Things You Can Only Do In Skyrim VR


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  • yung malaria

    can I kill nazeem in virtual reality? is the question

  • Lions xGaming

    Whyed so many people dislike

  • Deadeyenumber2

    I'm just a poor old woman dear.... stabs many times

  • Gabriel Franklin

    "Is this the redguard experience?"😂😂😂😂

  • Mallory SF

    Future sucks. Futurama looks sane compared to reality 2018.

  • Dub Monster

    Gotta say, first video what i have seen from you.. It's awesome content. gotta subscribe

  • Bingo Gango

    In before British justice system arrests this guy for his Talos prayer.

  • ShepirotGamer

    Ah yes the space program

  • AFK man

    You forgot about the edition of Skyrim called "Mod it: Until it Crashes".

  • ilocosmetro

    Who should we expect first? The return of Clit Yeastwood? or The return of Shekelstein?

  • Vega 13

    I really couldn't stop laughing when you said I learned all these things from OJ Simpson

  • End of the World

    You sound like Dunkey.Not a bad thing tho.

  • Jonni_Darko

    first video i ever seen from you and i've never subbed to anyone faster


    You forgot to mention Skyrim Legendary edition that was a package deal with all the DLCs, that came before the special edition.

  • Silent Echo

    "It just works"-God

  • Alibaba

    tfw i only bought Skyrim once. On PC, and then i got Special Edition for Free.

  • Loli Hitler

    goddammit sam everytime one of your videos blows up your channel gets invaded by normies

  • Chudd

    Hopefully this video doesn't get ruined by the normies

  • rabid. rivas

    Waiting for the sex mods before buying this

  • hiya12395

    6 versions if you include the legendary edition

  • Blow Me

    2:40 glowing 1000 degree knife

  • Fresh_Knacker

    I want skyrim for my toaster

  • Daniel Taylor

    A heated blade would instantly cauterise the wound so not very effective for killing

  • Gregory Moran

    Isn't skooma like, liquified cocaine? Skooma isn't the kinda thing you relax with after drinking.

  • Mr. Diddles

    9:47 I died at the end

  • Disembowell

    What's the instrumental at 8:10?

  • Liam

    (((Todd Howard))) the manlet merchant.

  • #ArmysWillProtectJimin Supporter

    Omg I'm on the floorLaughing

  • Elder

    You are shitt! Bethesda ist the best game Studio in the world. It ist cool that they realesed Skyrim again for the other consols because ypu couldnt´t Play Skyrim on this Consols bevor and Skyrim on VR ist like an other consol. You are shitt Skyrim and Bethesda are best.

  • NoLuckScape

    that was actauly pretty cool 8:15

  • Grigoriy Dubrov

    9:54 what you gonna say to this Elon Musk?!! He is faster than your falcon heavy isn't he?

  • Helly Official

    Isn't that the sixth game?I have the Legendary Edition

  • That's too long. Learn more.

    P.T. Anderson at his best.

  • Vonte

    2:30 Video showing Jewish circumcision methods

  • Ardon

    Ur using what steve hawkins used to use, when he no longer was able to talk, he's dead now, i hope i spelled his name right. (edit) song of the ending?

  • Brutalgruve

    I made it about 3 minutes and paused to right this. Thee most pointless unfunny annoying 3 minutes for me in a very long time

  • Meme Bump

    To be fair if you bought Skyrim you don't need to buy it again just because it's been ported to another console.Though the VR mode should be a free update if it's on the platform you've already purchased it on.Edit: Well not free but it's definitely not cool re-buying a game full price where the VR mode is really just a fancy update.

  • Andrew Walle Johansen

    Get slashed by sword. Everything is fine. Punch a wall "OW MY HAND! MY HAAAAND! MEDIC!"

  • Pearce Boit

    Inb4 thalmor takes over channel

  • WorldsWorstBoy

    Lol that There Will Be Blood intro was hilarious

  • 1sarvinen

    DISCLAIMER! Do not attempt to do kids as the thumbnail suggests

  • Mary Light

    I gave u a Like, but then u made fun of Suicide >:-( So thumbs down.Suicide & Depression are real life issues that take many lives everyday.

  • Skadi

    punches whole in wall mum comes home: wtf is this?????!!!!me: its nazeem thats what

  • folko1

    Now imagine it with sex mods....


    One day we wil have skyrim mobile

  • Kili Walker

    6:28 omfg so funny xDDD

  • ZillyBilly


  • Any Lullaby

    Oh God, 8:11 I'm uncomfortable 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Any Lullaby

    This is awkward for me cause you look like my ex boyfriend 😂😂😂😂

  • Divine Potato

    "It burns the nerve endings , causing as much damage and pain as possible" burnt nerve endings would be less pain..

  • FictionFaction

    is the redguard experience? xD

  • wesleyfilms

    Lol that Roman salute to Talos

  • mynameis bob

    Lmao when you sieg heiled

  • Miyu Miyu

    Things you'll most definitely do in VR: Peek under female's skirts, try to figure out the controls, get lost in time while having fun tossing pots and pans at every single passer by you spot aaaaand realize you just wasted your money sending you into a spiral of regret and shame.

  • Romain Hoffmann

    The Space programm ! So Epic xp

  • MissDanger Ranger94

    Subbed, hit that like and bell too!

  • TheSoulEater121

    Noo! The stupid Sonic Voice, NOOO!

  • Retro Productions

    omg dude, new sub here, you sure are darn funny, cut of the hand willya :p

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