Lets Play Skyrim 2016 - 400+ Mods Edition ***Part 14*** 1080p 60FPS (5 Years Of Skyrim)

Lets Play Skyrim 2016 - 400+ Mods Edition ***Part 14***

Please note: I stopped the Oblivion 2016 lets play series for now because I am still not statisfied with the current looks and LOD popup of my Oblivion setup, and am going to create a new series with Mod Organizer soon where I hope to fix this. Sorry for you guys who are waiting for the new parts, but the serie has not stopped! Promised! ^^

In this new lets play series of Skyrim 2016 I will honor Skyrim because on 11-11-2016 the game will be 5 years old! In this lets play serie, I have put the Skyrim engine to the test with 400+ mods!

My website: http://www.predcaliber.com
The Guides:
  • Jay X7

    I love this series keep it up

  • Dmitry Sostavov

    I think you already tired by my questions, but why not fill the entire game (ALL SKYRIM FOLDER, JUST COPY AND PLAY) on file sharing, will leave much less time for people, and all will be assembled with the best graphics in the world)This better way then inst.All this 400 mods))People will be grateful i think, because not everyone can spend a lot of time for the installation of this mountain mods.Can i run it on gtx 1060 3G and i3 6100,8g ram?That's all I wanted to know.Thanks for nice game build :)

  • The Illuminati

    What ENB are you using?

  • basshead

    How much GPU memory your game takes in Whitrerun or Solitude city?

  • Chris Law

    what are your pc specs?

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