Skyrim Special Edition Trailer - E3 2016 Bethesda Press Conference

Watch the Skyrim Special Edition trailer seen at the Besthesda Conference at E3 2016.

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  • CountThrobula

    So basically they are putting the PC version on consoles

  • Tacocheesesoda

    its good to know the developers can mod to

  • Silver Fang

    Could have been The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Reborn.

  • SomeRandomDoctor

    Hopefully loading times wont be as dreadful

  • Zachary Silverman

    Good thing skyrim for the pc is already remastered lol

  • Devil Driver92

    This better be at 60 fps or else my hype for this has gone down the toilet.

  • 1LuckyPanda Productions

    So now they're selling pre-modded Skyrim.


    Elders Scrolls : Skyrim "the too lazy to install mod" edition

  • Gerry Rivaldy

    they just adding already existed mods

  • Deep Mondal

    My modded version looks better than this shit.

  • Xtremekid0623

    I don't know why PC double chinned neckbeards are complaining about this. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY IT.

  • FreelanceXD

    Ah, my PC version looks better, but I'm sure this will be a lot more stable.

  • bob smith


  • Silver Akstilettos

    Special Edition? So they're just selling people a very lightly modded Skyrim. And idiots will buy it.

  • Jake Bledsoe

    or you could have made elder scrolls 6...

  • ViperVenom811

    I am a PS4 gamer because I can't afford the ungodly high prices of PCs (and good Internet) and I am really hyped for this game

  • striker fullforce

    I don't get why people are hating on this? I mean pc isn't the only system skyrim plays on, gotta think of the console players. I'm so excited for this XD

  • MiracleWarriors

    Does it comes with all original payed DLCs ?That vampire dlc rocked and I hope it is included on this new Skyrim game.

  • LHMeek

    I wonder if achievements are going to be disabled when mods are enabled like on fallout.

  • John Spartan117

    people should be happy that's mods are finally on consoles. sure it's limited and pre selected but this gives console gamers a chance to to know what it's like to have mods on a game and probably give people an interest in buying a PC to further there modding experience.

  • subject_17

    Out of all the badass names they can choose, they picked special edition. wtf

  • Jengobengo Fvaett

    Wow this game graphically looks way better than fallout 4 or should i say fallshit 4 because it was shit on the ps4 it ran at 20 frames per second bleh!it's no wonder the witcher 3 won game of the year and not fallshit 4!Anyway I have high hopes that Skyrim will run perfectly smooth 30 Frames per second and not dip down to 20 or 15 like fallshit 4!

  • vOrbZv

    So many complainers here. TES 6 might come whenever and nobody cares if it looks worse than the pc mods or anything.Let the people who couldnt before have it how it should be

  • AussieHD

    I absolutely can't wait for this 🙌🏼 I was already excited enough but then I saw mods and my jaw just dropped 😂

  • JJrock132

    I'm only getting this game again if all the most annoying bug in skyrim history is gone remember when you get lift from the sky and die just to get a daedric weapon

  • Digital _

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! When is it coming Bethesda!?!?! WHEN!?!?!

  • Peeks Productions

    You guys do know that PC players who already own the DLC will get this version for free, right? This is Bethesda thanking the PC players and modders for extending this game's lifespan.

  • ZeroDynamite

    Let's hope that it's not locked at 30fps

  • Adriel Aviles

    I've been waiting for this for what seems like ages. YES!!!

  • strongly mediocre

    Comments in a nutshell: Salt salt and more salt.

  • SSJD

    You people were all hype for it but when it get confirmed its all negativity towards it

  • The_Gay_Charlie

    it's worse than I thought

  • Icantaffordcollege

    I can't wait to jump back in. It looks great!

  • QLCHerald

    SWEEET JESUS! This is what I needed!

  • Denting Zero4

    I'm so fricking excited for this

  • The Anarchiist!


  • Chris Anders

    YES!looks so much better! Gonna be the 3rd time I buy Skyrim lol

  • MrBaconman29

    its on pc as well ik ik ohh there are already modsbut this looks more like an enb to me and it looks better than my current modded game and mine is very unstablei will buy this just so that i dont have to spend so much time dealing with crashes, mod updating, and corrupt files

  • flan alflany

    now I can play it with new graphics and mods

  • ChocolateMilkMonster

    got me rock hard, time to drop out of school again.

  • #Smile Gaming

    Awesome (: I would of preferred a fo3 remaster.. But Skyrim is dope also! Kinda wish it was coming out like next week.. But I guess I can wait til October .. ( I don't have a choice )

  • Elitist Prince Dizzy

    so they are adding that 2012 graphics mods... whats the name of it... damn there's so many of them

  • Uragan5

    so... PC version with a nice ENB, texture and DoF mods? K.

  • 38-Slug

    will we be able to play on our previous gen save files ??starting all over would be pointless imo

  • Sedgwickmusic

    The game is not even a decade old yet, still feels fresh when playing on console, and even better on PC. Bethesda, draw a new crowd, the crowd that missed out on all the nostalgia that Oblivion and Morrowind gave to all the series' roots (fans). I believe an Oblivion remaster or Morrowind would've been the right choice by far. Some could say doing it to Skyrim was easier and so that was their go-to for a quick cash grab, who knows really.

  • Sam Knight

    Is it just me, or was this the most useless thing to do? Any other Elder Scrolls title would've been an immediate buy for me. This is such an obvious cash cow milking that I think i' turning lactose intollerant.

  • EmeraldEyeProductions

    As a console gamer I'm really excited to finally have mods, but I mean you couldn't have remastered Oblivion? Or Morrowind?

  • Kevin eleven duelist

    They should have added a multiplayer option tbh though. Or a multiplayer mod :U

  • The Overseer

    jesus this game does not need a remaster especially since it still won't look as good as modded versions of the game. Oblivion or morrowind would have been sick seeing as the graphics and gameplay are outdated

  • JaysWays

    if you have a PC, you already have Skyrim Remastered. And other mods. for free.

  • jin pheonix

    looks pretty but I never finished it on 360 not because I didn't enjoy It I put over 500 hours into it and do i don't fancy paying and restarting it again I'd rather they just make the old one backwards compatible so I could finish it and seeing PC players who bought it and the dlc get it free I'd a mick take I bought it and all the dlc then got the legendary edition and so now there releasing a remastered probably not with the original dlc and I'd have to pat full retail as if its and brand new game don't get me wrong I bet its a huge improvement on the original and is probably going to be fantastic but I'll probably have to give it a miss

  • Marko Oppa

    WIll it have the Dawnguard and Dragonborn quests?

  • Andrew Bacon

    YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!....okay yes you can. :3

  • cristian2452

    i have 170 mods in my pc version and my game is stable whit good look and good framerate. is still better that this version... but is OK for console to feel a bit of the potential of the pc comunity whit that mods...

  • EliteHD

    lol salty PC Players already getting what they got before haha

  • The Red Death

    Solitude looks beautiful.

  • Joey Slootjes

    But... this is basically just the PC version with all dials turned to the right with some visual mods cramped into the base game. Would have atleast expected improved animations, redone dialogue system like Fallout 4 and a voiced protagonist for each playable race and gender. Cheap move Bethesda.

  • James The Viking

    So, as someone who doesn't care about framerate, mods, or graphics, this adds absolutely nothing for me.But then again, it is more Skyrim. I hope we can transfer out save files

  • Thee Stove Frost

    Well I'll never need to play anything else ever again

  • Bobo

    Why don't they remaster a good ES game like Oblivion or Morrowind..... Don't get me wrong I like Skyrim but to remaster it this early is stupid plus most people already got bored of it.

  • Christan Middleton

    That moment when you've played Skyrim so much that you "Save" IRL before opening doors...having conversations...or sleep O_o

  • EliteHD

    Why is there alot of salty PC nerds below?We get it, it looks the same as your modded skyrim.But as a console gamer I'm definetly getting this game.If you don't like it don't get it. Stick with mods ;)

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