Skyrim: Another 5 Spooky Theories Crazy Enough to be True - The Elder Scrolls 5 Lore

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim takes us to a place where not everything may be as it seems, and many a Skyrim players have proposed their own altermate explanations and theories behind some of what happens in The Elder Scrolls 5. So today, we'll be taking a look at another 5 theories in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim that may just be crazy enough to be true.
  • Tenko van der Kuip

    2:57 No Nate! Don't give up! Please just keep mispronouncing words without caring!

  • Lord Shaxx of the Volka Fenrika

    Uh... No. Harkon can't be a Dragonborn. According to dialogue about Durnehviir : "Dragon Soul is as resiliant as it's bearer Scaly Hide". And Greybeards : "Dragonborn is a mortal born with a soul of a Dragon"Durnehviir was connected to the Soul Cairn, not Ideal Masters. He could leave that place, but he would fade away. In conclusion, Harkon couldn't have been claimed by Molag Baal if he was a Dragonborn, as even DAEDRAS CAN'T CLAIM A SOUL OF A DRAGON! And I think, that the Dragon Battle theme was placed there to emphasise his bossfight.He was literally vampire demigod.

  • JXEditor

    I've been working on a theory to connect Alduin with Molag Bal. Without going into too much detail it compares to spheres of the two gods and also notes that Orkey is the Nordic aspect of Arkay and Malacath. Plus Alduin kind of looks like a vampire-dragon.

  • Ian

    0:04 is that karliah ?

  • Ninfreak95

    It's possible the Nirnroot's magical properties are changing their eye color. And I'm guessing one daedric prince can revert the curse of another, so Karliah may be in that boat.

  • Failed Clone

    5:26 Executed to death. Never change, Nate

  • Andrej Leo

    0:02 she needs some lip balm.

  • Invisible

    Nate TES 6 will be released alongside half life episode 3 in 3030 not in mere 10 years!

  • Elias Bischoff

    I actually really like the idea of the curse on the dunmer wearing off.

  • Patryk Rogala

    Happy to see you again Nate, never quit making these videos, they keep me entertained and are always pleasant to watch. Stay safe, and please, never die to death.

  • Aelarr

    Harkon, a Dragonborn? No. Just no. All the "evidence" supporting this theory is circumstantial at best. There is no hatred between Akatosh and Auriel - Akatosh even contains pieces of Auriel. Combat music is just combat music and he IS a boss in the DLC. As for obsession with power ... You know who else is also obsessed with power in TES universe, so much so that he is even called a Prince of Domination? Molag Bal (who, incidentally, also corrupted a few dragons into Titans because he liked their lust for power that much). And Harkon is a pureblood vampire, the kind of vampire most directly linked to Molag Bal. Why wouldn't he then, as a vampire, also lust for power? But there is a rather disturbing similarity in striving for domination between Molag Bal and dragons/Dragonborn, no? Go play VIGILANT mod if you're on PC. It draws some nice parallels between them. Because what screams power and domination louder than possibly defeating the very embodiment of the two?

  • Myriam Malenfant

    Held their horses 😂😂😂 Killed me

  • ThisIsAUser Name

    For 150k you have to do a mash-up of all your videos to create the ultimate video. I call it 'Top 10 Tiny Details of Funny Hidden Secret Spooky Theories in Hidden Locations of Cut Content That You MAY STILL HAVE MISSED'. Make it happen bb ;)

  • Khajiit

    Did you know Nate is serving to Hemeus Mora,that is why he knows so much,M'aiq told me that !

  • Reyxus

    "only Todd Howard knows, and Todd Howard won't tell anything." I think this can be applied to other numerous situations lately.

  • Icarus Kaous

    The sister do actually have red eyes but their eyes are showing red cause they most likely have a eye degenerative disease that makes their eyes look like that it's why the ly don't have pupils

  • Vik Nightingale

    The two Dunmer sisters seem to be going blind if you really look at their eyes, so I don't think there's anything special about them. But Karliah is different.


    Executed to death? I rather be Executed to half death.

  • Coffee Arcadium

    Oh god this show is as long as Stalin's rise to power

  • thegreatmoustachio

    Here's an interesting bit I noticed about the execution scene. The priestess says "blessings of the eight divines" and the stormcloak responds, "for the love of Talos, shut up and lets get this over with." By praying to the eight divines instead of the nine divines, she insulted Talos and pissed off the stormcloak.

  • Benyed

    I wouldn't really call most of these spooky but they are cool theories nonetheless.

  • Seth Matteson

    >Harkon wants power and that means he’s a Dragonborn>The vampire doesn’t want the sun around so he’s a DragonbornPlease refrain from reaching.

  • Axel Dornelles

    Maybe the sisters are just egtting blind and Karliah has different a eye colour to make players empathise more or seem special?

  • Dominik Greene

    3:55 "Alive on Earth at a time"?! NIRN, mate!

  • captainlink72

    Maybe for your "Details You May Have Missed" series, I've got one for you. Endon and Kerah, a couple of merchants in Markarth, have TWO children. Their daughter, Adara, and a son named Cade, whom is fighting for the Stormcloaks. They can be overheard discussing Cade in either the Silver-Blood Inn, or in their home. Despite having been playing this game since launch, I have never heard that dialogue until just a couple of days ago.

  • Tomáš Kubala

    Todd Howard is with me, I am one with Todd Howard

  • Nealen the Nerd

    I bet some one out there died to death.Somewhere....

  • The Old Khajiit

    Perhaps the sisters have strange eyes because of the cultivation of the nirnroot?

  • Sheogorath The Daedra

    The Surethe sisters just look like they have something wrong w their eyes. Since they don't have puples, I don't think it's their actual eye color, rather it's something wrong w their eyes. They're blind from old age, they have cataracts, etc. They probably have red eyes but lost their color as they aged and their eyes became diseased. That's my theory anyway.Ps. Pretty sure I misspelled their name.

  • Sir Smite

    7:12 Why is that guard on the bottom left naked?

  • Frozium

    The execution theory is basically a take on the "The right man at the wrong place can make all the difference"

  • James Parker

    There can be more than one Dragonborn alive at a time. I don't know where the idea that there can't comes from. The Dragon soul is passed down from one generation to the next, so every time a Dragon born has kids there a multiple dragonborns at the same time.

  • KON 007

    The sererhi sisters are blind it's not strange there just old

  • JenzAmaka

    Some say Sarethis eyes are white like that because of the Nirnroot's glowing light.

  • Simon Burling

    Does the same Dragon fight music play, when you fight Mirrak?

  • Justin_Does_Youtube

    I have an easy answer for why the two sisters don't have red eyes, they could be blind. Now I'm not saying I know anything about this but isn't there a type of blindness that clouds your eyes like theirs are? I always took that clouded eye style as Bethesda's way of visually telling the player that this character is blind

  • TheNN

    1. Where does it say only one Dragonborn can be alive at any time in the world?2. As for the Sarethi sisters, well, my thought is less that 'they are special' and more, 'they're survivors'. Specifically they're survivors of some kind of disease or disaster. Avrusa mentions she had a shop in Vivec City before the Red Year, making her a couple hundred years old at least. It could be that they were diseases with Blight or some other illness that they couldn't fully cure at the time, or during those tragedies they suffered some issue that has stayed with them the whole time.Alternatively it could simply be a genetic thing, some kind of defect that runs in their family since they are sisters and both have it.

  • BetterthanU GTS

    Idk about Harkon being Dragonborn, but it's heavily implied that Mankar Camoran was Dragonborn if you read his "Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes"

  • That Guy

    Weren't there quite a few Dunmer in Oblivion without red eyes too?

  • Prince Sheogorath of Madness

    The fourth one is the most plausible, but I like the „Harkon is a Dovahkiin“ theory, because... it’s goddamn Harkon, he’s a badass

  • Pierce McManus

    Soo early love you nate

  • Billybobbillerson

    Next episode: Skyrim: Yet Another 5 Spooky Theories Crazy Enough to be True - The Elder Scrolls 5 Lore

  • logan sigmon

    4:58 and video demonetized

  • Austin Ryder

    The Sarethi Sisters have the blind eye texture. Your character can have the same thing so I assume the eyes losing their color when going blind is fairly common.

  • Gimmerty Frog

    number 3 isn't a theory that's just a thought or opinion

  • Kaylee Downey

    i think karliah has purple eyes because she's a nightingale...or at least that's what I always thought

  • Mike V

    Side effects of eating Nirnroot?

  • Nehsa VXIII

    Why not do Lore videos on ESO? The game has more lore and easter egg like content than skyrim and no one does it on Youtube so it would really gain a lot of views.

  • Dustwarewolf 55

    I think that the three Dunmer in Skyrim who do not have red eyes are all probably part other race too. Although it is often said that a child of a mixed race couple in Tamriel shall be of their mother's race, it is clear enough that they also inherit some traits from their father as well. Examples include that one Boarsmer in Riften who is cheating on her husband having Red eyes that indicate that she is part Dunmer, that one Dunmer who is the manager of the same city's meadery having a head shape that indicates that he is part Orc, the female Imperail blacksmith in Whiterun having a skin tone that indicates that she is part Redgaurd, her Nord father possibly just being a stepfather, and a few others. This would mean that those three Dunmer who do not have red eyes are all mixed race, their fathers probably either being Nords or Bretons, since they would be the most likely to have blue eyes, as well as the reddish hair that those two sisters who live on that farm have, as Dunmer typically only have black or dark brown hair.

  • Sheldon Moobo

    The Sarethi family is just blind Nate, you literally can just pick that eye preset when creating a character. Unlike Karliah's eyes.

  • HenryTheCameraMan


  • Future Priest Patrick

    I have a fun theory however i know it is not true. The headsman in the beggining of the game is a part of the Dark Brotherhood. If you do the "sexchange" command on him (it worked for me when i was bending for the chopping block) his clothes changed into Dark Brotherhood robes. Ik not a credible theory but still an interesting fact.


    If Harkon IS a Dragonborn, he himself doesn't know it. I doubt he ever came across a dragon, or learned how to shout.

  • Bible Man

    The red mountain erupted because of the heart of lorkan, notice how the ash spawns expose their heart stone? HMMMMMMMMMM

  • Lycan_Jedi

    Honestly, they probably would've survived the chopping block, but there's no guarantee they'd survive Alduin himself. But, that's the theory that makes the most sense to me.

  • Tekkara

    I've been binge watching your channel for 2 days now, love your content.

  • Allen Gwapo

    When are you going to play TESVI: MineCraft again?

  • Lenny Lynch

    "something big had to have happened here fairly recently."But you said the springs were described in a book in ESO and isn't ESO set in like the second era? LONG after the Dwarves disappearance?

  • Rory Donaldson

    Harkon and him being a dragonborn seems like the most unlikely theory I've ever heard of to date

  • TheDarkSeraph

    Whenever people mispronounce words it really grinds my gears well is seraphim had gears anyway

  • Jaymes of Demacia

    Harkin, Volikar, Oriel, Molag Bowl, Hermyus Mohra, Buhrenzeah...Anyone else notice more?

  • dragonjet

    i thought the sun symbolize magnus, coz that's his hole :'D

  • Olivia Beakman

    I have my own theory, but it's a bit weird.Everyone in Skyrim is fake, and it's all just a big game.

  • CrumpetsRGood4U

    First we have executed to death and now, held their horses. My god, Nate. XDDD

  • VictoriumStudios 77

    Coming soon another 10 tiny details you didnt know about Skyrim

  • VictoriumStudios 77

    War, War never changes!!! Nate

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