ONE MUST HAVE MOD - Skyrim Mods - Week 235

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TERA Armors Enhanced Textures /mods/88502
Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
Animated clutter
and Adoptable SSE
  • Pimp Master Broda

    I started watching your channel back in October of 1996 a month after Tupac got shot. It was my way of coping with the pain. Watching your Skyrim Mod reviews for these past 21 years has been a fantastic experience MXR. I hope you continue to put out Skyrim Mods Weekly for another 21 years afterwards!

  • Mr DJ Repack's

    did anyone else notice there was no intro in this video?

  • RastaRocker614(2.0):D

    this episode god damm he has balls

  • Xentrox

    Hey, is there preset for that female on picture?

  • ESCfromNome

    Who was that sexy voice at the end?! Was that your waifu, Pino?

  • Izzy

    Been here since 2012 boi.And yes, I do love opening crevices and sticking things inside. Especially if they are my crevices. If I own them, I love sticking things inside.

  • trill valley

    I been watching since 2012 from junior year hs to almost graduating college 2018 BROOooo

  • Qilue

    I started watching around when everyone thought he was black. Seriously, his face reveal was a shock.

  • Sascha Smith

    I started watching back since the first episode I been here a while my dude. Before you hit the puberty lol

  • JimMcnugget


  • JuJuJetastic

    Cool, didn't know PewDiePie had a secret third channel.

  • blacktiger 911

    What's the thumbail

  • Joshua Merry

    I just want to know the name of that skimpy ass loincloth and top you had equipped lol

  • Olivia Clise

    omo when henry was talking about what could be cute and disturbing at the same time i thought "jeannie?" and then he said "except my girlfriend, of course" and i had a mini victory there i feel like i just won double jeopardy ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Ragnar Lothbrok _

    Do people actually play male characters in Skyrim anymore?

  • Pandora Arts

    Boi I was done the second you started talking about opening and stuffing things in holes 😆

  • John Smith

    I've been here since 2013, long before anyone knew you were Asian.

  • Joshua P.

    what does he use for that chick in the video?????

  • Irenee Riviere

    started at week 1, since day 1 I was looking for mods, week 1 I found you, I never grew tired of seeing this show every week ever since, I even learned English with you, I barely understood it, I'm French and I was 15! For Dibella's sake, I can't believe for how long I've been watching you! Thank you for all your work

  • Daniel Henry

    1:32 ''Maxine's Mr Journal''... In a Mod that involves an undead possible sex slave child, this is truly the part that worries me.

  • Allie James

    I've been watching 83.2 years (jk like 3)

  • Mystic_Ash

    I been here since episode 23 bruh I remember the old intro still lol

  • Stormageddon Dark Lord of All

    I'm pretty sure I've been watching since 2013. It's been a hilarious ride.

  • Operator Chakkoty

    Love me some MXR before going to work. Good job!

  • SkyeShey 7

    I have been watching since the very first episode :)

  • The Punkmonk

    What's the clothing mod at 4:57 and 5:06

  • Freedom_Ninja

    Been watching you for years. No idea how long it's been. You inspired me to pursue a degree in immersionology.

  • Pedro Ribeiro

    felicidade ? wtf is that a brazilian person ?

  • Mao Sama

    Jessica alba? * Lights a cigarette * it's been years since I heard that name.

  • BJ Maguire

    Jessica Alba Forever...irl You and Jeannie are da bomb;)))

  • cosmicScientist

    2011 or 12 - when the early dragon replacement mod became famous in the skyrim modding community with that feathery viciously beautiful dragon. And to this very moment in time and space, you still got it MXR. =^.^=

  • Aogzo

    Been here since about week 20 or so. I've never actually moded Skyrim since I lacked a good PC and played on console but I liked seeing what was possible if I ever got one. And now years later I'm happy to say that I've finally managed to accept the reality that I'll never get one.

  • Hippie King

    I don’t remember what year it was but I first found this and started watching it around episode 20 something. So ...yeah, I’ve been here a while.

  • Sean Darling

    To be honest MxR, over the years it has been a blur of overhauls, slooty companions and quest mods and i haven't the faintest idea of when i sub'd.

  • Kookoo koo

    NOOOOOOOOOOO obsidian weathers isnt available for regular skyrim!!!!!!!

  • Jacob knapton

    oh god why is that child wearing the tavern wench outfit

  • Shadow Swifty

    Congratulations you two

  • demon6937

    Who is that character at 2:21?

  • diabolical

    I forgot about Jessica lol

  • Ian

    dude, just so you know.i love this kinda video, keep it up

  • The man who refused to die

    bro i been watching you since the beginning

  • Anda

    Think i started around ep30 or so damn its been a while.

  • Compton Boodhoo

    A bit after Skyrim released I found your channel when I started looking for Mods. It wasn't early days, I probably started around episode 79ish if memory serves.

  • Gina McGill

    I like the new format, seems faster paced which suits your delivery better.

  • Gahmuret Van Begonia

    episode 1 2011, still around.also thanks getting me into modding MxR, nowadays i'm working on BS: Atmora thanks to you

  • HaniaJedi

    I've been watching since 2014, which is when I bought Skyrim for PC and started high school. It's weird but cool thinking about how long I've been around!

  • Stephen Bakasa

    Gaddamn. I wish I could leave multiple likes. I've only been here a week, tho.

  • Moonburn

    the only thing i want to know is what happened to the skeevers on the right part of the screen at the end of the video..... (10:05 and 10:11)

  • Senpai Chibi

    I have been here since the mmo review days

  • flameshana9

    Who could forget Alba? 💋Also, 03:16 you mean even more than Pornhub??

  • Ironbuket

    10:05 Where can I get that Skeever wheel mod?

  • Thomas Crouse

    MxR not gonna lie I only got into your videos when Cam and Seb's ended, but you have more than filled the void they left behind and gotten so much better than they ever were!

  • Jose Martinez

    Dude idk at what video I first started watching. it's been a long time. Side note---- you are the reason why I started modding, I just had to have the best mods. you are also the reason why I keep braking my Skyrim.

  • Corey Sanderson

    Started watching in 2011 right after skyrim came out

  • Diego Rens

    Shit, mods are still amazing as f

  • TheMighty Sisto

    2014. Love your stuff, dood.

  • Josh Reyes

    Can anyone suggest any good pouch and bag mods for Xbox? I have bandelier already, but find it lackluster. Backpacks and belt bags would be great.

  • Kevin Arnold

    I watch these videos at work.

  • TheGrayMix

    I started watching you at Skyrim Mods - Week #1 and im still here for the skyrim mods.Edit: also sloot mods.

  • Tjaraka Production

    you sounds like pewdiepie

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