Top 5 Secret Unmarked Locations Skyrim

These are some of the top 5 secret locations that you can come across in skyrim. They are unmarked locations that hold some fun and treasures within.

I probably will not be doing some top 5 videos for a while and just lore videos as I am honestly not enjoying doing these. I hope you understand and continue to enjoy my lore videos.

I hope I please all who come across my channel. I am grateful for every single view. like and subscriber I have and get for the future(if your reading this in the future).Thank you everyone!I love you like I love my lemonade!

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  • eizhowa

    01:23 "...a ship that was once not sinking, but floating" I love your sense of humor.

  • Brandon Gonzales

    the giant crab is for a quest where you kill all these animal "champions" for a necklace named Kyne's token I had to go to the same location to kill a huge mubcrab ghost

  • Ben Leyland

    I love this specific person's Irish accent. Perfect combination of thick yet understandable, and not too harsh. Would be great for voice acting

  • Stuart McGavin

    This video would be so boring if it wasn't for your A* commentary, love it.

  • EpicDragonHunter

    Like=stormcloakComment=imperialİgnore=who cares about the war

  • StraightUpIrish

    Regarding my comment from 2 months ago, I do still make Top 5's, I have made many since, be sure to check them out if you enjoyed this one!Thanks for the support guys, really warms my heart to see one of my videos do well!

  • Kelly Kozzy

    I Love your humor, the way you over explain stuff with a bunch of synonyms makes me giggle

  • Daniel Quan

    "A ship that was once not sinking, but floating"*THE MORE YOU KNOW*

  • Jo Burton

    Hey man I watched the first 30 seconds for your video and I started laugh,crying because your accent and the well everything man your really funny I loved it and I had only been on your profile for about 1 mins and I have subscribed to it so your doing really good if I subscribe this quick and enjoying your vids being only 30 seconds in so great job and don't stop ok 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Mike Hunt

    First video I've watched of his and I love his personality, I'm subbing

  • Matt Dex


  • The Entire State of Minnesota

    Okay I actually didn't know that 2 of these existed at all.

  • StraightUpIrish

    I don't want to make top 5's anymore. For those of you who do enjoy them, I want to solely stick to lore videos, I just enjoy making them more. I will maybe one day come back but for now I would like to do lore. Hope you guys understand :)

  • Adolf Hitler

    I've been looking for a skyrim hidden locations video and all the videos I've seen are about how to obtain op weapons and such, this is the type of video I was looking for. Just locations with cool Easter eggs

  • Damian Hay

    Wow I'm actually surprised that I knew all of them. Cool video anyway funny af.

  • TrivialRant

    Okay so I'm labelling myself as your #1 fan.

  • Jan Kaňka

    freezed mammoth... just chillin lol

  • The Lone Outlaw

    Just your accent alone is enough for me to subscribe. But add your whacky sense of humor is just the icing on the cake. A very good cake...hmmm...cake...what was I talking about again?

  • Dreamy Doodles

    The accent just got me like 😍😂

  • Amy Carter

    I'm curious about something. In the Reach Hold, there's a temple like structure that even with my horse, I cannot get near because of an invisible wall. Anyone know about this place???

  • Maria Barrett

    Not only is it cool to find a relatively new video about Skyrim considering how old it is, but its then twice as cool when the guy who made it is also irish! Loved the video.

  • Parker Bowman

    i actually didnt know about the yuge mud crab and ive been playin the game since 2012

  • Adhiguna Pradhana

    Okay, the chicken really did surprising. Thanks.

  • Reshkaf Production

    That dman mudcrab scares the shit out of me the first time I saw for I thought it was alive

  • S.U.g W

    This guys is funny as shit! Love it 😂

  • アニメ騎士

    I didn't know about the ship.

  • Guilherme Rampazzo

    Am I the only one that thinks the giant mudcrab looks like a Mirelurk from Fallout?

  • Matdrox

    I already knew all of these... What has my life become?

  • 52262

    i love your bad attempts at reading the locations of these places.

  • miguel fernandez

    wow, way to be late ad to the party

  • Jo Burton

    Again you put so much fuuny stuff in there that's so random that's funny and makes me laugh so much man don't stop

  • Stephen Burnell

    I just subbed :DI liked that frozen mammoth its pretty cool!

  • Broly LSSJG

    yh u fight the ghost of that crab its called somthing legendary mudcrab

  • Memestermemes Euj

    Another unmarked location is the stalhrim source in solstheim although I do believe it becomes a marked location after doing a quest

  • andrew turpel

    chickenmancer...The Hounds #1 weakness besides fire

  • Lennchen

    I've played this game for so long and never encoutered the chicken-necromancer once. xD

  • Joe crumlish YT

    Irish youtuber yay I'm Irish too

  • Dmoney08

    Do five odd dead people

  • John Smithy

    Do list of toughest dungeons of Skyrim. But first try to get through Liars Retreat at the lowest level possible on legendary difficulty setting.

  • TheRandom TubeTV

    Man, these are some damn good stuffs!

  • Techwise Jor

    I know of another unmarked location with loot. And it's in the same lake as the Lady Stone. Just south of the exit to Bleak Falls Barrow there's a sunken, destroyed entrance to an old Nordic Ruin. You can kinda see parts of it sticking out of the water. There should also be 2 slaughterfish there as well as some slaughterfish eggs. You're welcome :)

  • Tom Whipp

    I knew the mudcrab, knew the ship, didn't know the mammoth, and actually, I didn;t know the rest either... well done, I am impressed. Glad you didn;t include notch's pickaxe

  • Scotland Motherfucker!

    I knew about the big crab and the ship in the lake I never knew about the mammoth never knew bout the chest and I knew about the chicken guy

  • FireIdar

    Hey guys question, What Quest requires you to find Finn's Lute? I found it and now it says I can't 'remove a quest item' and in all my time playing I've NEVER been given that quest. Where do I go to get rid of it?

  • Sovereign Omnivorous Viper.

    No I refuse I will not like or subscribe in fact I am disliking..Jk I love your videos and you my birthday is in 2 days so my birthday wish is that you have much success and happiness :D.

  • Gitimus01

    I knew 4 out of 5 of these. The pirate treasure (gold ingots one, number 2) I never knew about and thus a great excuse to start over again just for that.

  • Fishlord Cosplay

    My favorite secret location (it is marked once you go in though) is one of the caves, I don't even know the name, but literally all there was in the cave were two bears fighting and a few skeletons, and maybe a pouch or two. Literally all there was. Probably only 200 square feet in total honestly. Once one of the Bears killed the other one, the one remaining would only take a hit or two to die

  • harvey rouen

    I swear to Christmas if u don't keep making these vids I'll burn a giant possibly maggot filled, possibly fossilized mudcrab

  • Reals Ray

    The the big mud crab has a quest if you find the quest you'll be able to see it in ghost form if can you find the quest ill give you a hint it's in a cabin and you get it from a nord

  • Follow The Antichrist

    >>>SKYRIM HOARDERS ANONYMOUS>>>> "Hello, my name is Casey, I'm a Breton and I'm a hoarder." I Love stuff! Specifically, I collect Cabbages. I have a room full in my Solitude house! I feel so accomplished whenever I see a cabbage to steal! I think I'm a cleptomaniac too! I need help!!

  • Steelcross M

    You fight that giant crabs spirit on Kynerith hunters quest you get from the old man. He is high up past an empire camp by the Alchemist Shack and honey cave. You will fight a sabertooth tiger or two. There is a small cabin and the boy is the grandson of the hunter and was the boy at the beginning of the game who almost got burned by the dragon at helgan.

  • Tyral25

    The fifth one is part of a quest. Hunt a bunch of spirit animals

  • Beater Beating

    What's the logic behind that ship? that's a freaking lake and the river is way too small and has waterfalls. Waste of materials to build that tour ship hahaha

  • Living Lifeform

    Knew all of these things, they were really obvious but you said that in the intro so I'm not going to dislike.

  • Sheogorath Daedric Prince Of Madness

    There was ebony weapons in the mammoth when I first found it. Depends on level.

  • Moon Wolf

    There is a mod on Nexus that adds map markers to many of these locations.

  • Erik Orawiec

    the mud crab is oart of a quest. if you find a canin in skyrim there is a hunter that will get you to hunt a bunch of ghost creatures. then you will get some stat up grades and an enchanted bow.

  • Jasper Störningar

    Are you related to Dylan Moran or something? I don't know if it's the accent or the utter unamusement with life that's making it funny or is it a random trait of sillyness that found itself in common

  • Joshua McElhany

    The mudcrab fossil is part of a quest, you have to kill it's ghost, along with 2 other critters

  • chips

    ironic that i walked past the chicken mancer today on my way to the 7000 steps

  • Armando Estrada

    Almost died of laughter when I fought that necromancer who revived the chicken!! XD

  • LeAaron Cooper

    Those aren't secret locations. The first 3 are quest locations I found all of them my first time playing skyrim, all before level 12. The weapons in the mammoth are based on your level, just like the sword in the lady of the lady hand northwest of whitehelm.

  • Køltira Memeweaver

    Necromsntics need to stsrt somewhere. Chickens today, dead man tomorrow!

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