10 Things You Didn't Know About Skyrim Girls

10 factoids about females in Skyrim that you probably didn't know.

I wanted to make a video with about 10 or so unknown interesting facts about Skyrim that I felt like most people wouldn't know about, and after a couple of days of struggling with the concept and how to present it; I decided it would be funny to make a little Buzzfeed style video :D So the theme was girls in Skyrim.

I might be making more in the future like this for different themes, maybe facts about the dark brotherhood or end bosses. Things like that. I feel it is super interesting and these types of videos don't really take that long to do so that's a plus.

The logic that I used to decide whether or not a fact belonged in this video was based on whether the fact was news to me or not. If there was something that I didn't know, then I considered it good for the list. So in every single number there was something that I thought was hella cool or interesting.


#10 - I had no clue about Aela and Skjor and their supposed relationship. And the fact that she never wanted to become non-lycan was always interesting. The fact that it would make sense for her to die a Lycan to be in the afterlive with Skjor is just one of those things that makes the story so much more alive.

#9 - The druggy connection with the khajiits was funny to me, and i didn't know the caravan would show on a wedding.

#8 & #7 - NPCs that never made it into the game are always interesting cause there's usually stories attached to them.

#6 I LOVE Sapphire. I wish you could know her name, but i had no idea she used to be part of the brotherhood.

#5 Rikke is such an underplayed character in the game, she's SO important in the background of the civil war. She deserved this.

#4 Most of this was unknown to me, the stories, hroki, and how rare the tavern clothes actually were.

#3 I had never seen those shackles before. At least i don't think I had. This is likely the one people already knew the most.

#2 I had NO clue you could fix her vampirism. It seems to be a very complicated process. Also the thing about the Temple and why she doesn't want to marry you was hella interesting.

#1 Those hidden guard dialogues for when Elisif dies are so creppy! I wonder how much unused content there was.
  • PrinceWolf232

    I need to speak to my 'darling' Aela about meeting her ex in the afterlife.

  • The Hammie Matt

    dammit i just married Aela, I'm gonna have a word with her... with my Thu'um

  • Gornad Huckshucx

    Yeah, in my game Aela's "secret" relationship wasn't so subtle. The were standing at opposite ends of the dining hall loudly talking about how they should be more discreet. Everyone heard.

  • Harry Underhill

    I like how the vid goes straight in, no logos, no messing around, no cute little commentary, straight to business from the first second. Nice.

  • Boneless Wings are just nuggets

    And here I thought the khajiits went to my wedding because I became friends with them

  • that guy at the hamburger store

    What shocked me most was when I killed Ulfric and I heard Rikke mutter something like "Talos guide you."

  • Ilias

    My favorite character in Skyrim? Do Not Delete Me - needed for export to work, of course!

  • Azari Wolf-changer

    Lydia: I am sworn to carry your burdens.0:41Lydia: forever alone

  • Lock Bresnar

    I was in a gay relationship with an Orc lol

  • Otis Murdoch

    It's never actually confirmed that Skjor and Aela are lovers. You catch rumors here and there that they meet up at night, and if you eavesdrop on the two talking, Skjor will suggest they be more discreet with what they're doing and Kodlak doesn't approve, while Aela asserts that they aren't doing anything wrong. But when you read journals, advance the questline and talk to members of the Circle, you find out that their secret romps at night are actually them hunting in werewolf form. They keep it secret because it's forbidden knowledge outside of the Circle, and they try to hide it from Kodlak and the brothers because thise three resist the call of the hunt and generally refuse to take werewolf form unless it's an emergency.They were clearly very close, and it's quite possible they were lovers, but all of the gossip about them being intimate actually traces back to their secret hunts.

  • disgusting TM

    You can marry Serena. MODS BITHCES

  • jakub

    So my wife is a drug dealer LMAO

  • DemonicSquid

    #7. Holy shit, someone in a fantasy game has a magic power!

  • Professor Oz

    Bethesda: "Ok guys for the next Skyrim DLC we have to appeal to our audience via a companion"Creative Director: " Lets make the most beautiful character in Skyrim, and then lets troll our loyal fans by Not letting them marry her"Bethesda: "Excellent!"WHY THE F*CK WOULD YOU DO THAT?! SHE IS ALMOST PERFECT (should have purple eyes, though😁) AND TROLLING IS NOT COOL FROM YOU! I EXPECTED BETTER!

  • IBU400g

    That royalty free ukulele music is literally hurting me!

  • tailuigi

    It was awkward for my last character when he married Aela... only for Skjor to come back to life and return to business as usual a few months later. Which is apparently a fairly common glitch.

  • J. C.

    Cure Serana? Shit, that's news to me.

  • Aaron Briggs

    You mean when I married Aela she was in love with someone else?

  • Countess Annebelle Lee

    well Astrid was almost raped by her own uncle......

  • MrChocolatez

    Nice intro, oh wait no intro at all

  • Grossly Offensive Lizard-Man

    Be glad all you needed to become a vampire lord is a bite on the neck and a tutorial, lol. Getting it the hard way (giggity) would make the House of Horrors sidequest a bit awkward.

  • The introvert

    wait my skyrim wife is a drug dealer

  • Avery Bloom


  • R Donner

    You gotta marry Aela if you're a werewolf. For the werewolf sex, of course! Liked for showings me some things I actually didn't know after over a thousand hours, mate.

  • Ethan Riley

    I used console commands to marry HrokiOh god

  • AcuTime

    in the first 10 second i discovered my wife is cheating on me. Thanx

  • Dawn of Mike

    Sapphires real name is sapphire, there is a book about her in the game. At least based on what I found playing through the game. Her uncle is delvin. Her father is glover Mallory.

  • Paweł Morrison

    You should have included Haelga from the riftens Bunk house. Go into her room guys. There are shackles over the bed and a horker tusk under it. LOL

  • Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster

    One wife isn't enough! Sister wives mod please

  • Tyler Jaynes

    Mammoth Tusk lady in Whiterun is generally always my wife.Time to pickpocket the revealing clothes and give them to her.When the remaster drops, of course.

  • Sean L.

    Late comment: Serana will also cower in fear if you bring her with you to start the Molag Bol quest.

  • DaniTheHero

    To be fair there aren't any actual waifu materials in Skyrim. Ysolda seemed to be the only "normal" option ( Soft feminine voice and personality , good character model , and pleasant default clothes) until you find out she's a drug leader and you go :(

  • Arvid Eriksson

    Have you guys thought about the fact that Harkon gave his wife and daughter to Molag bal, the lord of rape, in order for them to be raped (probably quite brutally since you kown, deadric prince and all) because he is afraid of dieing... and them apparently they live happy for a time, until Harkon finds out about the whole prophecy and goes ape-shit but imagen how awkvard it must have been around the dinner table...Harkon- "sooooo... know that the whole sacrificing you to be raped thing is behind us, lets all be a famliy again ok... ok?"

  • Sodium Chloride

    I married Mjoll the Lioness, and now Aerin is always around Hjerim, telling me about how worried Mjoll is because the city gets to her. Everytime I try to kill him, Mjoll becomes very dissapointed in me. I should've just married Aela or Ysolda.

  • LordAnestis

    This is why i married Aela to make her forget Skjor. ;)

  • BlazingTiger5000

    I think that Alea and skyjor are not lovers exactly there is big misunderstanding !!.* there is no rule in companions that thou shall not love !! so keeping their relationship in such secret is actually pointless !.* In Game itself skjor and alea they both ask you to become werewolf And join there hunt at night why would they risk their secrecy why would they ask you to join their hunt ??.* alea and skjor are good friends the hunt is not middle of night love affair but its the hunt of their real enemies silver blade !!.kodlak doesnot approve their action so they keep things secret thats the main reason for such secrecy !! Which make more sense to be honest !!.* thats why,when asked by one of the companion alea refuse to tell the truth and if you eavesdrop they speak about what they are doing in hunt !! They both are in moral dillema or something like that !!.* the thing that alea is not willing to cure her lycantrophy is evidence of love affair even in afterlife is straight out utter nonsense !!.* Alea And Skjor Both are proud of powers they posses they both don't view lycantrophy as curse but as a gift !! Kodlak wanted a cure so that he wants to go sovengaurd but alea and skjor are interested in enternal hunt thats why she does not wants to cure herself the gift she has !!!.* After The Death Of Skjor and kodalk and you become the harbenjer of companions you wear the amulet of mara and talk to alea she gets suprised  that you are single and ask if you are interested ?? I don't think a lady who lost her lover recently would not have this mentality to be honest this actually proves Skjor and Alea are not lovers !! . they are good friends So dragonborn's out there no need to worry !! .Case closed !!!.

  • shovel

    i killed grelod the kind before i ever knew of the dark brotherhood. i was pretty surprised that she was part of a major quest.

  • Xavier Castillo

    On my save Serana went to go cure herself of Sanguire Vampiris although when she came back she still had orange eyes and Vampiric Drain. I am SO sad now!

  • deltahalo241

    Do not delete this Bikini clad NPC! We need her for Work related purposes... Yes... Work related...

  • August Van Buren

    Dude you didn't include Hert from Half Moon Mill. She's a vampire, and I think she kills you if you sleep in her bed, which she allows you to do, she says "Why don't you stay a while?" Include her!

  • Kubo Edgeworth

    But........Aela is MY waifu!!!

  • The Celtic Bros.

    I got that revealing dress easy....dragon killed the girl wearing it in morthal, took the dress...

  • Krystle Barnes

    I think I got the Really Sexy Edition because I keep finding random people without their clothing....yeah glitches are funny.

  • Stephen The Stallion

    Grelod the Kind is NOT a happy subject. Dude, what's with the happy music right there?

  • Royal Noble

    I never figured it how I can marry a girl I am single in both real and skyrim 😢

  • TheZeroSbr

    ...I think most everyone knew that tidbit about Serana. Honestly, I think Bethesda just gave her that whole "I'm afraid of temples" backstory nonsense just to tease us, or because they were lazy.

  • Moifaàmoimoi

    moste revealing? have you seen the forswarn?

  • Hide The Chicken

    ARGH! The vanilla faces! My poor eyes!

  • Hiral Patel

    Can any modern RPG even come close to this classic ??? Skyrim and Morrowind are the best RPG ever.....

  • Matheus Aguiar

    If you steal Jon Battle Born, you will find a letter from Olfina, they are hidding from their families that they are lovers.

  • Vinny Curry

    I thought sapphire's father was the smith in raven Rock in the dragonborn dlc? And after you do stuff for him he gives you a letter to give to her? Unless I'm mistaken idk

  • delugesofgrandeur

    interesting that the title "fall from glory" would spell out the last name mallory but then you're left with ffrogl... and one could see why she would go by sapphire.

  • Aextise

    Man Youtube is really pushing YouTube RED with unskippable ads

  • Cit K

    u mean to tell me my wife has been the plug this entire time?

  • LeviathanRX

    Surrounded by near-naked womenRune: "Take a look around. Have you ever laid eyes on such wealth?"

  • SingingSparow Animations

    I randomly found the barmaids clothes in the Xbox version of skyrim completly unaware that it was actually rare

  • WonderWaffle

    Welp, now I know who's going to Hircine's Grounds EARLY!!!!Hehehehehehe. Bye, Alea my love.

  • Adam Morris

    It takes 3-10 people to start a religion? Who wants to bring Talos worship alive with me?

  • I hate myself

    Can someone please tell me the places where hroki and shel are? I want those dresses😂😍💯

  • Glitch_FACE

    says serena's eyes are green.shows blue serena eyes.yay!

  • Night

    Aela and Skjor weren't together, If you listen to all of their ambient dialogue, it's clear that the player is initially supposed to think that, but after proceeding further in the questline, you realize that they were hunting the silver hand together.That's what I really think it is.

  • Greywall

    You can kill the bully girl in Whiterun and later recieve a thank you note from the Battle-born kid(Not kidding)

  • Cecil z

    so how can you not mention sapphires father in Ravenrock?

  • Machi

    Elisif? Daedric prince involved? SHEOGORATH omfg

  • pingu NootNoot

    this will do,....*unzips chainmail*

  • T Temur

    Glover Mallory, the blacksmith in Solstheim is Sapphire's father, you can find a letter to Sapphire in his house which you can give to Sapphire. She's not what you think she is, she is what she claims to be. I shouldn't be the only one to know this!?!? C'mon!!

  • Offensive Content

    I remember the first time I found the orphanage shackles. I had to process it with my last brain cell for a moment

  • Rhyzan 04

    Wait, Sapphire's last name is Mallory, right? And isn't that Delvin's last name? Hmm..... conspiracy theories, conspiracy theories...

  • King Ligma

    Skjor did not die a lycan because in the silver hand cave where he died you see dead werewolves but skjor is human when he died

  • DH TH

    I married jarl Elisif the fair by using mods, and I killed Titus Mede the second to get his close and then I crafted the jagged crown to assure I was high king

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