A Jew, Christian, and Muslim Play: The Forest

Music by Jippy:

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Enaye: https://goo.gl/G219xG
Shadowfrax: https://goo.gl/vxaiz5


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  • Skamatik

    @ 16:20 i absolutely lost it

  • JarOfAids

    More please pleasePLEASE This was amazing

  • Quintillion

    A Jew finds a coupon: I can smell the savings!

  • Just trying to get by in life.

    It would be considered a war crime if you don't upload more of this. Jew.

  • Guacamole Jones

    I think without Shadowfrax this video would be really really bad

  • TDubs

    10:40 lmao a muslim in a cave "I thought this is where you people hide"

  • RealGamerManz

    The transition music is cunty as hell. I love it Sam

  • Dallas John Paul Melia Grove

    2:48My god it's turtle D-Day

  • Oakley3121

    Yay! He mentioned SomeOrdinaryGamers! I haven’t heard anyone mention him outside of some horror channels.*Edit: 18:58

  • Sealand Baron

    16:20when u nut but she keep succ

  • Freeman_

    I think shadow frax was held at gun point this whole time

  • Filip Hällgren

    Sam you do realize that jews cant eat seafood beacause of kosher, a big part of judaism

  • Ethan Mozz

    I stopped breathing when he told that bullfrog story

  • TheJoshMonkey

    When I was 6 I walking near these pine trees in my backyard then I heard a loud frog scream and I turned around and started to cry.

  • RespectMathias

    (Trigger Warning) it dosn't surprise me that a Muslim was on a plane that crashed XD

  • SnowDevil

    Sam, it's Mutahar you plebiant, also give me more of theee videos.

  • Ryder Wilson

    You just gotta love those people who don't mind laughing at their own religionwhile life goes on don't mind me, i'm here just to find coupon ads for my collection :Dand a penny if available

  • Vuelkarr

    St this point I have nbot finished the video, but holy god " Captain Crashes Planes" is the best fucking thing xD

  • Nick Mettler

    is this the kind of content I can expect from every video? it was Fuckin' hilarious

  • فاء بن ألف'

    Lol you can tell that they all secretly hate each other

  • _DisLogic _

    Holy shit the frog story had me in tears

  • Sam Boyle

    I really wouldn't mind a part 2.

  • hghghghg

    if you clean a vacuum cleaner are you a vacuum cleaner?

  • HereWeHereWe

    I haven't laughed this hard at a YouTube video in a while.

  • That underestimated Meme

    24:52 I died laughing nice frog impression bro😂😂😂

  • Boi

    Not a real muslim according to the Quran because he hasn't executed you for not being a muslim.

  • Phil

    "Captain Crashes Planes over here" i heard that Sammy boooooy you ain't slick

  • Derek Lockwood

    I died when he picked up the turtle head

  • LaughingCryingEmoji100

    16:16 Wait. I thought it was DiGiorno.

  • Chris the drinker of bleach.

    hope you make more of these.

  • Oof Man

    This was beautiful please make a part two

  • Jesus Christ

    3 schizophrenics play The Forest! Great!

  • Cosmo.

    This was hilarious, make more please!

  • A S

    So a plane goes down with a Muslim on board, he survives and nobody suspects him of being a terrorizer? This is why we need Trump everyone. Haha.

  • cirvis240

    Should have taken those bibles and then holding them in hand go around to naked dudes and ask them if they have time to talk about our lord and savior. :D

  • Cole Staffe

    Is Bryan actually a Christian or did he just go to a catholic school and is now an athiest

  • Plasma Sub

    General sam is by far the funniest youtuber ever. He will make anything funny lmao

  • Propane Tank

    God damn, the banter in this video is beautiful, if only you could joke this way irl

  • Max Weber

    On a scale of 1 to too much, how much did you enjoy holding that turtles head? You monster. Turtles are people too

  • RedSwineGaming

    Muslim Mario "lets a blow"! 🔥😂

  • Luke Mellis

    Can you please do more

  • Cardinal Tester

    Nice shadowfrax transitions lol

  • Ninja Aleks

    i wish the forest was online game

  • Ronald Mcdonald

    Rest in pepperoni turtles... rest in pepperoni 😥😥😥😥

  • Error 404

    15:05 Solid It's Always Sunny reference right there

  • TheInfectiousCadaver

    yo! i can grill the fish i ate? thats disgusting man. lmao just think about that for a sec.

  • sleep it off or wake it up

    Tell me why that's General Sam on the back of that milk carton hahaha a fat lost kid lol Sam is the best always has me crying laughing

  • itty bitty titty comittee

    when ur hoggin all the holy

  • Saal Vun

    This is by the funniest video ever.

  • Ronald mc. Daddy

    I’m surprised Sam even knows about poetry

  • Jason

    i always end up making tree houses etc and they never get me really lol

  • Matty K

    My dude, Sam, make more of this

  • ya boi

    It's 2:30 am, god, why am I like this?

  • Joser 831

    Plz do more forest videos

  • Papa_nord_ guy

    Haven't watched yet. But oh fuck. This is going to be great

  • MrTehAlex

    Mutamar from Ordinary Gamers? Love that guy.

  • MegaLoveDoctor 2.0

    "the nightman cometh" that one reason alone gained my like

  • jo jo

    fuking captian crash a plane 1:27im dying rn

  • ExplodingBean

    I heard you guys had weed! lol

  • infiniteclone7gamingvideosandmore

    This is my favourite video of sam

  • Bloody Pancake

    16:20 laughed so hard I accidentally closed the video🐢

  • yungtaco

    Can we get Sam vlogs pls

  • Christian Sharpe

    you have the best content ive been watching all your old dayz series and forest series

  • Riley Pagano

    This Jew needs to upload more.

  • Daniel Lussier

    There will be a part 2 to this right?

  • Veiled Sky


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