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  • et Han of Astora

    Anything to support the Thalmor's downfall


    I always tricked her just because it was easier than fighting 4 guys at once in a cave.

  • Pumpkin Smasher

    Saadia pays you 600 septims for not turning her inAlikr warriors only give you 150 for itShes innocent as far as my wallet is concerned

  • Yum vs. Yuck

    I think i remember killing all the Alik’r warriors because they killed my dog and then i killed Saadia because i was annoyed that she sent me there and got my dog killed.

  • jjfajen

    My favorite line of dialogue in this quest is when Sadia pulls out an iron dagger and says,"I'll cut you in half!" While I'm wearing steel plate armor.

  • Jared from Subway

    I side with Kematu usually, he seems wayyy to honorable and just overall nice to be an assassin. Also, his story makes more sense. But, I have to say, and I wish there was a dialogue option for this, the Alik’r in jail really favors Saadia’s story more. He makes the Alik’r seem much more radical and deceiving, saying, “i shouldn’t have been caught” implying the Alik’r were doing something bad enough to be put in jail. He also says that the second the Dragonborn goes to Swindler’s Den the Alik’r will kill him, which sounds a lot more like a group of violent assassins to me. When you get to the cave, you kill lots of bandits, and then finally meet the Alik’r and Kematu. Kematu says, “You have proven your strength in battle, and there does not need to be anymore bloodshed today.” This implies that Alik’r actually either had a pact or something of some sort with the bandits, as bandits attack almost anyone on sight- but the Alikr knew of their existence and were left unharmed. Also, the way the line, “there does not need to be any more bloodshed today” is phrased just feels like Kematu had met some of this bandits. It is possible that Kematu knew that the Dragonborn was powerful, maybe powerful enough to kill him and the Alik’r and decided to make peace, make up his own story, and play along so there is a chance that the Dragonborn helps Kematu reach his goals instead of the Dragonborn becoming a roadblock.Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of holes in Saadia’s story but all the Alik’r in the game (with the exception of Kematu, since I hypothesize he is acting) are very radical, and often invading if not violent.

  • Professor Bearington

    1 NPC walking around in a tavern that you possibly can see everyday vs 4 people that you will never see again. I like the city being as populated as possible.

  • Reggie the bunkler

    Saadia is actually a real Arabic name (I know this because that’s the name of my friend’s sister) and it’s not pronounced sayda it’s pronounced saa-dei-a, just wanted to point that out

  • gilathir

    I don't disagree, but there are some flaws. Consider. She threatens you yes, but is stuttering when she does it. This is clearly not a woman that has EVER killed anyone with her own hands. She trusts you. Enough to walk into a trap just on your say so. And most importantly of all, she betrayed her city, but apparently got nothing out of it. She, a noble woman from Hammerfell is serving sweaty Nords beer in a backwater like Skyrim. So if she did do it, then why? Not for power or gold. Then consider Kematu. The guy in the prison says, "If you know that name then you know it means death." Or something like that. They break the law of Whiterun in an attempt to enter, assault Red Guard women on the road. He's pretty much a cold blooded killer who will do anything to achieve his objective. Let's not delude ourselves if his orders had been to kill her, he would have. So is she a traitor that betrayed her people. probably, but WHY? And is her going back to be publicly executed by someone like Kematu justice? Maybe not. It all hinges in that WHY. Did she betray her people in the hopes of using the Aldemarri Dominion, (That might not be spelled right), to overthrow corrupt leaders and noble houses? To gain vengeance against them for some reason? Without the WHY, you don't know what is truly Justice here. Just my opinion. Feel free to disagree. But I always side with her, just because I don't like Kematu's style. Enjoy playing Skyrim guys.

  • uumlau

    My head-canon is that both sides are lying. Both sides claim to be against the Aldmeri Dominion. Saadia/Iman is THE person who caused an entire city to fall?! I really doubt that. And if she were to have done that, she clearly didn't get paid enough.Instead, I think what is going on is politics between noble houses in Hammerfell. One possibility is that there was some kind of minor offense, such as Saadia refusing the advances of some noble scion, and he uses his influence to fake charges and ruin her life. In such a scenario, the mercenaries are "honest", but their actions are an unjust consequence of the politics.Another possibility, a bit more likely in my estimation, is that some noble wants Saadia for his own purposes (could be anything from wanting her as a concubine or perhaps she knows something critical and that knowledge would be lost if she is killed) and has hired mercenaries to enact his will. I think this is a bit more likely because the mercenaries aren't approaching the problem as a diplomatic issue. Skyrim is no fan of the Aldmeri Dominion, so it should be easy to make diplomatic advances to the Jarl and enlist the Whiterun guard to help out. But no, they manage to make themselves entirely unwelcome by sneaking in acting more or less like thieves or bandits and not as the representatives of noble houses in Hammerfell. The only reason that they would fail to do so from the outset is that they know their story won't hold up if anyone makes an official inquiry.Saadia's lies come across to me like the lies that an abused woman tells. Her beauty plus her scars plus her pulling out the dagger add to this impression of mine. Note that a dagger is a pathetic weapon against a warrior or mage who wants to kill her, but is EXTREMELY effective as a weapon against someone trying to rape her. Kematu's lies come across to me as someone trying to sound more official than he really is.That all said, I think that this still being debated almost 7 years after the game was released tells us that this quest was designed JUST RIGHT. The writers purposefully don't give you enough information. People are as likely to believe one side as the other. You have to use your own judgment, and there is nothing else in the game that nails down what the "correct" interpretation is. This is why people still play this game.

  • Dexter Nelson

    Lol. My comment explaining why she's innocent keeps getting deleted. Touchy, touchy

  • John Q Public

    Only place I would take Saadia is poundtown.

  • MarvelDCFanGal

    Am I the only one who decided to save Saadia simply because I wanted the loot in Swindler's Den?

  • Xecryo

    I just got Skyrim and here was my thought process and the path I followed:-The two that set you off to find her refuse to reveal why they want you to. That's pretty suspicious to me.-Saadia gets ready to attack you which is frankly a normal reaction for anyone on the run. She then enlists your help and I emphasize WITHOUT mentioning a reward of any sort (unless you bring it up first) so she is appealing to our better nature.-In talking to the prisoner he only talks once you have secured his release. While he says it's because they abandoned him he could also be trying to exit and report back to Kematu about their quarry.-You fight though bandits just to talk to Kematu and only talks once you actually reach his chamber. This makes me suspicious.-He explains she sold out her people another claim which we cannot readily prove unless we manipulate time and space and see every possible ending the game offers. But the one thing that struck me is when he mentions what she may have offered me, because he's doing two of those things both appealing to my better nature by giving me the story of her betrayal AND offering me money which again Saadia does not unless prompted to.-So on the one hand Saadia seems genuinely desperate and the other Kematu seems very decietful. Getting his quarry is a primary concern and he clearly has money and backing if he can offer a portion of a bounty he has not collected yet. Yes he is camping in a cave but he also has his two agents in Rorikstead and likely they are a front to stay covert. You hear about two Redguard stayiing in a small town and you think nothing of it. You hear of what 8+ satying there and Saadia will hear about it through the grapevine and get ready to potentially flee.-They do want her alive as well which again strikes me as suspicious because remember Saadia says they want to "sell her blood for gold" which we forget in a game with Deadra and werewolves could be taken literally. So perhaps if she dies they cannot harvest her blood or be used as a sacrifice or w/e. Or possibly she could even be a slave of someone else that escaped hence her supposed penchant for manipulating others.-So for me it was decision time on whether to kill Kematu or betray Saadia. Saadia is living in an Inn working a blue collar job and always looking over her shoulder and begging a complete stranger for help. Kematu is hiding in a cave with financial backing and has caused enough problems to be banned from Whiterun (I'd add every now and then after this I've seen Redguard women being harassed. It seems to me that is Kematu is telling the truth Saadia is living a much lesser life than before exiled and on the run. If she is guilty, her existence is kinda punishment enough and if she is innocent might as well let her live in peace. Since I can't make a third decision it seemed to me that helping Saadia was the "right" thing in the sense it would ensure that evil suffered some and good suffered less kinda like a Do no harm mentality. Kematu died. Even given what I've seen here I think it's the right call. I mean either way the Aldmeri Dominion is involved and we know they like to manipulate people into being scapegoats.

  • Archer Langfield

    The Alikr are hella shady. They act like mercenaries. They hide out in "SWINDLERS" Den. Nothing about what they say make sense, but that's just me.

  • Arc66

    I just kill both sides, problem solved.

  • MiniKitty Gaming

    I always side with Kematu. It's faster.-Talk to Saadia-Go to Rorikstead-Talk with The Ali'kr-Bring her to stables-Done

  • Satou Kazuma

    Not really a hard decision in my perspective... Considering how there’s white knights everywhere, that gets tempted because of her gender

  • Megis Channel

    Saadia used her female beauty to deceive the last dragonborn man.Never trust anyone who tries to use sexual perversiveness and/or beauty to get someone to do something.

  • Apathy

    i don't think the Bethesda created this with a right or wrong answer i think they made it purposely ambiguous, however they should of made a right or wrong answer but they did not leaving with body guards would draw attention however she did lie saying she wasn't aware of the regards but she knew one had been locked in the holding cells she was aware of their movements but that does not prove anything kametu was rational but his a contract killer manipulating the public is his job the urn could just be because she is missing and assumed dead but like i said neither side really gives any real signs off truth or lie no signs have any proof sadia shows very few signs of a royal up bringing she does have a good complexion but she does not speak in a royal manner at all no royal seals, no royal ring no royal anything kametu had no legal documents or anything to show who he was working for a hit man will know his target in and out, he will have a profile on them especially if they flee it's a shame bethesda did not add a option were you can go to the thalmor and ask about sadia especially if your a high elf another question i ask i why did kametu leave his fellow guard in the cell, "their is no honour among thieves"(i think the thieves guild say that) yes he was sloppy but if they are under one leader normally the leader will prioritise unnecessary casualties and all they needed was to pay bail meaning they have a individual mindset like mercs who our a group (a group is a bunch of people with the same goal but working individually) not a team(were the whole team is in it for each other) and you were even able to pay him off for information proving they have no loyalties unless they are a bad team but they are meant to be royal guards unlike those "for king and country" people both sides were flawed with none having any evidence both made very general statements and both withdrew information well the kametu withheld more on first approach but sadia was backed into a corner so oh one thing is you should of use the option to were you challenge her and she backs down quickly it shows you her attack was bluff there is so much more but it's too long

  • Helder Julio

    I always knew She was guilty, and the hammerfelt "Assassin's" was the right side. However Skyrim have soo low beautiful redguard females, even with scarrs in the face. When i Saw saadia First time, before that mission beginns, ive fall in love of her. Painfull, making that mission, i was enable ot killing or givin her to the redguards. So, ive sided with her, knowing She was a bad girl. After the conclusion ot the mission and the dead of the redguards, i have used One mod who made her a strong near immortal companion. She beginns to Share my adventures. Long after i used other mod of marriage. Yeap, i had married with saadia. Finally i used a third mod, who clean her face of that sexy scarrs. My marriage present to her. And She is the most beautiful and sexy woman in Skyrim...even if she was bad as a snake girl. Now, me, Saadia, Lucia and Sofie, we are a happy family!...(alternative ending).

  • Jonathan Yanesa

    The game is almost 8 years old but someone's still doing reviews/gameplays for it.That's how you know if a game is golden 😍

  • LordSheoGorath 87

    She's super guilty if you know the lore hammerfell is a independent nation fighting the thalmor plus she already knew they were looking for her but said she wasn't sure why

  • J. Jonah Jameson

    One interesting sidenote, if you turn Saadia in and check the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun later, you find her remains and belongings in a casket. I thought you were just bringing her back to Hammerfell alive to stand trial, Kematu? Was that a lie too?I'm personally of the opinion that neither side is truly aligned with the Thalmor and both sides are lying about the other being so to elicit sympathy, and the truth is it's just Redguard internal politics spilling over the border.In which case, it becomes a question of power dynamics. It's several heavily armed assassins vs. a possibly innocent woman on her own in a foreign country. And I never punch down.

  • Ashlee Beck

    Oh look at that i seem to have lost my keys😂😂 man these guards in skyrim are so savage.

  • The Third Crusader

    Both sides lie to some extent.Let's take Saadia at her word. She spoke out against the Dominion. The Alik'r are assassins. She's on the run. She's a no be of house Suda in Hammerfell.That makes no sense because the Dominion wouldn't hire the Alik'r, because they invaded them and were sent packing. The Alik'r are, at most, mercenaries, but no matter how much money they were offered they wouldn't work for the Dominion. Besides, it would be more cost effective for the Dominion to send out a hit squad of their own. If your a noble wouldn't you be under protection from your house, or at least be able to hire some help, like, say... THE ALIK'RNow let's assume Kematu is telling the truth. Saadia is a traitor and sold Taneth out to the Aldmeri Dominion. They are bounty hunter here to capture her.They are in Swindlers Den surrounded and guarded by paid off bandits. While it's not entirly honorable it doesn't mean they're evil either. Saadia sold Taneth out, why go to Skyrim? Would she not seek the protection of the Dominion? Something doesn't make sense, either Saadia is lying about them being assassins or Kematu is lying about Saadia selling Taneth out....that or Saadia has a limited sense of self preservation.I usually kill Kematu AFTER telling him to meet me at the Whiterun stables. There I can take him on alone and get around 200 gold from his corpse and receive the 500 or so gold from Saadia. 700 in total 1,000 if you let Kematu go through with it, kill him, and calm Saadia. I just never have a calm spell or the magicka to cast it. Plus, I took out some sellsword competition. For I am also an Alik'r Mercenary.

  • Adski H

    Hammerfell would be sick as ES6 or ES7 I can picture it and it would be amazing

  • right light

    Well Kematu is a liar because he is an assassins for the oppressive Aldermi Dominion. When you trick her he says she will receive a trial but literally 2 days later her body is found in the Whiterun Hall of Dead. KEMATU IS A LIAR.

  • equesdeventusoccasus

    I think that they both are lying, but with elements of the truth in their tales. She does sound and act like a noble. On the other hand if she really was the traitor he claimed, Kematu's orders would have allowed for the possibility that she wouldn't come willingly and would fight to the death rather than return to face justice. Nobody would care if the traitor died along the way. Finally why did Kematu hit her with a paralysis spell when they met perhaps to keep her from running, but he made no move to put her in restraints before she came out of it (and those spells are always short lived.) It's almost as if he simply didn't want her speaking while you were around. Finally, when you hand her over, he says they can finally return home. When you kill her in front of him he says you ruined everything.If he and his men were sent off by a parent(s) to retrieve their daughter, especially if said parents blamed Kematu, for their daughter's disappearance, like say if she eloped with one of his men, the parents would be likely to say don't return without her safe and sound. If the city fell while they were away chasing her Kematu might blame her for the fall because he and his men could have made the difference. If in a previous encounter, Kematu killed her love, she would feel justified calling him and his men assassins. Given standard Elder Scrolls in game books and tales, this is a very likely scenario. It also plays well with the, "which side do you choose," aviance Skyrim has. It places her in a better light than Kematu. I say this because, from the Redguard point of view (referencing the description Trayvond from Oblivion gave of their culture's view of magic users being similar to the Nords) Kematu probably would not have been popular in Hammerfell. Magic wasn't forbidden to a Redguard, but they were despised if they used it. Making the Alik'r very unusual Redguards. One, if one was Redguard, might even think that if they would stoop to magic use, how far from assassins could they be? Especially if you were in love with someone that a magic using warrior killed.

  • Istaka

    Pretty sure both of them are lying. The prisoner in Whitrune really scared with Kamatu, and he also said we gonna dead of we meet him. Kamatu negotiate with us because because we kill all the bandit and he is not the type of person who gonna risk his entire life to kill a person who is not his target. Even Kamatu was really smart, he manipulating us without us even realize it. Soo I just kill both of them.

  • Old Longfellow

    You make a compelling case with evidence and reason.....however, saadia has bobs and vagene and they also make a compelling case

  • Connor Nicholas

    Siding with the Alik'r is faster, but siding with Saadia makes the quest's story longer and more enjoyable. Even so, I think I might go against Saadia next time.

  • beepbeep

    Its literally just come out that Zenimax has trademarked the name "Redfall", and its fact that since Morrowind, Bethesda have been putting hints/easter eggs in previous games about what the next TES game will be about. If this is to be believed and TES 6 is really set in Hammerfell as the name "Redfall" suggests, could this be the hint/easter egg we've been looking for? That this game is about Hammerfell and the Thalmor?

  • Kurt Revail

    I always help Saadia for a very specific group reasons.1. Kematu ain't foolin nobody with that 'bring her to justice' crap, he's just a bounty hunter they probably gave him the old 'half now half later' bit, he brings her as corpse he gets the other half of his pay, but if he brings her in unspoiled he gets a nice little bonus.2. the Alik'r were rude...didn't appreciate that shit..., and that whole business with her pulling a knife on me was understandable to be honest I would have been more suspicious of her if she didn't.and of course the most important reason of all.3. either one of them could have been lying and I didn't have enough info to know which of them was the bullshiter but there was one thing I knew to be true, if she goes with him she's dead. bonus reason4. she hired me first so unfortunately for him I had a job do. ( 4 is more of a guide line then a actual reasons.)

  • D Ket

    She doesn't say she'll keep her ROOTS here, she says RUSE. She continues with here ruse at the inn, because the threat of more people comming after her...

  • .DaspY.


  • Anti-HyperLink

    Is there special dialogue if you play as a Redguard woman?

  • Holding

    I side with Saadia every playthrough for several reason:1. That chick is hot2. There's a Bosmer named Malborn that help you sneak your gears in to the Thalmor Embassy during the main quest. If you manage to help him escape alive, you will encounter him later at the New Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm. He's trying to find a way fleeing to Morrowind but a Khajit assassin being sent by the Thalmor camping waiting for him at the Windhelm main entraince. He askes the Dragonborn for help. The assassin wearing exactly like a typical Khajit drug dealer.I trusted Malborn. The case is similar with Saadia's, but the difference is that you already know about Malborn's story.3. It's Skyrim, there is a bunch of strangers running in to your land wearing weapons trying to kill another stranger asking for your help, will you let it happen?

  • Earl

    In the next elder scrolls i hope they add an Easter egg that explains her fate. Whither it be in a ledger or book or idle chatter.

  • 不動

    Why are you unable to pronounce 'Saadia' correctly? They even say it in-game. Do you have some sort of disability?

  • Fatguyatwork26

    Never trust Saadia... And most importantly Never Trust a Lusty Argonian Maid

  • MAL

    I Sided with the chick because she sexy and I got a mod that let's my character have his way with her.

  • josh lawton

    Fight 5 guys to save her and get no special dialogue. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch

  • Alexander Seibel

    you have your point friend, but I always help her because, she doesnt lie, she sais they want her for gold and give her to exicution, not kill her, but my biggest point is, that they are hidden in that swindlers dan...you think they dont lie??? someone who had his reasons to run away to skyrim should be safe in his sanctuary...I dont think she lied to me, but I think even if she did, shes in skyrim now and there is no reason to chop her head off anymore

  • Scott Hadden

    Most of the "evidence" for both sides are almost entirely circumstantial, there is no clear cut, this side is guilty. For one, an Assassin is simply a hired killer, the fact that the Alik'r are willing to shack up with bandits kind of says they either have very low living standards or aren't exactly loved by the law themselves. Why would the Alik'r, which if what you're saying are a mercenary company, hire bandits, who will flip on them for a better offer, to protect/conceal their location, which you can actually hear two bandits discussing if you remain undetected. The place they live is also quite clearly meant to make you distrust the Alik'r, Swindler's Den. A swindler being someone who cons you out of a prize or reward, and a den being a home, so the Alik'r basically live in a house for conmen. Further, if Saadia really did sell out Taneth, her first port of call would be Cyrodiil, not Skyrim, because a) it's geographically closer than the closest city in Skyrim and b) would make her unable to be sent back to Hammerfell, as Cyrodiil is a stable region of the Empire, and Hammerfell is no longer part of the empire, it has no influence, even mercenaries in the employ of returning someone there would be prevented from doing so.

  • Stuart Ward

    I normally side with Kematu for 3 reasons.1) the Dominion normally send their own people whenever they want someone dead instead of hiring mercenaries to do it for them.2) the Alik'r fought against the Dominion during the great war which would make the Dominion hiring them extremely unusual.3) coming from personal experience in Saadias case I find people that secretive (especially women) are rarely trustworthy.

  • J C

    when she pulled the knife on me in the attic I laughed out loud

  • SkullyTheHypnoSkull

    Kematu says they should be the best of the best. He's not the best. Perhaps he is better than you, and you aren't good enough to beat him because he is the best of the best, not you. Best of the best, and I doubt he has 1 skill at 100, the fool. If you are an npc with that philosophy, you die by the player character unless your death is boring or you don't have any good drops. The Dragonborn is the best of the best, so according to Kematu's philosophy, Kematu should obey whatever the dragonborn wishes or die like a pathetic non-player character who will never be as good as every player character (there might be people who can't beat the game, in which case Kematu is the better than the worse, but he's not the best of the best like he says he needs to be.) But maybe you think Kematu is better than you? Perhaps he is the best of the best, and you are not? That is what you agree to if you do not kill him. So I can say my dragonborn character is better than yours, because I slayed kematu and all of his pathetic followers eventhough Kematu said he was better than you.If they are honorable, they ought to be honored to be killed by you according to their own philosophy. They know that they have no argument, they believe in might is right. Npc's are never stronger than players. (I believe the ebon knight knows this on some level, thus he is warrior who on some level has a death wish; while Kematu is too stupid to fight with armor and call himself the best of the best.)They think you only care about gold, but gold is so easy to get it is meaningless. When you get the quest and you ask why they are after her, they say it doesn't matter, all that matters is the money. When you confront the leader all he does is offer you money and tells you what you want to hear. If all they care about is money, they should respect the fact that Saddia paid you to kill them (eventhough you aren't doing it for money, but Kematu is too inept to have any other idea in his script and can't be told otherwise and he thinks he is responsible enough to deal death? Those redguard are unfit to execute anyone), in which case they only "live by the sword." When you live by the sword you die by the sword. When you fight for Saddia, you are fighting for more than money and you are not living by the sword. They deserve to be killed because they understood that they need to be the best of the best, but they aren't. You better be 100% sure that you are the best of the best if that is your philosophy (and the only way you can be 100% sure is if your a the main character of the story.) To agree with them, you need to say Kematu is the best of the best warriors in Skyrim! He's not! For that reason alone, they are wrong in the argument. If you want to take Kematu's side, you need to agree he is the best of the best! Perhaps he is better than the character you made?On top of all that, it's no secret that she spoke out against the Aldmeri Dominion in public. Talos is real, when you have the shout powers the blessings have an effect. They are lying to you too because they think they can bury Talos because no one can shout and see the physical effects of the blessing. Screw the Aldmeri Dominion.They think they can get away with it because you have to fight all 20 of them at once. They live by the sword, and so they die by the sword when a dragonborn with an attitude comes around. Kematu knew he had to be the best of the best, but he is not the best of the best (he doesn't even have ebony armor, the fool fights without armor and uses swords???), he was not what he needed to be according to his own philosophy and had no business harrassing women all over the freaking country. The ebon knight understands this when he fights you, the ebon knight is almost the best of the best but he knows on some level he will die when he fights you. I haven't seen the avengers movies, but I've read the infinity gauntlet series; and although Captain America stands no chance against Thanos he tells Thanos that he will lose because there will always be someone with a desire to arise to defeat tryanny, eventhough Captain America is crushed like a fly but Captain America is willing to die because he knows that if he is willing to die others like him will arise amd the tryanny will always be defeated as long there is a desire in men's hearts for FREEDOM! Captain America knows he is not the best of the best, but he knows that as long as there is injustice someone will stand against it if he is willing to die for it.Those Alikir would be harassing Haseems wife, stuck in her books and not caring about her brat of child if she wasn't protected by the walls of the city. I think Haseem's wife would kill herself if she wasn't protected from the harrasment of the Redguard, she's definately mental. She's got enough problems withiout Redguard harrassing her over her. She would kill herself if those Redguard were allowed in the city. Saddia lives in whiterun so she isn't harassed by their opinions, what more do they need? All they do is harrass and they don't talk about their philosphy, they tell you what they think you want to hear. Kematu is your friend, not mine. Sadia is Whiterun's most loyal bar wench who never runs out of mead! I swear, those Redguard weren't allowed in the city because they are harrassing people over things they do not understand, and they don't care about mead.

  • VladiSSius

    The "Alik'r" is nothing more than paid mercenaries. They are paid to pose as real Hammerfell Alik'r warrior in Skyrim and to kill important person of the House of Suda. First of all, to set up false flag as if Alik'r (under house Teneth) is killing their own allies for their own political gain in Hammerfell. Then after Saadia dies, House of Suda would be looking for justice on House of Teneth. Remember, the resistance is alive and well, meaning that some Hammerfell (forced-fully) sided with Aldmeri Dominion and others are in the resistance. In short, the Aldmeri playing their best game - divide et impera. Thalmor did just right at that with Skyrim, they'd be trying with Hammerfell too.Not to mention, the presence of Hammerfell military unit in Skyrim would add up more political burden to the fragile Aldmeri-Imperial aggreement and made the political situation between Imperials and Stormcloacks even more chaotic. Aldmeri spies would "notice" and voice their "objection for allowing Hammerfell military unit enters Skyrim" to Solitude and force even more stricter law in Skyrim, all in all to stir more chaos between Stormcloacks and Imperials for the Dominion's own gain. They don't have to go and kill all of Skyrim; all they need to do is to make open civil war "possible" and then the Dominion would come in and "restore peace". That first step starts with setting up false flag in Whiterun; kill Saadia. With only one stone, 2 province taken - Skyrim has been in a civil war, and the Hammerfell would soon taste it's own."Don't fall for pretty face." I also like to add : "Don't fall for honeyed works." All these "Alik'r Warriors" speak exactly like snakeoil salesmen. Poison covered in sweet honey. Don't fall for them!

  • Emojiii

    I've realised that in my Skyrim gameplay there are no female guards!!!

  • Pratim Gupta

    Side with Alikr and Stormcloaks. Bring in the Argonians as Support.Time for another Alliance war

  • A Rock

    Still wanna smash tho so...

  • Jason Voorhees

    Saadia is innocent cuz politicians are always lying and shoe-licking to save their sorry hides! Skyrim is like that, Hammerfall is no expectation!

  • Sheba Lathoria

    According to the lore of the ragada , the majority ended up becoming sell swords and usually work in small groups. But the alikir are a group of assassins if I'm not mistaken. There is also a huge civil war in hammerfell between the old ways and the new. But I remember killing them because one of the dialogue said they would kill her when they were safe out of skyrim, but that could be bad memory. Another thing is that, after you kill her if he was to being her back and be rewarded....why didn't he kill you? They been there for God knows how long and now their mission is failed and a Noble is dead.

  • mimi love

    What if they were lovers, one betrayed the other and it became a chase? 😂 So they would both just lie 😁

  • qwertyMrJINX

    Is it really so hard to re-record when you flub a line?

  • jtomally9681

    Personally, I think Saadia is innocent. The whole thing is a twisted work from both ends.


    What's the name of that graphics mod and is it on xbox

  • AskingMaaike

    4:23 At first she was all surprised that the Alik'r were in the city and then suddenly she heard one of them just got locked up? 🤨

  • The Bright Eclipse

    Who else was annoyed at him saying Saaida?

  • Ryk Latortuga

    Saadia got me a frosty frothy pint of Honningbrew Mead the first time I walked into the Bannered Mare.  So she has to be cool. Kematu  - milk drinker.

  • DJ MK

    You could get both 1,000g by killing them both but you would need a spell to calm everyone to do so

  • Liam Rich

    Do a video on saviors hide armor it's is so unique and cool looking I've just got it

  • The Funny Dovakhiin

    Eso you always have interest video but when are you going to Do another lets play could you do a morrowind one I think it would be interesting. For some reason idk if its just me you sound different in this video

  • MaximilianMus Weeb Squad code#001

    But if she really had sold the city to others,wouldnt she escape to the people she had sold the city to and be treated well

  • jokester390

    my favorite part was the bear rawr 😂🤣

  • Smellacath

    ugh your skyrim is too bright for my eyes

  • Midori Dad

    I always felt she was guilty because of the two stories. The Warriors looking for her story added up way too good. I kill her every time.

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