Skyrim: 5 Unsettling Mysteries You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 6) – Skyrim Secrets

Skyrim is a vast open world peppered with a plethora of characters, locations and their stories. In such a massive environment, with such a rich history, The Elder Scrolls 5 is bound to contain a few unexplained moments or strange happenings. So today we’ll be exploring some of those as we dive into five more unsettling mysteries you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
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    HEY Nate - your resident English teacher here. Just thought I'd pop in to say that you absolutely murdered this video to death! ...That's a good thing, right? RIGHT. You have really turned a page on the careless pronunciation errors that riddled your previous videos. I think you might have said "in it of itself" near the end there (it's actually "in and of itself"), but I may have just misheard you.Peace out, good sir. See you in the next one!

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    MURDERED TO DEATH. You realize that I'm going to comment that in every new video you post, right?

  • andrei burghelea

    If you look closely, when you're conjuring the dwarven sphere, you're actually creating a Time Rip, like the one at the Throat of the World. You're not transporting them from another dimension. You're transporting them through time.

  • AstroLOW

    Hey, Nate! It's us guys here.

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    The only disturbing fact here is that Nate hasn't been playing Skyrim for some time because he ditched it for Fallout 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2.HERESY

  • Jack Johnson

    The summon animation of the aetherial staff kinda looks like the wound of time (I don't play skyrim in english, so I don't know the actual name) at the top of the throat of the world. So maybe you conjure the automatrons from the past. If I recall correctly dwarven metall does not rust or decay because the dwemer managed to exclude it from the flow of time. And with aetherium being all so powerfull it would be no suprise if temporary time travels are possible.

  • Bradley Dragon

    Skyrim has thankfully returned - don’t know who that imposter was uploading red dead redemption videos but I’m glad the real Nate has returned

  • armdaggerblade

    it's possible that becoming a briarheart grants the subject instant mastery over strong magics and/or physical strength boost. i forgot at which forsworn hideout it was, but i overheard two forsworns chatting where one of them mentioned that someone else he knew in the tribe 'has made his decisions' to become a briarheart- implying that becoming one is a risky venture and very likely, came with great benefits. it's possible that by becoming briarheart, they became something less of a human (but not technically dead) hence the pale skin from no blood/blood flow, capability to survive without an actual organic heart and unable to be detected by Detect Dead. i think that to become briarhearts, they let the hagravens use their dark arts to remove their souls, temporarily store it in soul gems and use it to enchant the flower which later binds their soul to the thing. the soulless body's actual heart was then removed and replaced with the soul-binded flower; technically placing the soul back into the body where it acts as a conduit to imbue the body with its 'life' (reanimating the body in similar manner to necromancy, but since the body still contains its original soul, it's not considered dead/undead) and gaining the benefits aforementioned. forcefully removing the flower afterwards practically means ripping the soul out hence why it's possible to instakill them by pickpocketing the heart. also, once removed, the hagraven's spell binding the soul to the flower is weakened, causing the soul to disintegrate permanently- which conforms to why you can only harvest normal briarheart flower from them as well as explaining the 'great risk' in becoming a briarheart soldier; there's a chance to lose their soul forever (no afterlife and whatnot)

  • Sato Yuu

    What if the reason The Pale Lady likes the sword is because Ysgramor soul trapped her daughter and used it with the sword. You said she was looking for her daughter. So maybe the reason she gets agressive is because the sword has her daughter's soul in it. Maybe that's how Ysgramor trapped The Pale Lady.

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    The secrets of skyrim will only end when nate get murdered to deathEDIT: wow 94 thanksEDIT2: me:94 wow thanks also me:100 likes ok this is getting out of hand

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    Legend has it that one day... there will be nothing left. Nothing left in Skyrim that has not been found, no more mysteries, nothing.

  • Austin Wilson

    Hagravens: "Turns out your friend here is only MOSTLY dead. See, mostly dead is still slightly alive"

  • Doomflame74

    Murdered to deathCongratz on 300k btw

  • Armrnil Spellal

    Wispmothers are apparently snow elves that were changed by magic

  • Cody Rollins

    "riding a stealing horse".......

  • the oof

    I think the pale lady is based off of La Llorona, The Crying Lady. A Mexican legend about a woman who wanders the streets at night looking for her child.


    Two days in a row!?!? Caught me off guard Nate

  • Lucien

    Nate say ooga booga already

  • peterusmc20

    You silly fiend the sword isn't hers the ancient nords used the sword as the key to lock her away forever hence taking the sword released her and returning it locks her away and if she gets it no one can lock her away. The dragonborn lorewise could defeat her seeing he can defeat alduin who is part of a god etc but she is likely meant to be incredibly powerful game mechanics aside so that while you can kill her no one else in Skyrim should be able to as the ancient nords heroes weren't capable of it. Just how I see it.

  • ReZaHydra

    Sorry Nate, not feeling it that much today. Earlier, my expectations for the day were murdered to death.

  • Blu Spy Gaming

    I heard the atherial staff summons the dwarven creations not from another plane but from the past. Before the staff summons the sphere there is a distortion just like the elder scroll created on the throat of the world when it was used to send alduin into the future, next standard conjuration spells have a purple swirl of magic when cast where as the staff creates a blue swirl of magic that is not found in other dimension conjuration spells. The next part of this theory is a little bit more arguable but dwarven automatons last basically forever so all the ones that you see destroyed in the ruins of a dwarven city that no one has ever been in since the dwarves disappeared are ones that you summoned and that where destroyed in combat then sent back to the past where the dwarves were ether too lazy to fix them or were already gone in the time they were sent back to.

  • Grey Kisgen

    In a 10 tiny details video or secrets, can you mention where horses that run away go?

  • Sugar Reaper 14

    A mage in the College of Winterhold will conduct a Dwarven experiment to find out where the Dwemer ran off to, but he becomes a shade that you can summon anytime which can tie to your Dwarven staff theory. Keep an eye out for a mage that wants you to collect 10 Dwarven cogs. You're welcome.

  • Squirtle

    Lokir was probably born in Rorikstead, but left for some reason a while ago and ended up in the rift by the time the civil war started. And although Hammerfell is located on the western border, it's actually primarily located on the south-western border, so him being "halfway to Hammerfell" would still make sense because he would be in skyrim of the Falkreath area, which is the closest to Hammerfell. But since he was caught in the ambush, he was obviously not able to steal the horse. The player also probably tried to enter skyrim through the Morrowind border or south-eastern Cyrodil border, since those two borders are the closest to the Rift. So to say it makes no sense to be halfway to Hammerfell when he was in the Rift when he was gonna steall the horse, not after, is incorrect. So this is not a mistake, Falkreath is near the Hammerfell border, hell, Helgen is basically halfway to Hammerfell. So yeah, Lokir's situation makes perfect sense when you remember where Hammerfell is exactly connected to Skyrim.


    Yo I found something cool in the dark brotherhood quest where you kill the fake emperor in solitude. Astrid gives you an Herb that you can plant in his soup. You can actually eat that herb and die in one hit. Pretty pointless but I found it was pretty neat!

  • Yan Bär

    Here's my speculation on the pale lady story: It really doesn't make sense, that she would disappear when you place the sword back. But maybe after wandering around for some time she found out, that her daughter had been killed or should i say murdered to death and she tracked down the murderer and took his sword, so that noone should ever be harmed again by that weapon. Also it's the last connection she has to her daughter.While it's only speculation, at least then it would make sense, why she'd guard that sword.

  • 17Watman

    Do a Top 10 Theories in the Elder Scrolls. Please pin this Nate!!!

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    When you see people complaining about Fallout 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 videos. But you like all videos made by Nate because your a loyal subscriber.

  • hatsjer

    6:00 Hold on! Didn't you cover this already? I'll have to watch every Skyrim video to verify, but I'm pretty confident.

  • NButler1993

    I noticed that sailor is a dark elf...morag tong maybe?

  • hardcore gamer

    H O W. I T S. G O I N G. G U Y S. I T S. N A T E. H E R E

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    Damn is this game massive Edit: omg thank you never had this much likes

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    Are murders to death counted as unsettling ?

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    Bethesda sure does love making us think

  • Chase W-W

    I think the interesting thing about Lokir is that he might have been from Rorikstead but moved closer to Riften where the Thieves Guild is (hint hint maybe), and it might connect to why he stole a horse; this could also tie in with the Thieves Guild curse because he managed to get captured in the worst possible way at the worst possible time. Also, Hammerfell, right now in the lore, is in a time of peace because they managed to force the Aldmeri Dominion out through a treaty. It's likely that the only war in Hammerfell is a shadow war similar to the Aldmeri hunting down the Blades: The Redguard are hunting the last remnants of Thalmor conspirators, possibly including Saddia even though it is completely unknown who was being honest in that quest or if either of them were or weren't. That aside, it wouldn't be too surprising for him to want to flee towards Hammerfell where there probably aren't any Thalmor, which could be what he was really trying to escape for some other unknown reason.

  • Liam Does

    I liked the mod you used last video whats it called slyrim in the old west looks fun and i wanna try it

  • աåʀʀɨōʀ ωαyayaισya

    The people of Rorikstead and Falion of Morthal are the greatest mysteries of all time in skyrim....

  • John McCall

    On the first mystery, I've always thought that the sword was used by someone in the past (the descendants of Ysgramor mentioned in the book most likely) as a sort of key to lock the Pale Lady away. You see examples of things like that in fantasy a lot where something is locked away by an object or person, sort of like how Valdar has kept Hevnoraak contained within Valthume until you arrive to put an end to him. As for the Wisp mother's themselves, you'll notice that they have pointed ears like elves. Many people have theorized that they are the spirits of Snow Elven women, perhaps those who were part of a particular religious group or cult or those who swore vengeance on the human invaders or some such.

  • DaryaSuperstar

    Hey, Nate!I have a tiny detail for you, if you’re interested. I don’t think you have covered it before.After finishing The Chief of Thirsk Hall quest, during which you help a group of rieklings that live in Thirsk Mead Hall and become their chief, as a reward you will get some of those rieklings as followers. They will appear near you during every combat on Solstheim and help you fight. They appear only on Solstheim and I have never seen them on the mainland. But !!!If you happen to go to Blackreach and get in fight with someone your riekling friends will appear there. In Blackreach!!! How?! Is Blackreach somehow connected to Solstheim? Can you even get from Solstheim to Blackreach?!I don’t know, maybe it was just a glitch. But it was quite fascinating to see little blue munchkins there + very fun to watch them fight with falmer.

  • The WaPikmin

    Just want to let you all know, Piranha Plant is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

  • C Stains

    Of course there's always the theory that the Gods did answer Lokir of Rorikstead. After all the Worldeater Alduin is a Nord God and he does show up shortly after Lokir begs for the Divines to intervene. And if you buy into that theory it's also possible that he's already in a cart with the living embodiment of Shor, another Nord god, which might be what the Dragonborn actually is, so the Divines might be all in for saving that Nord if only he waited a little longer.

  • JohnnyReborn665

    The conjuration of animunculi might imply that the Dwemer were transported into a pocket dimmension after the battle of red mountain. They were bound by the power of the Heart of Lorkhan, and after its destruction they were freed, but unable to escape their dimmension, but their machines are not bound by that law. My two cents here.

  • Connor Johnson

    Is no one going to mention he has a retextured Pale Blade?

  • Andrey Andreyevich

    DID YOU KNOW you can sneak upon a briarheart and pickpocket his heart to kill him instantly?

  • Nasir Wright

    Oh, Papa Nate!!!Good job great vid

  • Baxton

    Murdered to death, what a classic saying. I say it all the time while playing games and no one gets the joke.

  • Scorpion 142

    @TheEpicNate315 you should cover the Quest hidden in the temple of Dibella in Markarth.

  • Delayed_Gaming

    9:53 I used to be a horse thief like you, then i took an arrow in the knee.

  • Greenpanda Studios

    I’ve always loved these thumbnails Nate!

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    9:54 arrow in the knee?

  • Over The Spectrum

    Ah, back to Skyrim. The world is right again, the ripple in the force has been murderered to death 😎

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    I just love the look of Dwarven armor, anyone else?

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    dude... that prepubescent voice-cracking voice-over... stop.

  • Whiterun Guard

    Ok guys this cool but, HAVE YOU HEARD OF HIGH ELVES?

  • Trentan Bewley

    Hagravens steal the briarhearts soul and enchant their hearts so they can have control over their bodies, forcing them to corrupt the forsworn into the hagravens personal slaves...(just my theory)

  • Joe Nesvick

    Wrong place wrong time? That guy stole a horse. In Westerns, that’s a hangable offense. All the Dragonborn did was cross the boarder. Now ICE may say it was illegal boarder crossing, but I never heard the penalty for that is murdered to death 🤣

  • Fluffy Johnson

    I always figured Lokir got in trouble with the Thieves Guild/Black Briars and was running back towards home "halfway to Hammerfell". He's asked where he's from, doesn't necessarily mean where he lives, just where he grew up (especially since the guy who asked was talking about being from and growing up in Helgen).

  • lolomawisoft

    the pale lady was sealed with the sword. and taking the sword probs releases her and since she might be a bit mad about being sealed she just attacks anybody nearby. does leave an open plot hole for why she can be slain by you and then actually dies... i guess im wrong then

  • Velgus

    For note, as of the date Skyrim starts in, Hammerfell is not "locked in a brutal war". The Second Treaty of Stros M'kai had been signed a bit over 20 years prior to the game start, and the Aldmeri Dominion forces have withdrawn from the province. Hammerfell is actually at this point probably the most stable non-"Aldmeri Dominion puppet" province left.High Rock is also to the West, not the North - nothing to the North except water, and Atmora/Roscrea across said water.

  • ItsLew

    Nate I love your Skyrim vids❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Robert Loach

    Don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this but the effect that appears when you use the staff to ‘conjure’ the dwarven sphere/spider is similar to that of the time warp caused by the ancient nords when defeating Alduin (at the throat of the world) so perhaps you’re just plucking a sphere/spider from another point in time. Just a suggestion.

  • Zach The Gay

    Considering The Pale Blade is an ancient nord sword, i dont believe it actually belongs to the pale lady. I believe it is "enchanted" to keep her bound to the glade and locked in limbo. And when the sword is removed she is released.

  • Joseph Konrad

    I always love the Dwemer history. They are very interesting and their technology surpasses races. I hope that Tamerial would have more Dwemer history and huge expansive ruins as well as a hope too finally see what they might look like?

  • maestr Rogu

    Does the thief at the start of the game ALWAYS get shot in the knee? Ive never had him get hit anywhere else, and ive started my fair share of Skyrim saves.I feel like theres a reference here somewhere...

  • E Cupcake

    Is “And he/she isn’t talking” gonna be the new “murdered to death”? 😂😂

  • Perspires audibly.

    Your voice. My god. Have your balls dropped yet?

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