Skyrim is 6 Years Old... BUT Here Is a SECRET Build YOU MISSED!

Skyrim is 6 Years Old... BUT Here Is a SECRET Build YOU MISSED
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  • Ramon Harris

    6 year old game and youre still coming up with new content. thats dedication and a hell of a good game

  • Rinnegan Ice

    guard: I'll water the ground with your blood!me: damn bethesta chill

  • Connor C

    This is a White Walker build.

  • PnlBtr

    Just hot key the crown then you can take it on and off without opening your inventory.

  • rCraze

    This would destroy my PS4

  • Ryan Williams

    I've played Skyrim since it came out, how have I missed a mini nuke spell

  • PianoKing64

    Wtf is this!!! I been playing for 5 years but never knew this!! Thanks ESO, I'll have fun with this.

  • MoreImbaThanYou

    Good THING you TYPE certain WORDS in your TITLE in CAPITAL LTTERS, so I actually bothered CLICKING and WRITING a comment about how much I HATE those titles.

  • Phanbot01

    First we had the Unibomber, now we have the Necrobomber!

  • Marcel Cunningham

    So I could basically become the Night King from Game of Thrones

  • Default Bandaid

    You had me at "this spell works on the ebony warrior". As a dedicated elder scrolls player with over 1000 hours of play time on one account, I can say i also uncover secrets in skyrim almost every time i play!

  • Waxy oak Lotus

    I've got the crown, ring and ritual stone I've got skyrim special edition for X box1 but this does not work for me😞

  • Foxalau

    I miss the old ESO that presented us fun and legit builds, not where you need to glitch the game somehow in order to be OP.

  • Pet Mez

    How to wipe out cities with one hit. XD.

  • Alexander Clewell

    "i used no mods for this build"has 50 soldiers surrounding him

  • C T

    wish Oblivion woulda got the remaster instead....I found the main and side questing to be fun.whatevs, I'm no hater...

  • John de Roos

    Hey ESO, when is the Daedric Summoning Warrior build guide coming out?

  • The flying dutchman

    so it's an exploit, not a legitimate build.

  • ♫ SlamminUK ♫

    Guys this guys that. Guys guys guys guys guys guys guys ok guys

  • Keem Clan

    An ESO video but every time there's a link in the description it gets faster.

  • ProfessorVuubik

    Man, Bethesda really likes to call back to their D&D days, this, once upon a time, was a part of Necromancer builds, in that you could take a feat for the undead produced by you to explode on death, though the explosion was negative energy damage, so it actually healed other Undead in range, making an army almost nigh impossible to kill.

  • Lame_riley

    It won't let me do it more than once even doing the crown method

  • Faith Winter

    I've known this for 2 years now.. but I think the Unofficial Patches will fix this glitch.

  • Azure Toroto's Gaming

    So I can imagine the name for the build being "White Walker Herder" if you get what I mean.

  • Maxi

    Today it's 6 years old...

  • Redcap Goblin

    judging people on looks? boring. He makes great guides , get off his nuts.

  • T E C H N I C A L D I F F I C U L T I E S


  • David A

    unofficial patch fixes this :(

  • Aly Khairy

    this build should be called night king

  • Alexander Escatel

    don't wanna be a downer but I think half of us already knew this.

  • Larry Wolf

    LOL... still teaching me fun and cool things, thanks ESO.

  • Phil Trelatsky

    Followed guide. Didn't work. Only allows power once a day. Don't know if a patch changed this. Yes, i equipped crown before Ritual Stone.

  • Mizu

    am i the only one laughing my ass off the whole time watching this? XD

  • Cheezbuguh Cheese

    What map mod are you using?

  • jay canto

    For some reason this isnt working at all for me whenever i unequip and reequip it still says that i need to wait a day

  • Super saiyan Lord

    Its op but molests your frame rate

  • Leto85

    I thought Ahzidal's Ring would turn them into dust after exploding!This really does give it a deeper dimension.

  • Kyle Mann

    i feel like this will crash my game

  • Nic Rubio

    Skyrim is actually 5 years old. Ya dip.

  • Cloud Seeker

    4:30 It's raining men. Hallelujah! It's raining men.

  • Dickcheese143

    Damn you ESO now I have to make another build...damn u... J/k thx for video!👍

  • Vault Boy

    Hey ESO! Can you do a "Dragonborn" build. It's a character who is mostly using shouts and dragons! I never saw anybody with that build.

  • Mjoll Animations

    i tried and it didn't work :/

  • Willy_Th3_ Walrus

    Do you know how powerful of a computer you'd need for this? No console could run this

  • joanna dupont

    U can get a deadric army do cool

  • Adil Ahmad Khan

    hey you may be still not happy while playing Skyrim SE with 60fps hile recording but me hahhah playing skyrim at 1024by 768 resolution and still getting 24fps avgjust dont ask about my other life

  • Isaac Joseph Baker

    Almost at 800k subscribers.... Get in there!

  • B.C. Legends of Tomorrow

    What ENB are you using???

  • Faust Ordo

    HOLY CRAP!!! Exploding White Walkers!!!

  • Jiggaboo Hunter

    The guy in the thumbnail was sexy

  • Robert Šafář

    this is just for fun.. no real usage in play skyrim

  • Nick Bufaino

    What mod do you use to change the map?

  • Hands


  • Angus Mulcahy

    Who else already discovered this?

  • Vagiz Abrarov

    ESO can you please just... play on ps4 once? We feel kind of annoyed you keep using mods on Xbox one when ps4 can't get proper mods. Or at least play vanilla Skyrim? thanks! also I really enjoy your videos! Keep it up!

  • Aardappelsaus

    I stopped caring about this channel when he did his face reveal.

  • dmdz

    Can we not call a game that came out at the END of 2011 6 years old at the START of 2017?

  • Jew Stain


  • Na Son

    Notification squad were you at?! Btw ESO keep up the awesome work!! I've been playing skyrim for a while and all the other channels suck with helping me find out stuff compared to you. Keep it up man 👍

  • Mc Nobbets

    0:30 hallelujah its rainin men

  • Where's my Irish whiskey? Tullamore.

    Is there any way, in a sense, to do this with the Conjure spell that summons permanent Atronachs? That would be effing awesome.

  • _ N8yx _

    eso I actually knew this already

  • The Impasta

    Isn't this how the ring of hircine works with the werewolf power?

  • The Weirdist

    Huh. I could've sworn I did this build as part of the Skyrim / GoT build series in Oct 2015. But maybe it was a secret to everybody.

  • OpenWorldAddict

    There's a misnomer in your title. Skyrim is only 5 years old. It will turn 6 in November.Skyrim was released 11-11-11 (or November 11, 2011, thus it only ages every November. Just because we are in a new year doesn't mean the game is suddenly a year older than it was a month before. When figuring out a game's age, you have to know when it was released. Are we before or after the month of release. If we are before the age doesn't change. Only when we come to release month does the age of a game increase. So Skyrim was released in November, and I am writing the comment in April. April is before November, so Skyrim is still 5 years old, which it turned last November. (11-11-11 to 11-11-16 is 5 years.)

  • Atomic Sentinel

    it happens because they get attacked by enemies

  • Shadow Sage

    Not to shit on your video but this was not a "secret" i have personally done this years ago. (not the exploding part because it wasn't very practical" right AFTER i saw what the ritual stone did, the PROBLEM is if your system can HANDLE that many actors on screen AND exploding, it will usually wreck ps4s and if you don't have a beefy PC expect a high chance of a crash.I mean without mods this game poses very little challenge so you don't ever need it anyway. while it's admitidly fun, it wasn't a secret. Not everyone shared it tho.And the last issue is it's rare to find that many npcs together to not only raise that many but for enough enemies for it to be of any use. but as you stated, skyrim is old now, so what else is there to do.

  • Soldin PG

    Man, this took ya long enough to figure out, I arrived at this conclusion the second I had my hands on the ring. It was probably originally intended as a way of making necromancy viable on shitty corpses like skeevers, but the second you throw in the Aetherial Crown loop, which is the core of nearly every Skyrim necro build, it becomes complete anarchy. The Ahzidal artifacts are underrated, every single one of them. The gauntlets combined with spellbreaker, elemental protection and ward absorb allows you to stay topped on Magicka while negating practically any incoming magic, glorious if combined with heavy armor and restoration spells, or better; Paralyze. Or just use the trick with guardian circle, I guess

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