NOT Skyrim

I tried out 100+ Skyrim mods at once...
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Game ▸ Skyrim
Outro ▸ Junk - Yellow Smile
  • Jameskii

    Hope you enjoyed the video! Do you think I should start streaming all these games again?

  • itsJall

    Leaked footage of Skyrim VR

  • Cringe City

    3:40 morrowind nostalgia

  • Mac

    What did I watch....I WATCHED THE BEST INTRO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AlyGrace


  • Yung Krabz

    Look what those damn High elves did to skyrim!

  • Squattingturtle

    Your friend sounds like one of those program voices used to read documents,

  • erikfishy3000

    that guy sounds like a text to speech voice

  • Professor Doctor DickButt

    you should have tried the Skyrim multiplayer mod

  • VeryPeeved

    psh, 100+ mods? that's peanuts. come back when you have 350+ installed.

  • Deenhan

    I was drinking my Coke at 5:50 and spat it out. BAZINGA!!!

  • Nyx PenDragon

    Is that carnival phantasm?

  • yy xx

    yo that other guy sounds like Stephen Hawkings robot voice

  • RIndy ALmighty OSiris

    what dance mod + song on that video :'v

  • Feri Khoros

    last time i was this early England was still a continent

  • Kenan Tutsi


  • Lilly L

    6:03 bothered me so much i actually spent like 15 minutes trying to remember the name of the fucking song it's popipo if ur wondering

  • Neo

    Look, I get it, you're tired of Skyrim. You're tired of everything related to Skyrim.

  • Matt

    I would love more of this, even if it meant more uncut footage, thanks :)

  • Mynameispringles

    2:42 Na nanana na na nana na na nana?

  • Rory Carter

    the milkyway galaxy is comprised mainly of the strange milky cloud we like to call plastic all of which orbits around a supermassive black hole we call the ball bearing.

  • Excuse Me

    Todd Howard is a sexy beast ;-)

  • Hero & Poloolpp

    song name pls lol 0:29

  • TheGenuineHorse

    well I guess I have to buy and train a flamingo


    Toddoki howado senpai! please notice me!

  • Sapphire The Rain-Wing

    That squidward impression was great😂

  • A No Name Person

    roblox death sound is the best one here

  • Trendsetto

    Your friend sounds like Nick Valentine from Fallout 4. Check this out @ 6:16

  • Labros Jimjohn

    haha carnival phantasm opening!

  • Senya

    this might seem like a family friendly video BVUTthere is a dark sideexactly at 2:25 you can seem james's true identityJameskii of the AkatsukiJAMESKII EXPOSED

  • GURU

    wow skyrim on the switch looks better than I expected.

  • Awesome Sauce

    Jungle skyrim looks dope

  • palm desert

    hey can you list all the mods please

  • Kegan Sharako

    the clarinet part had me in tears

  • AmazingKing The King Of Clickbait

    You made a IT guy reference by saying "have you tried turning it off and on again" at 3:06

  • udx

    People say pilot episodes of anime are trash well look at this

  • WolfHero13

    Is this the remastered or the original?

  • fury official

    What is the mod for inventory James?

  • Jh0n

    What mod make skyrim look like that around the start 1:33

  • Necro Ruso

    You sound like vandril

  • Skadi

    The Elder Scrolls: NOT Skyrim

  • Alex

    i love touch the skyrim

  • Snezzy frindle

    His life is nonstop pain.

  • Ash Vulpine

    Nice doobie brothers. I was just at a doobie brothers concert.

  • Icằŗūs Kūŗøı

    Look I get it, you are tired of Skyrim, special edition came out and two new console ver-- wait wrong channel.

  • DeaDPooLUmuT

    Reported for misleading title

  • DowaHawkiin

    Last time I wad this early Skyrim mods were free

  • im a comment J

    0:17 whos that girl danceing

  • Memelord Deegan

    Why does he sound like Nick Valentine

  • Djak

    2:43 what is the name of that music ?

  • A B

    can we have a face reveal at 100 subs?

  • RUSKI SLAV 2.1

    i love this skyrim 6 is here

  • Nick Polymer

    he sound exactly like squidward

  • Adam Mogren

    420 likes and i'll eat my foot

  • Ibrodjjツ

    last time I was this early, ENGLAND WAS MY CITY

  • iJackAss

    When i put bunch of Mods my game doesnt work anymore.Rip Skyrim

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