Skyrim's Cut Content: A Further Look at What Could've Been in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 4)

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is quite a large game, however Bethesda had plans in motion to make it even bigger. Skyrim has a plethora of cut quests, npcs, locations and even mechanics that never made it into the final version. So today we take another look at 5 pieces of Skyrim's cut content.

Cutting room floor (Skyrim Cut Content Restoration):

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  • Kay •


  • Laura James

    It would have been so cool if Bethesda had made the Vigilants like that. It makes sense that they would want to take the Daedric artifacts, and being able to walk by them in full Daedric armour wielding Dawnbreaker, the Wabbajack, wearing the ring of Hircine, and having a Daedra follower summoned up by Sanguines Rose walking beside you, and have them say nothing makes no sense. Them being agressive about your lovely demonic items and trying to take them from you would have been very interesting, and given the Vigilants more of a purpose in the game.

  • Olivia Beakman

    2:50Adorable? ADORABLE? Why?! WHY?!

  • ClaritySeries

    Missing apprentices, their ineffective scrolls, J'zargo giving you deadly scrolls to test out which nearly ends up killing you.. I see a connection. J'zargo is getting rid of competition!

  • Quinn Grey

    To be honest. If they released a new DLC... as long as it was reasonably priced (10bucks, max) I'd get it. But only if they let me give the Eye of the Falmer to Gelebor. I mean, at least some text of him refusing it. (Also how about a Rebuild Skyrim, post-civil war, and "lets make the nords not so racist" questline?)

  • Andrew

    These videos are so informative. I didn't even know that about the Vigilant of Stendarr. I always did wonder why they never tried to take my Daedric armor or Daedric artifacts. Now I know; Bethesda intentionally left it incomplete.

  • deadasfak

    I have no way of telling this, but I have a hunch that there was more to the Silver Hand that meets the eye too. They quite often carry books called "Songs of the return" which are stories of the original 500 companions. Also... why are they taking pieces of Wuuthard? What if they're renegade companions who refused the gift/curse of lycanthropy and want to restore the former glory of the companions? Just today I was attacked by some Silver Hand members near Falkreath. There was a note with their leader saying that they're avenging their slain friends/families. I felt quite shitty after that. There should have been an alternate questline for the companions, where you work for the Silver Hand. Maybe as an inner spy or as one of their member to murder the companions or expose them as warewolves. At the end of that questline, finding Kodlak's journal would trigger the quest to help him get to Sovngarde, he deserved it.There could have been some quest for the vigilants, but we now have the mod called Vigilant so that's kinda fixed.

  • Overpowered

    Keep these videos coming Nate :)

  • Dad Jokes

    Never been this early since before the annoying fan started following me...EDIT: I've never got this many likes before!!Thanks guys!! 😄

  • Machinator

    The NPC interactions with the vigilants of Stendarr can actually be fixed with a mod.There's also another where the Thalmor will attack you if you're wearing an amulet of Talos or pray to him while they're nearby.

  • DaggerFine

    I feel like if Bethesderp added back in most of their cut content to many places in Skyrim, the game would have a lot more character as most of these things are pretty substantial. Keep up the good work, Nate.

  • Vem

    Give his head back Mr. Krabs. He was Number 1!

  • RDeathmark

    That always bothered me that the vigilant of stendarr ignored me when I was walking around with Daedric artifacts all over me I usually wore the ebony mail had a Daedric weapon had the mirror Shield thing and occasionally would have a Daedric Helm and they would pass by me and say something like I can sense a Daedra worshipper from a mile away and I would promptly slaughter them

  • Nieteh

    I was just watching your old cut content videos wishing you would make a new one.

  • Somber Stricken

    Man i wish I could play these as legit missions. I wish betheasda would do a patch with all the cut content that we could just download...for free...and get all that content

  • Ruben

    This guy uses "plethora" a lot. And I like it.

  • colly407

    I guess they removed the feature of Stendarr Vigilants seeking your deadric items because they didn't wanted players to feel rewarded for completing those quests and then having them taken away a while later. It would feel like the game was only LENDING you those items and then it says: "Okay you've had your fun, now give it back"

  • coldbeaty101

    I kind of wish they kept ancient travellers spirit, just as a fun surprise because some players may have not taken the skull 💀 Also awesome video 👍

  • Peregrination

    "Spoiler alert: they all died." This is Skyrim, death isn't a spoiler, lol.

  • Myrrmoasta

    It's all because of Marketing. The Publisher choosed the 11.11.2‎011 as release date. The 12.12.2‎012 would have been much better...

  • Sicklygem, 2nd in command SiGTM

    Am I the only one who has seen the ghost in the game?

  • SamTheFallenSon 69

    I think they decided to do away with it because for certain artifacts like Azura's Star and Dawnbreaker, it simply makes no sense for them to confiscate them as they're artifacts of the 2 "good" Daedra who aren't hell bent on doing harm to the world or kill or swindle their followers for the fun of it.

  • Lenny Lynch

    How would you get your daedric stuff back if you have dawn guard? The hall is destroyed.

  • Tom Brady

    You say plethora so much lol

  • Eoin McStay

    Vilgilants of Stendarr have stopped me in a non modded game to take artifacts before

  • Caleb Able

    Yea and they just made it a load of fetch quests instead.

  • Samuel Leon

    Nate I really enjoyed your videos, but I find your newest videos are forced and getting repetitive.I think trying something new with your videos, like let's play or even videos about oblivion, fallout 3 fallout 4, or even fallout new vegas. I hope you understand from a viewer that enjoys your content.

  • risker34

    You actually can use the Pack spider, Glowing spider, and several other spiders if you have the Dragonborn DLC

  • burning newt

    The spiders are in the gameEDIT I mean that they are available as a craftable item

  • asian cunt

    “died in very ironic ways”look up the definition of irony. all of that shit is completely expected and the polar opposite of ironic.

  • Sigil


  • Rishiraj Chakravarty

    I have the vanilla game and I got both the glowing spider and pack spider without any mods or console commands. I crafted them in a machine in Solstheim. I do not believe it's a cut content.

  • LifeAsANoun

    "a whole plethora"??? can you have half a plethora?

  • Bloodstreak 99

    All of these spiders do exist in the game

  • Brian Backer

    You CAN make spiders. I've seen it

  • Anna Johansson

    “Adorable”... I guess that’s one word for them... shivers ;)

  • SwordBreaker925

    Fun fact, that first one on this list about the cut quest is basically the full story of a quest in ESO. maybe it's coincidence but i remember one alot like it in ESO

  • Zuky Chan

    If they re-realese Skyrim again,they should add this things to the gameIt would be sooo cool if they did thatBut,as much as I know Bethesda,they will re-realese Skyrim unitil You can Play it on Oculus Rift

  • Argon

    That Vigilant of Stendarr stuff is cut because their headquarters will be destroyed during Dawnguard DLC Questline, which then make the safe impossible to loot because the doors leading to interior cell of HQ will disappear and making it inaccessible.

  • Hermann Fegelein

    Or just skip the stealth nonsense and murder them all to death

  • Kugelblitzer

    A fighting pit tournament in Windhelm was cut from Skyrim.Just like a fighting arena was cut from Fallout 4's combat zone.Then Bethesda has the balls to start selling microtransactions.

  • Spencer Leava

    Thats amusing. I always had the ancient traveler show up when I took his head.

  • MegaLocomaniac

    I always wondered what the Vigilants safe was for; now I know.

  • The Silver Assassin

    The spiders werent cut, they just have to be made in a certain cave. There are lots of other spiders too

  • Potato Head

    Love your videos!!! Keep up your amazing work!

  • Katelyn Wiegand

    Don’t forget about the bugs in jars. They were going to be part of a quest but Bethesda scrapped the quest and left the jars in the game since the textures were already made for it so all of these videos about “ I know what the bugs in jars do - secret conspiracy theory!” Are all BS.

  • Texas Gun

    had no idea about the pack spiders ...

  • Look At The Clown

    I killed M'aiq it took me 1 hour just to kill him but its still worth it


    You can create the spiders!!!!!!

  • o

    Yet another awesome vid.😏

  • Bayzid Rahman

    How do i bring back the pack spiders and Trius using console commands? EpicNate, can you make a video tutorial on it?

  • Smegma Lasagna

    It also has just been revealed that the bugs in jars was part of a big plan that has been cut

  • Mychael Dark

    I had completely forgotten about the missing apprentices quest, but I can say that it was at one time doable. I remember I got the quest once way back in the day. I was playing the original skyrim release on the PS3, (note: not the legendary edition or with any dlc.) and I acquired this quest. I also did not have any internet access so I got none of the skyrim updates. I had forgotten the quest cause I only had the normal version for about a week, before I traded it in for a Legendary editon version with all the dlc and never got the quest again. I didn't even remember the quest until I saw this video and remebered having to go collect the apprentices items from them.

  • Jack Salem

    I like the fact that Trius and Shelly died, instead of him living without her, may they find each other together in the afterlife.

  • Wade Dewell

    Basically bethesda cut out all the rpg elements from skyrim

  • Intergalactic Human Empire

    6:25I think they removed it because the house of the Vigilant of Stendar is destroyed in the Dawnguard DLC

  • Toaster

    people keep saying bethesda is milking skyrim yet youtubers keep making these videosand we keep watching them

  • Dave Marx

    Oh my stars I love those pack spiders

  • Adam Thompson

    Thank you so much Nate once again. I will be trying oblivion on my one s soon and fallout 3. :) Hope you are well.

  • Sleepy .Time

    What is the console commands to summon the spider pets?

  • Kyle Thomas

    Wonder how much of this is put in by the mod Cutting Room Floor?

  • MajorMoron

    There´s another option for the Vigilant´s daedra artifact hunt: ignore them and just walk onwards...

  • Leto85

    5:24 That Vigilant of Stendar has vampiric eyes.

  • Jack Mehov

    I keep meaning to buy the remastered version for my PS4. I miss this game.

  • MalaMala

    Skyrim is a good game but I wish Bethesda tried harder

  • Bryon Popplewell

    I'm surprised the modding community hasn't tackled any of this. :(

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