Things You Can Only Do In Skyrim VR


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  • yung malaria

    can I kill nazeem in virtual reality? is the question

  • GeekEnglish

    Things you can only do in Skyrim VR Has child on thumbnail

  • Yang Cheng

    I suddenly realized I don't lack the 60$ for game but a 399$ VR equipement.

  • Użytkownik Nie Podejrzany

    1000 degree KNIFE VS A WITCH

  • The Order

    I will not be content until they release Skyrim for the Pip-Boy in Fallout 4.

  • Mallory SF

    Future sucks. Futurama looks sane compared to reality 2018.

  • MTRredux

    E3 next year...Skyrim: Battle RoyaleBut that is not allThere is also the 10nth anniversary edition after that.

  • Mitchell Griner

    `So this is the redguard experience`

  • Joey Wolf

    You know what you can actually do in skyrim VR? Reach through doors and lift the bar on the other side.

  • Combat ReaperF0X

    how com Bethesda can release a billion remakes of skyrim but not a single one of NEW VEGAS???!!!

  • ilocosmetro

    Who should we expect first? The return of Clit Yeastwood? or The return of Shekelstein?

  • Jay Louis

    Bruuhh i wanna sit next to the river in riverwood and just drink nord mead while enjoying the view lol that'd be cool on vr

  • Dr Skull

    walks into room, sees someone praying to a statue in vr. Walks back out of room

  • Chazza

    'Grab one of those stamina potions and the broom and we're ready to go' gotta go fast!

  • Big Lil

    And now skyrim on alexa

  • Lord Odin

    He forgot remastered and legendary edition

  • MiniTieGaming

    Lmao they turned Skyrim into a real thing 😂

  • Eridan_Serket

    By the eight, who would ever pray to a false idol? Worship of Talos is strictly outlawed. Now, I personally won't flag your video, but perhaps next time place a disclaimer professing that your action is purely satirical. You wouldn't want to corrupt some of the more... impressionable minds and see yourself clapped in irons.

  • Mithren

    2:15 I wasn't looking and I thought that what he said was one whole sentence. "-tried to commit suicide twice, ill see you at the next one."

  • Hazzball Gaming

    ..and now skyrim very special edition for the iPhone!

  • blauer Bruder

    "So this is the Redguard experience" xD

  • Alfrida Snow

    Oh God, 8:11 I'm uncomfortable 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Airi Hayami:3

    I died at the abduct children when he said "uh oh" It's so funny and I don't know why


    You forgot to mention Skyrim Legendary edition that was a package deal with all the DLCs, that came before the special edition.

  • Ghost_Hack

    "Take one of those stamina potions and grab that broom stick, we're ready to go buddy!"

  • Hedda Emilie

    8:31 when you are worshiping Odin and random people are around

  • NitrogeniuM


  • Daniel Richards

    I'm pretty sure he did a Heil Hitler hand motion to the Talos statue

  • GrizzlyClaws

    I bet there will be so many non-sexual mods in this game.

  • Chrypto

    "the redguard experience"XD

  • Tuptastic Studios


  • Liam

    (((Todd Howard))) the manlet merchant.

  • Mia Vegan

    omg that doctor part I am crying 😂 patiently waits for CD PROJEKT RED to publish The Witcher 3 in VR

  • pelipper boi

    You forgot about Legendary Edition.

  • Adrianna Hubbard

    Earned a subscriber, you were recommended for me and I don't regret it. Your humor is spot on, you're just delightful

  • Lillian Baetian

    died laughing @8:04-8:10 in tears...side cramps!! Love this guys creativity xD ❤Ty for that!! Good Video & Personality!!

  • Zeo

    It's not a bug, it's a feature.

  • Sgt Pepper

    Burns the nerve endings....causes as much pain as possible.pick one

  • Le Corny

    You know what else I wanna play in VR? Oblivion.

  • Dooking Raccoon!

    You forgot Skyrim Legendary edition

  • Dub Monster

    Gotta say, first video what i have seen from you.. It's awesome content. gotta subscribe

  • Similak Child


  • Vhenan

    Holy shit, this was hilarious! If this is what I can expect from your content, and I'm assuming it is, I'm definitely subbing! ♡♡♡

  • Luke Skywalker

    things hurt less when nerve endings are burned away.

  • saganax

    1000 degree knife vs Anise

  • Emperor Majorian

    Reviving bionicle anyone....

  • Internet Explorer

    Which Jippy track is at 5:31? Aka the skooma part.

  • Dr. Abs

    You sound like Jack Black

  • Shelley Kowalyshen

    the 9k dislikes are the people who never bought Skyrim

  • Rok_Sudeb

    Во 1. Не люблю и Скайрим и никогда не смотрел видосы- ПОЧЕМУ ЭТО В РЕКОМЕНДАЦИЯХ В 1 СТРОЧКЕ.Во 2.Что за хуйня в видосе и особенно здесь 2:37

  • Kronos

    Whoever wears your "shirts" gets bullied in school.

  • Roo Gamatars

    I just subbed because of this video.

  • Froogurt

    G O D D H O W A R D C O M M A N D S Y O U

  • wesleyfilms

    Lol that Roman salute to Talos

  • Joosua Anttila

    Why does this video have ao many dislikes? This video is hilarious.

  • Christian gundaker

    4:50 hey! That's my wife your talking to!

  • Irrelevant completionism

    you forgot the legendary edition release of skyrim.

  • Big Brother

    You forgot about the edition of Skyrim called "Mod it: Until it Crashes".

  • Its Jaden

    Don't forget Skyrim on fridge and on Alexa

  • Lil LimaBean

    This one of my favorite videos ever

  • Fit4EPICness

    skyrim vr Skyrim ssen't

  • draco etathuban


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