Skyrim Civil War: 3rd option

As opposed to taking sides in the conflict, you have an alternative option of getting a truce. If both sides agree, the Civil War will stop until Alduin is defeated and hostilities will end until you act on one side. You can choose this if you joined one side, but if the opposition has one hold left, it will be very difficult to get a truce.
  • Sky Nate

    Effen hell! 2 million views?

  • The Paranormalist

    I want Bathesda to create a game where the main protagonist can actually work hard to create an army by earning the friendship and loyalty of followers and companions to create a powerful army to take on the foe, and actually feel rewarded. One thing I REALLY despise from Skyrim is even though you are the Legate of the Empire, a commanding officer greets you with the common, "Citizen." or "No lollygaggin." DUDE! I am your BOSS! I should be telling YOU that! Seriously, at least Oblivion feels rewarding. Bathesda has really only gotten worse with the quests for leadership stuff because even though you're the leader, you still get treated like an errand boy. Ugh. That applies for Skyrim and Fallout.

  • William Edward

    Personally, I'd like to be able to make Balgruuf king.

  • The Mutton Chop Gamer

    How hard would it have been to just have an option to say, "See this dagger? The blood on it is the blood of the late Emperor of Tamriel. That's right, I'm the listener of the Dark Brotherhood, the Archmage of Winterhold, The Harbinger of the Companions, the Guildmaster of Thieves, Lord of Volkihar's Court, and to top it all off, the last dragonborn. If any of you idiots get any bright ideas to attack Whiterun until we've taken care of this entire dragon situation, I'm killing EVERYONE AT THIS TABLE THAT ISN'T A GREYBEARD."

  • Grant Harrison

    I hated that deal with the Blades. "Ok the leader of the grey beards is a dragon go kill it". "Why?""Because it's a dragon""A good dragon that without the world would have been destroyed""But, hear me out. It's a dragon""There's no reason to kill it""Well god you're so selfish. Dont talk to me until you killed it".

  • synonomy

    "You're willing to sacrifice thousands" lol you mean the twelve soldiers you attack the cities with?

  • Rudol Von Stroheim

    Factors that make loading times in Skyrim slower:5%: in-game objects and NPCs5%: the massive open world90%: Ulfric's ego

  • Gabriel Kendrick


  • Pete Sperandio

    I'd rather download a mod that allows the Dragonborn to form a third faction that is purely dedicated to fighting the Thalmor.

  • Pull up then

    So here is how I would have handled it."Look guys, I'm the Dragonborn, champion of all the Deadric princes, Archmage of the College of Winterhold, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Vampire Slayer, Harbinger of the Companions, a Werewolf, leader of the Thieves Guild, a Nightingale, and I'm wearing the bones of a dead dragon as armor. So stop fighting for a few days will I save the universe or I'll kill all of you right now. Any questions?"

  • Thedutchjelle

    8:30 "youre ready to sacrifice thousands" - what? The entire population of Skyrim is like 200.

  • C.B. James

    I wish that there was a neutrality questline in which the Dragonborn bitchslaps both sides of the conflict and then moves on to create a faction to fight the Thalmor. Or something along those lines.

  • Shy Kitten

    Dragonborn: eating sweetrollsParthanax: "why is there so much conflict?"Dragonborn:"oh well that guy is like me and can shout and he used it on the other guy that had power but the imperials think that's unfair and the nords say it is."Parthanax:"shouldn't they like fear the guy who can shout but isn't a dragonborn?"Dragonborn: "this is why I'm here, let's just have people that can shout and dragons rule, Fuck everyone else. Except snow elves. I like the snow elves"Parthanax:"seems legit"

  • Caroline Ann

    some people: wait there's a 3rd option!?others: people didn't know? me: WAIT THERE WERE 2 OTHER OPTIONS!?

  • Alpha Boss

    I love how Bethesda created the two sides. the Imperials are the more power hungry side that controls everything and the Stormcloaks are just trying to be more independent and hate their control. Why wouldn't you pick the Stormcloaks right? Oh yeah, they're a bunch of racist criminals too. Tough decisions but great experience.

  • Tyler Jaynes

    I usually save Paathurnax, then blast Esbern and Delphine off the side of the mountain

  • metalkiwis

    It was very disappointing to not be able to wield your power at this point and tell them all that you, The Dragonborn now rule ALL the land.

  • The Stranger

    I did this on my third play trough and just killed everybody. All hail sithis .

  • AMP

    Choosing which side you want to be on is like voting in the election this year. It's all a matter of who you hate the least

  • LT. Doge


  • battletoads22

    Ouch! Maven and Silver-Blood as Jarls. I'd hate to see that happen.

  • jarret45

    I see you killed Paarthurnax. Pray we don't cross paths.

  • Iceman

    idk why I watched this, I've literally done this a few hundred times

  • Mon

    I killed the blades and saved Paarthurnax...

  • Qrow Summer-Rose

    I did not kill Parthuunax, I spared him while maintaining command of the Blades. I used the strength of the Thuum to force them to comply

  • MattyBeeDoesn'tRap

    Disliking cause you killed Paarthurnax :(

  • Takedrugskillabear

    I always side with the Empire because they have Doc Mitchel as their general.

  • Roon Mc

    Ulfric reminds me of Donald Trump.

  • Robbie Knox

    the arch-listener of the thieves guild, dragon king.

  • Nathan Lamberth

    That's not a third option. That's a temporary pause to choosing.

  • Peter Fisher

    I just wasted 15 minutes of my life expecting some new shit but I wasn't even aware people didn't know this was a thing

  • Ertwin123

    Thanks for making sure the subtitles were on. It really helps us deaf people.

  • MrsCitty

    I love the fact that people here discuss Skyrim politics but are still calm while if you mention politics from real life people loose their shit xD

  • Conspirator of Plots

    I miss the option to marry that idiot queen and become the lord of Skyrim, they took it out; obviously because that would've been our default option but god I wish they'd bring it back.

  • RoboticsBay


  • budoka92

    why isn't there mod where rains of castlemere starts playing on background and doors shut, and db stabs ulfric into chest and says imperials send their regards?

  • Legion

    You killed parthanaax? You monster

  • John Doe

    Wish you could just take skyrim for yourself :(

  • Joshua Shank

    Unite and slaughter the Highborn until the race is wiped entirely from the realm. Give their souls to the Void. Hail Sithis.

  • Rei Uyeah

    So, does this mean after you kill alduin, the war will resume?

  • Matt Bob

    owwww my ears at 14:09

  • Colin BruttStruff

    I did this on complete accident in my game haha

  • SealStorm193

    I am at level 50 and I still haven't chosen a side for the civil war. I wish we could fight the real threat (The Aldmeri Dominion).

  • holly clown

    4th option. Gather the leaders in one place for "negotiations." If you catch my drift.

  • Jessica Thorne

    NOOOO! NOT MAVEN BLACKBRIAR! UGH! I HATE THAT WOMAN >8[ DON'T MAKE HER JARL! I just wish someone would perform the black sacrament on her and just end her already |[ Or at least make her take a blow with her business. She's so damn stuck up it's not even funny. I just want to knock the smugness out of her every time I see her or hear her voice.

  • Nicholas Morgan

    I never liked really liked Delphine. You only get involved with her because she wants to use you. I understand Paarthunax isn't perfect but I'm not gonna kill Paarthunax for her. I like that someone made a mod to make HER listen to you if you tell her no.

  • Aaron Chiafos

    Ulfric is a power-hungry fascist. Like Hitler, he gives great speeches, deceiving the masses. Yet, his "righteous crusade" for the "people of Skyrim," only serves to suit his own personal agenda. Long live the Empire!

  • Jacob Miller

    not really alternate since that's the point. to me alternate would be giving every hold to one side

  • Yaman Kurt

    I think the best option here would be Dragonborn slamming his/her(I'll use He from now on) hand onto the table and apoligize to the Grey Beards, at their looks of confusion he would lean back on his chair and say that he had planned this to be more than a truce talk between two factions.General or Ulfric(depending on who he didn't side with) would ask Dragonborn what was he scheming.Dragonborn would respond in an arrogant tone: "I do not care for you. I do not care whether Ulfric is the rightful high king, I do not care whether Empire is trying to prevent human kind's destruction by allowing Thalmor into their lands, nor do I care about who has to die here to make you listen."(he would demonstrate by killing both starter option(Stormcloaks vs Empire) guys that are from Riverwood)As all sides get ready in case he attacks them as well Dragonborn would chuckle loudly and start listing his accomplishments in monotone, from killing the Emperor Sithis and why to how he is the thane of all cities and what he did to get those positions, to his either werewolf or vampire, and etc.As he finished everyone takes a second look at Dragonborn, how dangerous he is finally clicking in their feeble mortal minds, the fact that he could annilate both sides by himself, making them realize that Dragonborn was the one in power here, and that he used one of his alliances to gather the heads of the possible factions that would oppose him in one tiny room.The Stromcloak side, being the unruly bunch they are rises to take the Dragonborn down, show that they were warriors and would not go down quietly but suddenly found themselves to be rooted to their chairs, and the Dragonborn's hand glowing.Dragonborn chuckles once again: "Like it? The spell is called Telekinesis, an Adept level spell with an unrealized potential by many. Of course I, as the Archmage, have access to the secret tips to many spells and many lost to the population spells that this is just another one of those usually unused abilities I have..."Dragonborn turns to Ulfric and his mouth opens but becomes hard to discern how it is moving, then Dragonborn leans onto the table: "You can not fight against me Ulfric, so do not even try. Now the reason you could not hear my shout or see how I moved my mouth is another one of my abilities, a little spell I made to prevent beings with the power of the tong from learning my shouts. You can not shout for about... Well, I do not honestly know. With all those dragon souls boosting the power of my voice I quickly fond that the effects increase with each soul, and for a while now I have been absorbing dragons' souls much earlier than when the duration could end.""By the way thank the rest of you for listening to the voice inside your heads and not talking. Now, the reason I gathered you here was not because I planned to kill you all in one fell swoop, it was because I got tired of your squabbles and maybe want the throne for myself in the future, I haven't decided on that one yet...""The reason you are fighting, the main reason you both are fighting, the spark that set this civil war, is Thalmor. They butt their noses into our religions, our freedoms, harm our fellow man, and do all kinds of things that not one of us here wants. The Empire knows that we aren't strong enough to defeat Thalmor right now and is trying to gather power using the time they get by giving them the banning of Talos and giving them the rights we all hate they have. Stormcloaks here are fighting because they believe that bowing down isn't their way, they believe that they can win and by bowing down they are commiting a mistake greater than death.""Both of you are right. Ulfric is the high king because he defeated the previous one in a fair and agreed duel for the rule, Empire sporters are angry at him because he used the power of tong in that duel, which they consider magic and kinda have a point though having the tong just proves one has the soul to win. But you may consider me biased without knowing about what using a tong takes so lets skip that part. Ulfric is an idiot and is telling that using tong isn't cheating because it isn't specified, which is the excuse of a child and he should be ashamed of himself for saying that rather than how Torygg agreed Ulfric's use of tong in their duel(or poit out that Ulfric cheated at the moment of defeat). I know this only because I looked through Ulfric's mind."Dragonborn sighs and turned to Tullius: "Ulfric is the rightful king of Skyrim (you can add a line like 'But not the rest of the empire because the duel was actually was only a spar with a bet, the winner got Skyrim and Ulfric got greedy and killed Torygg but when he went to claim his 'rightful' place and get the adoration all he got was cries for vengence for their belowed kind' or something if you want to bash Ulfric), that duel was fair and square, you do not have the right to stand in his way."Dragonborn turns to Ulfric: "But I want a Skyrim that takes care of its people rather than chooses between them. While the option to act like a racist is wise as it brings other racists together and as nords are your people it also brings down the chances of a spy in your army, it also paints a bad picture for after the war. People aren't known for giving up their hatreds easily, it'll take time, and in that time as people go through bad things they shall blame those people you, their leader told them to be inferior, to be distrusted, even if only by example.""What will you do Ulfric? How will you change the hearts of your fellow nords about other races if you win?"

  • celticpride859

    What should have happend,Dragonborn-"I am the Thane of Haafinger, Thane of Whiterun, Thane of Falkreath, Thane of Riften, Thane of the Reach, Thane of the Pale, Thane of Winterhold, Thane of Hjaalmarch, Harbinger of the Companions, Arch-mage of the College of Winterhold, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Guild-master of the Thieves Guild, Member of the Bards College, Dragonslayer of the Blades, Vampireslayer of the Dawnguard, Savior of Solstheim, Champion of the Nine Divines and Champion of sixteen Daedric Princes, Friend to Orcs, Honorary Member of the Moth Priests, Dwemer Expert, Bounty Hunter, Treasure Finder and master of the Thu'um,........I AM THE DRAGONBORN!!! YOU ALL WILL BEND THE KNEE OR DIE BY FIRE!!!!

  • abcdedfafafasf

    This isn't the civil war quest line, it is simply the alduin main quest line... If you did followed the main quest this wouldn't be a surprise.

  • HickoryDickory86

    My hypothetical "third option" is:1) Destroy the Stormcloak rebellion.2) Hand the Reach over to the native Reachmen, granting them independence while, at the same time, making the Reach a new province of the Empire, and reinstate Madanach as its rightful king.3) Upon the Imperial victory in the Rift, install Mjoll the Lioness as Jarl and imprison Maven Blackbriar for murder, corruption, and crimes against humanity.4) Call a Moot of the Jarls who are now loyal to the Dragonborn to elect him/her as the new High King/Queen of Skyrim.5) Tell Delphine and Esbern to shove their opinions up their ass or else GTFO! They are Blades and they serve the Dragonborn, not the other way around.6) Recruit new Blades members, but develop a new system where they combine their Blades training with training at High Hrothgar in the Way of the Voice under Paarthurnax and the Grey Beards. Effectively creating an entirely new order.But alas, the game supposedly filled with choices of earth-shattering significance, offered nothing of the sort. Just linear, on-track quests that make no real difference.

  • Thomas Wiczulis

    there's also a 4th option where nothing happens; it basically goes like this:"We want control of Markarth""No""Oh ok"counsel ends

  • 537monster

    I wish someone would have done something like this during the debates between Hillary and Trump.

  • 七転び八起きLeisure

    I'll never kill Partysnaxx >:c

  • Black Falcon Down

    We can clearly see that Ulfric is here to negotiate, not to make peace, while the Empire had no such plans.The world is in danger, peace has to be made, and Ulfric starts off by wanting the control of Markarth? Do you see now? The true color of the leader of the Stormcloaks.


    not many games let you literally hammer out a truce between two factions.

  • mojobag01

    An empire that bends knee to the Thalmor and ignores it's bond with Akatosh is doomed. May the mingled blood of Aedra and Atmora wash Tamriel clean of dragon and elf.

  • No name No name

    This isn't a 3rd option, the war can continue

  • Sal

    If only people were this passionate with real politics.

  • Paulina S

    I'm actually suprised to see Galmar to behave this civil and yeah it figures Tulluis would bring his buddy Elenwen to this... I'm glad there's option to kick her out.

  • Mikelis Brown

    Norda are basicly like the native Americans. The empire just went and annexed their land without many of their permission, and then attempted to turn Nord's against nords. The nords deserve a homeland free of foreign government.

  • Rachel Hernandez

    I'm so against the terms! How could you give Markarth to the nords!? How could you even think of given Mavern riften?!

  • Riael Kratek

    What do you mean third option O_oWhat are the other two?

  • Guldar Heel

    I never understood why they had to swap cities to begin with. Makes no sense at all. Just don't attack Whiterun during this period of time. Why is that so hard and what the hell does it have to do with swapping other cities?

  • Jordan B

    My 3rd option is become vampire lord, then upon the last civil war mission simply transform and summon an army of gargoyles, vampires, conjured assisanins and to kill everyone else. Use vampire grip to throw genral tulius and ulfric stormcloak around. If you are given mission failed consider it a sucsess and win for the new vampire high king. Become thane of every city to establish authority eoth guards and switch the gear of every mercinary to build your vampire army with a uniform.

  • Joshua P.

    There needs to be a third faction you lead and you take the stormclocks and imperials under you as you become the high king and fight the thalmor.

  • Islarf

    "War" -> "Season unending"The season doesn't seem to change in skyrim in the game xD...War never changes....

  • Paladin Danse

    So what exactly happens if you have one side with only one hold.

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