SKYRIM - 15 Greatest Quests You NEED To Play

Skyrim is chock full of excellent quests, and while a lot of the moments that stick with you are ones of your own making, outside the realm of scripted storytelling, Skyrim does, to its credit, have a lot of great quests that are adored by one and all. In this feature, we have listed what we think are fifteen of its best quests.

From the Dark Brotherhood and the Companions to the Thieves Guild and the excellent DLCs, there were a lot of quests for us to choose from, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to these fifteen. We haven’t listed them in any particular order, so give it a read, and tell us if you agree in the comments section below!



  • Watchman Willowyre

    "The civil war questline is truly captivating" umm... no, it's actually really boring.

  • Michael Lloyd

    410 hours in. Still havent been to high hrothgar...

  • Isaac

    You can tell this guy doesnt actually play this game

  • Katachuu

    My dude way of the voice was garbage. 100% boring to replay and even the first time I was jumping around waiting for them to finish this tutorial I didn't need to see.

  • Geralt Of Rivia

    I've never talked to Grelod the Kind, I usually just walk in and kill her

  • Kerseili

    Greatest quest"forge an iron dagger"

  • Adolf Hitler

    Thalmor embassy quest was my favorite

  • E Cupcake

    Blood on the Ice was probably one of my favorite quests ever, but it's so freaking glitchy lol

  • Lizzard dude524

    Best quest ever... Escape helgen

  • Gruff

    My favorite quest is actually playing Skyrim and knowing what you're talking about, which is clearly a quest the narrator hasn't started yet.

  • Nick H

    You forgot "Deliver Frost Salts to Arcadia".

  • Snuggle Rex

    Every time he pronounces something weirdly I lose 10 years of my live.

  • China Tosinthiti

    No Forsworn Conspiracy and you include The Way of the Voice? We probably have different tastes. I like the Forsworn Conspiracy better than Hail Sithis, Blood on the Ice, Companions quest, and all Daedric quests because:1. You get to investigare a scam backed up by mafia organizations.2. You get put to jail with a reputation of being strict, but have to escape.3. It gets dramatic when the friendly quest giver is murdered by the group you are investigating.4. It's so satisfying to have a choice to kill Thonar Silver-Blood, one of those who's been sending you all these trouble.5. Even if you aren't going to kill Thonar, his wife dies anyway.

  • Taufiq Othman

    Seriously Cicero's broken carriage quest?! I'm disappointed.

  • Phoebe

    Lost to the Ages is always one of my top favorites. For those who can’t remember it’s the quest where you help a ghost recover her bow and the 4 aetherium shards, along with the aetherium item of your choice at the end. I always pick the crown, how about everyone else?

  • Lord Ignis Destroyer of Thots

    The best quest is obviously the love triangle between Faendal, Camilla, and Sven

  • MadsBG

    Blood on the ice? really? I agree the premise of the quest was great, but the execution was so bad i felt like killing every single npc in windhelm for their stupidity...There is a literal blood trail, leading from the 3rd victim to Hjerim, and no one gives it a single look. And why was the victim even in the cemetery in the first place? In the murderers journal, it clearly states that he needs the body parts of his victims, so why was she dumped in the cemetery? and even if she managed to escape Hjerim and run to the cemetery, why did no one notice her? Di she stay silent the entire time in order to not wake up her neighbours? Or did the residents of Windhelm just not give a f***?Also, the priestess said that the murders were committed with a embalming tool, yet the murderer carries an iron dagger.And what about the fact that, when you are patrolling the stone quarter at night, the murderer shows up, in the middle of the bustling market, and tries to murder someone!!! Why??! He needs her body parts for necromancy, but he just kills her and runs off, not only not gaining anything, but also reveals himself as the murderer in front of dozens of witnesses. He is supposed to be a cunning killer with a goal, yet he acts like a random bandit just killing for the fun of it. The fact that no one had caught this guy, makes me sit and hope for a dragon to burn Windhelm to the ground...

  • Dylan W

    4:30 what the hell is lykin thropy

  • Showtime123

    One of my favorite was the one with the Thalmor Embassy or Escape Cidnah Mine SOO GOOD

  • TyD Vibes

    Can't believe you forgot the one in labyrinthium

  • David Dylan

    How do people mispronounce the city names when the npc's in skyrim are always properly pronouncing it?

  • Knuckles in your face

    When I get first to the grey beards I didn't find the steps and climbed up the mountain in the Skyrim style

  • Michael White

    i can not finish this video due to you butchering the names of characters and towns. If you've never played the Game to hear how they are pronounced do not make a video about the greatest quests.

  • Dovah King

    One of my favorite quests is destroy the dark brother hood

  • SlovesL

    Who wrote this list? It's terrible! My favourite quest is the Staff of Magnus. I shit myself the first time I played it... "yooouuu, youuuuu are not Aren are youuu? Has he sent you in his placcccee?" Also, Forbidden Legend is a brilliant quest line, investigating the Gauldur brothers. Civil War quests are boring, the only good main storyline quests that are good are Bleak Falls Barrow and basically any which require the killing of dragons. To not include the Miraak fight in this is kind of weird.

  • Ryojiroh

    This guy is just the narrator, that's why he pronounces wrong, he never played the game probably

  • Silver bare

    Yes i was young when I played, sooooo I did about every side quest until I couldn't find the main quest in my quest bar.

  • Oliver Hion

    Shit I have already played all of them :(

  • Grinder-one

    One of my favourite quest is where you help the ghost Latria(I forget the name), to find the Dwemer forge, her story is sad but intimate. I always feel lonely once I complete and she leaves, and find myself walking slowly across the terrain for a few minutes with her in my thoughts :)

  • Benjamin Mooney

    "At The Summit Of Apocrypha"

  • Nazareth

    lets admit now, the only reason people play the dark brotherhood quest line is for the rewards(Lucien,Shadowmere,The Dagger)

  • Sasha Shulgin

    I actually hated "The way of the voice". One of the most boring quests in any game I have ever played.

  • Josiah Lawson

    Talks about dawn guard and doesn't mention serana's fantastic writing and ai

  • Pit2708

    I always enjoyed the quest involving Jaree-Ra in Solitude, and the quest at the Thalmor embassy "Diplomatic Immunity". The daedrics quests of Meridia and our beloved Mehrunes Dagon are great too. Finally, i enjoyed so much travelling (back for the veterans of Morrowind) to Solstheim. When the music from TESIII began, it was just bliss.Worst of all is probably into the Chillwind depths, although i'm not sure it is a quest. Full of Chaurus, Spiders and Falmers, labyrinthic cave and freaky.

  • big snack

    my favorite quest is lost to the ages its a pretty good quest

  • Im SouperSoup

    The way you said lycanthropy...

  • Frankie

    Wanna hear a joke? My favourite Quest is Bleakfalls Barrow

  • The Spudster

    It's very obvious this guy has never played skyrim... but my personal favorite mission is Lost to the Ages

  • Mirily

    The Black Star isn't actually the quest! The main goal is to reclaim Azura's star. Turning it into the Black Star is an option at the end of the quest but the Dragonborn can choose not to do that and return it to Azura as it should be. I didn't though, I turned it black and kept it! who wouldn't want a massive reusable soul gem!?

  • Black 110s

    If The forsworn conspiracy is not on this list imma end it all

  • xXkingmineXx

    I hate the quest "A night to remember". It is honestly my second least favourite part in the game, after the soul cairn.

  • Toa vQ

    'Lost to the ages' is one of the best quests on the game and how it's not in the top 5 of that list I'll never know 😳

  • Selomepe

    what a boring cut and paste uninspired list

  • 1oAce

    "Lycan, thrawpy""Artino""Blood on Ice"

  • Catac1ysm

    The Mind of Madness was amazing, in fact, I think I enjoyed all of the Daedric Prince/Artifact quests most

  • Connor philipe

    where's the forsworn conspiracy. that quest was an absolute blast

  • Simon Sandahl

    "waking nightmare" was awesome as well. right up there with "the Foresworn conspiracy" and "laid to rest". also honorable mentions should go to the short but memorable "a lovely letter" and "Erik the Slayer".

  • Miranda Melodie Miller

    The assassin and thiefs quests were my absolute favorite. The war one, was pretty boring. Only when you finally have the battle, it gets kinda interresting, but the way to that battle is boring. I also, didn't liked the main quest that much. It wasn't a bad quest, but not as good as told here. Also, the daedra quests are pretty good too. Some are longer than others, but all of them together are pretty solid and good. Of course the Dawnguard quest is also a favorite of mine, it's a quite long story, but over all pretty neat. A quest which I hated was the whole Blood on Ice quest, because it glitched and bugged the whole time. My game nearly crashed every time I did something.

  • Emyr

    There is no R in Aventus

  • The Third Crusader

    Lycanthropy...pronounced Lie-Can-Thra-Pee not Lycan-throppyAnd no it is how anyone British or American should say it.

  • musesesese

    my stepbrother took 30 minutes to count the steps to high hrothgar. It's a little above 700

  • Pantsology

    You hunted down the spider lol just steal his key by pick pocketing and then sneek into the museum

  • Wafaduck

    My favorite quest was Thalmor Embassy. You know why? It took 3-5 hours for me to complete. It's just really tricky!

  • Zay 95

    I like the one with the talking dog from the east coast lol

  • Gubbica99

    Due to all respect as someone who played skyrim 7x times and did all possible quests i have found better quests than that :1. my most favorite quest is "one with the shadow" it's more an achievement that has multiple mini quests where you have to rob people and do 4 special quests but the reward is incredible , bringing thiefs guild back into it's prime fame and very special armor + new shopkeepers in underground makes it one of the best and rares quests in whole skyrim.2. Forgot the name of the quest but once you find 3 parts of an amulet (+ 30 magica , stamina and health) you will forge this amulet into one piece with uniqe Drougs dreadlors3. Same , collecting 7 unique masks and then bringing them into labyrithiam where you get one special mask (not so strong if i recall) but still , it was a really interesting quest.4 . A quest from Dawnguard , where you meet a ghost and you have to collect 4 pieces of shreds then you need to locate a special forge and making a very unique item , crown , shield or staff. It's quite a long quest and finding the locations of all shreds thake a while but still it's probably one of the best quests in the game.5. Barenziah crown , it's a side quest for thief guild where you have to locate 24 pieces of a crown , that was one hell of a quest , because i needed to have many locacions unlocked and several quests done in order to find finish this quest.6. Finding and locating Karstaag King , strongest opponent in whole skyrim that i had a problem as lvl 180 , believe me he is a beast after killing him you will be able to cast him 3 times! makes it one of the most memoriable monsters in the game.7 . Finding Auriel Shield , it's the second strongest shield in the game which charge enemy attacks and after recharging simply using it against them , not to mention it's beautiful and makes a good decoration.8. During the questline in "one with the shadow" you will have to kill a whole clan of bandits , the leader drops you a unique armor that can be enchanted on other armor peieces , most people miss that.And many many more unique quests that can be found in skyrim , like Bard college , Forsworn rebellion , didn't find them so important. You mentioned in the video like 4 daedric quests that can be easily triggered beside the wolf quest in Falkreath , other than that i'm disappointed in this video and i can tell you didn't even play skyrim or just few major quests. It may be a good video for people who are new in this game but for veterans it's a joke.

  • Richard Marcum

    I don't remember the name, but that one mission that's added with dawn guard that takes you to multiple dwemer ruins and eventually the forge was absolutely amazing. it was one of my favorite quests in the game.

  • Greg

    What about the Meridia's Beacon quest? That wasby far one of the best quests, and had one of most useful items at the end.

  • Julien 1406

    I like the Backround Music it reminds me of Stronghold 😍

  • Mihail

    Eventus Artino? Stop That!

  • Jacob cummins

    Best Dark Brotherhood quest is the one where you are the chef, make food and poison it, then it all goes to hell and you have to escape. For me it was even better as my game glitched during the mission so I could not fast travel, so I ended up killing 2 guys, stealing their horse then B-lining it back to the sanctuary while all the guards are hostile to me. Felt so much like an actual escape and a desperate dash to get back before everything goes wrong, but end up being late.

  • iiAmFrosty

    when you said"Mark Hoth" I cringed.

  • Takkar Sasori

    Markoth?TRIGGEREDits Markarth ;p

  • Thomas-Lucas Gérard

    The quest with the aetherium forge is my favorite

  • First Name

    U forgot the forsworn conspiracy and the one where u attack the pirate base in the north. Those two are better than alot of these.

  • Suwan Yi

    Tbh I didn’t really like Dawnguard (pls don’t hate it’s just an opinion)

  • max van den Berg

    I think the thalmor embassy is a very cool mission, just how your stuff gets smuggled inside and then you go investigating and just kill everyone from the inside out

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