard that name.

  • blacktiger 911

    What's the thumbail

  • ForwardAspect

    only bout a year sorry im no OG lol

  • Gone 004

    I can't remember the time since I started watching MxR, or should I say MMOxReview ... shit I also can't remember his old name. But it was MMOsomething.

  • Mystic_Ash

    I been here since episode 23 bruh I remember the old intro still lol

  • JimMcnugget


  • Yankee

    Maxine.. The Lich Queen..

  • cody vandeloo

    I found you at like Skyrim Mods Weekly #40

  • Sky Anthro

    wow you're gonna hit 2 million subs soon! (yeah I'm an "OG" lol since 60K subs)

  • demon6937

    Who is that character at 2:21?

  • Ragnar Lothbrok _

    Do people actually play male characters in Skyrim anymore?

  • dinkyz67

    I started watching MxR in 2014. ^w^

  • Stalker ???

    Hey, is there preset for that female on picture?

  • Jide_

    I started watching back around the 20th episode

  • Bigfoot Jones

    Does anyone know what mod he is using for his characters armor/clothing in this video?

  • Sean Darling

    To be honest MxR, over the years it has been a blur of overhauls, slooty companions and quest mods and i haven't the faintest idea of when i sub'd.

  • cosmicScientist

    2011 or 12 - when the early dragon replacement mod became famous in the skyrim modding community with that feathery viciously beautiful dragon. And to this very moment in time and space, you still got it MXR. =^.^=

  • The Punkmonk

    What's the clothing mod at 4:57 and 5:06

  • not a hacker

    I stared watch when i had a break up in 2014

  • King Bee

    I was here sence 38 of Skyrim mods but I took a break for about a 6 months and just watched Netflix

  • annuna

    4:25 What lingerie mod is your character wearing?

  • Crispy Chicken

    Now that I watched this video I feel like playing Skyrim 😂😂😂

  • BJ Maguire

    Jessica Alba Forever...irl You and Jeannie are da bomb;)))

  • Colton McConathy

    What armor are you wearing at 4:31

  • Gahmuret Van Begonia

    episode 1 2011, still around.also thanks getting me into modding MxR, nowadays i'm working on BS: Atmora thanks to you

  • Freedom_Ninja

    Been watching you for years. No idea how long it's been. You inspired me to pursue a degree in immersionology.

  • Pedro Ribeiro

    felicidade ? wtf is that a brazilian person ?

  • Hippie King

    I don’t remember what year it was but I first found this and started watching it around episode 20 something. So ...yeah, I’ve been here a while.

  • Daniel Henry

    1:32 ''Maxine's Mr Journal''... In a Mod that involves an undead possible sex slave child, this is truly the part that worries me.

  • Joshua P.

    what does he use for that chick in the video?????

  • quaffel

    If anyone knows please let me know what armor did mxr use at 4:46 :)

  • Jhoebryn

    Whats the Mod for the Armor your char is wearing at 4:50, 6:02

  • SkyZe

    Does anyone know the armor mod at 4:48?

  • Nick Campbell

    I started watching 5 years ago when I was in the United States Army Infantry. I seriously injured my back and could not walk with out a walker for 6 months and a cane for about 2 years. Your videos helped me in my time of need. they allowed me to get through the bordome and distracted me from the pain. Truly thank you, you are probably one of the reasons I didn't get to depressed and kill my self. p.s. I'm almost all better now. thank you again

  • Swifty

    Congratulations you two

  • Cross Plate

    I was here before we knew you're asianI have no idea what year it was tho. 4 years ago maybe?

  • Allie James

    I've been watching 83.2 years (jk like 3)

  • TheEddcp

    I've been here since the beginning; just me, the void and big Skyrim Tiddies

  • Zyxis Ouroboros

    i started watching in 2012, before i even had an account to subscribe with

  • Thicc Boii

    NOOOOOOOOOOO obsidian weathers isnt available for regular skyrim!!!!!!!

  • Cormac Doyle

    I started watching a month(?) after Skyrim came out and I was like tf are mods and I would literally binge and rewatch your videos bc I was stuck on Xbox and could never have mods until now

  • MrChase115

    2018 Just now. To be fair I am a time traveler from 2038, and YouTube doesn’t exist anymore where I’m from. So this is purely for nostalgia. I miss it so much!!!

  • Kanae

    Hey ! thanks for your content, you are very awsome :D Can you tell me what mods are you actually using for your body caracter and your ENB please ? a big thanks <3 :)

  • Manny Alvarez

    been watching since 2011 on and off. Still play skyrim, still mod skyrim, still come here to find new mods. Thnx MxR. p.s. when you goin to upload something to PH you beautiful boy

  • TheGrayMix

    I started watching you at Skyrim Mods - Week #1 and im still here for the skyrim mods.Edit: also sloot mods.

  • ChaosTheory818

    Started watching end of last year

  • Lucien

    7:52 oh no the sky triggered my "This save file is corrupt and cannot be loaded" Ptsd

  • Niqqer

    Watched before you went to college and before that one girlfriend video

  • Xalted118

    I really shouldn't be getting a boner from the whole "animated clutter" part... But here we are.

  • lovewolf glsv

    I start watching episode 5 Skyrim mods weekly so do I count as og

  • Brawn Age Mage

    I've been watching since roughly around episode 68... it's like episode 69... with one more...

  • LooK and Laugh

    I love the end credits tune it’s so catchy

  • Adam Al-yasiri

    First episode i watched was i think week 46

  • Joe M

    I miss the misirlou bear. That out-tro was so freaking imprefvicticious. Mmmmm. But yea... I haven’t had a girlfriend for about 5 years now, so that should tell you roughly how long I’ve been watching.

  • Restless Wretch

    It's an Axe of Whiterun you pleb!!!11!2!

  • Wolffey

    I watched since episode one.

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