Skyrim Level 100 Smithing in 3 Minutes + Make Money FAST!

Skyrim Level 100 Smithing in 3 Minutes + Make Money FAST!
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  • Mr Urquhart

    BLACKSMITHS HATE HIM! lean how to get from level 1 to 100 smithing with this one simple trick!

  • Daniel Arvidsson

    Very misleading title as usual but yes, this is probably the fastest way.

  • edweiser63

    Takes 3 minutes...after you've just spent 3 hours collecting all the necessary material. Enough with the clickbait crap.

  • TeeJaaY

    Jesus Christ the clickbait

  • Deannix

    dual wield pickaxe, then use elemental fury shout = faster mining

  • Krešimir Cindrić

    How to get to level 100 smithing in 3 minutes:Step 1: spend 10 hours mining iron.

  • Vladislavs Pastuhovs

    In 3 minutes? Excuse me?! It takes more than that just to gather all the ore let alone transmuting and then crafting

  • mental knight

    jesus christ you've been playing the game for 6 years and you don't know that items don't sell as much as their value. you need to divide the value and weight value \weight and you get how much that item is worth. so 1 ring is worth 250 gold.

  • The Indoor Outdoorsman

    ~advskill smithing 500000player.additem 0f 999999999Takes 15 seconds.

  • Her_ Gose

    Smiting in 3 mins + 2h to get the ore XD but nice video XD I spend 2 h to get 100 smiting and I used duplication glitch to get the gold

  • Kay R

    Really ESO? Come on, don’t insult my intelligence

  • Luka Azaric

    How to do it: every time you are in Whiterun, Solitude or any city that has a blacksmith, go to them and buy all of the iron and leader strips they have, make a shit load of iron daggers and sell them back. I know you lose some gold but it worked for me and i got from lvl 35 to lvl 100 in about 5 or 6 times i played. Its easy and you dont need to mine 5 hours and you don't need to do transmute whitch takes you around 15 minutes for 10 iron.

  • Matthew Tucker

    It takes 3 minutes of Dragonball Z time to get to 100 smithing using this method.

  • Peanut

    This glitch is great, but I found a way to make it even more game breaking. If you want to get your smithing up fast, and make money doing it read this. I combined this glitch with the old ‘item duplication glitch’ and got insane results. (Look up the guide to duplicate items if you don’t know how) I duplicated all the ores over and over until me and my companion were encumbered, and then turned it all into ingots and duplicated those. Then I smithed til level 100.(I recommend using Uthgerd the unbroken from white run as your companion.)

  • William Graham

    for enchanting the rings, fortify sneak raises the price the most, then fortify two handed/one handed are second place, and the more expensive the object is, the more your enchanting skill goes up, and you can sell them as well obviously.

  • Ventusumbra

    So..Gather 1300 iron oreCast transmute 2600 timesSmelt 650 gold ingotsUse the forge 650 times to make 1300 gold ringsSell them 20 at a time to 65 different merchants...And you have 3 minutes starting... Now, GO!

  • James

    lol, fastest way to get a lot of gold is to go bleak falls barrow, obviously obtain dragon stone as you would and meridias beacon, bring beacon to appropriate temple and start quest, once inside dungeon, loot all desecrated bodies up to the final boss, there you will find even more dead imperial bodies that can be looted for gold! the gold ranges from 50-120.

  • Jimmy Holtzheimer

    Hey ESO , could you do a Build Guide Video about a (no mod) mage in survival mode? Something very polyvalent. Greetings from Belgium , all my support !

  • Izaac Goudreau Reloaded


  • Ann B. Dextrous

    smelting ores doesn't leveling up smithing. You must have a mod enabled that adds that. Not only is this guide a re-issue of old content for views, it's inaccurate as shit.

  • Atomchrist The Series

    The thumbnail clashed with the commercial I thought I walked into something straight out of the wolf of Wall Street

  • Azerlo

    You can duplicate the gold ingots with a follower method, it took me 800 ingots to get from 15-100

  • Head shots

    you have level 15 enchanting but still you have the and yet you have double effect!

  • TheSpookyMacaw

    Actually the ring will sell less than 75 gold if you havent upgraded your speach especially at level 1. But if you have then you would get 75 or more gold depending on how many perks you put in the skill tree.

  • AxeHelix

    "Level 100 Smithing in Three Minutes."video is ten minutes long

  • Brick by Brick

    Also a good tip to upgrade speech is to sell 1 ring at a time instead of stacks of them since you will earn a lot more speech xp and yes it will be tedious

  • iCrys69

    Instead of mining iron mine gold at Kolskeggr Mine it has 17 gold spots and each spot gives you 3 gold ore and at the end of the mine there are 3 gold ingots and 2 gold ore. So 17×3=51 51+2=53 so you get about 53 gold ore and there's a smelter outside. Perfect place to mine and takes about 30-45 minutes there are about 5 forsworn and I got some diamonds when I was mining to. It's directly east of Markarth and North of Sky Haven Temple

  • Israel Gonzalez Jr

    Eso great vid but how about if you add the atherium crown and use.both. warrior and lovers stone as well as the quest unfanthom depths where you take the lexicon back from.the argonian at riften. With all that you should be able to really upgrade your smithing at a faster rate. Maybe you can do a.vid on this bevause the atherium crown used for lovers stone and.picking one of the 3 standing stone will boost your levels in everything. Just a thought from a hardcore gamer

  • 6.6.6 ϟ

    Press ^ Write: Player.setlevel (1-100)Your welcome <3

  • Juan'sTheName!

    I love how Bethesda made a reference to this in Skyrim very special edition on Amazon Alexa

  • DeviledAngel 16

    I kinda wanted to get all the boosts but then I forgot I was a werewolf so I couldn't get the sleeping bonus, I was literally spending 10 mins at my bed thinking why isn't this working is my game glitched? Heh oh yeah I'm a companion

  • CrAzY x JaYy

    how to become a god of smithing, trading, and enchantingmine. a. shit-ton. of. iron.

  • I Don't Know What I'm Talking About

    Resto Pot/Fortify Enchantment is significantly faster and has many other beneficial effects.

  • Mason Hackman

    Smithing in 3 minutes after a several hours of mining 676 iron ore and then finding the transmute spell, transmuting all your stuff, and then finally craft all the rings. Click bait AF.

  • lolHiyoko

    These are the longest 3 minutes ever

  • Parable

    Or if you have allot of coin (and all the dlcs), just go to whiterun, go to all the vendors and buy all their iron ingots. Then wait 2 days and repeat the process until you think you have enough. Now proceed to make nails at the smelter. Thats how I got maxed out

  • William Graham

    in case anyone didn’t know, collect any silver you see as well, because that will turn into gold, but its obviously cheaper to buy iron

  • KawwPlays

    Or, you can install the mod named Free Crafting and everything except modded armor & weaponry are free to craft, even gold. You also level up your blacksmith skills even faster.

  • Awroo

    *IMPORTANT* Ther is a short quest, what reward you a buff, "The Ancient Knowledge", and its give you more 15% xp boost to smithing. Another thing i, if you get the Etherium Crown you can activate two standing stone . You activate the lover stone and the warrior stone, that means you get more 15% . Anooother thing if you get married you get 15% boost after you sleeping. Thats a total of 65% xp boost not 30.Sorry for my bad english, i hope i help someone. :)(The etherium crown and the Ancient knowledge both buggy as hell, you need the unofficial skyrim patch to fix that.)

  • night core Girl 2166

    u do not start on level 1 u start on level 15

  • Fendrix

    what are those graphics mods ? i want the same effect on my SSE ! pleeeeeeeeaaaaase, someone tell this poor french boy how to do it ! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase !

  • flipperD royce

    Skyrim is the best game I've ever played

  • The IceColdBlaze

    If you have the Dawnguard DLC, I personally recommend forging arrows. It'll take a bit longer to level up at first, due to the low value of low-tier arrows, but the end product weighs nothing, and you get a HUGE amount of ammunition. Plus, if you specialize in Heavy Armor smithing, Dwarven arrows are a lot easier to get materials: bent Dwemer scrap metal, small Dwemer plate metal, and large Dwemer plate metal have the highest weight-to-ingot ratio for Dwarven metal ingots.

  • Phtb13

    Level 100 smithing in three minutes.Video has ten minutes.Something is wrong

  • Random Stuff

    This method is really good

  • Etern4l Saiy4n

    How the hell does this channel have 1 million subs and fricking MxR mods have 2 million?

  • Leon A

    One mistake in this video is that when you use the smelter in skyrim it doesn't level up smithing.... he's using mods for that...

  • LampShed

    Press: ~Step 1: player.additem f 100000Step 2: repeat & ProfitStep 3: don’t watch a 10 minute video on how to do it the hard way.

  • McChicken CHICKEN.

    I need to watch this vid cause I wanna make dwarves items. I'm a noob :(

  • Jared Hardegree

    Also, the leveling from smelting is a mod.

  • Amy Carter

    Explained in three minutes.Well, sort of.Time it takes to do this?Probably about thirty-six hours of game time.

  • Ege T

    A classic ESO video: farm 10 hours+spam buttons to make something in 3mins=worthy thumnail

  • The Shape Kills

    “Honest gold for honest work”

  • Sheogorath Daedric Prince Of Madness

    This takes like a whole day not 3 minutes.

  • Gaming Challenges

    I can’t sleep in Skyrim because I’m a werewolf.🐺😭

  • Aintel

    3 minutes yea right when you skip all the steps

  • Paradigm Instrumentals

    Spoiler..Doesn’t take 3 minutes..takes much much longer lol

  • Paul Snelling

    Ok... So If I Wast Time Getting Overencumbered ; In Can Max Out Smithing Temporarily....?(Since I'm Most Likeley Going To Make It Legendary, And My Character Can Only Hold So Much)(I Haven't Done Anything To Improve K'zar's Stamina (Yet....))

  • Frisbee 'n' Cookies

    The only trouble I have with this method is that you end up lugging around all those damn rings as you can only sell one or two to the vendors and about 1 if it's enchanted. Might be a good idea to have a house first to at least dump them all off as you'd go batty selling a few in each city before having to do the city loop again.

  • Katrina Isaacson

    Another way to make a lot of gold is to be a thief and assassin build and just rob and kill literally everybody. My one account is lvl 70 and has 80k gold.

  • SoundOfEpiCNoiZ

    Wouldn't it be a bit faster if you had the ancient knowledge from the lexicon as well?

  • PM Pruett

    Im a vampire,so i have to stay inside a house

  • Beowulf

    where does he get the "in 3 minutes!" from

  • Brian H

    I didn't know smelting increased smithing

  • CyborgJiro

    What? I didn't know that you could attack to collect ore.

  • Anjera Silverblood

    I don't know if anyone posted this yet, and i know i am late, and there is a video on the concept i am about to tell you, but i'll tell you all anyways in case you don't know. The best way to get to 100 smithing faster than this is to use the ring method to get to lvl 30 which is pretty easy, and then raid a Dwarven ruin called Mzulft. It is a HUGE, and i repeat HUGE Dwarven ruin. It will take you 4 trips to take all of the Dwarven scrap metal (Even with a companion) to use to turn into dwarven ingots by smithing, but it helps in the long run. Overall you can get over 300 Dwarven Ingots from all of the metal. After getting that, and with about half as many iron ingots (Tip: There are 6 iron mines in Skyrim. 6x20=120 ingots roughly if you mine them all, plus shopkeepers keep lots of iron ingots to buy.), then proceed to make Dwarven Bows. Dwarven bows are worth 270 Septims as base cost, so they are already more than twice the value of making golden rings. You can then proceed to enchant these bows with an enchantment like absorb health (A great enchantment) or another one of your choosing. Selling all of these bows will get you LOADS of money while also leveling you up quicker. As you unlock perks for higher level armor and weapon classes in the smithing tree, you can also upgrade the bow you make. For example making orcish bows or ebony bows instead of Dwarven. There won't be as many ingots available for them, but they will be more valuable.

  • Drew Biggah

    An easier way is to go to dawnstar loot the hidden chest.. Go talk to the khajit merchant wait 24-48 hours (in game) loot it again rinse dry repeat then break down all the enchanted items to get ur enchantment up and go sell everything else then use all the gold to by leather and iron ingots make iron daggers and then sell them... My way is much much faster and easier... U also need a horse so u can fast travel and stuff and get back to the merchant faster when u loot the chest since ull be over encumbered... ESO is awesome but his way takes forever lol longest part bout my way is getting the gold for the horse but other then that everything else is easy and fast.

  • Ronnie Sergeant

    When I change the ore I don’t level any skill up at all

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