Skyrim Dragonborn : Exploring Kagrumez

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  • Sergio Solórzano

    the dwemer spider you killed (13:18) was a pet, it can follow you, and also the spere you killed is a pet (15:33), honestly, you should think before acting....idiot.

  • Moses George

    What kind of sword is that?

  • SaltyWaterz

    You missed the note for the black bow of fate in the trading post!

  • FlamingSquirlLauncher

    ARGGGGG! I can't believe you killed those poor innocent automations.

  • Jeff Becerra

    Hey you missed the note pinned to the wall by an ebony arrow in the Ramshackle post. It is a small quest/venture to get a special bow....

  • Tekk Solstice

    Dude I can't believe it! You missed a Dwemer City called Kagrumez! There's some stuff in there you might want man!

  • Beb _

    90% of this comment section: Beeeeh you kil3led the dwrfs

  • Indie Crunch

    Im trying to think of who you sound like... someone on tv

  • Mathew Hoppel

    why just why stead fast spider is helping me right now

  • Fuzzy Dunlop

    Man, you really pissed the autismos off with this one.

  • Bedogg

    This was not a good episode for you Sam you messed up and missed a lot

  • TheRookie247

    That spider that u killed in the treasure room can be your follower.

  • Andrew Shearer

    Hey, don't worry. I killed the spider my first time, but didn't kill the ball.

  • jayme hickey

    and the spider that jumped at u at the tree stump is a jumping flame spider if u go to a place at the top near karstaggs castle u can find a shout and a priest in a borrow u can also create the spiders in an inbuing chamber in the place and the notes of a dead man in a cage with the inbuing chamber to make the throwable spiders.

  • Helena

    ..I facepalmed so hard when he blindly killed the Steadfast Spider =____=

  • crevilla98

    that sword is sexy looking what sword is that you got ?

  • jayme hickey

    u missed the note in the trading post so u can buy stuff and if your lucky u may get the glass bow of the stag prince. p.s. the black bow of fate is in kagrumez at the very end of the place

  • Furball Kim FPV

    There is a dealer near neloths house. he has 4 of them

  • Bedogg


  • Puttinginwork 81

    No your suppose to talk to that next dwemer spider it can be a follower you said you like them

  • Skittles 6802

    they are special they can follow u

  • Darkblade531

    You could have used the dwarven things behind the doors

  • brandon

    its a quest that takes you into there

  • brandon

    the guy is in a big mushroom

  • b r o k e n k u n

    If You Ever Want Cool Armor Get The Ebony Mail Armor

  • Maddie Moxcey

    be nice he did not know

  • NutNapalm

    lol you killed best pets in game

  • Tammy Mcwherter

    dude the note in the thing

  • Kadettss ss

    How did you leveled up so fast?

  • TheRookie247

    Same with the dwarven sphere

  • Paxi

    The steadfast stuff follows u

  • quirtella

    Samuel play a horror game

  • Miki Milicevic

    what sword are you using and what enchantments

  • Zoe The Ducat

    That jump scare tho XD

  • quirtella

    Sam play a horror game

  • Blad

    they were pets stupid!

  • John Littrell

    He killed the Steadfast Dwarven Spider? That’s a pet!

  • ParadoxArts

    could someone help me on this? i entered the kagrumez ruins but the reaver lord that was supposed to have the first two gems wasnt there? plus the guy that sells them that has the strider thing next to tel mithryn is dead and his body is not there either. if someone could help that would be greatly appreciated. ps i play on the xbox360 so i dont have console commands. and if theres any sort of cheat or glitch to get another gem or get past the gates i would love to know. I REALLY WANT THIS BOW!!

  • Sosablack

    took u 12 minutes to even get to kagrumez. smh

  • cblev76

    Dude Sam !!! Those steadfast spheres and spiders that came out are friendly and will follow you

  • Maria Mestas

    another interesting places video? fuck to the yes.

  • Steven Rangel

    Yeah I completely agree with you. They are defiantly progressing. But it just wasn't the same as Exoplanet where every second was phenomenal.

  • General Sam

    Sorta. I think it was a good album, I just don't think it was a good Contortionist album. It seemed like every song had awesome parts to it, but at the same time each song had parts that ruined it.

  • Steven Rangel

    Hey Sam did you like The Contortionist latest album Intrinsic?

  • risker34

    Stedfast dwemer things are friendly and can follow/protect you silly Sam killing them and all

  • deathnightpwnage123

    Sam, did you get my skype msg? its about DB

  • TheDamWillCollapse


  • Anthony Ciccarello

    uninstall the mod that changes the inventory system, then you can still loot, otherwise youll never find the resonance gems

  • ThePillowflufferni

    Do the quest: Filial Bonds! @GeneralSam123

  • Aidan Hallahan

    You and I have a lot in common, we have very similar taste in porn stars

  • Zhayn Reyeno

    The dwaven steadfast automatrons are followers

  • dirtydogdisco01

    Who is Gianna Michaels?

  • Adonis Batheus


  • ThePrivateJ

    I did some weird ps3 glitch were before i had dragonborn and i had hearthfire i bought a ressonece gem.

  • Redkiiwi

    Sam those stead fast darwins are followers so have fun with those and dont worry we all killed them when we first saw them

  • SwedishTim

    as soon as i got the update i installed the SKSE beta and it worked for me

  • General Sam

    Listen: I hate dwarven shit. I don't care if it was a dwemer version of gianna michaels that was programmed to give me savage titty-fucking sessions, i'm still gonna kill it.

  • Brennan Frend

    Sam those dawrven creatures you killed are kickass followers

  • KnDPlannedDefense

    high point tower is blocked with sand until you get the quest to go there and kill neloth's old apprentice that is trying to kill him

  • DynamicWAYpoint

    that spider is a follower

  • Jonas Hordvik

    you ca buy/steal the last gem from a guy near Tel-Mithryn

  • Daniel Stares

    a new SKSE is out, i've got it!

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