Top 10 Fun Spells in Skyrim Special Edition

The Top 10 Fun Spells in Skyrim Special Edition!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • WikiThis

    Kinda wish they made telekinesis better. Maybe make it so the heavier the item thrown the more damage, or even make it stop arrows or projectiles in front of you.

  • TehFocus

    Lightning storm? You mean the Kamehameha wave, right?

  • Mon Moniker

    The Wabbajack. There isn't nothing like seeing a Dremora turning into a wabbit or a wabbit turn into a Dremora Lord.

  • Jasta the Boss Bob

    Throws a potato at someone else using telekinesisWhole city tries to kill you

  • Brethern

    Just for the record telekinesis does in fact have a use in battle.When fighting bandits they will fight over dropped weapons. If you happen to have a weapon in your inventory you can throw it with the spell and let them kill each other for it.

  • Lucien Lachance

    "Creative ways to steal items without being spotted" proceeds to walk in plain daylight with stolen object 1:49

  • jmarkellos

    Combine mass paralysis with the slow time shout, for those instances where 15 seconds just isn't enough.

  • Ryan Cauffman

    Telekinesis has no use as far as combat, but, beyond shenanigans, you can use it to level up Alteration really quickly. If you get Secret of Arcana from the "Filament and Filigree" Black Book, you can cast Telekinesis for no Magicka cost, and, so long as you never let go of the trigger/button, it will never cost any Magicka until you stop casting it. Because Telekinesis levels Alteration really fast, you can use this technique to go from level 15 to level 100 Alteration in about 10-20 minutes.

  • Alex Bloke

    I love you fudgemuppet, but I think its time to change up your skyrim background music. I've been listening to this song for like 2 years.

  • D00MTR33

    Too bad lighting storm sucks ass on legendary and master. Too slow to cast and not enough damage output. I would have put summon bound Deadra in somewhers, "A challenger is near, ha ha ha", I love Spike McGee.

  • Błaż

    So funny, these guys are acting like Skyrim Special Edition is actually something else than normal Skyrim, like it added new content or anything... Spells in Skyrim SE = spells in Skyrim.

  • Conscious_Whisper

    Hope you enjoy, as this took two damn hours to write.The Jack of All Trades. (Modded)The Jack of All Trades is a fresh faced young wood elf seeking glory in the land of Skyrim after leading a privileged life that allowed him to learn many things. The Jack of All Trades is well rounded character who doesn't just excel at one skill, but is proficient in many skills, and he wants to use them to help the people of Skyrim with an open mind and heart... But at what cost? The Jack of All Trades is a wood elf from Grand Tree in Valenwood. And will take advantage of the lover stone to start with, and then will eventually graduate to one of two stones: The Lord or the Lady, depending on which you value more; regeneration or defense. The main skills for the Jack of All Trades are Two Handed, Archery and Restoration, with minor skills in Light Armor, Enchanting and Smithing. Obviously it's a well rounded build that is going to take plenty of time to complete, but if you're patient, this character will come full circle and end up being incredibly balanced and prepared for any situation he will find himself in. Now we get to the backstory: The Jack of All Trades was born in Grand Tree to a Huntress mother and a smith father, both of whom met many people and made many friends due to their central location. The two were incredibly skilled at their work and business was always booming. His mother knew how to cut the most from any kill she made and his father knew how to craft remarkable weapons, like great-swords that weighed half of what they normally should. These techniques were passed onto the Jack of All Trades. The boy was very curious as a child, always wanting to learn more and was blessed with a sharp mind, a pure heart, and good looks to boot. The boy got the same experience his parents did but from a younger age: He met many different kinds of people who were traveling through Grandtree, strangers that sought his parents goods, old friends, warriors, priests and mages. The boy grew up knowing no hate for anyone and with the idea that everyone should have a chance to be a good person. Luckily, this meant the boy was open to teachings from these people. His father taught him basic smithing while his mother taught him to hunt. Mages and priests who came through showed the boy healing magics and enchanting. Warriors taught the boy proper sword techniques, all of which he learned with gusto. He also discovered there was little he wasn't good at, whether it was studying, training, working or charming the local boy's and girls in the village. He was an open minded kid. As he grew older, the people he knew would always return, but they also always left, only to return to tell him of the great lands he could only see in his dreams. He imagined seas of sand, icy coasts of endless water, mountains with snow caps that stretched into the clouds, and on his 18th birthday, he decided he was tired of waiting for the world to come to him. With the help of his father, he crafted a beautiful bow, a quiver of arrows, an Elven great sword and a Green good for the journey. His parents knew he could care for himself and with a heartfelt goodbye, the Jack of All Trades set out to see the world. Over the next 5 years, the boy would travel the world, learning as much as he could from people, doing various odd jobs for people, no matter who they were, and making friends across Hammerfell, Elsweyr, Daggerfall, and Cyrodil. Upon reaching the Imperial City, the boy finally hears about the conflicts in Skyrim. Motivated by the thought that people up there defiantly could use his help, he packs up his few possessions and heads towards the providence. From there he is captured on the border, and carted to Helgen. From here you know the story. After escaping with the Stormcloaks, the boy will be quite Distraught, as he no longer has the items he worked so hard to keep. But when he makes it to river wood with nothing but a longbow and iron great sword, this will not last long. He knew that a few kind deeds would go a long way and a little hard work wouldn't hurt him. Plus, he had plenty of skills to help him. He will work around riverwood, getting steel ingots, hunting animals for pelts, and chopping firewoodThis is where the mods come in. The Mods that are Absolutely necessary for this build are the Ranger, Paladin and Mercenary Armor Mods. These mods will grant you the needed weapons and armor for this build. Essentially, they reskin several weapons and armors to do more damage while retaining the desired Aesthetic.I also recommend getting the Forgotten Dungeons and Extra Bandit Camps, as it adds a lot of extra spots for the Jack of All Trades to train in, but these are not at all needed and simply make the experience more fun and make Skyrim more lively.Roleplaying for this character is quite simple. Your character is out to help people and make as many friends as possible. There is no job too demeaning, and no quest you cannot undertake. You want to experience as much of Skyrim as you can. You was to see everything people can offer. Always try to be nice, even to those who aren't nice to you. Give money to the poor, use money to persuade people, and try to resolve disputes peacefully. But if someone won't listen, do not fear drawing your weapon and slaying them. The Rangers play style is simple, when enemies are engaged, you'll draw your bow and fire, taking out as many enemies as you can before they get too close, then you switch to the sword and slice down whoever remains. If a fight gets too challenging, quickly get to safety and cast Restoration Magic. Use Quick Healing, and healing hands/heal other if you have a companion. You would never want to see a friend die.The factions for this build are incredibly different then others, as all of them are open to the Jack of All Trades. Even the 'Evil' ones. Remember: He's seeking a view of all people of Skyrim. He needs to keep an open mind to the many different backgrounds. It is Recommended you play in this order for the experience: Travel and meet the Jarls, become Thane in as many places as possible. Then Companions, Dawnguard, College of Winterhold, Main Quest, Dragonborn, Civil War, Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. By the time he reaches the college, Dragons should be a pain in the ass. He will begin the Main Story, meeting the Cultists, and after Alduin is slain, he will travel to Sohlstiem. Upon his return, he will see the Civil War has escalated and he will side with the Imperials, upon discovering Ulfric Stormcloaks true nature. Companions can be anyone. I personally recommend you use your favorite. Vorstag and Janessa make great choices, for companion or spouse. The gear comes solely from the mods. You will get those materials at the beginning, leather, steel and firewood, and Craft the Mercenary Bow, mercenary Greatsword and Mercenary Advanced Arrows. For Armor, You will use the Green Paladins Mantle for a good, the Rangers Green Outfit, and the Rangers Brown Gloves and Boots. It gives an amazing Aesthetic that really makes you feel that Elven Ranger vibe this build gives off. Plus, it gives you a hunting bow and steel greatsword but with much higher damage rates, and faster attacks. Eventually, you'll craft the Legendary Paladin Greatsword and craft a Blessed Crossbow to match. Enchant your armor with Fortify Restoration, Two Handed and Archery to boost your primary Skills. Use a Gold And Emerald Necklace and ring for Jewelery, and if you have the Circlets with Hoods Mod, same with the circlet. Thank you. Hope you read this, this took nearly two hours of my life to type.

  • Jolios PL

    I think a good way to make the telekinesis spell useful would be to allow you to throw paralised targets

  • The 1 Ghrol

    I like blizzard because it makes you feel like god in the sense that you create a fucking snow storm and make everyone stand still

  • adaptabledisease

    I cant be the only one that put the novice tier destruction spell Shock on dual cast and screamed " AND NOW YOUNG SKYWALKER................................................................. YOU SHALL DIE! "

  • Gavin E

    lol telekinesis every one has telekinesis in Skyrim and fallout it's called the use key

  • Paladin Danse

    I like using magelight on people and they're just trying to figure out what is going on.

  • Viking413

    Is it hard to play this while being upside down?

  • NoBop2000

    flaming familiar is another fun spell

  • ITH 73

    7:55 Random mammoth falling down from the sky ( Top Left ) If only you could summon gigantic mammoths to rain furry hell-fire down from the heavens toward your enemies.

  • Homie

    Your vids are always interesting and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

  • Tom Miller

    The Top 10 Fun Spells in Skyrim - Install Apocalypse

  • netanel mullokandov

    "would make you believe you're part saiyan" but roshi invented the kamehameha

  • Ben Hopton

    Vampiric grip is some of the most fun I've had in skyrim. It let's you act like Darth Vader and force choke people, or you can ragdoll a giant off a cliff.

  • Moonw1ng

    Can you make a skyrim build that is like a super powerful mage? Kind of like Medivh from Warcraft and World of Warcraft.

  • BigDippas

    nice achievement hunter cabbage shoutout

  • Greg Gilles

    How do you turn 10 words into 10 minutes? lmfao

  • Mike, from Texas

    So dual-expert Illusion is better than master Illusion?

  • MC Mosfet

    ........It's the same as the goddamn vanilla game. Why the hell is this video a thing?

  • Vincent Cipriani

    Can you make more top 10's

  • Toxic Potato

    The best thing to do with the paralysis spell:1. Go to the top of a mountain or steep hill2. Use some any spell that summons a follower with very high health, preferably a ghost (for visual effect)3. Run slightly downhill, make sure they're following you at a short distance4. Turn around and hit them with the spell while they're still running 5. Watch the green trail with sadistic satisfaction, as their body slides across Skyrim's landscape at high speedIt takes a bit of time to get the really epic results, but the lolz are seriously worth it

  • DatShadyGuy

    Whenever I cast Lightning Storm, I'm always tempted to yell KAMEHAMEHA!

  • Lucas Ramey

    7:49 KA-ME-HA-ME-HA!!!!

  • ChillinDylan 02

    Go cast your fancy magic someplace else.

  • DarkCircleMagic

    You forgot circle of protection with atronach perk from the alteration skill tree lmao

  • Mist Prowen

    KAMEHA- I mean LIGHTNING STORM!...(meha)

  • John Wang

    You don't need telekinesis to pick up an item, carry it to a hidden location to steal it as you can pick up and move an item just by not releasing the activate button or key, the differences are that you won't accidentally pick it up with the spell and the spell eventually uses all your magicka then throws the item when you run out of magicka. The most useful part of telekinesis is that when you have it equipped, the name of any item you are looking at is displayed on your HUD hence you can look around and see what's in the room without moving about to search the room. What I would like to see in a telekinesis mod is to allow activate so you could pull levers, pull chains and push buttons with it unfortunately no such mod exists.

  • Nitron DSP

    Lightning storm with gear to drastically lower destruction cost is pretty much game breaking. Absolutely nothing stands in your way.

  • Jayce Moore

    Unmodded, my Skyrim Special Edition runs very poorly. There are some places that get as low as about 25 FPS because of the foliage density. I don't know why this is, my specs are listed below. Someone care to let me know if I'm missing something? I run it on the highest of graphics settings of course.16 GB of RAMAMD FX-6300 hexa-core processor 3.5 GHz (overclocked at 4.1 GHz)NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti If you need more specs, let me know. I'm not great with computers so I don't know what else you need to know. :)

  • Geno Stellar

    Being a magic user and practitioner of death in skyrim, I can truly appreciate it when you describe attacking your enemies with lightning storm as erasing them from existence with a blast of conducted death. That line alone sold your #2 spot as my #1 spot.

  • Ken Renzo

    "erase them from existence"Or, until they respawn.

  • Renato

    Headshots dont do bonus damage as he said. Skyrim doesnt have detection for headshots.

  • Eryk Vi

    Ehmmnnnn... No. Guards attack you if you "frenzy someone". On the bright side, it's only 40 bounty for doing it.

  • Jack W

    I have a mage build that is very easy to achieve. 1) Create a Breton character, because they have increased conjuration.2) Obtain the spell Soul Trap.3) Find a dead body and cast soul trap on it until level 90.4) Go to the College of Winterhold and talk to the Conjuration teacher. He will give out a quest.5) After the quest (Conjuration Ritual Spell) is completed buy Bound Bow and Flame/Frost/Storm Thrall from Phinis Gester.6) Cast the chosen thrall spell and then get the bound bow out.Tips:- Obtain the Arch-Mage robes and Morokei mask (both are obtained through CoW quests) to maximize magic.- Get your Conjuration up to level 100 and get the Twin Souls Perk. This will allow the mage to summon/reanimate two Thralls.- If you like Destruction spells, get the thrall that corresponds to your favorite element (ex. Ice spell -> Frost Thrall).If you use this build make sure to like this comment, and reply to tell me how it went!


    I would love to see a purely magic based build I feel like we don't get that enough

  • Namer of Dummies

    Yeah, good video I'm not one for calming my opponents down though, I personally would have swapped that out for conjure wrathman!. What better than to summon a dragon bone weapon wielding superzombie to strike terror into the hearts of even the toughest foes?.

  • Jagar Alagoria

    Is that daedric armor modded? I can't help but think it looks different.

  • Darkman Meister

    1. Ritual Stone on Ebony Knight2. Wait till he dies3. Dead thrall (he should be an normal humanbnow)

  • EpicTrixx

    The wabbajack is fun i got it

  • Sam White

    My favorite play through is the puppet master but instead of a sword or dagger I use bound bow

  • Keith Williams2

    The telekenitc spell is kinda useless since holding the Y or triangle button does the same thing except you can't throw anything

  • Infini BEE

    Awwww became etherial isnt on the list ! I always use it with master level spells

  • RedPa 456

    lightning storm seems like something a viscous savage would use dang

  • FunnyMan

    my favourite spell will always be the bound sword :^)

  • Mystic FoGG

    can u plzz make a fallout build soon

  • Chaos Creator

    If getting conjuration to 100 seems like a challenge to you the listen to this. If you have the horse shadowmere just cast soul trap on him over and over again. In less than an hour you will have 100 conjuration. It is really that easy

  • Knight Dragin

    Can you tell us where to find them plz

  • HT x B

    Alucard type vampire hunter. Like alucard from hellsing

  • Phizzer94

    I've got to say... your showcase of Telekinesis was pretty sad. You didn't even do anything with it that you couldn't do by just picking an item up normally. Why not showcase the ability to launch item with it?

  • This Wolf Ish Gay

    at about 8:27 did anyone else yell Kamehameha?

  • ldrago1cavs

    Fudgemuppet could you possibly do a lets play of skyrim? Creating a new character?

  • TnT GaMesS

    What your name a spells ?

  • Polarity Reversed

    Here's the real question - have you mastered the expert level Destruction spells?

  • Georgi Ivanov

    I know it probably takes a long time to make builds, but the story behind each are so good to listen. I play just the paladin, but the others are great too. KEEP THE GOOD WORK!

  • Piracy Pig

    keep up the good work fudgemuppet!!! love the content.

  • Snillomator

    Here's another tip for the Death Thrall 100 conjuration spell, get the twin soul perk so you can have two undead. Then when you do Azura's Star quest and enter the star, you can use it on those Daedra who constantly use fireball on you. They'll obliterate any foe instantly at long range for you.You can also use enchanting to achieve 100% cost reduction on destruction spells, once you reach the appropriate enchant level and perks. Imagine all the fun you can have with Lightning Storm when it costs absolutely nothing.

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