Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game with no shortage of things for players to do. However, in a game as big as Skyrim, there's bound to be a few activities and decisions that evaded some of us. So in today's installment of Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets, we'll be taking a look at 5 Things you may not have known you can do in Skyrim.

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  • deadasfak

    I knew about the Thalmor robe thing in diplomatic immunity, but dang the rest were new to me. I have 1200+ hours in the game and I watch all these youtube videos about it and still.

  • Mike, from Texas

    "Collusion" mechanics.😂😂😂

  • Laura James

    I knew about the Thalmor robe trick, but I didn't know about the rest of these. These are very interesting.

  • Adam Thompson

    Another awesome video Nate. Do I have to do another playthrough now and chicken out and run away during the battle for whiterun, I did not know any of this and thank you sooo much

  • Akuma Masurao

    2:17 - Yes, those "bugs" are quite powerful and prominent in Skyrim...

  • CrumpetsRGood4U

    I killed Gissur almost immediately upon spotting him. Every playthrough too. No wonder I missed out something as cool as that!

  • moses neri

    Here's something you haven't done Been to the cloud district

  • Xoltan

    2:30 Did you just say it's "hard to get on these commies' backs"? I didn't know the bugs of Skyrim were so engaged in radical politics.

  • Melvin

    haha, I never knew Gissur comes to the Ratway in that quest. I've always killed him before that :D

  • friendlybover 6

    With the whole dressing up as thalmore thing if you are wearing elven armor and approche a wizard they will assume that they are your supperieor and start giving you orders.

  • Josiah Van Vliet

    It will strike terror in the hearts of my enemies as they watch me ride my torchbug into battle!!

  • MakesYouSick

    Holy crap. I have literally ALWAYS killed Gissur, so I had no idea that Ragged Flagon event was a thing.

  • Voxdalian

    I actually didn't know like 3 of these, which is rather surprising.Btw, I have one fact for the "10 more things you didn't know": the "Execution Hood" (worn by the 3 victims of Astrid in the pre-Dark Brotherhood quest) is labelled as a "dwarven helmet", which is why followers will choose to wear it over a lot of other helmets even though it has an armour rating of 0. NPCs recognise the Execution Hood as a dwarven helmet and therefore think it is has good stats.

  • HenryTheCameraMan

    Again, murdering to death.

  • Darklord Aranyx

    5:40 Why is your name "Imperial"?

  • Ethan ?????

    That ending screen with the chicken was perfect

  • Aeonian Argos

    The robe thing almost works for Argonians if you have high speech, but the Thalmor will ultimately realize something is wrong when they see your tail, in which case, they will exclaim "Is that a tail?!" or something like that.

  • Mark Zahozhiy

    How you manage to do so much research? That's very impressive

  • Sylvanas Windrunner

    There are actually thalmor robes for you inside the embassy without the need to smuggle them in or take them from a dead thalmor. If you're an altmer, it's very easy to sneak through.

  • Raptorsue Demondrake

    I had no idea you could see gissur later on. I always killed him.

  • Gabik Pepperoni

    I've always killed Gissur before finding Esbern,so thats why I thought it was strange to never see him in my gameplays.

  • LifeisagameCH

    Found that Mountain Spots myself when i was having fun with the Mountain tractor aka Horse - by the way if you want to go there without console just grab a horse, they can usualy climb nearly any surface :P

  • Charlie Clark

    I always kill the spy, I just didn't know he was a spy until now

  • Zenyl

    ~1500 hours of Skyrim, and I only knew about the insect flight and the Solstheim peaks. Nice job. :)

  • Bordasfuck What you doing

    This was the first Skyrim video I have seen were I knew nothing on the list, 👍🏻

  • Robin VDSnickt

    Part twoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  • Zanudnyy Lis

    Still didn't see anyone mention "Farengar recognizing you as a collegue" gimmick if you have good enchantement skill when Balgruf tells you to follow him to his court mage :(

  • Y all mofos need Talos

    Did you know that you can send a follower to the bed to make sex with you but nothing happens?

  • Soo Kim

    I didnt know about that nord spy for the thalmor because i always go on a blood rampage in the embassy so I always end up killing him

  • ehh Max

    Every time I watch one of these videos I want to start a brand new run

  • Revan The Dragon

    I love murdering things to death

  • Rue B

    Knew all of them except the Thalmor Robes one. I ran from battle for role-playing once. I actually did the bug thing accidentally when trying to 'step on a bug', that was hilarious! I've scaled a couple of mountains. And I recognised Gisser from the Embassy and killed him on sight since I knew he was a spy.Nice try Nate! I guess I've played too much Skyrim. 😎Now I need to make a new Thalmor character and try out that robes one!

  • O Kalos O Mylos

    Here are the opening lines used by the Embassy guards for each race, if you try the Hooded Thalmor Robes disguise.Trying it as a Khajiit or Argonian yields the best one.

  • PvMNero

    I love this series. I havent played Skyrim in years but it is one of those games that still both amazes and surprises me.

  • Black Eagle

    I didn't know about Gissur because I had actually always killed him. I always played Diplomatic Immunity with the intention of wiping it off the map.

  • Nathan Lobono

    See, it's the little details like this that I miss. Bethesda would always pepper in some really unique content and details. But it seems like less and less of that creative spark is being applied today. Here's to a return to glory.

  • Dakota Rice

    now i wanna try all of them

  • Sanil Jadhav

    I know this is going to be a new series !!! Thanks for the quality content

  • A Frederick

    Lol every time I play I always killed gisur

  • Txxxm

    1:25 Can someone tell me the mod that changes Ulfric's clothes?

  • lychelang kim

    I seriously need your mods in graphics and characters. Your video is amazing.

  • Ballin Balgruuf

    Subbed! Now give me some moar!

  • Robin VDSnickt

    I didnt' know any of these. Man, skyrim is full of secrets he

  • Snυηѕυι 《Ƙuōyaαkυ》

    The game encourages you to sneak past? Hmm I have always killed Gissur.

  • riku souleater

    I never knew Gisser could be encountered in the ragged flagon

  • Fan Crazy

    Thanks bro got another sub!

  • Whiterun Guard

    Hey you mix potions right? Can you brew me an ale?

  • Carmen Rosado

    I was really surprised about Gissur. I always kill him in the embassy.

  • Arthur Werbrouck

    Even Skyrim is colluding these days

  • ThisNameIsntCreative

    1:58 been on Reddit, have you?

  • Brain y yuck

    Nate what mod did you use for the elven armor to look so umm interesting 2:36?

  • Kove Nevells

    Murdering chickens to death 😂😂😂you funny

  • Samantha D'Esposito

    The Thalmor robe can also be used with Dark Elves/Dunmer FYI.

  • TheOldBearTime

    If you can save and then delete the save before dying it will not automatically reload any saves and you can look at your corpse indefinitely. Which is really fun to do together with the flying in the air giant club attack.

  • Flex Gopnik

    You could do oblivion videos after you finish it has a finite things...

  • Jimmy Hall

    I didn't know about the mountain peaks.

  • Th3Rush22

    I didn’t know about that last one because I have always killed Gissur in the Embassy. Why would you sneak past him, LOL.I knew all the other though, guess that comes from playing well over 1,000 hours. I’ve lost count by now, over 3 different consoles, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how long I’ve played. But I know it’s way over 1,000

  • Zosphus

    this video gives me the vibe to kill some thalmor

  • LordPhoenix

    I’m an Altmer right now but I didn’t have robes at that point so I never got to experience that. :/ :(

  • Zer0Tube

    oof almost 100k woot woot

  • The War Phoenix

    Those bugs caused some real... BUGS.

  • Daniel Thomas

    Did you know when your in helgin you can hear velod say justice

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